12 FREE Online DAW Apps for Making Music

Here are the best free online DAW apps to create music in your web browser. These online digital audio workstations include sequencers, virtual instruments, and audio recording features.

An online DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ) is an online software application for music production, recording, editing, and mixing audio in your browser. Online DAWs allow you to edit music, add effects, and mix down music projects.

Online DAW programs can be used to record and edit audio files. These workstations can be accessed from any browser, smartphone, or tablet. These online DAW apps allow you to access your projects anywhere, at any time. This is a perfect opportunity for professionals who need to take their recordings home after work and finish it the next day.

Best Free Online DAW Apps

  1. BandLab
  2. Soundtrap
  3. Amped Studio
  4. Soundation Studio
  5. Audiotool Online DAW
  6. Snap Jam
  7. GridSound
  8. Sodaphonic
  9. Podcastle
  10. TwistedWave
  11. Online Sequencer
  12. Signal

These free online DAWs offer features similar to popular music programs such as Pro Tools, Garageband, and Apple Logic Pro. These DAWs allow you to access your music projects from any computer and collaborate with music creators online.

Free Online DAW Apps for Online Music Creation
Free Online DAW Apps for Online Music Creation

Online digital audio workstations are perfect for people who are in bands, music producer groups, or have a podcast. Online DAW programs are great for online collaboration.

These online DAWs can record audio, vocals, musical instruments, and work with MIDI controllers. Work from any computer with internet access.

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Instructions: Click the buttons below to visit each online DAW. Some websites may require you to create a free account.

1. BandLab

BandLab - Online DAW to Make Music Online For Free
BandLab is an online DAW packed with features

The BandLab music program enables musicians and music producers to interact over the web. BandLab’s mix editor allows you to mix, edit, and record music online.

The BandLab Virtual Instruments library includes dozens of MIDI instruments for recording and editing.

You can record vocals and real instruments online to create high-quality tracks.

If you like the Bandlab app, they also have a collection of mobile apps to make great music.

  • Free Account is Required.
  • Record Instruments & Vocals Online
  • Digital Instruments
  • Edit Audio Samples
  • Add Audio Effects
  • Export Separate Audio Stems
  • Export in MP3 or WAV
  • Collaborate with Music Producers Online
  • Record Over Uploaded Instrumentals
  • Creates Shareable Links
  • Write Song Lyrics Online
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Time-Stretching of Audio Files in Real-time
  • Online DAW Collaboration
  • Easily Mix Music
  • Use Your MIDI Controller
  • Online Recording Studio


The Best Online DAWs

2. Soundtrap ( Best Free DAW Online )

Soundtrap Free Online DAW
Soundtrap by Spotify – Free Online DAWs

Soundtrap gives musicians all over the world the ability to work together to make music online.

Musicians can create their own beats using Soundtrap software. This online music software integrates the process of recording, editing, and mixing.

Your ideas can quickly become a reality when you use Soundtrap.

Instruments and audio tracks for every genre can also sync, loop, record vocals, and instruments, or layer them for a more significant effect.

  • Autotune – Pitch and modify your vocal recordings.
  • Collaborate With Fellow Music Producers
  • Record Audio – Plug in your microphone, guitar, or other instruments.
  • Automation – Adjust volume, pan, and use the sweeping effect.
  • Easily and intuitively design your beats with patterns.
  • Thousands of audio presets and loops are available to use.
  • Online Sequencer
  • Drum Machines
  • Create Unlimited Projects


Best Online Daws

3. Amped Studio

Amped Studio 2 - Digital Audio Workstation
Amped Studio is a Free Online Digital Audio Workstation | Best Free DAW Online

The Amped Studio 2 app is a browser-based DAW and online music studio. The online music DAW can be used by amateurs and professionals alike.

With Amped Studio, you can play both audio and MIDI tracks simultaneously.

Your vocals can be layered with instruments at the top of the track.

Amped Studio is a dedicated production program and is one of the best online DAWs for music makers.

  • Includes Virtual Instruments
  • Record & Edit MIDI Notes
  • Apply Audio Effects
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Add Music Loops
  • Share Music Projects
  • Large Music Sound Library
  • Audio Processing Controls
  • Drum Machines
  • Create Drum Patterns
  • Collaborative Online Music Studio

Amped Studio

4. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio DAW
Free Online Music Studio – World Class Sound Studio Online

Soundation Studio is a in browser DAW that helps musicians produce and collaborate on professional-quality recordings online.

It provides music creators with the ability to record audio, mix and master it, and collaborate remotely on projects.

  • Instruments: VA synth, GM-2, Supersaw, SPC, FM Synth, Wub Machine
  • Audio Effects: Reverb, Distortion, Phaser, Tremolo
  • Collaborate With Musicians
  • Export Format: MP3
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Traditional Subtractive Synthesizer
  • Process Audio
  • Music Recording
  • Amp Sims

Soundation Studio

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5. Audiotool Free Online DAW

Audiotool Online Music Studio
Audio Tool Is An Online Music Studio to Make Music For Free

Audiotool is an innovative digital audio workstation that allows music enthusiasts to compose, mix, and make their own music right in their browser.

With an account ( Free ), users can explore thousands of samples and presets, as well as various instruments such as a beatbox, bassline, and more.

The software also offers a range of audio effects, including graphic equalizers, auto filters, and stereo enhancers.

A powerful tool combining state-of-the-art technology with ease of access, Audiotool is a helpful platform for any musician to bring their creative ideas to life.

  • Built-in Sequencer
  • More than 250,000 samples & presets.
  • Instruments: Beatbox 8 & 9, Bassline, Tone Matrix, etc.
  • Audio Effects: Graphic Equalizer, Auto Filter, Stereo Enhancer, Stomp Boxes
  • Collaborate With Music Creators
  • Cloud Production
  • Channel Strip Controls
  • Built-In Drum Machine for Perfect Drum Music
  • Mastering FX Section
  • Live Collaboration
  • MIDI Controller Support
  • Project Sharing With Other Producers


6. Snap Jam

Snap Jam
Create Beats Online With This Simple Online Music Maker

The SnapJam music network gives you access to free music tools online to create beats. Using the online drum machines. You can create background drum tracks to import into the online mixer.

Record vocals and musical instruments with a microphone through your browser.

  • Account Required
  • 13 Free Virtual Instruments
  • Record Instruments & Vocals ( Music Recording )
  • Chat Online With Collaborators
  • Collaborative Online Music Studio
  • Add Music Audio Loops
  • Online Drum Machine: 15 Drum Kits

Snap Jam

7. GridSound Online Music DAW

GridSound Online Recording Studio

GridSound is an online music production software that makes creating and mixing music easy, accessible, and flexible.

With its sample manager and open-source DAW, music makers can develop their own unique sound in studio-quality tracks.

GridSound comes with a range of tools – from synthesizers to special effects to sample editors.

  • Audio Mixer
  • MIDI Note Editor
  • View Sample Waveforms
  • Instant Access
  • Online Audio Tool


8. Sodaphonic

Sodaphonic | DAW Online

Sodaphonic is a useful online audio editor that simplifies audio production by offering music makers a wide range of tools to edit their recordings.

With Sodaphonic, all you need is an internet connection and your browser. You can edit audio and audio recordings fast.

The simple audio recording process makes it a breeze to record, edit, and export audio as MP3 or WAV files.

  • Audio Tool
  • Audio Editing
  • Export MP3, OGG, WAV Files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Trim Audio Online
  • Reverse Audio
  • Fade Audio In & Out
  • Share Audio Online
  • Google Drive Support


9. Podcastle

Podcastle – Online Daw Collaboration & Best Online DAWs

Podcastle is an online audio recording platform that makes it easy to record and edit audio from anywhere.

With its powerful cloud-based editor, users of all experience levels can easily create high-quality recordings.

Podcastle features a multitude of tools that make editing easy.

Its wide range of audio tools will help you take your productions to the next level.

  • Voice Recordings
  • Real-Time Audio Editing
  • Audio Effects
  • User Friendly
  • Process Audio


10. TwistedWave

TwistedWave Online
TwistedWave – Online Music Daw

TwistedWave is an online audio editor and recorder that provides the power of a professional studio to your home or office.

It is easy to use, yet powerful enough for musicians and adventurers who want to make any recording – from podcasts to original songs, speeches, and sound effects.

With TwistedWave’s advanced features like unlimited undo/redo history, markers, and vocal pitch correction, users of all levels can get great-sounding audio in minutes.

Those with more experience in audio production can add effects like chorus, distortion, and reverb and adjust parameters such as balance, EQ, and gain control.

The sleek user interface makes it simple for beginners to get great results quickly.

Give TwistedWave a try today if you are looking for an effective way to record or edit high-quality audio.


11. Online Sequencer

Online MIDI Sequencer
Online MIDI Sequencer | DAW Online

Online Sequencer is a free web-based application that allows users to quickly and easily create music online.

Using this user-friendly tool, you can compose new songs from scratch or load compositions by other users.

Its intuitive design allows users to experiment with rhythms, sounds, and instruments to craft unique compositions.

  • Import MIDI Files
  • Piano Roll Editor
  • Load Community Sequences
  • Save to Cloud
  • Instruments include Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Drum Kit, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, and more.
  • Adjustable Time Signature
  • Key Auto Detection
  • External MIDI Controller Support
  • Import Audio Files
  • Online Metronome
  • Snap to Grid Feature
  • Adjustable Grids
  • Export MIDI, WAV, MP3


12. Signal

Signal MIDI Editor
Signal MIDI Editor – Online DAW

Signal is an online MIDI editor that offers a variety of features to help you create, edit, and customize MIDI arrangements.

Unlike other software editors, Signal is fully open-source, meaning its code is available for anyone to view and use.

The platform provides the necessary tools to help musicians get the most out of their composition process, and it’s also compatible with multiple GM (General MIDI) sound formats.

  • 128 Instruments: Piano, Organ, Bass, Guitar, Brass, Reed, Synth Lead, Ensemble, Strings, Sound Effects, Percussive, Synth Effects, Synth Pad, Ethnic
  • Multi-Track Piano Roll Editor
  • Pitch Bend
  • Edit Velocity
  • Audio File Export
  • External MIDI Controller Support
  • Modify Time Signature
  • Up to 300 BPM
  • PWA Support
  • Multi-track Support
  • Save to Cloud
  • Supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use an Online DAW?

An online DAW is an excellent tool for music and brings numerous advantages over traditional music-making methods.

It provides musicians with access to powerful music software that allows them to create music from any location and unlimited tracks, sound samples, loops, and other music-editing tools. 

Online DAWs make it easy to collaborate with others on music projects, making them excellent tools for remote music teams. 

An online DAW is a great way to get started in music or level up your skills since many are free and can be accessed from any computer without installing software.

Are There Online DAWs?

Yes, there are several online DAWs that you can start using today to produce music online without installing any software. The most popular online DAWs are BandLab, Soundtrap, Amped Studio, Soundation Studio, and Audiotool.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have become an essential part of production for many aspiring creators.

Before their introduction, traditional DAW tools, such as analog music equipment, took hours of laborious work that limited the potential for complex arrangements and sonic experimentation. 

Online DAWs allow music producers to quickly and easily create music without sacrificing sonic fidelity or creativity. 

Online DAWs have opened a gateway for people with limited access to analog music equipment due to financial constraints. 

What Is the Most Beginner Friendly DAW?

There are plenty of great user-friendly DAW options that are perfect for those just starting their music creation journey: Garageband, FL Studio, Ableton Live, or Logic Pro are the most popular music programs.

These industry-standard DAWs can provide musicians with a more than satisfactory music experience. 

With intuitive user interfaces, virtually limitless learning potential, and fantastic virtual instruments and effects, any one of these beginner-friendly programs is sure to help you start your music journey. 

I hope you find these free online audio workstation apps helpful. I hope they help you to start making music today.

Which one is your favorite online digital audio workstation?

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