Producer Talk: How Do You Promote Beats?

Producer Talk is where music producers share tips / knowledge on the topic of the week. This weeks topics is how to promote beats.

How do you promote beats?

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  • Social media and word of mouth is the best way to get your beats out there. – Quedawiz
  • YouTube is really great if you not only want to promote but also get people to know the man behind the beats. – Yesndeed beats
  • I have found to be a good place to showcase your beats, especially through the beat battles. – APDcrypt
  • I use SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter. Helps to comment on other people’s work, and work with other artists/producers. – KC
  • Hanging around local recording studios. I meet rappers, and have a really good follow up system. – Harold
  • Doing free mixtapes for artist and using a mailing list. – Bryce Wonder
  • I have a mixtape of beats on and use SoundCloud as a website to send artists to listen to my tracks. – EZ Rider
  • Network Network Network. Think bigger than artists… think audio content… being I rhyme & produce and now into film both acting and composing my circles are crazy. – NLZ

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  1. i share my promote my beats by playing them for people and or posting them on facebook.

  2. Trying figure that out my damn self. I been getting out more doing shows. Also I’m getting more presence online but it’s hard when no one knows you. Anyway check my music out at

    Or YouTube Japanese jellyfish u find me at project Blowed and a couple tracks

  3. mostly through word of mouth so far, mixtapes with your producer name always helps and posting your link on web pages of any kind.

  4. thats a good question use to be were the dj would spin your record , word of mouth is powerful now that goto man tacks your track he puts it in he’s pile of cd’s and its never played you go to the radio station and all your going to get is the run a rounds program director fallows a format very hard to crack i say fu*kem take it to the streets use youtube self promote bill your colt following eventually the industry will come to you

  5. Nice topic.
    I used to promote my beats on Facebook and Twitter.
    I use my own website to promote my beats, my tracks and my mixtapes in one shot… It helps, you can build a nice looking website for cheap.
    It works if you want to sell beats but we are to many trying to do that so I also burn some of my track and remix on CDs with major artists’ songs and play them on parties without telling people it’s my work and sometimes they ask who did that song and when I tell them it’s me they allways ask me for my website, copies, infos… It’s also a good promo.

  6. Real Talk, Get a web site!!!! People are more likely to purchase beats from a company that makes them feel confident in there investment. Check out my site:

  7. USE EVERYTHING. Twitter, Youtube,Tumblr INVEST IN YOUSELF. If you’ve got a Beattape you want people to find put it on mixtape sites, Yeah sometimes it can be expensive but it all pays off. Make a website,make digital copies make physical copies..BY ANY MEANS TILL U MAKE IT

  8. Network Network Network ..think Bigger than Artists ..think Audio Content ..being I rhyme & produce and now into film both acting and composing my circles are crazy ..reach out my way word .. @NLZ_WarMachine @Wu_Kai @Bknukklebeatz or hit the lease/rental site email info is there to’s just a worm on a hook ..we keep the monsters in the cage for the big stuff ..holla …NLZ

  9. I’m currently working with a few up and coming artists, I’m doing most of the production on their mixtapes. So if it sound dope and they make a name for them selves then I’ll get really good promo of that, it’s hard work b/c the artists I’m working with are just starting out. The feed back has been great so far.

  10. I have a mixtape of beats on and use soundcloud as a website to send artists to listen to my tracks. I’m also putting more beats to video on YouTube. I do have an arrangement with most artists I work with to get a small cut of every track I sell from a connection that they provided. Holla at me on

  11. Soundclick, Soundcloud, Personal webpage, Reverbnation, Make Beat Mixtapes, Recruit 3-4 artist to personally write for. Do you
    -A @Ahnysupz

  12. I’ve been promoting my beat online for sometime now and i must say it is not easy but the good thing about this whole online promotion is that i get to meet other producer and they also listen to my beat…I think thats something to write home about…I need managment.

  13. The amount of work u put in it is what u get out so u can try youtube promote bill or try sellin ur tracks on a cd to promote urself…

  14. You have to use social media. Facebook and YouTube are huge! With some smart marketing you could get some serious exposure

  15. At the moment i tend to tweet links to them on my twitter, post links on facebook and my YouTube. Pay attention to the latest trends (even if you do not like them) and think of how to take something on that genre and how to re-create it in your own vision. Make a list of artists of who you want to work with, and people who are making an underground following and find ways to contact them. Have the courage to put yourself out there and most importantly believe in what your promoting! Hope this helps!

    PS: Always, ALWAYS, leave your signature and links to your websites if posting in a forum. Like so :)

  16. It can be a challenge but I promote my music in person and on social media (youtube, instagram, FB). Definitely having your own website will help as it will serve as a hub for all things relating to you and your music.

  17. I use soundcloud, YouTube and Twitter. Helps to comment on other people’s work, and work with other artists/producers.

  18. I’m currently hosting my beats on soundcloud, and youtube. I’m building up my bandcamp page, and I’m definitely going to check out datpiff after reading the other comments. I think online promotion is great, but networking with rappers and other producers face to face is how you make an impression. I’d love to network with any of the producers that posted in this forum. Check out my latest work and give me some feed back. It’d be sincerely appreciated.

    Yours Truly,

    The Hatch

  19. I think that everyone in the comments definitely have good ways of promoting their music. Personally I use almost everything mentioned above, however I have a few ideas that might be useful as well. I have found to be a good place to showcase your beats, especially through the beat battles. Another site I’m on is ReverbNation which is a great place to connect with other artists. Last but not least I have found a significant amount of exposure from my craigslist ad in the musician section of community. I receive hits on my music daily from craigslist. Thank you all for your advice as well!

  20. Back about 8 years ago I only used beat selling sites. I stopped because I felt like I was wasting my time. So I gave up and only delt with people one on one offline. Then that slowed down due to people not wanting to pay. But recently my fiance has given me the confidence plus the drive to learn more about marketing and things like that. It’s like I’m starting from scratch but now I’m more organized. Where as before my files would be scattered everywhere and kept on unlabled CDs that became worn, torn, and scratched to death. So I my first step was to get a powerful computer. Best investment I ever made. Now it’s off to the future. Peace!

  21. I currently use social media to directly target my audience. I send positive feedback, wait for a reply, offer free beat, follow up with guaranteed sale… Success!!


    if your not on one of these. Then who our you O.O


  23. Use social media and make sure to follow up with potential clients. FanShare on is an effective method to get leads for free.

  24. I do it through social media like twitter facebook YouTube and so on. Also I run facebook ads.

  25. I like to promote on twitter, facebook and the group, YouTube and also SoundCloud. To really promote your beats you have to get social with people.

  26. Youtube is really great if you not only want to promote but also get ppl to kno the man behind the beats. youll have a pretty loyal fan base…also twitter, facebook, and even instagram can turn some heads

  27. I also like to promote on Facebook (fanpage ads and groups), twitter blasts and soundcloud of course.

  28. We currently use twitter facebook groups and best of all word of mouth! Find the artists in your neighborhood and build a face behind your brand. Good graphics too help! We do that and website development as well. God bless!

  29. I’d say. Be flashy. Not flashy to where you are over the top and people don’t think you’re authentic. Come up with some type of shock value for your fans and they will immediately want to talk to you. Mainly, show love to folks. Everyone wants to be loved. So give it out and you will receive it back. Music is art not a competition! :)

  30. I choose to use youtube and all social media outlets to send traffic to my website

  31. Social media and paying for promotion spaces on websites like

    Get your fire beats at!

  32. To promote my beats, I use facebook, soundcloud, soundclick, youtube, & reverbnation.

  33. Promote anywhere and everywhere, I have been promoting this sky’s the limit beat nonstop.

  34. Actually i find this topic is useful but i think the most effective way is to use paid promotion and adds platform such as google facebook and so on..