37 Best Free Mixing VST Plugins

Here are the best free mixing VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

What Is A Mixing VST Plugin?

A mixing plugin is an add-on used to mix and process audio tracks. Mixing VST plugins can be used for different purposes, such as applying effects, adding reverb, changing the volume, and more.

In music production, mixing takes all of the individual tracks and puts them together to form a cohesive sound. This is achieved by balancing the volume of each sound in a mix and adjusting its frequencies.

These free mixing plugins can help you get a more professional sound with your music projects.

Find the best free VST plugins to elevate your music projects. Browse now!

Best Free Mixing VST Plugins
Best Free Mixing VST Plugins

We have included reverb plugins, saturation plugins, pitch correction plugins, and more for your music projects.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Mixing Plugins

We have included mixing plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

  1. Bittersweet
  2. SonEQ
  3. Nova-67P
  4. DC1A
  5. SlickEQ
  6. A1StereoControl
  7. TDR Kotelnikov
  9. Code Red Free
  10. Voxengo SPAN
  11. Sonimus SonEQ
  12. LKJB Luftikus EQ
  13. TDR Molotok
  14. LALA
  15. TDR Nova
  16. Blindfold EQ
  17. Valhalla Super Massive
  18. PanCake 2
  19. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ
  20. Density Compressor
  21. 10 Band Graphic EQ
  22. ClipShifter
  23. jsCompShaper
  24. More Free Mixing Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each mixing plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Bittersweet

Bittersweet Free Mixing Plugins
Bittersweet Free Mixing Plugins

Bittersweet is a popular VST plugin used for transient processing in audio mixing. It is a free tool that is easy to use and can be applied to a wide range of audio sources, including drums, guitars, vocals, and more.

The main function of Bittersweet is to adjust the transient amount of an audio signal with a simple knob.

Turning the knob towards the “Sweet” side reduces the transients, while turning it towards the “Bitter” side magnifies the transients. This feature is handy for managing percussive sounds in a mix.

In addition to the transient processing feature, Bittersweet also has several other controls, such as output gain, true bypass control routing, and period adjustment. These features allow for greater control and flexibility when processing audio.

To use Bittersweet in audio mixing, simply insert the plugin onto the desired track in your DAW and adjust the transient amount knob to your liking.

You can experiment with different settings to find the right balance for your mix.

Additionally, Bittersweet has multiband features that allow you to process the Mid or Side channels of the sound independently, which can be helpful for more complex mixes.

Bittersweet | PC / Mac

Bittersweet Preview

Best Mixing VST Plugins

2. SonEQ

SonEQ VST Plugin - Free Mixing Plugins

SonEQ is a versatile digital equalizer plugin that emulates classic analog devices like the API 550 and Pultec EQP sound characteristics.

It features a 3-band EQ (bass, middle, and treble), two musical filters (high-pass and low-pass), and a preamp section with a bass booster that adds analog-style warmth to your audio tracks.

To use SonEQ for audio mixing, add the plugin to a track in your digital audio workstation (DAW). Then, use the EQ controls to adjust the tonal balance of your audio, boosting or attenuating specific frequencies to achieve the desired sound.

Use your ears to guide your adjustments rather than relying solely on the numerical values displayed on the controls.

The preamp section of SonEQ can be used to add a subtle warmth to your audio tracks, similar to the way a vintage analog preamp would.

Experiment with the drive control to add harmonic saturation to your sound, or turn off the bass exciter for a cleaner EQ mode.

The high-pass and low-pass filters in SonEQ are designed to provide a soft and musical sound, allowing you to shape the tone of your audio without sacrificing quality.

The low-frequency boost and attenuation controls are particularly unique, as they will enable you to create exciting and unexpected effects by adjusting the curves of both knobs together.

The VU meter and output clip LED on SonEQ can monitor your audio’s saturation and distortion levels, ensuring your mix stays clean and balanced.

SonEQ is a powerful and flexible equalizer plugin that can help you achieve a warm, musical sound in your audio mixes, whether working with individual tracks or an entire mix.

  • Three band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High.
  • 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass.
  • Preamp stage with a bass booster.
  • 64-bit floating-point precision.
  • Up to 192kHz sample rates supported
  • Improve sound quality

SonEQ | PC / Mac

SonEQ Preview

3. Nova-67P

Nova 67p VST Plugin

Nova-67P is a parallel parametric equalizer app combined with a compressor.

The compressor can optionally operate in frequency-dependent and split-band modes. In this case, the plugin operates as a parallel dynamic equalizer.

  • 5 bands parallel equalizer with auto-gain.
  • Optional high-pass and low-pass filters.
  • Full-band frequency-dependent and/or split-band compression.
  • Side-chain filtering and pre-emphasis.
  • Third-octave real-time spectrum analysis.
  • External side-chain support.
  • 64-bit internal processing.
  • View frequency spectrum

Nova-67P | PC / Mac

Nova-67P Preview

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4. DC1A

DC1A VST Plugin - Mixing Audio
DC1A – Mixing Audio

DC1A looks like a one-trick pony. You may be surprised at how many different materials this little thing works with. But don’t get fooled by the lack of additional controls.

DC1A has a few tricks up its sleeve: negative (over) compression, parallel (New York style) compression, the option to compress left and right channels independently (via the DUAL MONO switch), peak and RMS compression (RELAXED switch on), and DEEP activates a high pass filter to reduce pumping on bass-heavy material.

Great plugin for mixing vocals and instruments. Helpful to thicken your vocal sound.

DC1A | PC / Mac

DC1A Demo

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5. SlickEQ Mixing VST

TDR VOS SlickEQ VST Plugin
SlickEQ Mixing Plugin

TDR VOS SlickEQ is a mixing/mastering equalizer designed for ease of use, musical flexibility, and impeccable sound.

Great free plugin for mixing vocals and musical instruments.

  • Intuitive, yet flexible semi parametric EQ layout
  • Modern user interface with outstanding usability and ergonomics
  • Carefully designed 64bit “delta” multi-rate structure
  • Three EQ bands with an additional 18dB/Oct high-pass filter
  • Four distinct EQ models: “American”, “British”, “German” and “Soviet” with optional non-linearity
  • Five output stages: Linear, Silky, Mellow, Deep, and Toasted
  • Advanced saturation algorithms by VoS ( Saturation Plugin )
  • Highly effective and musically pleasing loudness compensated auto gain control and audio mixing plugin.
  • Stereo and sum/difference processing options
  • Thicken your vocal sound, and improve lead vocal tracks
  • Tool-bar with undo/redo, A/B, advanced preset management, and more

SlickEQ | PC / Mac

SlickEQ Preview

6. A1StereoControl

A1StereoControl – Professional Mix Plugin

This mixing plugin is a simple, one-knob stereo width control, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Its simple interface makes it easy to get started.

Its advanced capabilities allow for more control over your tracks.

Whether you are a producer or hobbyist, A1StereoControl is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to improve their mixes.

  • One knob operation
  • Simple to use

A1StereoControl | PC / Mac

7. TDR Kotelnikov

TDR Kotelnikov
TDR Kotelnikov

TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor that is perfect for controlling the dynamic range of your music. It offers independent release controls for peak and RMS events.

It also has a flexible sidechain highpass filter.

Its advanced stereo linking options are optimized for the stereo bus.

It also offers fast and high-quality compression that can improve the sound of your music according to your needs.

  • Wideband dynamics processing
  • Independent release controls for peak and RMS events
  • Flexible sidechain highpass filter
  • Advanced stereo linking options
  • Fast and high-quality compression

TDR Kotelnikov | PC / Mac



Fetish is a classic FET compressor/limiter with extra features that make it perfect for modern music production. It has a high-pass filter to keep low frequencies from the sidechain circuit so that the compressor won’t touch the low end.

It also has a mix knob, which lets you blend the compressed and dry signal, allowing you to add some subtle grit or extra-aggressive compression. The plugin also comes with a slam function, which gives you an ultra-fast and aggressive limiting option.

  • Compressor/limiter with a high-pass filter
  • Mix knob to blend the compressed and dry signal
  • Slam function for fast, aggressive limiting


9. Code Red Free

Code Red Free
Code Red Free

If you’re looking to add some vintage vibes to your tracks, Code Red Free is a plugin that accurately emulates the sound of a classic 60s British console.

It’s perfect for adding some warmth and character to your tracks.

The plugin comes with a bass boost, original classic, and pop EQs. I

t also features wet/dry mixing, impulse response cab emulation, and four processing modes.

Along with that, it offers 4x oversampling for a higher-quality sound.

If you’re looking to give your tracks some vintage vibes, check out Code Red.

It will become one of your favorite mixing plugins for your music production projects.

  • Vintage 60s British console emulation
  • Bass boost, original classic, and pop EQs
  • 4x oversampling for a higher-quality sound
  • Wet/dry mixing, impulse response cab emulation

Code Red Free | PC / Mac

10. Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo SPAN
Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo SPAN is a unique and powerful tool that can help you to understand your music better. It features a spectrum analyzer, stereo correlation meter, EBU R128 meter, and more.

Voxengo SPAN is a great tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their music.

This plugin is a great option if you want to improve your mixes. Be sure to check it out and see how it can help you achieve better results in your music.

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Stereo correlation meter
  • EBU R128 meter

Voxengo SPAN | PC / Mac

11. Sonimus SonEQ

Sonimus SonEQ
Sonimus SonEQ

This unique equalizer takes inspiration from vintage gear, combining them into one plugin.

It offers a 3-band EQ, two musical filters, and a preamp stage with a bass booster.

With 64-bit floating-point precision, Sonimus SonEQ is sure to deliver high-quality results.

If you are looking for an EQ that can help you get the most out of your music, this is a great option.

  • 3-band EQ
  • 2 musical filters
  • Preamp stage with bass booster

Sonimus SonEQ | PC / Mac

12. LKJB Luftikus EQ

LKJB Luftikus EQ
LKJB Luftikus EQ

This is an analog-inspired EQ with Fixed Half-Octave Bands.

This software offers a boost-only shelf at 2.5, 5, 10, 20, or 40 kHz to help you add some high-frequency energy to your mix.

With its improved design, Luftikus EQ can provide deeper cuts when needed. You can also use the Output Trim to adjust the gain.

  • Boost-only shelf
  • Output Trim control
  • Improved design for deeper cuts

LKJB Luftikus | PC / Mac

13. TDR Molotok

TDR Molotok
TDR Molotok

This compressor is a must-have for producers who want to add some character to their sound. It gives you eleven different compression flavor options, each with its unique musical quality.

You can use the plugin in different quality modes, including zero-latency operation.

This ensures that your audio will always sound great. The high-quality signal processing of the plugin makes it a perfect tool for shaping and sculpting your music.

  • 11 different compression options
  • High-quality signal processing
  • Zero-latency operation

TDR Molotok | PC / Mac

14. LALA


This is a compressor, limiter, and peak reducer plugin. It’s simple to use with threshold, gain, limit, and external side chain options.

Along with these features, it also has a high-pass filter that can help cut the low end of your signal.

If you are looking for a plugin to help you control your audio, this is a great option.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to add some extra polish to their sound and get better results in their music.

  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Peak Reducer
  • External Side Chain

LALA | PC / Mac

15. TDR Nova

TDR Nova
TDR Nova

This is a unique parallel dynamic equalizer. It combines dynamic and parametric equalization to give you precise control over your sound.

The parallel processing allows you to compress or expand different frequency ranges independently.

The frequency selective compression is excellent for taming rogue frequencies. However, the wideband compression can add punch and clarity to your sound, making it a perfect tool for mixing.

It is a versatile tool for mixing, mastering, and sound design.

Whether you are a producer, engineer, or musician, it can help you achieve the perfect balance of frequencies in your audio tracks.

  • Parametric Equalization
  • Frequency Selective Compression
  • View Frequency Spectrum
  • Wideband Compression

TDR Nova | PC / Mac

16. Blindfold EQ

Blindfold EQ
Blindfold EQ

Blindfold EQ is a unique EQ plugin that gives you complete control over your sound without the ability to see what you’re doing.

This can be a great way to experiment with new sounds and find new ways to shape your audio.

The plugin includes a 4-band EQ, but each knob is blind. So, you can change the settings without being able to see what you’re doing.

It also includes a resizable window and a preset system with a randomizer, so you can quickly dial in the perfect sound for your project.

  • 4-band EQ with blind controls
  • Resizable window
  • Preset system with randomizer
  • Intuitive interface

Blindfold EQ | Windows / Mac

17. Valhalla Super Massive

Valhalla Super Massive
Valhalla Super Massive Delay Plugin

If you’re looking to add some serious depth and dimension to your tracks, look no further than Valhalla Super Massive. It is designed from the ground up for massive delays and reverbs.

It gives you access to luscious clouds of reverb, otherworldly delays, and swelling waves of feedback.

This is designed to get a lot of sonic complexity with a relatively simple set of controls.

It has something for every situation with 14 out-of-this-world reverb/delay modes. It is, without any doubt, one of the best free mixing VSTs available online.

  • 14 unique reverb/delay modes
  • Intuitive interface
  • Designed for maximum sonic complexity
  • Delay Plugins

Plugin | PC / Mac

18. PanCake 2

PanCake 2
PanCake 2

PanCake 2 helps you control the panning of your sounds. It offers beat-syncable LFOs to create dynamic panning effects that move with the beat of your track.

With a straightforward, easy-to-use interface and precise visual feedback, it is a powerful add-on that gives you ultimate control over your panning effects.

Try it out the next time you need to create some panning movement in your tracks.

  • Beat-syncable LFOs
  • Clear and simple interface
  • Precise visual feedback

PanCake 2 | PC / Mac

19. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

Blue Cat Triple EQ
Blue Cat Triple EQ Plugins

This is a three-band semi-parametric equalizer that can be used to shape the sound of your tracks with great precision.

It features a real-time frequency response display, precise measurement, and zooming capabilities.

With its on-graph filter shape control, you can easily sculpt the sound of your track.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a mixing VST plugin that can help you finely sculpt your sound and get better results in your music.

  • Three-band semi-parametric equalizer
  • Real-time frequency response display
  • On-graph filter shape control
  • Precise measurement and zooming capabilities
  • Great for mixing vocals

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ | Windows / Mac

20. Density Compressor

Density Compressor VST Plugin
Density Compressor

This is a perfect tool to glue all your tracks together unobtrusively. Its limiter mode can also be used for controlling difficult audio dynamics. You can use the Range functions to make your settings more versatile.

If you’re looking for an audio mixing software that can help you achieve better results with your audio, this is an excellent option. It is simple to use and gives you the control to shape your sound.

  • Gluing tracks together
  • Limiter mode
  • Range function

Density Compressor | PC

21. 10 Band Graphic EQ

10 Band Graphic EQ
10 Band Graphic EQ

This versatile equalization tool allows you to cut or boost specific audio frequencies. With ten selectable frequency bands, you can precisely adjust the audio content of your mix.

10 Band Graphic EQ is fully automatable and can store up to 64 presets. If you’re looking for a free mixing plugin that gives you precise control over your audio, this tool is a great option.

  • 10 selectable frequency bands
  • Fully automatable
  • 64 presets

10 Band Graphic EQ | Windows

22. ClipShifter


ClipShifter is a wave-shaping audio software that functions like a clipping-style limiter. It is designed to provide you with better control over your audio signal and help you achieve the sound you want.

ClipShifter has controls for adjusting the clipping level (from hard to soft) and harmonics (even- and odd-order). This allows you to fully customize your sound, making it as unique as you are.

It has a low CPU usage and comes with standard LVC-audio metering.

  • Waveshaping audio app
  • Clipping-style limiter
  • Low CPU usage
  • LVC-Audio metering

ClipShifter | PC / Mac

23. jsCompShaper

jsCompShaper VST Plugin

With this program, you can quickly morph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping to find the perfect sound for your track. It also features pre-/post-emphasis filtering and analog-like attack for a more natural sound.

If you are looking for a mixing plugin that is simple to use and provides great results, this is a good option.

  • Morph between soft-knee compression and waveshaping
  • Pre-/post-emphasis filtering
  • Analog-like attack

jsCompShaper | Windows

24. OrilRiver

Denis Tihanov orilRiver
Denis Tihanov orilRiver

This unique algorithmic reverb can simulate the reverberation of a small room or a great hall. It has 12 variations of early reflections and 5 variations of the reverb tail.

With the 3-band equalizer for the wet signal, you can create different shades of the virtual space. It also has two graphical interfaces and allows you to customize your reverb settings easily.

  • Twelve variations of early reflections
  • Five variations of the reverb tail
  • 3-band equalizer for the wet signal

OrilRiver | PC / Mac

25. SAFEEqualiser

Emantic Audio SAFE Equaliser
Emantic Audio SAFE Equaliser

This semantic equalizer allows you to load settings by typing descriptive words. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to achieve the perfect sound in your music, whether you’re a professional producer or just starting.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mixing plugin that allows you to shape your sound perfectly, this is the right choice. It is sure to help you take your audio mixing to the next level.

  • Load settings by typing descriptive words
  • Clean interface
  • High-quality sound

SAFEEqualiser | Windows / Mac / Linux

26. TDR Feedback Compressor

TDR Feedback Compressor VST Plugin
TDR Feedback Compressor

If you’re looking to add some beautiful feedback compression to your tracks, check out this great app. It offers a carefully designed dynamic range compressor that can add a beautiful feedback compression sound to your tracks.

With an oversampling structure that is freely adjustable and an upward compression mode, this program can help you achieve the perfect sound for your music.

  • Adjustable oversampling structure
  • Upward compression mode
  • Beautiful feedback compression sound

TDR Feedback | PC / Mac

27. Barricade Pro

Barricade Pro
Barricade Pro

If you’re looking for a powerful limiter that can handle any type of audio, Barricade Pro is the mixing plugin for you. It operates in four domains simultaneously: Waveform limiting, Envelope limiting, Loudness limiting, and Correlation limiting.

This results in a program that can easily handle even the most complex audio.

  • Powerful and versatile limiter
  • Operates in four domains simultaneously
  • Sleek interface & final mix plugin

Barricade Pro | Windows

28. Valhalla Freq Echo

Valhalla Freq Echo
Valhalla Freq Echo

If you’re looking to add some trippy effects to your music, this is perfect. With its Bode-Style Frequency Shifter, you can create unique sonic effects that will take your music to another level.

Whether it’s subtle chorusing and double-tracking or barber pole phasing and flanging, the plugin can do it all.

  • Bode-style frequency shifter
  • Chorusing and double-tracking
  • Barberpole phasing
  • Flagging

Valhalla Freq Echo | PC / Mac

29. GComp2

GComp2 VST Plugin

This mixing plugin is a versatile dynamics processor that can handle expansion and compression. It also features a high/low pass filter, making it simple to use and customize for different mixing needs.

Its many features and excellent capabilities make it one of the best mixing plugins available. You’re sure to love what this fantastic program can do for your music projects.

  • Dynamics processor
  • Compression and expansion capabilities
  • Built-in high/low pass filter

GComp2 | Windows / Mac / Linux

30. Voxengo Elephant

Voxengo Elephant
Voxengo Elephant

Voxengo Elephant is a mastering limiter. It features a variety of limiter modes for precise control, along with built-in linear-phase oversampling for high-quality peak limiting and loudness maximization.

Its intuitive interface and high-quality capabilities will help you get excellent sound for your music.

  • Variety of limiter modes
  • Built-in linear-phase oversampling

Voxengo Elephant | PC / Mac

31. OldSkoolVerb


This tool is worth checking out if you’re looking for a classic, old-school reverb plugin. It features three different types of reverberation: room, plate, and voice streaming.

Each type has its own set of parameters that you can tweak to get the perfect sound for your music. It is a great option for a simple, effective reverb solution.

  • Three different types of reverberation
  • Room, plate, and voice streaming
  • Simple and effective

OldSkoolVerb | PC / Mac

32. dBComp ( Mixing Plugins )


dBComp is a great tool for studio and live use. It can add snap to acoustic/electric guitar and bass guitar. It is also great for drums. This plugin features threshold, compression, and HPF controls.

With these controls, you can fine-tune the amount of compression and the ratio. It also has a mix control to blend the dry and wet signals.

  • Threshold, compression, ratio, and mix controls
  • HPF control
  • Great for adding snap to acoustic/electric guitar and bass guitar, and drums

dBComp | Windows / Mac

33. BT Clipper

BT Clipper
BT Clipper

BT Clipper is a limiter/clipper with three different clipping voices and a mid-range tone knob. Its input/output faders, drive knob, and a menu of clipping voices give you much control over your sound.

The phase toggle lets you invert the phase if needed. The auto gain feature ensures that your signal’s volume stays consistent even when adding drive. This makes the plugin a great choice for processing all kinds of signals.

  • Three different clipping voices with a mid-range tone knob
  • Input/output faders and drive knob
  • Phase toggle
  • Auto gain feature

BT Clipper | Windows / Mac

34. Analog Rack Delay

Analog Rack Delay VST Plugin
Analog Rack Delay

Analog Rack Delay is a perfect program for recreating those classic delay sounds. Its algorithms are based on analog and digital pedals that guitarists have loved for years.

It is sure to be a great addition to your plugin collection.

  • Based on classic analog and digital delay pedals
  • Simple interface
  • Create different delay sounds

Analog Rack Delay | Windows / Mac

35. x10 Multiband Compressor

x10 Multiband Compressor
x10 Multiband Compressor

This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to add compression and limiting to their mix. With its easy-to-use interface, this mixing plugin is ideal for beginners and pros alike.

  • Mastering compressor/limiter
  • Easy interface
  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike

x10 Multiband Compressor | Windows

36. LFX-1310

LFX 1310 VST Plugin
LFX 1310

LFX-1310 is a plugin multi-effector, including 24 types of algorithms and three serial slots. This freeware is the stand-alone version of the Effecting Module of Ravity-S & Ravity-R.

Every algorithm realizes the same effect you have on your mind and is fully optimized for low CPU load.

  • S’Filter 12 / S’Filter 24 / 3-band EQ
  • Peak Compressor / RMS Compressor
  • Overdrive / Distortion / Amp Distortion
  • Crusher / LP Noise / Stereo Image
  • Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Auto Wah / Tremolo / Auto Pan
  • Delay / Stereo Delay / Ping-pong Delay
  • Gate Reverb / Room Reverb / Hall Reverb / Spring Reverb

LFX-1310 | Windows / Mac

LFX-1310 Preview

37. Saturation Knob

Saturation Knob VST Plugin
Saturation Knob

With the Saturation Knob, you can fatten drums, add harmonics to vocals, and more. If you need a gritty saturation effect, Saturation Knob also provides modeled output distortion.

Saturation Knob | PC / Mac

When it comes to the mixing process, having the best mixing plugins can make all the difference in achieving great-sounding tracks.

Whether you’re working on a vocal track or blending together multiple audio signals from other instruments, a few options can take your music creation to a new level.

One of the most important aspects of mixing is achieving a good frequency balance. This means making sure that all the plugins you’re using are working together to create a cohesive sound across the entire frequency range.

Another important aspect of mixing is adding space to your tracks. A reverb effect can help with this, and many plugins offer cool features like different room simulations or the ability to adjust the decay time to create just the right amount of reverb for your tracks.

Of course, there are also more creative effects that can be used to enhance your tracks and add rhythmic patterns or other interesting elements.

Some excellent plugins for this kind of heavy lifting include options for the delay, distortion, and modulation effects.

Ultimately, the best mixing plugins are the ones that work well for you and your workflow.

Whether you’re an audio professional or just starting out, finding plugins that help you achieve your musical ideas with just a touch of tweaking can make all the difference in making the mixing process a good thing rather than hard work.

So start mixing and exploring the many great-sounding options out there to take your tracks, music project, or vocal track to a new level!

We hope you enjoy these free mixing plugins. These mixing tools are great free alternatives to paid mixing plugins like the Fabfilter Pro-Q and Abbey Road Plugin Bundle by Waves.

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