20 Best Music Forums for Music Creators

Here is a list of the best music production forums to post questions and learn from fellow music producers. Music forums are a great way to connect with music creators.

If you aren’t around other music producers, it can be hard to stay motivated when making music.

Use music forums as a way to connect with other music producers, participate in discussions, read advice and tips, and use it as a tool of inspiration to help you grow as a music creator.

Your friends and family may not understand your music career goals, which is why it’s essential to surround yourself around like-minded people who are striving for similar goals.

Best Music Forums for Music Producers & Musicians
Best Music Forums for Music Producers & Musicians

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The Best Music Forums

1. Future Producers

Future Producers Forum
Future Producers Forum

This website is like a digital hangout where DJs, music producers, beatmakers, and artists who love hip-hop, rap, and R&B get together.

Even recording engineers are part of this bustling community!

At Future Producers, you’ll find all sorts of topics that music lovers care about.

Curious about the best way to record your next track? There’s a section for that. Want to improve your mixing skills? You’re covered.

The site also has tons of discussions about all kinds of hardware and software, as well as the art of sampling.

This website is a valuable resource filled with information, tips, and ideas to enhance your music.

It’s not just a forum—it’s a place where music creators can learn, share, and grow.

Topics included on this forum: Recording, Mixing, Hardware, Software, Sampling, and more.

  • Music Industry Tips
  • Beat Battles
  • Music Business & Networking

Future Producers

2. Ill Muzik

Ill Muzik
Ill Muzik

IllMuzik is a lively hub for Hip Hop beat makers from around the world!

Launch in 2000, IllMuzik has been the go-to place for creators who wish to share, learn, and evolve their craft.

It’s a community where beat battles rage, knowledge is shared, and the arbeat-makingbeat-makingbeat-makingcussed in detail in the forums.

IllMuzik is more than just a website; it’s a platform that gives Hip Hop producers a great place to interact and support each other, encouraging growth in their skills.

This is done through a plethora of resources that the site offers.

With a focus on delivering top-notch Hip Hop Production content, IllMuzik aims to elevate the Hip Hop culture to a whole new level.

As a website member, you get the chance to participate in beat battles, learn how to make beats, and have in-depth beat-making forums.

These activities allow you to improve your skills, challenge yourself, and become a part of an international community of beatmakers who share the same passion.

Topics included on this forum: Software, Hardware, Industry Talk, and competitions.

Ill Muzik

3. MPC Forums

MPC Forums
MPC Forums | Forum Dedicated to Akai Mp Cs

MPC Forums is a vibrant space where music creators can come together to share their knowledge and learn more about Akai MPC samplers.

As the world’s largest Akai MPC community since 2002, it is a great resource of MPC tips, tricks, and support.

It’s a place where you can post questions about your MPC and receive answers from over 57,000 fellow MPC owners.

So, whether you’re looking for technical support for your MPC model or advice on MPC production techniques, you’ll find it here.

Not only does this forum foster learning, but it also encourages collaboration and innovation among music creators around the globe.

MPC Forums

4. Home Recording Forum

Home Recording Forum | Best message Boards
Home Recording Forum & Message Board

Home Recording is a lively online community where music creators can dive into various topics related to the art and science of home recording.

This forum provides a platform for users to share tips and tricks, discuss recording techniques, and explore various kinds of gear and equipment.

You’ll find answers in the’ Recording Techniques’ section if you’re curious about which microphones to use or how to position them correctly for optimal sound.

For those looking to refine their mixing skills, the ‘Mixing Techniques’ section offers discussions to help you achieve balance and harmony in your raw tracks.

The ‘Studio Building & Acoustic Treatment’ section is all about creating the perfect space for your recording needs, while the ‘Digital Recording & Computers’ and ‘Recording with Tablets & Smartphones’ sections guide you through the technicalities of setting up your recording system.

For enthusiasts of analog mediums like cassette, tape, wire, vinyl, and even wax cylinders, there’s a dedicated section called ‘Analog Recording & Mixing – Tape & Gear.’

If you’re more into vocals, the ‘Vocal Technique & Processing’ section can help you improve your vocal skills and learn how to process your vocals.

The website also provides opportunities for peer review and feedback on your music through the ‘MP3 Mixing Clinic’ and ‘Mix This!’ sections.

Home Recording is an invaluable resource for music creators looking to learn, share, and grow in their craft.

View Website

5. KVR Audio Forum

KVR Audio Forum
KVR Audio Forum

KVR Audio is a dynamic online hub where music creators around the globe come together to discuss and explore audio software technologies.

Its primary goal is to nurture and foster the audio software community through diverse content and services.

The heart of KVR Audio is its forums. This lively space is where musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other audio creators gather daily to discuss the latest software and techniques they use to create captivating audio and music.

These discussions span a vast range of topics, including Virtual Instruments, Virtual Effects, DAWs, Mobile Apps, and more. All aimed at making complex audio technology accessible.

With thousands of topics and hundreds of thousands of posts, the KVR forums provide a comprehensive guide to emerging audio technologies.

A devoted team of knowledgeable moderators ensures that all discussions are informative, respectful, and beneficial to all members.

KVR Audio also hosts a robust Product Database.

Established in the early 2000s, it has become a trusted resource for software-based musicians, producers, and developers.

This extensive database is a goldmine of information for musicians, recording engineers, sound designers, and all who use music technology products.

The KVR Product Database offers member services, including user reviews, product update notifications, and dedicated discussion forums.

Whether you’re looking for Trumpet libraries for NI’s Kontakt or all the AAX EQs, the KVR Product Database helps you quickly define your search criteria and learn about the wide range of software available.

The MyKVR service further enhances user experience.

This feature allows members to save their searches and favorite brands and products, making it easier to stay up-to-date.

If you’re interested in a particular developer or product, simply follow them on KVR, and you’ll never miss any related news or updates.

KVR Audio Forum

6. Gearspace Forum

Gearspace Forum
Gearspace Forum

Gearspace is the go-to online hub for all things related to professional audio.

The main highlight of Gearspace is its active forums, where music creators from around the world gather to discuss hot topics, share tips, and ask questions about everything from recording equipment to music production software.

These forums are organized into categories like Electronic Music Instruments and Production, Music Computers, High-End Gear, Low-End Theory, and even specific genres like Rap and Hip Hop Engineering and Production.

In addition to the forums, Gearspace offers a range of other features to keep you informed and inspired.

If you want to stay updated with the latest gear releases, make sure to check out their “New Product Alert” section.

They also host exclusive interviews with top industry engineers, producers, and gear manufacturers, and you can find a curated list of the most talked-about studio gear among the Gearspace community.

For anyone wanting to improve their audio skills, Gearspace.com provides a platform to learn from and connect with others in the audio industry.

So whether you’re in need of advice for your next track, looking for the latest gear, or just want to chat about music, Gearspace has something for every music creator.

  • Music Industry Tips
  • Gear Reviews
  • Interviews

Gearspace Forum

7. IDM Forums

IDM Forums
IDM Forums

IDM Forums is a vibrant online hub for music creators and enthusiasts alike. The website offers several sections tailored to the needs of its users.

In the Community Projects section, music creators get to participate in exciting initiatives like Beat Battles and Album Writing Months. These projects provide an excellent opportunity for creators to practice, learn, and showcase their skills.

The website also features a Member Releases section, where you can share your finished music pieces like EPs, LPs, Singles, DJ Mixes, and more.

If you’re into the technical side of music creation, you’ll love The Studio section. This is a place to discuss everything related to music production – from tips and tricks, to discussions about Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), hardware, soft synths, and plugins.

The Music Scene Chat is a place where you can post about your favorite artists, upcoming events, and share general discussion about non-forum music.

For those of you keen on music marketing, there’s a section dedicated to discussing strategies related to marketing music on platforms like YouTube, Social Media, Bandcamp, and more.

So, how can IDMForums help music creators? This platform offers a chance to learn from others, share your own music, engage in creative projects, and gain insights into music marketing.

It also provides an avenue for feedback, where users can discuss how the site works and how it can be improved.

IDM Forums

8. Drum N Bass

Drum N Bass Forum | Own Music Journal
Drum N Bass Forum

DrumNBass.be Forum is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for music creators, particularly those interested in the drum and bass genre.

Although it was created back in 2002, it remains a useful resource for musicians of all skill levels. While new registrations are no longer accepted, the forum continues to offer an abundance of valuable information in its archived threads.

From production tips and tricks to stimulating discussions about the genre, there’s much to learn and discover.

Drum N Bass

Additional Music Forums

Here are other music forums that are worth checking out.

9. Sound on Sound – A bustling online community where music creators can discuss, share music production and sound engineering advice, participate in competitions, and stay updated with the sound industry’s latest news, posts, and videos?.

10. Taxi – Taxi.com Forums is a vibrant online community where musicians can discuss their craft, share success stories, chat about gear, and even get feedback on their music from peers and industry professionals.

11. Bandmix – The BandMix Forum is a cool spot on the web where musicians come together to talk about many things, from making songs to finding bandmates, turning it into a buzzing hub for music enthusiasts.

12. Song Sniff – Songstuff Community is an active online forum where musicians and music lovers gather to discuss various topics like songwriting, recording, the music business, and even participate in music and songwriting challenges.

13. Mod Wiggler – ModWiggler is a helpful online forum where fans gather to discuss all things related to music and sound equipment, with a special focus on modular synthesizers, various music gear, and production techniques, and it even includes a section for discussing the use of synths in education?.

14. FL Studio Forum – A popular forum where music FL Studio users gather to chat about FL Studio, a popular music production software, with topics ranging from technical support for both Windows and macOS users, to project sharing and discussions about the mobile version of FL Studio, as well as a dedicated space for sharing original songs and suggesting new ideas for the software.

15. Song Stuff – Songstuff forums is a vibrant online gathering spot where musicians, songwriters, and anyone interested in the music industry come together to share ideas, experiences and get to know one another. It’s a place to introduce yourself, showcase your music, collaborate with others, get constructive feedback on your lyrics and songs, and even participate in challenging writing and marketing exercises. In the spirit of open discussion, topics ranging from musical performances to songwriting techniques and even chats about life as a musician are commonplace, making it a truly enriching platform for all music creators.

16. Music Banter – Music Banter is a bustling online community where over 70,000 music producers share their thoughts on many topics, ranging from album reviews, discussions on various genres such as rock, jazz, and pop, to songwriting tips, and even chatter on stereo and production equipment, with a total of over 1.1 million posts for you to explore.

17. We Are The Music Makers – A Popular Reddit forum for music creators.

18. Piano World – Piano World Forums is a helpful online community of over 100,000 piano enthusiasts from around the globe, where they dive into a variety of engaging topics such as digital and acoustic pianos, piano tuning techniques, starting piano as an adult, piano performance and technique, exploring non-classical piano music, teaching strategies for piano teachers, and upcoming piano events and competitions?.

19. Drummer World – Drummerworld Forum is a lively gathering spot for drum lovers where they can engage in all kinds of drum-related discussions, from sharing their favorite drummers and their own music to exchanging tips and tricks on technique and practice, as well as discussing drum gear and recording equipment??. It offers the latest updates on the DrummerWorld site and hosts off-topic chats and a global directory of top-notch drum shops recommended by its members??.

20. Vinyl Collective – The Vinyl Collective forums are a buzzing community hub for vinyl and cassette enthusiasts, featuring discussions on record deals, cassette collections, selling/trading wanted items, turntable setups, and all things music.

These forums dedicated to music offer the perfect space for music creators, whether they’re seasoned professionals, semi-professionals, or enthusiastic amateurs.

These message boards cover various topics, from music gear, production tips, mainstream bands to experimental music and even urban music, providing an excellent place for users to discuss music of all kinds.

It’s an amazing experience to connect with other members who share your passion.

Engaging in these forums allows you to tap into a diverse pool of perspectives, which can be incredibly enriching.

For anyone with a love for music, these top music production forums are an outstanding resource and a thriving community.

What are your favorite music production forums?

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