6 Best Free Online DAWs to Make Music!

The best free online DAWs to create music in your browser. These online digital audio workstations include sequencers, virtual instruments, and audio recording.

These free online DAWs offer features similar to many popular music production programs. These DAWs allow you to access your music projects from any computer and collaborate with music creators online.

These online DAWs can record audio, instruments and connect to MIDI controllers.

Test out all the free online digital audio workstations to see which one works best for your music creation process.

Best Free Online DAWs & Free Online Digital Workstations
Best Free Online Digital Audio Workstations

What is An Online DAW?

An online digital audio workstation ( DAW or D.A.W ) is an online software application for recording, editing, and mixing audio in your browser. These programs allow you to edit music, add effects, and mix down music projects.

Online digital audio workstations can be used to record and edit audio files. These workstations can be accessed from any browser, smartphone, or tablet.

The online digital audio workstation allows you to access your projects anywhere, at any time. This is a perfect opportunity for professionals who need to take their recordings home after work and finish it the next day.

Online digital audio workstations are perfect for people who are in bands, music producer groups or have a podcast. Online DAWs are great for online collaboration.

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Best Free Online DAWs

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  1. BandLab
  2. Soundtrap
  3. Amped Studio
  4. Soundation Studio
  5. Audiotool Online DAW
  6. Snap Jam

1. BandLab

BandLab - Online DAW to Make Music Online For Free
BandLab is a Free Online DAW Packed With Features

The BandLab music program enables musicians and music producers to interact over the web. BandLab’s mix editor allows you to mix, edit, and record music online.

The BandLab Virtual Instruments library includes dozens of MIDI instruments available for recording and editing.

You can record vocals and real instruments online to create high-quality tracks.

  • Free Account is Required.
  • Record Instruments & Vocals Online
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Edit Audio Samples
  • Add Audio Effects
  • Export Separate Audio Stems
  • Export in MP3 or WAV
  • Collaborate with Music Producers Online
  • Record Over Uploaded Instrumentals
  • Creates Shareable Links
  • Write Song Lyrics Online
  • Audio Time-Stretching in Real-time

2. Soundtrap

Soundtrap Free Online DAW
Soundtrap – Free Online Digital Audio Workstation

Soundtrap gives musicians all over the world the ability to work together to make music online.

Musicians can create their own music using Soundtrap software. This online music software integrates the process of recording, editing, and mixing.

Your ideas can quickly become a reality when you use Soundtrap.

Instruments and tracks for every genre can also sync, loop, record vocals, and instruments, or layer them for a more significant effect.

  • Autotune – Pitch and modify your vocal recordings.
  • Collaborate With Fellow Music Producers
  • Record Audio – Plug in your microphone, guitar, or any other instrument.
  • Automation – Adjust volume, pan, and use the sweeping effect.
  • Easily and intuitively design your beats with patterns.
  • Thousands of audio presets and loops are available to use.

3. Amped Studio

Amped Studio 2 - Digital Audio Workstation
Amped Studio is a Free Online DAW

The Amped Studio 2 app is a browser-based digital audio workstation and online music studio. The online music DAW can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. With Amped Studio, you can play both audio and MIDI tracks simultaneously.

Your vocals can be layered with instruments at the top of the track.

  • Sign up for a Free Account
  • Includes Virtual Instruments
  • Record & Edit MIDI Notes
  • Apply Audio Effects
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Add Music Loops
  • Share Music Projects
  • Large Music Sound Library

4. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio DAW
Free Online Music Studio

Soundation Studio helps musicians produce and collaborate on professional-quality recordings online.

It provides music creators with the ability to record audio, mix and master it, and collaborate remotely on projects.

  • Virtual Instruments: VA synth, GM-2, Supersaw, SPC, FM Synth, Wub Machine
  • Audio Effects: Reverb, Distortion, Phaser, Tremolo
  • Collaborate With Musicians
  • Export Format: MP3
  • Use Google Chrome

5. Audiotool Online DAW

Audiotool Online Music Studio
Online Music Studio to Make Music For Free

You can use Audiotool in your browser to produce music online.

  • Free Account Required
  • More than 250,000 samples & presets.
  • Instruments: Beatbox 8 & 9, Bassline, etc.
  • Audio Effects: Graphic Equalizer, Auto Filter, Stereo Enhancer, Stomp Boxes
  • Collaborate With Music Creators

6. Snap Jam

Snap Jam
Create Music Online With This Simple Online Music Maker

The SnapJam music network gives you access to free music tools online to create music. Using the online drum machine, you can create background drum tracks to import into the online mixer.

Record vocals and musical instruments with a microphone through your browser.

  • Free Account Required
  • 13 Free Virtual Instruments
  • Record Instruments & Vocals
  • Chat Online With Collaborators
  • Add Music Audio Loops
  • Online Drum Machine: 15 Drum Kits

We hope you find these free online DAWs helpful.

Which one is your favorite online digital audio workstation?

Let us know in the comments.

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