How to Market Beats – 50+ Beat Marketing Tips

Here are 50 tips on how to market beats online to get your music heard.

I have written many articles on how to promote beats, and below is a collection of the best tips. For more beat marketing tips, click the title of each section to see visual examples and infographics.

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How to Market Beats

Here are 3 essentials you need to succeed at selling beats online:

  1. Professional beats – Your beats need to sound good for people to want to pay for them.
  2. Competitive beat pricing for your targeted audience. Your beats need to be priced right.
  3. Offer an easy way to buy and download beats instantly.

Let’s get started…

How to Market Beats

How to Promote Beats on YouTube

How to Market Beats on Youtube
  1. Create beat making videos.
  2. Remix popular songs to showcase your music production skills.
  3. Create beat instrumental videos.
  4. Create informative video content that your customers will find helpful.
  5. Promote your finished projects.
  6. Show yourself working behind the scenes with other music producers and music artists.
  7. Offer contest giveaways. People love free things.
  8. Create video teasers on upcoming work.

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How to Promote Beats on Twitter

How to Promote on Twitter
  1. Focus on content marketing to create helpful content that is targeted to your audience. Music Producer Blogging Tips.
  2. Network with other music producers and music artists.
  3. Search for potential customers ( Music Artists ) and build a relationship with them. Don’t wait for them to find you. Don’t just focus on trying to sell to them.
  4. Offer limited-time beat sales.
  5. Retweet articles that your audience may find helpful.
  6. Share entertaining videos.

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How to Promote Beats on SoundCloud

How to Promote Beats on SoundCloud
  1. Include your website address & social profile links on your SoundCloud profile.
  2. Include quality artwork with your beats.
  3. Include audio tags with your website address.
  4. Include direct links to buy your beats.
  5. Add popular hashtags to your beats.
  6. Have professional graphics on your SoundCloud banner.

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How to Promote Beats on Facebook

Promote on Facebook
  1. Become friends with music artists and build a relationship with them.
  2. Pre-schedule your Facebook posts to have a consistent posting schedule.
  3. Post in Facebook groups.
  4. Pay to boost your posts. Promote your website, beat instrumental videos, sales, etc.
  5. Offer free giveaways.
  6. Use Facebook to collect email addresses to market too.

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How to Promote Beats on Instagram

How to Promote Beats on Instagram
  1. Follow other music producers and music artists.
  2. Repost popular content to get more shares.
  3. Add popular hashtags to your Instagram posts.
  4. Post at peak times to get the most views of your post.
  5. Include your beat website link in the bio of your profile.
  6. Get creative with content to stand out.
  7. Offer limited time beat promotions.
  8. Use high-quality graphics to look professional.

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How to Promote Beats Through Email

How to Promote Beats Through Email

Here are a couple of email marketing tips for music producers selling beats.

  1. Write interesting headlines to get people to open your emails.
  2. Keep text short. Make the email easy to scan.
  3. Don’t constantly try to sell. Share useful information to help build a relationship with your audience.
  4. Test emails thoroughly before sending.
  5. Use spell check and check for bad grammar.

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How to Promote Your Beat Selling Website

How to Promote Your Beat Selling Website
  1. Write helpful articles directed towards your audience.
  2. Offer free beats to get more traffic.
  3. Include your web address in your email signature.
  4. Add your URL to all your social profiles.
  5. Learn Search Engine Optimization to be found through search engines.
  6. Pay for advertising.
  7. Write guest posts on other websites.
  8. Offer an affiliate program to encourage others to promote your beats and website.
  9. Participate in music forums to build a name for yourself and generate traffic to your website.
  10. Post website updates to social media. Don’t spam. Post helpful information.

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Gaining Fans Through Social Media

This video by DJ Pain 1 gives great advice for musicians and music artist on how to market music online.

Helpful Visitor Comments

Social media and word of mouth is the best way to get your beats out there.
– Quedawiz

YouTube is really great if you not only want to promote but also get people to know the man behind the beats.
– Yesndeed beats

I have found to be a good place to showcase your beats, especially through the beat battles.
– APDcrypt

I use SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitter. Helps to comment on other people’s work, and work with other artists/producers.
– KC

Hanging around local recording studios. I meet rappers, and have a really good follow up system.
– Harold

Doing free mixtapes for artist and using a mailing list.
– Bryce Wonder

I have a mixtape of beats on and use SoundCloud as a website to send artists to listen to my tracks.
– EZ Rider

Network Network Network.
Think bigger than artists… think audio content… being I rhyme & produce and now into film both acting and composing my circles are crazy.

I hope you found this article helpful.

If you’re new to selling beats, please check out our guide on How to Sell Beats Online.

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How do you promote your beats online?

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  1. Its best to promote through social media and word of mouth..

  2. Social media and word of mouth is the best way to get your beats out there.

  3. Social media and by constantly grindin

  4. Social media and paying for promotion spaces on websites like

    Get your fire beats at!

  5. To promote my beats, I use facebook, soundcloud, soundclick, youtube, & reverbnation.

  6. Social media can be very effective/ paid promo is great if you spend correctly and consistently.

  7. Promote anywhere and everywhere, I have been promoting this sky’s the limit beat nonstop.

  8. Youtube, soundcloud, twitter mainly

  9. Actually i find this topic is useful but i think the most effective way is to use paid promotion and adds platform such as google facebook and so on..

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