15 Free Massive VST Plugin Alternatives

These are the best free Massive VST plugin alternatives to use if you are on a budget and do not have the money to buy the popular Native Instruments plugin.

In this collection of free massive VST alternatives, I’ve included a rundown of each plugin’s features, images, and videos to show their functionality.

The Massive VST plugin is a popular virtual-analog synthesizer plugin for music producers, sound designers, and musicians in the music industry. However, the Massive VST plugin can be expensive for some beatmakers since it is currently $149.

Free Massive VST Plugin Alternatives

  1. TyrellN6
  2. Dexed
  3. Tunefish V4
  4. Mono Fury
  5. Free Alpha
  6. TAL-NoiseMaker
  7. Helm
  8. Vital
  9. Odin 2
  10. Surge XT
  11. Synth1
  12. OB-Xd
  13. Zebralette
  14. Superwave P8
  15. Sonigen Modular
Best Free Massive VST Plugin Alternatives
Best Free Massive VST Plugin Alternatives

I have compiled a list of some popular free NI Massive plugin alternatives that offer similar synth sounds, and hundreds of software preset if you do not have the money to buy the Komplete synth plugin from Native Instruments.

My experience with hundreds of free VST plugins has led me to these great free massive VST alternatives.

Instructions: Visit each free Massive VST alternative. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. TyrellN6

TyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth. There’s nothing like the sound of raw analog synthesizers, and this vintage-inspired virtual analog synth delivers that classic sound to your DAW.

With two oscillators, noise, ring modulator, and two LFOs with eight waveforms that can be synced to the host, TyrellN6 can create a wide range of sounds.

The audio source mixer has an authentic overdrive and filter feedback for added grit and character.

The twin filters are based on the early model of Diva, another classic synth.

The ADSR envelopes are loopable or LFO-triggered, and the skinnable UI makes it easy to create your look. There are over 580 factory presets to get you started.


  • Over 580 factory presets
  • Virtual analog with classic architecture
  • 2 Oscillators
  • Twin filters


  • Authentic analog sound
  • Free to download
  • Compatible with most DAWs
  • Versatile sound creation tools


  • Limited modulation matrix
  • No standalone version
  • Requires modern CPU for best performance

TyrellN6 | PC & Mac / Linux


2. Dexed

Dexed VST is a robust multi-platform, multi-format plugin synth that closely models the original DX7 characteristics.

With 144 DAW automatable DX7 parameters available from one panel, it is fully compatible with DX7 input and output SysEx messages.

This makes it possible to use Dexed as a patch editor and SysEx manager for a native DX7/TX7. Each operator has a real-time VU meter to show which one is active. Plus, there is a separate volume control for each operator.


  • Fully compatible with DX7 input and output SysEx messages
  • 144 DAW automatable DX7 parameters
  • Real-time VU meter for each operator
  • Separate volume control for each operator

Dexed | PC & Mac

3. Tunefish V4

Tunefish V4 VST Plugin
Tunefish V4

This is a virtual analog synthesizer with great UI and various features that help power the sound. This synth offers oscillators, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters.

Additionally, the ADSR envelope is user-friendly, and the modulation matrix makes it easy to create complex sounds.

The effects stack is also very robust, allowing for up to 10 effects to be used at once. This is great for those who like to experiment with sound design.

In terms of sound quality, this is on par with some of the best virtual analog synths on the market.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other options on this list, it’s an excellent option for those looking for a powerful and user-friendly synth. Great free alternative to Xfer Serum by Xfer Records.

This is one of my favorite massive alternatives due to is great synth sounds.


  • 2 oscillators with 4 waveforms each
  • 4 LFOs with various waveforms
  • ADSRS envelope
  • Modulation matrix
  • 10 effects stack

Tunefish V4 | PC & Mac / Linux

4. Mono Fury

Mono Fury VST Plugin
Mono Fury

Mono Fury is a plugin that lets you experience the classic KORG Mono/Poly analog synthesizer of the early 1980s. If you loved music from that era, this program is ideal.

It comes with close emulation of the behavior and all original Mono/Poly controls. It also has a four-band limited oscillation, perfect for creating rich and full sounds.

The lowpass filter has self-oscillation capabilities, adding more depth and dimension to your music.

The “Effects” section includes cross-modulation and hard sync, giving you even more options for creating unique sounds.

The monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action is also a great feature, allowing you to play multiple notes simultaneously.

  • Close emulation of the original KORG Mono/Polysynth
  • Four-band limited oscillation
  • Lowpass filter with self-oscillation
  • Cross modulation and hard sync effects
  • Monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action
  • Arpeggiator with sync-to-host option

Mono Fury | PC & Mac

5. Free Alpha Massive VST Alternative

Free Alpha VST Plugin
Free Alpha Synth Plugin

Free Alpha synthesizer is a powerful, 32-note polyphonic subtractive synthesizer. It features two-oscillator modules, a filter module, two envelopes, three LFO modules, and a chorus effect.

  • 2 oscillator modules
  • Filter module
  • 2 envelope generators
  • 3 LFO modules
  • Chorus effect

Plugin | PC & Mac

6. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a great virtual analog synthesizer with excellent sound and low CPU usage, TAL-NoiseMaker is worth checking out. It features 3 oscillators and up to 6 voices to play chords.

With 256 great presets to choose from, you’re sure to find excellent sounds for your music.

  • 3 oscillators
  • 6 voices
  • 256 presets
  • ADSR filter
  • Pitch wheel control
  • Reverb and delay

TAL-NoiseMaker | PC & Mac / Linux

7. Helm

Helm VST Plugin

Helm is a cross-platform 32-voice polyphony VST plugin. Its user interface grants live presentations that can’t be beaten.

Additionally, the oscillators offer dual cross-modulation, up to 15 oscillators per voice, unison, and harmony modes.

There are 12 different waveforms available that can be manipulated with the various modulation options.

The two monophonic and 1 polyphonic LFOs can modulate the sound, making it perfect for those who want to create unique sounds.

The step sequencer of Helm is also very powerful. It comes with lots of modulation sources, including polyphonic aftertouch. Another great thing about this plugin is that it has a simple arpeggiator.

If you are looking for a Massive alternative, Helm should be on your list.

It is sure to help you create the perfect sound for your music. No need to search the web for a Massive VST crack with powerful free synth plugins like this.

  • Cross-platform support
  • Live presentation with a powerful modulation system
  • 15 oscillators per voice with dual cross-modulation
  • 12 different waveforms are available
  • 7 types of filters with key tracking
  • 2 monophonic and 1 polyphonic LFO
  • Step sequencer
  • Simple arpeggiator

Helm | PC & Mac / Linux

8. Vital

Vital is a spectral warp plugin that gives room to imagination and creativity. The wavetable oscillators with frequency warping and the wave warp efficiently deal with the sounds.

The unison allows two routable voice filters that have multiple continuous blending modes. It also has audio-rate modulation. The stereo-splittable LFOs have custom and editable shapes.

You can also customize the key-tracked settings. At the same time, modulation remapping lets you customize the shape of every modulation.

The custom sample source and the random modulation sources like Perlin, Lorenz Attractor, S&H, and Sine Interpolation with stereo options are some of the best features.

The eight routable effects, including a multiband compressor, multi-mode phaser, and 16-voice chorus, make it one of the best plugins.

The preset browser with sort, search, tag, and folder organization makes it easy to use.

Vital VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a free Massive VST plugin alternative that offers many features and is easy to use, Vital should be on your list. You’re sure to be impressed with what it has to offer.

  • Wavetable oscillators with frequency warping
  • Wave warp deals with sounds in an efficient manner
  • Unison allows two routable voice filters
  • Multiple continuous blending modes
  • Audio-rate modulation
  • Alternative to Massive plugin ( free download )

Vital | PC / Mac / Ubuntu Linux

Free Vital Presets

9. Odin 2

Odin 2 VST Plugin
Odin 2

Odin 2 is a powerful polyphonic synthesizer that offers 24 voices of sonic power. It features classic analog waveforms and high-quality emulations of legendary analog filters.

  • 24 voices of polyphony
  • Analog waveforms
  • High-quality filter emulations
  • Four onboard FX

Odin 2 | PC & Mac / Linux

10. Surge XT

Surge XT VST Plugin
Surge XT

Surge XT is a powerful subtractive hybrid synthesizer with three oscillators per scene. It offers 12 versatile oscillator algorithms, including FM2 and FM3, consisting of a carrier and 2 or 3 modulators.

The string oscillator uses two filtered waveguides to emulate plucked or bowed string sounds.

Most algorithms offer up to 16-voice unison at the oscillator level. Most oscillator algorithms are strictly band-limited yet still cover the audible spectrum, delivering a clear, punchy, and clean sound.

  • 3 oscillators per scene
  • 12 versatile oscillator algorithms
  • The string oscillator uses two filtered wave guides
  • Twist oscillator offers a myriad of synthesis options
  • Band-limited oscillators
  • Clear, punchy, and clean sound

Surge XT | PC & Mac / Linux

11. Synth1

Synth1 VST Plugin

This VST plugin faithfully emulates the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth. It has two oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, and modulation envelope.

It also has 4 types of filters, including distortion, which can be used to create a wide range of sounds.

The plugin also features 2 LFOs, an arpeggiator, and a tempo delay. It also has a stereo chorus/flanger to thicken your sound for added versatility.

You can also enable legato mode and portamento for smooth transitions.

  • 2 Oscillators
  • FM modulation
  • Ring modulation
  • Sync modulation
  • Modulation envelope
  • 4 types of filters
  • Distortion
  • 2 LFOs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Tempo delay
  • Stereo chorus/flanger
  • 16 notes of polyphony

Synth1 | PC & Mac

12. OB-Xd


OB-Xd models one of the most sought-after synthesizers in history, the Oberheim OB-X.

Speak to its power and flexibility, OB-Xd gives you the ability to create classic thick string pads, aggressive analog leads, and virtually any other sound you can imagine.

OB-Xd’s 7x faster GUI controls make it easy to dial in the perfect sound, while its MIDI CC learn and support make it a breeze to integrate into your workflow.

  • Models the classic Oberheim OB-X synth
  • 7x faster GUI controls for easy sound design
  • MIDI CC learn and support for easy integration
  • XML-based skinning and HiDPI (Retina) ready GUI themes

OB-Xd | PC & Mac / Linux

13. Zebralette

Zebralette VST Plugin

Zebralette is an excellent spectral synth with 24 spectral effects, polyphonic (up to 16 voices), monophonic, and legato modes.

It also has 3 built-in effects (chorus/phaser, EQ, delay) that can be applied to each oscillator separately.

  • 300 Factory presets
  • 24 spectral effects
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices)
  • Monophonic and legato modes
  • 3 built-in effects (chorus/phaser, EQ, delay)
  • MIDI learn

Zebralette | PC & Mac / Linux

14. Superwave P8

Superwave P8 VST Plugin
Superwave P8

Superwave P8 is a virtual analog synthesizer emulation used in VST hosts to produce monophonic and polyphonic sounds.

The plugin comes with 64 high-quality presets to get you started.

The program also offers a wide range of sound-shaping options, including the main volume control, mono/polyphonic control, portamento control, and MIDI CC control with learn capability.

  • Virtual analog emulation
  • Preset management
  • MIDI CC control with learning capability
  • 64 Presets included

Superwave P8 | PC

15. Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular VST Plugin
Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular gives you the flexibility to create any sound you can imagine. With high-quality sound and efficient CPU usage, it is perfect for any musician.

You can add as many modules and patch cables as you want, and the layout is mostly automatic.

The modular voice and output effect processing are cleanly integrated into one window, and everything is processed at the full sample rate.

  • Flexible modular synth
  • High-quality sound
  • Efficient CPU usage
  • Intuitive user interface

Sonigen Modular | PC

I hope you found this list of free Massive VST alternatives helpful.

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