4,500 Free Vital Presets For Vital

Here is a collection of the best free Vital presets for the popular Vital VST plugin by Matt Tytel.

These presets will give you thousands of new sounds to add to your music production collection. Below is a collection of links to websites offering free Vital presets. All the Vital preset packs offer over 4,500 free Vital presets.

These presets are great for all music genres, including Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Pop, Dubstep, and more. You can use them as they are or modify them to make them even better.

It’s easy to get creative with these presets. Plug in your MIDI controller and start exploring the potential of the Vital VST plugin.

These presets come in a variety of styles and will surely add something unique to every project. From hard-hitting basslines to abstract synth sounds, they have it all.

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Free Vital Presets For Vital

Preset Share ( 3,800 Free Presets ) —This website is an online community of producers and sound designers who share presets for different VST plugins. You can preview individual Vital presets to hear how they sound. You can also search the website by most liked, most downloaded, and most commented. A free account is required to download these Vital presets.

FREE Vital Presets For The Vital VST Plugin
FREE Vital Presets For Vital VST Plugin

Muted ( 50 ) – This free pack includes ten pads, nine leads, 11 keys, seven bass presets, four SFX presets, one percussion preset, and eight experimental presets.

KSHMR Vital Essentials Vol. 1 ( 25 ) – This pack includes 5 Basses, 6 Chords, 11 Leads, and 3 Pads. It offers some great lead sounds for dance and pop music.

Florixel ( 309 ) – The Soundbank also contains many free sounds from Alan Walker and Elektronomia.

Mercurial Tones -10 Analog melodic house presets for the Vital plugin. If you produce melodic house, progressive house, or deep house music, these Vital synthesizer presets may be of interest to you. They were created by Yalcin Efe.

Antidote Audio – Over 40 bass, lead, key, pad, and pad presets for the Vital plugin.

Venus Theory ( 10 ) – Includes 5 Bass Sounds, 1 Lead, 1 Atmospheric Pad, 2 Percussion Sounds, and 1 Sequence. This patch is part of a paid preset pack called Vital Signs.

Email Address Required

The websites below require you to submit your email address to access the different Vital presets.

Sonicspore ( 50 ) – This preset pack includes 5 Atmospheres, 5 Basses, 6 Fxs, 6 Leads, 5 Pads, 6 Pluck Synths, 8 Sequences, 7 Synthesizers, and 8 Experimentals.

Echo Sound Works ( 50 ) – This pack comes with 50 Wavetables, which are great for music genres such as Trap, Progressive House Music, Lo-Fi, and Pop.

Black Lotus Audio ( 150+ ) – This website has 5+ packs with Vital analog presets for different music genres such as EDM, Slap House, Future Bass, and more. Great free EDM Vital presets.

AZM Music ( 60 ) – The Phase collection consists of Vital presets influenced by music artists such as Billie Eilish, Finneas, and Clairo. These phase Vital presets are a teaser sample pack for a premium Vital Soundbank. Free demo version to preview sounds.

Spark Packers ( 12 ) – This is a teaser pack of a bigger preset pack by the creator.

Angelic Vibes ( 30 ) -This preset Includes bass sounds, keys, pads, 808s, and more. It is great for genres such as Trap Music, R&B, and more.

Jazen Sounds ( 200+ ) – This page offers three preset packs (Aquarium, Winter, Cosmos ) that all together add up to over 200 presets for the Vital plugin. These packs contain Bells, Keys, Leads, Pads, SFX, Synths, and more.

Ghost Syndicate Audio is a set of 10 free bass Vital presets great for Dubstep, Drum and bass, and other music genres.

Rocket Powered Sound ( 20+ ) – This site offers five packs for Trap, Dubstep, Lo-Fi, EDM, and DnB and provides free dark vital skin.

Reese Bass ( 15 ) – Great synth sounds for any Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, and more. Helpful free EDM Vital presets.

Kling Music ( 13 ) – Great presets for Future Bass music.

Art1Fact Music ( 20 ) – Great free Vital presets for Drum & Bass and Neurofunk.

Kimi Sounds ( 30 ) – With these 30 free sound presets, you can create authentic lo-fi beats with inspiring organic sounds and textures.

Luminance Lite ( 10 ) – Luminance Lite includes 10 Vital Presets for different types of productions. It also includes a variety of sounds, such as bass, bells, keys, pads, and more.

Ghosthack ( 15 ) – This freebie includes five bass presets, two keys presets, two lead presets, two pad presets, one percussion preset, one sequence preset, and two SFX presets.

Glitched Tones ( 50 ) – This free Vital synth presets by Sonicspore include 20 Synthesizers, 7 Basses, 3 Textures, 8 Sequences, 5 Pads, 2 Drones, 2 Percussion, and 5 FX.

Morningdew Media – This collection includes deep drones, Bells, Keys, Lush Pads, and Leads. These highly responsive patches allow you to sculpt your sound with macro controls.

How to Install Vital Presets

Installing Vital Presets in the Vital VST plugin is a great way to expand your sound library when producing music.

It’s surprisingly simple and can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Open the Vital VST plugin inside your DAW.
  2. Click the current preset name at the top to view the preset library.
  3. Click the menu icon to view the import options.
  4. Click “Import Bank” to import a .vitalbank file. You can also click “Open External Preset” to load an external Vital preset.
  5. The preset or presets should now appear in your library. Select the preset and play your MIDI controller to hear the sound.

This massive collection of free Vital presets should keep you busy for a long time. With so many Vital synths presets, you will surely find great sounds for your next track. The quality of these presets is comparable to many free Serum presets found online.

I hope you found this list of websites to download free Vital presets helpful, and hopefully, they will be a part of your next music project or sound design project.

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