900+ Free Bass Samples & Bass Sample Packs

Here are the best free bass samples for music producers looking for deep bass sounds to add to their music projects.

With thousands of synth and guitar bass samples available online, you’ll have plenty of new sounds to experiment with. These websites will provide hundreds of bass lines, one-shots, and loops specially crafted for your music production projects.

Many of these bass music samples come royalty-free, granting you permission to use them for both personal and commercial music projects.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free bass sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Bass Samples

  1. Free Bass Loops
  2. Free Synth Bass Samples
  3. SampleRadar Bassline Samples
  4. 99 Sounds Bass City
  5. Dynamix Bass Samples
  6. The Lowdown Bass Sample Pack
  7. Warm 808 Bass Samples
  8. Free Bass Guitar Samples
  9. Patchbanks Free Bass Samples
  10. Free 808 Bass Sounds Pack
  11. Pixabay Royalty-Free Bass Samples
  12. Looperman Free Bass Loops Samples
  13. Sample Focus Bass Samples
  14. Free Sound Bass Sounds
  15. Ultra-Modern Bass Samples
  16. Bassline Video Tutorial
Best Free Bass Samples
Best Free Bass Samples

I have downloaded and tested a number of these bass samples to confirm they work.

If you want additional free files, a lot of our posts offer a wide selection of free music samples.

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Free Bass Loops

This guitar bass loops sample pack by Hip Hop Makers is a unique collection of guitar bass loops and samples meant to give your music projects a professional feel.

These samples are based on a real live bass guitar and offer genuine natural sounds. They are royalty-free, so you can use them in both personal and commercial projects without any copyright concerns.

These guitar-bass loop samples fit various music genres.

  • Made from a real live bass guitar
  • Includes 25 samples
  • File type: WAV
  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Bit rate: 16
  • Audio channel: Mono
  • File size: 25 MB

Free Guitar Bass Loops | Instant Download

Free Synth Bass Samples

100 Free Synth Bass Samples
100 Free Synth Bass Samples

These professionally made sounds are 100% royalty-free and designed to boost your music tracks.

Just download the 77 MB pack and start using these unique synth one-shot bass samples.

These samples are made for easy use in any production.

  • Contains 100 one-shot bass samples
  • Available in 24bit .WAV format
  • Made by professionals at free-sample-packs.com
  • Royalty-free bass samples
  • Fits various music genres
  • No sign-up needed

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SampleRadar Bassline Samples

The SampleRadar Bassline Sample collection is a bundle of music samples ideal for any music creator wanting to improve their tracks.

From the speed garage genre, these bassline samples were famous in the early 2000s. Even with the rise of dubstep, the powerful sound of bassline is still influential.

These Bassline Samples include three separate folders labeled as Bass loops, Beats, and Drum hits. The Beat loops also come as REX files for more flexibility in your music-making process.

Because of the WAV file format, you can easily import these samples into your Digital Audio Workstation or sampler.

  • Includes Bass loops and Drum hits
  • Beat loops also in REX files
  • WAV file format
  • Royalty-free Basslines

SampleRadar | No Email

99 Sounds Bass City

99 Sounds Bass City
99 Sounds Bass City

The 99 Sounds Bass City sample pack is a free collection of synthesized bass samples, made by Chad Beckwith from PatchArena and Tomislav Zlatic of 99Sounds.

It gives you access to 26 classic analog and FM bass patches from three different hardware synthesizers.

This sample library stands out because it focuses on hardware synthesizer sampling.

As a result, Bass City offers a unique range of bass sounds for your music.

  • Free synthesized bass samples
  • 26 classic analog and FM bass patches
  • Samples from 3 hardware synthesizers
  • 24-bit WAV samples
  • Includes SFZ patches and Kontakt 5 instrument patches
  • Works with Kontakt 5 and SFZ
  • Royalty-free bass sounds

99 Sounds | Email Required

Dynamix Bass Samples

Dynamix Bass Samples
Dynamix Bass Music Samples | Free Bass Samples Sounds

The Dynamix Bass sound kit is a free collection of analog and digital synth bass samples that cover a broad spectrum of low-end frequencies.

In this pack, you’ll find an assortment of trashed saw basses, deep-growling sine basses, FM basses, and so much more.

The bass sounds have been sorted into folders and labeled according to their notes.

This sound pack is particularly perfect for those who are into dubstep, electronic, and EDM productions.

Learn More | Instant Download

The Lowdown Bass Sample Pack

The Lowdown Bass Sample Pack
The Lowdown Bass Sample Pack

The lowdown bass sample pack is a specially designed package filled with unique bass samples and one-shots. These unique samples draw inspiration from iconic beats in the music world, making them versatile for various music genres.

This pack lets you add variety to your music with its range of bass sounds. Whether you’re working on a rock, EDM, or R&B track, this bass sample pack can help any song.

Get Details | Email Needed

Warm 808 Bass Samples

Warm 808 Bass Samples
New Bass Sample Packs

The Warm 808 Bass Sample pack opens up new possibilities for music producers. Focused on Hip-Hop and Trap, this sample pack has a wide variety of quality 808 bass sounds, ready for your music.

Influences come from current music styles like OVO and Dreamville. This pack includes 500 unique bass sounds, all designed to improve your work.

The Warm 808 Bass Sample pack is royalty-free, letting you create without limits.

  • Pack has 500 unique 808 bass sounds
  • Royalty-free for unlimited creativity
  • Clear sounds with 24-bit audio
  • 1.5GB size for clear and crisp sounds

Learn More | Email Needed

SampleRadar Free Bass Guitar Samples

The SampleRadar free bass guitar sample pack gives music creators a full set of bass guitar sounds.

These samples bring the unique sound of a traditional bass guitar, ideal when you need that specific sound.

Downloading and adding these samples to your collection is easy.

They fit different tempos, with some having fixed tempos and others more varied.

No worries about file formats. The bass sounds come as 24-bit WAV files, so you can easily add them to your Digital Audio Workstation or sampler.

  • Quick to download
  • Fits various tempos
  • 24-bit WAV files
  • Royalty-free

Sample Radar | No Email

Patchbanks Free Bass Samples

Patchbanks Free Bass Samples
Patchbanks Free Bass Samples | High-Quality Bass Samples

The Patchbanks free bass sample pack is a top-quality 808 bass sample collection available for free.

Made with external sound modules and SSL analog gear, this pack has 130 detailed bass sounds.

This collection brings variety to your music creation with one-shot bass samples that have varied envelope settings.

The Patchbanks Free bass samples also provide different processing types, great for focusing on specific frequencies.

  • 130 Samples
  • Made with sound modules and SSL analog gear
  • One-shot samples with varied settings
  • Different processing types for versatility

Find Out More | Email Needed

Free 808 Bass Sounds Pack

This free bass sound pack is a great resource for all music creators.

Originally made for personal projects, these samples are now available for everyone for free. They’re royalty-free, so you can add them to your music without any legal problems.

  • 15 Individual 808 bass sounds
  • All sounds are royalty-free
  • Usable in various music genres

Start Downloading | No Email Required

Pixabay Royalty-Free Bass Samples

Pixabay Royalty Free Bass Samples
Pixabay Royalty Free Bass Samples | Bass Guitar Sound Samples

The Pixabay website is a one-stop resource for your music needs.

With 200 plus royalty-free bass samples, you have everything you need for your music project.

Just download and add to your work without any worries about credits or extra payments.

All sounds are in MP3 format, making them easy to use in any music software.

  • 200+ Bass samples
  • Royalty-free bass sounds
  • MP3 format
  • No attribution required

Pixabay | No Email Needed

Looperman Free Bass Loops Samples

Looperman Free Bass Loops Samples
Looperman Free Bass Loops Samples

The Looperman website is an online resource that provides an assortment of bass loops, bass samples, and sounds for music creators.

  • Free bass loops, samples, and sounds
  • User-uploaded content

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Sample Focus Bass Samples

Sample Focus Bass Samples
Sample Focus Bass Samples | Bass Samples and Loops

This platform lets you find and download the exact bass sound you need in seconds, offering a huge collection of over 10,000 samples.

With Sample Focus, you’ll have instant access to the web’s top library of user-uploaded and curated audio samples.

Find Out More | Login Required

Free Sound Bass Sounds

Download Bass Samples
Free Bass Sample Libraries

All these bass sounds have the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, so you’re free to use them any way you want.

With 21 unique bass sounds, there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Learn More | Must Login

Sample Radar Ultra-Modern Bass Samples

Sample Radar Ultra Modern Bass Samples | Bass Sample Packs 2024
Sample Radar Ultra Modern Bass Samples

The Sample Radar Ultra-Modern Bass Sample sound kit brings a full range of bass loops to deepen your music.

Made using multi-octave oscillators and lots of detunes, these samples have a modern sound.

After recording, each bassline was carefully processed.

These bass sounds are perfect for a wide range of music genres, offering depth and versatility.

These are royalty-free samples, so no restrictions on their use. I think Sample Radar is a great website packed with high-quality samples.

Find Out More | Instant Download

Bassline Video Tutorial

Here is a helpful video tutorial I found on YouTube created by Stefan Guy, showing you how to create a great R&B bassline.

Key Insights:

  • When creating an R&B bassline, it’s important to go beyond basic 808 basses and incorporate more substantial elements like analog synth bass lines.
  • Understanding music theory can provide a formulaic approach to creating basslines, helping to speed up the process and ensure that the notes chosen will sound good with the loop.
  • R&B often uses the sharp seven from the harmonic minor scale, which can be used in place of the natural seven or in conjunction for a nice walk up to the root.
  • Using different elements and techniques together can help create a nice and fat R&B bassline.
  • Mastering scales unlocks the door to a wide range of musical possibilities in R&B composition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bass samples?

Bass samples are digitally recorded versions of real bass sounds or sounds made in a sound module or synthesizer. They can also be a type of music that focuses a lot on bass and sub-bass frequencies.

How do I download the free bass samples?

The download process varies from site to site. Usually, you just click the download button or link for the bass sample or pack you want. Sometimes, you might need to sign up or join the site’s newsletter.

Can I use these bass samples for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can for the bass sample packs labeled royalty-free. You can use those bass samples for both personal and commercial music projects. But always check the terms for each sample before using it to be safe.

I hope you found value in this set of free bass music samples to help your music production.

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