15 Best Free Electric Guitar VST Plugins

Here are the best free electric guitar VST plugins to use with your favorite digital audio workstation. I have included electric guitar plugins that work with Windows and Mac.

Check out this round-up of electric guitar plugins, complete with features, images, and videos.

What Is An Electric Guitar VST Plugin? An electric guitar VST plugin allows you to simulate the sound of an electric guitar in a VST-supported program. It typically has a tube amp and speaker simulation, distortion, chorus, reverb, and delay effects.

Best Electric Guitar VST Plugins

  1. Ample Bass P Lite II
  2. LABs Electric Guitars
  3. DSK Electrik GuitarZ
  4. DVS Guitar
  5. Haunted Guitar Lite
  6. Lethality
  7. Cute Emily Guitar
  8. Classic Gtr Lite
  9. Monster Guitar
  10. Raspier
  11. Shreddage 3 Stratus
  12. BassZ
  13. Suburban Guitarist
  14. SuperRiff Guitar
  15. Strat-A-Various
  16. FabBass
  17. FS Blues Steel Guitar
  18. OMB1
  19. OMB2
  20. Cute Emily Dirty
Best Free Electric Guitar VST Plugins
Best Free Electric Guitar Plugins

These electric guitar plugins can help you add guitar tracks to your music projects without spending years learning how to play the guitar. You can also emulate the sound of the electric guitar by using a guitar VST plugin and running it through a guitar VST amp plugin.

I’ve experimented with hundreds of free VST plugins, and here are the best electric guitar options.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Electric Guitar plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Bass P Lite II VST Plugin by Ample Sound
Ample Sound Ample Bass P Lite II

Sound Ample Guitar Bass P Lite II is one of the best free electric guitar VSTs. It includes rich fingering noise, poly legatosmoother slideser, and a manual vibrato wheel specifically for string instruments to provide maximum realism.

This plugin also has rich electric guitar samples recorded with a Fender Precision bass. It will give your music projects an authentic electric guitar sound that you will love.

This electric guitar VST plugin tops my list for its clean interface and awesome features.


  • Rich fingering noise, poly legato
  • Manual vibrato wheel for strings
  • DFD (Direct from disk) technology
  • Auto Buzz system
  • CPC (Customized Parameters Control)


  • Authentic electric guitar sound
  • Clean interface, easy to use
  • Free lite version available
  • Advanced sampling structure
  • Tab Player supports multiple articulations


  • Limited to Fender Precision bass sound
  • Lite version may have fewer features
  • It may require learning for beginners

Plugin | PC / Mac / AU

Ample Bass P Lite II VST Preview

Best Electric Guitar Plugins

2. Spitfire Audio Labs Electric Guitars

LABs Electric Guitars VST Plugin
Spitfire Audio Labs Electric Guitars VST Plugin

This versatile plugin features classical electric guitars with various styles, from dark rock tones to blues and pop. The plugin is perfect for creating scores for indie music, rock, and 80s nostalgia.

If you are looking for electric guitar virtual instruments that are versatile and unique, this is one of the best free guitar VST Instruments you will find. It is sure to add an exciting layer to your music.

Plugin | PC & Mac

3. DSK Electrik GuitarZ

DSK Electrik GuitarZ VST Plugin
DSK Electrik GuitarZ – Free Guitar VSTs

This is an electric guitar plugin with beautiful models of electric guitars. It has amplitude envelope, fine-tuning & portamento control for each note.

It has four effects (flanger, delay, distortion & chorus), velocity response, and midi automation for better control.

Plugin | PC

4. DVS Electric Guitar VST

DVS Guitar
DVS Free Guitar VST

DVS Guitar is an electric guitar plugin that recreates the sound of a sampled electric guitar. It’s suitable for leads and heavy sounds and very realistic if you’re good with a pitchwheel controller.

  • Reverb
  • Overdrive
  • Flanging

Plugin | PC

5. Haunted Guitar Lite

Haunted Guitar Lite VST Plugin
Haunted Guitar Lite

This is an electric guitar plugin that features eight presets. Every preset includes 28 samples that have been processed with different high-quality effects to create dark and spooky guitar tracks.

The plugin also includes ADSR, HP/LP filter, and LFO modulation that can be used to enhance the sounds produced.

  • 8 Audio Presets
  • LFO Modulation
  • 224 Samples
  • Creepy GUI

Plugin | PC & Mac / VST3

6. Lethality

Lethality VST Plugin
Lethality Amp Simulation

Lethality is made for any genre of electric guitar. With its many articulations, you can use this for your jams and make it sound just like an electric guitar.


  • Octave Chords
  • Distortion & Fuzz Effects
  • Strumming Control

Lethality | PC

7. Cute Emily Guitar

Cute Emily Guitar
Cute Emily

Look no further than Cute Emily Guitar if you’re looking for a sampled electric guitar VST plugin. This plugin is based on an electric guitar sampled from a real electric guitar.

The plugin includes effects such as distortion and reverb. You can also adjust the electric guitar’s tuning, volume, and panning.

Cute Emily | PC / Mac / AU

8. Classic Gtr Lite

Classic Gtr Lite VST Plugin
Classic Gtr Lite

This electric guitar VST is ideal for any guitarist looking to recreate the Spanish classical sound.

The program comes with seven presets, including 301 different samples to help you achieve the perfect sound.

There is also a gain control to help you adjust the sound to your own preferences and an LFO modulation and LP/HP filter.

  • 7 Audio Presets
  • Gain Control
  • 301 Samples

Plugin | PC & Mac

9. Monster Guitar

Monster Guitar
Monster Guitar

Monster Guitar is a free VST guitar with various presets, including acoustic and electric guitars. It covers multiple music genres, from Reggae to Pop to Rock and everything in between.

If you’re into making music with an electric guitar, Monster Guitar is one of the best plugins you can find. It is sure to give your tracks the edge they need.

Plugin | PC & Mac

10. Raspier

 Raspier VST Plugin

Raspier is a bass synthesizer that gives electric guitarists the ability to create slap and ring tones and e-bass and acoustic sounds.

It has two sine oscillators and an envelope, and it also comes with over 40 presets.

There are optional distortion, smooth, and comparator filters that electric guitarists can use to change the sound of their electric guitar.

The plugin will give electric guitarists the ability to create the sounds they are looking for.

  • 40 Presets

Raspier | PC

11. Shreddage 3 Stratus

Shreddage 3 Stratus by Impact Sound Works
Shreddage 3 Stratus by Impact Sound Works

This electric guitar plugin is designed to emulate the electric guitar sound realistically. It comes with a wide range of electric guitar VSTs, from classic rock to modern metal.


  • 24-bit Audio Recordings
  • Pitched & Unpitched Noises
  • 30 Cabinet IRs

Shreddage 3 Stratus | PC

12. BassZ

BassZ VST Plugin

BassZ is a plugin that gives you access to 24 electric bass sounds, each with its own unique character. You can use the master section to adjust the level, pan, and fine-tune the sound.

The free amp envelope allows you to control the sound’s attack, sustain, and decay. You can also control the velocity response to get the dynamics just right.

  • 24 Bass Sounds
  • Velocity Response
  • Acoustic & Synth Sounds

BassZ | PC

13. Suburban Guitarist

Suburban Guitarist VST Plugin
Suburban Guitarist

Suburban Guitarist is an electric guitar virtual instrument software. It has two guitar modes, lead, and rhythm. There are no samples included with the software, but you can create your own.

The software generates the guitar sounds, making them sound different each time you use the plugin. The humanization control simulates the sync differences between the guitarists’ fretting and picking hands.

The plugin can be mapped to any MIDI keyboard for added flexibility. The tone and volume controls let you adjust the sound to your liking. There is also a realistic vibrato effect that you can use.

  • Realistic Vibrato
  • Tone Control
  • Rhythm & Lead Guitar Modes
  • Adjust Pick Position
  • Amp Sims

Suburban | PC

14. SuperRiff Guitar

SuperRiff Guitar – Metal Guitar VST Amp

SuperRiff Guitar is a unique VST plugin containing distorted electric guitar note samples. These samples are perfect for rock and metal music producers who need an extra edge in their guitar tracks.

The plugin includes palm-muted single notes, open string single notes, and vibrated single notes. If you’re looking for a plugin that can add some serious electric guitar power to your tracks, this is worth checking out.

SuperRiff | PC

15. Strat-A-Various

Strat-A-Various VST Plugin

Strat-A-Various is a versatile electric guitar plugin with 16 presets that will get you started producing ear-wrenching overdrive guitar tracks right away. It’s perfect for blues, rock, and metal music.

Those 16 presets are a lot to work with, and you can easily tweak the sounds to your liking. The clean tones are also very usable, making this plugin an excellent option for all types of electric guitar music.

Strat-A-Various | PC

16. FabBass

FabBass VST Plugin
FabBass | Best Guitar VST Plugins

FabBass is a plugin that gives electric guitarists the chance to create a close 1960s violin bass sound.

The Velocity Control feature determines how hard you hit the strings – the harder you play, the brighter and more aggressive the sound will be.

The Volume Control adjusts your instrument’s output level, while the Octave Select and Transpose Select buttons allow you to change the octave of the bass or transpose it up or down.

You can also use Tune Control to get the perfect sound for your track.

The Fine Tune Control is a very precise control that allows you to adjust the pitch of the bass in cents, making it easy to get the perfect sound for your music.

  • Tune Control
  • Finger Dynamics
  • Bright Electric Guitar

FabBass | PC

17. FS Blues Steel Guitar

FS Blues Steel Guitar
FS Blues Steel Guitar | Virtual Guitar Plugins

If you’re looking for a virtual electric guitar plugin that can help you emulate the sound of a steel acoustic guitar, FS Blues Steel Guitar is worth looking into. It offers realistic simulations of both acoustic and electric guitar sounds.

You can use it to create a wide range of different tones, making it an ideal option for those who want to experiment with their sound. It is sure to add an extra dimension to your music.

FS Blues Steel | PC & Mac

18. OMB1

 OMB1 VST Plugin

This electric guitar plugin provides a realistic and easily adjustable electric bass experience.

This plugin is great for electric guitarists of all skill levels, with four bass guitar-style samples, an octave switcher, and a distortion channel.

The plugin has various controls, including an envelope section with attack, sustain, decay, and release settings.

This allows you to tweak the sound of the electric bass to match your playing style.

  • Attack
  • Decay
  • Sustain
  • Release


19. OMB2

OMB2 VST Plugin

OMB 2 is an electric bass plugin that delivers stunning studio-sampled bass guitars. It features 128 presets, flanger, delay, tremolo, distortion effects, and tone velocity control for realistic playing response.

If you’re looking for an electric bass guitar VST plugin that will give you excellent sound quality and a wide range of features, OMB 2 is a great choice. It is sure to satisfy even the most demanding bass guitar players.

  • 128 Guitar Presets
  • Delay
  • Tremolo
  • Flanger
  • Distortion
  • MIDI Learn


20. Cute Emily Dirty

Cute Emily Dirty VST Plugin
Cute Emily Dirty – Rock Guitar VST

If you’re looking for a sampled electric guitar plugin that can help you achieve that grungy, distorted rock sound, then Cute Emily Dirty is your plugin.

It is an Epiphone SG-type electric guitar, and it has all the features you need to achieve that dirty electric guitar tone. You will be amazed at the realistic sound this plugin produces.

Cute Emily Dirty | PC / Mac / AU

21. Sample Science Clean Electric Guitar

Sample Science Clean Electric Guitar
Sample Science Clean | Best Electric Guitar

Clean Electric Guitar is a sample-based plugin used to create virtual guitar amps and effect racks.

A note-by-note analysis of two electric guitars has been conducted.

You can download the samples in Clean Electric Guitar for free. As a result, it can be used with sample-based effects, loops, and sound design.

  • 2 Electric Guitar Options
  • Highpass & Lowpass Filters
  • Reverb
  • Glide Effects
  • Amplitude Range Controls
  • 3 Voice Modes

Plugin | PC & Mac

22. Blue Cat Free Amp

Blue Cat's Destructor Amp VST Plugin
Blue Cat Free Amp

The classic clean, classic drive, and modern drive amps are inspired by legendary guitar amplifiers. From the clean vintage sounds of electric guitars’ early days to the high-gain metal tones of the present day.

Blue Cat | PC & Mac

23. DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic Guitars VST Plugin
DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic Guitars is a free guitar VST instrument by DSKmusic.

  • Range control for amplitude
  • Velocity curve selector
  • Reverb fx included

DSK Dynamic | PC & Mac

24. Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar

Peel Guitar
Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar

The Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar is an acoustic guitar, but the sound can be run through an electric guitar amp VST. This plugin uses a vintage tweed amp with tremolo, vibrato, and distortion.

You can use this to create acoustic tracks that are both classical and modern.

Peel Guitar | PC & Mac

25. DSK Guitars Acoustic

DSK Guitars Acoustic VST Plugin
DSK Guitars Acoustic VST

DSK Guitars Acoustic captures the natural fabric and plucking of a traditional folk guitar in an expressive, playable sampled guitar.

Musicians will appreciate its intuitive interface and ease of use. You can use a free guitar amp VST plugin to produce an electric guitar sound.

Plugin | PC

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Guitar VST Is Best?

The most popular guitar VST plugins are AmpliTube 5 by IK Multimedia, BIAS Amp 2 by Positive Grid, Valhalla Super Massive, Polyverse Wider, and MIKKO Cab Sims by ML Sound Lab.

Are There Any Good Guitar VSTs?

Yes, there are hundreds of guitar VST plugins available that offer a variety of sounds, effects, and features. These plugins provide recorded audio from real guitars and guitar audio effects similar to actual physical guitar amps. These plugins can be beneficial if you don’t know how to play guitar because you can play the guitar VST with a MIDI controller without any prior guitar experience.

What Is A VST Guitar?

A guitar VST ( Virtual Studio Technology ) is a virtual guitar instrument that you can use with music software to emulate the sound of a guitar. This can be an electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar pedal effects, and more. Guitar VST plugins allow you to add guitar instruments to your music projects without owning or knowing how to play the guitar.

In conclusion, these electric guitar VSTs are great because they offer realistic guitar sounds and amp simulations, which are great for music production, film scoring, and sound design.

With key features like built-in effects, sample libraries, and virtual amps, these VSTs provide playable instruments that mimic real guitars and work with MIDI keyboards.

Whether you’re a real guitarist or not, these virtual instruments are a great addition to any music production arsenal.

The free electric guitar plugins above are all great free alternatives to paid plugins like Heavyocity Scoring Guitars Virtual Guitar Instruments, Session Guitarist by Native Instruments, and the IK Multimedia Guitar Rig plugin.

I hope you found this list of free electric guitar VST plugins helpful.

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