13 Best Free Oscilloscope VST Plugins

Here is a collection of the best free Oscilloscope VST Plugins to download for Windows computers and Mac to analyze audio.

Best Free Oscilloscope VST Plugins
The Best Free Oscilloscope VST Plugins

What is an Oscilloscope Plugin?

An Oscilloscope Plugin is an audio plugin that displays the waveform of an audio signal in a graph. It is used to visualize, analyze, and enhance sound signals in professional audio production applications. These plugins can be used to find clipping, phase issues, and much more.

Oscilloscopes are very valuable for many production tasks such as monitoring signal paths in the studio or mastering the volume of songs.

Oscilloscope plugins provide a visual representation of the sound waves that are produced by an audio source.

An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument which displays a signal as a graph. The time-domain signal is typically a voltage waveform from a circuit, such as from an audio amplifier, fed through the device.

Oscilloscopes are typically used to measure electrical signals in circuits. They can display analog waveforms with varying degrees of voltage and frequency, as well as the audio signal from a microphone or guitar amplifier .

The oscilloscope has been an invaluable tool for troubleshooting problems in electronics, and it has been used by electronic engineers since the 1930s.

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Best Free Oscilloscope VST Plugins

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1. Oscarizor

Oscarizor VST Plugin
Oscarizor VST Plugin

Oscarizor is a VST plugin that can be used for audio visualizing.

The oscilloscope displays the signal in real-time, which means that the user can see how the sound changes over time.

Compare waveforms with synchronized digital audio workstations.

There is virtually no limit to the number of instances that can be used inside a DAW project. In addition to waveforms and spectra, the interface uses blending, blending types, smoothing, and antialiasing to display beautiful lines and fills.

  • Parallel waveform & spectrum comparison
  • Automatic instrument tuner
  • 10 channels simultaneous view

2. MOscilloscope

MOscilloscope VST Plugin
MOscilloscope VST Plugin

MOscilloscope is a plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X.

It can be used as a traditional waveform oscilloscope, and it can also be used as an audio spectrum analyzer and sonogram generator.

It also offers some unique features that are unavailable elsewhere.

3. J-Scope Oscilloscope Plugin

J-Scope VST Oscilloscope Plugin
J-Scope VST Oscilloscope Plugin

The J-Scope oscilloscope plugin is an essential tool for audio developers who need to diagnose errors or visualize waveforms.

It works like a real oscilloscope, and most controls will be familiar to anyone who has used a hardware oscilloscope. 

Control of the decay time of the phosphor allows both rapid changes in waveforms and slow changes in sound envelopes to be examined.

There are several ways in which J-Scope can display stereo signals.

  • OS: Windows
  • 8 preset modes for quick setup
  • Individually adjustable Y-offsets for stereo traces 
  • Positive or negative slope triggers a level adjustment 
  • Delay in triggering 
  • Option to display ‘freeze’ 
  • Variable brightness graticule option 

4. s(M)exoscope

s(M)exoscope VST Plugin
s(M)exoscope VST Plugin

S(M)exoscope is a VST plugin that allows users to view the waveforms of audio signals. You can use it to find out what frequency range is being played with is being filtered out.

It also can visualize the correlation between two signals, so you can see which soundwave was playing when you recorded your instrument or vocals.

The goal of s(M)exoscope is to provide a low-latency, high-performance oscilloscope with a clean and modern UI.

This plugin is designed to have an intuitive user interface, for easier operation.

OS: Windows & Mac

5. Signal Analyzer

Signal Analyzer VST Plugin
Signal Analyzer VST Plugin

The Signal Analyzer plugin lets you analyze audio signals by displaying them on an oscilloscope, which can be helpful when trying to find glitches in audio files or for any other audio-related task.

Signal Analyzer is a real-time, analog, and digital signal visualization tool. It is a plugin for the VST system and can be used with most audio editing software such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, GarageBand, and more.

  • Waveform Analyzer
  • Zoom for both axes independently 
  • Syncing to the input signal (oscilloscope) 

6. Open Scope

Open Scope VST Plugin
Open Scope VST Plugin

The Oscilloscope VST Plugin can be used to visualize waveforms in the real-time and frequency domain.

The plugin provides you with a simple oscilloscope interface that can be used to monitor input signals and visualize waveforms in the time and frequency domains. The plugin functions as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and signal generator.

OS: Windows

7. Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope VST Plugin
Oscilloscope VST Plugin

This oscilloscope plugin is a free stereo sound analyzer for any DAW software. 

  • OS: Windows & Mac
  • Triggers for both positive and negative edges. 
  • Trigger level can be adjusted. 
  • Channel offset in Y.

8. VS-1 Oscilloscope VST

VS-1 Oscilloscope VST Plugin
VS-1 Oscilloscope VST Plugin

The VS-1 is a virtual analog oscilloscope plugin. It was developed by the same team that created several other plugins for audio processing.

This plugin is designed to emulate old-school analog oscilloscopes that were used in the 60s to 80s before digital oscilloscopes became available. The VS-1 uses an X/Y display with LCD-style graticules to simulate analog instruments.

  • OS: Windows
  • Monophonic or Polyphonic
  • Oscillators (3)
  • Filters (2)
  • ADSR Envelopes (4)
  • LFOs (4)

9. Wave Observer

Wave Observer VST Plugin
Wave Observer VST Plugin

Wave Observer is a powerful tool for analyzing the waves of audio. It offers many unique features that support mixing, mastering, and sound design visually.

It utilizes the built-in oscilloscope, a type of graphical display that shows voltage over time. Wave Observer can be used as a plugin on most DAWs and works with any sample rate.

There are two different types of observer modes. In the envelope mode, long sweep times are available for analyzing signal dynamics and envelope shapes. By activating a stabilization algorithm, you can view individual waveforms and oscillations in waveform mode.

  • OS: Mac & Windows
  • Wide zoom range  
  • Freeze feature 
  • Level meter
  •  Support for high-resolution displays.
  •  User interface customization.

10. Signalizer

Signalizer VST Plugin
Signalizer VST Plugin

The Signalizer VST plugin is a free all-in-one signal visualizer plugin with many unique features.

It offers real-time audio visualizations with optimized 3D GPU graphics, everything being scalable and zoomable gridless, and being arbitrarily precise.

Signalizer can be used by both electrical/audio engineers as a fullscreen signal inspector as well as by general users as a small window that gives an overview of your audio as it is created.

  • Vector Graphic UI 
  • 3D View of Waveforms
  • Inter-Sample Interpolation
  • Spectral Harmonic Analysis

11. Track Meter

Track Meter VST Plugin
Track Meter VST Plugin

The Track Meter VST plugin focuses on displaying audio frequency in real-time.

A traditional oscilloscope displays voltage and time, which can be used to measure the frequencies of waves, impulses, and other periodic phenomena.

This plugin can display audio frequencies in real-time for any sound input coming from your computer’s speakers.

  • Spectrum Analyser
  • 2D / 3D Spectrograph
  • Lissajous & Oscilloscope displays. 
  • Phase Meter and Correlation Meter
  • Phase Spectrum Analyzer
  • Vertical Axis / Horizontal Axis
  • Pitch Detector / Amp
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • Mac Retina Support
  • Signal Chain
  • OS: Windows VST, VST3, AU

12. occularScope

occularScope VST Plugin
occularScope VST Plugin

Occuluscope is a bar- or beat-synchronized oscilloscope with sidechain input.

  • OS: Windows & Mac
  • Freeze Feature
  • Analyze Incoming Audio Signals
  • Dark & Light Themes


What Are the Benefits of Oscilloscope Plugin?

Oscilloscope VST Plugins provide a visual representation of the music being played by showing a graphical representation of the sound waves on a screen. It is easy to use and displays all aspects of the sound in real-time including amplitude, frequency, and stereo phase.

If you are a producer, DJ, or sound engineer, you may have used an oscilloscope at some point in your career.

This is because the oscilloscope offers a window into the audio that goes beyond what ears can hear.

It can be used to see how loud or quiet a sound is at any given point in time, and it can even be used for spectral analysis to determine the volume of different frequencies.

Recording engineers use oscilloscopes to detect high frequencies that may not be present in other equipment, such as microphones or analog to digital converters.

A major benefit is that it eliminates any human error due to misreading or mishearing audio signals.

Oscilloscope plugins are used by professional musicians, engineers, and producers to create music.

We hope you find these free oscilloscope VST plugins helpful.

If we missed any Oscilloscope VST Plugin, please let us know in the comments.

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