25 Best Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

These are the best free pitch shifter VST plugins for increasing or decreasing the pitch of your audio and instruments. I have included pitch-shifting plugins for both Windows and Mac.

Check out this overview of pitch shifter plugins, complete with features, screenshots, and videos.

What Is A Pitch Shifter? A pitch shifter is software that allows you to adjust the pitch and tone of audio to sound higher in frequency, or lower, and deeper with more bass. This can change the pitch of vocals, guitars, or other musical instruments.

Best Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

  1. Graillon
  2. Duet
  3. MIDI Choir
  4. dSHIFT
  5. Son Of A Pitch
  6. Erzatz
  7. GVST GSnap
  8. PitchShift
  9. CVoice1
  10. Voloco
  11. HarmonicBoost
  12. FreSh
  13. 4 Band Shifter
  14. Pitchproof
  15. Autotalent
  16. Stolon
  17. Swoosh
  18. Cannabis Vocoder
  19. DruModifier_P
  20. Pitch Shifter & More
Best Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins
Best Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

I’ve personally tested hundreds of free VSTs to find this excellent free pitch shifter VST plugins.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each pitch shifter plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Graillon

Graillon VST Plugin by Auburn Sounds
Graillon by Auburn Sounds | Auto Tune

Graillon is a pitch shifter plugin with modulation capabilities. It is designed to change speakers, generate throat sounds, create choruses, and enrich voices.

It has been optimized for voice pitch correction and sound bit crushing.

If you are looking to change the pitch of your vocals, Graillon is a great plugin to start with.

It offers a lot of options for pitch correcting. It is available as a VST plugin for Windows and Mac users.


  • Changes speaker types
  • Generates throat sounds
  • Creates chorus effects
  • Enriches voice quality
  • Optimized for voice
  • Pitch Tracking Mod


  • Multi-platform support
  • Low CPU usage
  • Unique modulation features
  • Freemium version available
  • Intuitive voice tuning
  • Pitch Shift Controls
  • Use with Vocal Tracks
  • Pitch Shifting Algorithms


  • Limited to voice modulation
  • It may be complex for beginners
  • Specific to vocal tracks
  • Limited pitch correction styles

Graillon | PC & Mac

Best Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

2. Duet

Duet VST Plugin
Duet | Best Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

Duet is a double-tracking/harmonizer effect designed to enhance vocals or instruments by thickening the sound.

It provides pitch-shifting in real-time while maintaining the same time of audio material.

Traditional pitch shifters such as flangers and phasers alter both pitch and time duration, causing them to sound unnatural.

With Duet, the pitch can be manipulated without affecting time, resulting in more natural-sounding audio.

It can also create a choir effect, add movement and texture to synths, and more.

Duet | PC

3. MIDI Choir

MIDI Choir VST Plugin
MIDI Choir

MIDI Choir is a pitch shifter plugin for Windows. It features a pitch tracking indicator, voiced and unvoiced input processing, octave, semitone, and fine-tuning controls.

The pitch-shifting effects may also be used without MIDI input. The plugin is reliable, with ASDF pitch tracking and voiced/unvoiced recognition.

MIDI Choir | PC



dSHIFT is a feedback pitch-shifting that creates an intense, unique sound. Feedback pitch shifters are known for their distinctive sound, and dSHIFT is no different.

It is an excellent pitch-shifting plugin for creating a unique, dark sound.


5. Son Of A Pitch

Son Of A Pitch VST Plugin
Son Of A Pitch VST Plugin

This audio pitch-bend effect allows you to control the pitch and tone of audio with ease.

The pitch knob or sync to host LFO can be used to manage the pitch of the incoming signal, while the LFO-controlled filter section lets you choose from 3 filters.

The plugin is perfect for adjusting the pitch of vocals, guitars, or other instruments.

  • Pitch Bend Wheel

Plugin | PC

6. Erzatz

Erzatz VST Plugin

Erzatz is a free pitch shifter VST equalizer and is between a vocoder and a pitch shifter. It splits the signal up to 32 bands and re-generates it as a sinus stack.

This can result in some pretty interesting sounds, which is why it’s one of the best free pitch shifter VST plugins around.

Erzatz | PC


7. GVST GSnap

GVST GSnap VST Plugin

If you’re looking to create the signature T-Pain or Cher effect, look no further than the GSnap pitch shifter plugin. This plugin is easy to use and can be tweaked to create unique sounds.

It also comes with a MIDI control mode, which allows you to fit a recording to a new melody. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

GVST GSnap | PC/ Mac

8. PitchShift

PitchShift VST Plugin
PitchShift VST Plugin

If you want to alter the pitch in your audio files, PitchShift is a pitch shifter plugin you need. It allows you to adjust the pitch and tone of audio to sound higher or lower.

PitchShift is available for Windows and Mac, and it’s free. The plugin has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can choose the pitch factor in halftones and cents, and the audio file will be pitch-shifted according to your settings.

Plugin | PC & Mac

9. CVoice1

CVoice1 VST Plugin

CVoice1 is a pitch shifter VST that can produce pitch modulation, unison detune, and stereo enhancement. CVoice1 also allows you to stack voices together for unusual pitch shifts or tunings.

CVoice1 | PC & Mac

10. Voloco

Voloco VST Plugin
Voloco | Best Pitch Shifter Plugins

Voloco is a pitch shifter plugin that allows you to correct pitch and tone and apply six presets for desired sounds. It supports a wide range of sample rates, making it viable for most users.

It is available for Windows and Mac, making it versatile and easy to use.

Voloco | PC & Mac

11. HarmonicBoost

HarmonicBoost VST Plugin
HarmonicBoost | Pitch Correction Plugins

HarmonicBoost is a polyphonic pitch shifter. It has a real-time synthesis of octave and interval shifts to enhance the stereo field. There is a smoothing control to regulate the compromise of tracking speed and accuracy.

It can be used with vocals, guitars, or other instruments. HarmonicBoost is available for Windows and Mac, in VST and AU formats.

HarmonicBoost | PC & Mac

12. FreSh

FreSh VST Plugin

FreSh is a pitch shifter plugin with a vintage analog GUI design. It allows you to transpose the pitch and modulate it simultaneously.

The plugin has an LFO for extra sound manipulation. It is available for Windows only.

FreSh | PC & Mac

13. 4 Band Shifter

4 Band Shifter VST Plugin
4 Band Shifter VST Plugin

4 Band Shifter is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to independently scale the pitch of 4 adjacent frequency bands. This can adjust the pitch of vocals, guitars, or other instruments.

4 Band Shifter | PC

14. Pitchproof

Pitchproof by Aegean Music
Pitchproof by Aegean Music | Pitch Plugins

If you’re looking for a pitch shifter with excellent sound quality, Pitchproof is the plugin for you. It is easy to use and helps you fine-tune your pitch adjustments, making it a perfect choice for professionals and beginners alike.

I love this plugin for its straightforward interface.

Plugin | PC & Mac

15. Autotalent

Autotalent VST Plugin
Autotalent | Top Pitch Shifter VST Plugins

The plugin is a port of the popular LADSPA pitch correction plugin created by Tom Baran. It is one of the simplest pitch shifters and can be great for basic pitch correction on a mono track.

Autotalent focuses more on simplicity, as opposed to high-end pitch correction tools.

Autotalent | PC & Mac

16. Stolon

 Stolon VST Plugin

Stolon is a pitch-shifter VST plugin that offers a wide range of classic and unique effects. You can use it to harmonize vocals, create a choir effect, or even create robotic-sounding vocals.

The plugin is easy to use and offers a variety of effects that can be tweaked to create the perfect sound. It is available for Windows users only.

Stolon | PC & Mac

17. Swoosh

Swoosh VST Plugin

If you are looking for a pitch shifter plugin for Windows, Swoosh is an excellent option.

Swoosh is a pitch shifter plugin that recreates the late ’70s and early ’80s drum sound.

It has a quick and dirty analog style that will give your sound that extra edge.

Swoosh | PC

18. Cannabis Vocoder

Cannabis Vocoder VST Plugin
Cannabis Vocoder

Cannabis Vocoder is a funny pitch shifter VST plugin that completely changes the pitch and tone of vocal tracks by using computer-generated pitches to create a robotic or comical vocal sound.

You can change the octave to create various, exciting sounds – even within the same vocoder tone. The reaction time of the vocoder can also be altered.

The altered sound can be dashed with the original sound, or the volume of the vocoder can be changed while the actual sound stays the same.

Cannabis Vocoder is only available for Windows users. Using the mono version, you can use the vocoder’s specific sound for grooves and drums.

There are 25 different tones available to choose from.

Cannabis Vocoder | PC

19. DruModifier_P

DruModifier_P VST Plugin

DruModifier_P is a pitch shifter VST plugin that allows you to change the pitch of drum instruments in real time manually or using MIDI.

It can be used to pitch-shift any mono or stereo audio signal, making it a versatile tool for music producers and sound designers.

DruModifier_P | PC & Mac

20. Pitch Shifter

Pitch Shifter
Pitch Shifter VST Plugin

Pitch Shifter is designed to shift one signal while leaving the original untouched.

This plugin can help you get those monster-voice effects or add a touch of pitch shifting to help with tuning.

Plugin | PC & Mac

21. MM FX 11 Filtshiftrev

MM FX 11 Filtshiftrev
MM FX 11 Filtshiftrev

The MM FX 11 Filtshiftrev is a unique and powerful pitch shifting filter that is great for any musician or producer looking to add some extra spice to their sound.

This plugin can create some truly wild and original sounds with its three-band frequency separation and modulation capabilities.

With the included sequencer, you can create complex, evolving soundscapes.

MM FX 11 Filtshiftrev | PC

22. Madshifta

Madshifta | Free Pitch Shifting

With Madshifta, you can shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal by mixing the pitch-shifted signal with the original signal.

This unique plugin also allows for feedback, giving you the potential to create monster voices, flanger-like effects, and more.

With the dry/wet control, you can always find the perfect balance for your sound.

Madshifta | PC

23. KeroVee

KeroVee – Free Pitch Shifter VST

KeroVee is a helpful pitch correction tool for music producers and engineers.

With its ability to mix two independent transposed outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output, KeroVee gives you the flexibility to create the perfect sound for your music projects.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect Autotune effect or want to add some polish to your tracks, KeroVee is the plugin for you.

KeroVee | PC

24. Grumblebum


The Grumblebum is a one-of-a-kind stereo pitch follower effect that gives your music an energy boost.

The Grumblebum can create subtle analog accompaniments or wet, distorted sounds using the incoming audio to drive its internal synth.

Whether you’re looking to add some extra depth to your drums or vocals or want to create a screeching solo lead, the Grumblebum will give you the sound you’re looking for.

  • Wet and Dry Knobs

Grumblebum | PC

25. Granaliser

grANALiser | Granular Pitch Shifting Engine

This powerful tool is a hybrid granulator, pitch shifter, and delay all rolled into one. With its ability to create complex FSU sounds and effects, the Granaliser is perfect for everything from chorus and pitch-shifting to ring modulation.

With its tempo-synced grain size and rate, you can get the perfect sound every time.

Granaliser | PC

26. SYKK

SYKK by Shuttleplug

SYKK is a pitch effect that can do everything from subtle chorus and flutter effects to sickening pitch throbs.

Just tweaking the Speed, Depth, and Range knobs can give you a whole range of different sounds to play with, and you can switch between a sample or sine waveform for the LFO.


27. tcStretch


tcStretch is a helpful tool for any musician looking to get the most out of their sound. With the ability to time stretch, pitch shift, and blur your music, tcStretch provides endless possibilities for sonic experimentation.

Pitch shift is plus or minus one octave so that you can explore the new sonic territory. Blurring blends nearby spectral material to make the output less static, resulting in a more natural sound.

tcStretch is also sensitive to transients in the source material. This means that the playback rate and blur amount are automatically adjusted according to the stretched material’s transient contour.

tcStretch | PC

28. unstable

unstable | Pitch Shifting Plugins

This pitch modulation effect plugin can simulate the unpredictable pitch instability of an old tape machine or analog synth.

With three different modes, you can dial in just the right amount of instability for your track. And if that’s not enough, you can dial up the intensity to ‘insane’ mode for some truly wild results.

unstable | PC

29. Vocal Pitch Shifter VST

Vocal Pitch Shifter
Vocal Pitch Shifter

This innovative plugin is designed to change the pitch of vocals, with low latency, which makes it perfect for live performances.

You can use the coarse tone control for an integer number of semitones or the precise control for an integer number of cents and mix the processed signal with the original.

Whether you’re looking to add a little bit of spice to your live show or you’re trying to perfect your recordings, the Vocal Pitch Shifter is a great plugin to try out.

Vocal Shifter | PC & Mac

The top paid pitch-shifting plugins are:

  • Pitch Monster by Devious Machines
  • Antares Auto-tune
  • ProVocative by Boz Digital Labs
  • Nightmare Shifter by Freakshow Industries
  • Waves Vocal Bender

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free pitch shifter VST plugins?

Some top-rated free pitch shifter VST plugins are KiloHearts Pitch Shifter, Devious Machines Pitch Monster, and Fluid Pitch by Pitch Innovations. They offer various pitch-shift effects, real-time pitch changes, and different ways to manipulate the pitch of your audio.

How can I use a pitch shifter?

A pitch shifter can be used in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). After downloading and installing the VST, load it onto a track and use it to manipulate pitch, change the pitch of individual notes, or apply creative effects.

What is the use of pitch correction in a pitch shifter plugin?

Pitch correction in pitch shifter VST plugins, like the use of vocal pitch correction in Devious Machines’ Pitch Monster, helps in adjusting the pitch of vocals or other audio sources to correct off-key inaccuracies, making the final result more pleasing to the perception of pitch.

Can I change the pitch of a sample in real-time using these plugins?

Yes, most of the pitch shifter plugins, like Pitch Monster by Devious Machines, Fluid Pitch by Pitch Innovations, or Kilohearts Pitch Shifter, offer real-time pitch manipulation. This allows you to adjust the pitch of a sample while it’s playing back, providing creative flexibility for live performances or during studio editing.

How can pitch and formant shifts be used in a plugin?

Pitch and formant shifts can be used to make subtle or dramatic changes to the audio. Formant shifts change the characteristics of the sound while keeping the same pitch, and pitch shifts change the tune. You can use this feature for pitch correction, micro-pitch adjustments, or for creative effects.

Are there any vocal-specific pitch shifter plugins?

Yes, there are various pitch shifter plugins explicitly designed for vocals. They offer vocal pitch correction, allowing for detailed tuning and manipulation of vocal tracks. They can subtly enhance vocals or drastically change the pitch for more creative effects.

What is the best pitch-shifting technology?

The “best” pitch-shifting technology can depend on individual requirements. Devious Machines’ Pitch Monster and Fluid Pitch by Pitch Innovations are highly acclaimed for their innovative approach using real-time and precise pitch-shifting technologies.

I hope you found this list of free pitch shifter VST plugins helpful.

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