20 Best Free Looper VST Plugins

Here are the best free looper VST plugins to use with your favorite DAW. We have included free looping plugins that work with Windows and Mac.

What Is A Looper Plugin?

A looper plugin is a type of effects plugin that allows musicians to record and playback audio loops. Looper plugins can be used for various purposes, from creating basic beats and rhythms to layered soundscapes and more complex compositions.

Some looping plugins can be used for live performances, and others allow you to import an audio file to slice and re-edit into a new loop.

Best Free Looper VST Plugins
Best Free Looper VST Plugins

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Best Looper VST Plugins

These looper plugins offer a wide variety of features to help you record, edit and rearrange audio loops.

  1. Instalooper
  2. SooperLooper
  3. Nasty Looper
  4. Giada
  5. Beat Twist
  6. Mobius
  7. Harvest Mini
  8. Regen
  9. BeatBurner
  10. ClickCuts
  11. Flooper
  12. Element
  13. Introjector
  14. Loophole
  15. Wavtransit
  16. Black Magic Lite
  17. Combat Loop Drum Machine
  18. Disturbance
  19. Mooper
  20. HexLooper

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Looper plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Instalooper

Instalooper VST Plugin

Instalooper is a looper VST plugin that offers its users various vital features: loop audio on the fly, adjust speed and effects to give you even more versatility.

With these few tools, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind loops that can be used in many different types of music production, performing live routines, or just getting creative.

Instalooper is one of the simplest looper plugins to use, with an easy-to-navigate layout.

Plugin | Windows

Instalooper Preview

Best Looper VST Plugins

2. SooperLooper

SooperLooper VST Plugin
SooperLooper – Live Looper VST

SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing, and more. It allows for multiple simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by your computer’s available memory.

With its user-friendly interface, Windows and Mac users alike can benefit from the capabilities SooperLooper has to offer. It is one of the most popular looper VST plugins available.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

3. Nasty Looper VST

Nasty Looper VST Plugin
Nasty Looper VST Plugin

Nasty Looper is a looper VST plugin that can create beats and rhythms with drums. It features an arp tune stepper, which allows you to easily program melodies in any key from the MIDI player track or another plugin connected to Nasty looper’s external input.

There’s also a Delay module that gives you control over the amount of time between the original sound and the copy that is fed back into the looper.

Nasty looper also includes a Low pass and High Pass filter so that you can sculpt your sounds to perfection. There’s also a Filter Stepper to step through the different filter frequencies for even more sonic variety.

The plugin is one of the easiest ones to use, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Plugin | Windows

4. Giada

Giada VST Plugin

Giada is an audio looper designed for productivity. Its sleek interface and 100% exotic dependencies-free design make it a fast and reliable tool.

With support for custom MIDI lightning messages, Giada can be controlled through your favorite hardware devices or let it drive anything that can read MIDI messages.

With this plugin, you can play samples, control channels, and compose songs with layered loops and takes from the external world.

Giada | Windows / Mac / Linux

5. Beat Twist

Beat Twist VST Plugin
Beat Twist

Beat Twist is a loop manipulation plugin that provides amazingly creative ways to transform loop wav files into something special.

Beat Twist gives you all the tools you need to create unique loops that stand out from the rest with its built-in bit crusher unit, distortion unit, overdrive, and step sequencer.

The LFO can be used to modulate volume, bit crusher pitch, overdrive, and panning, providing even more ways to manipulate your loops.

And if that wasn’t enough, Beat Twist also offers MIDI automation so that you can take your loops to whole new levels. Beat Twist is only available for Windows users, but it’s worth checking out.

Beat Twist | Windows / Mac

6. Mobius


Mobius is a looper that is perfect for live performances. It has extensive MIDI and keyboard control, which means you can easily manipulate your audio loops while you’re on stage. It’s available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Mobius | Windows / Mac

7. Harvest Mini

Harvest Mini VST Plugin
Harvest Mini

Harvest Mini is a looper VST plugin that helps you control your virtual instruments and create randomized sequences. With its preset note selection, octave, and rhythmic features, you can quickly generate unique melodies, chord progressions, and drum beats.

Additionally, it has an interactive piano roll that makes it easy to edit your sequences and fine-tune your sounds. The plugin is available for both Windows and Mac users, so you can get started looping immediately.

Harvest Mini | Windows / Mac

8. Regen Free Looper VST

Regen VST Plugin

Regen is a looper well suited for ambient/textural/soundscape type layering. It can be a simple looper, but it offers deeper dive controls to modify playback of recorded material. For example, you can use Regen to create layers of sound that can be undone or redone as needed.

Additionally, Regen supports stereo input and up to 4 stereo outputs. This can be great for creating more-complex soundscapes and allowing for more separation between individual sounds.

Finally, Regen supports MIDI control. This can be great for controlling loop playback from a keyboard or other controller.

Regen | Windows

9. BeatBurner

BeatBurner VST Plugin

BeatBurner is an innovative looper plugin that offers all parameters full automation. With its creative waveshaping synthesis, intuitive user interface, and built-in sample library, BeatBurner can help you take your music production to the next level.

Additionally, it features Delay, Flanger, and Distortion effects to enhance your loops. And, with MIDI learn, you can easily control all of its parameters with your MIDI controller.

Lastly, BeatBurner offers selective randomization, which allows you to choose which features are randomized selectively. This is a great way to add variety to your loops without sacrificing sound quality.

BeatBurner is one of the best looper VST plugins available, and it’s sure to help you take your music production to the next level.

BeatBurner | Windows

10. ClickCuts

ClickCuts VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a looper VST plugin that offers sample-accurate loop integration, look no further than ClickCuts.

This intuitive plugin allows you to fine-tune controls to select your music’s start/end section so you never miss a single sample point.

Plus, with its inspiring user interface and recording capabilities, ClickCuts is perfect for manipulating and tweaking your music to perfection. However, it is only available for Mac users.

ClickCuts | Windows / Mac

11. Flooper

Flooper VST Plugin

Flooper is a looper VST plugin that was designed with simplicity in mind. Flooper loses the extra features and frills of most other looper plugins in favor of an easy-to-use interface and straightforward controls.

Flooper is used to create compounding loops, which can be helpful in both music production and sound design. The plugin is available only for Windows users.

Flooper | Windows

12. Element

Element  VST Plugin

Element is an excellent looper plugin with a lot to offer. It’s one of the few looper plugins on the market that provides downsampling, useful for lo-fi music production.

The different filter modes will give you plenty of options when it comes to shaping your sound. It also offers four interpolation modes, which can be adjusted to taste.

Additionally, Element has bounce mode looping and wrap mode looping, which can be helpful for different types of loops.

Element | Windows

13. Introjector

Introjector VST Plugin

If you’re looking to add some new life to your loops, you must check out Introjector. This powerful plugin lets you re-sequence your loops in various ways, giving you endless possibilities for creativity.

With eight sequencers that can be played live and pitch-control for select slices, Introjector is a must-have for any looper enthusiast. It is available for Windows only.

Introjector | Windows

14. Loophole


If you’re looking for an incredible looper VST plugin that will help you take your music production skills to the next level, look no further than Loophole. This fantastic plugin comes packed with tons of features that will let you create stunning loops and beats with ease.

One of the most incredible things about Loophole is that it allows you to trigger different sections of each loop using midi notes. This gives you fantastic flexibility and control over your loops, letting you create complex rhythms and patterns with ease. You can also play random sections of each loop using one midi note, leading to some excellent results.

Additionally, Loophole comes with a graphical representation of your loops, so you can always track where you are in the song. You can also see which sections have been triggered and how they sound. This is a great feature for quickly tweaking your loops on the fly.

Loophole is one of the best looper VST plugins available, and it’s sure to help you take your music production skills to the next level. So if you’re looking for a fantastic looper plugin that will let you create complex loops and beats with ease, be sure to check out Loophole. It is available for Windows users only.

Loophole | Windows

15. Wavtransit

Wavtransit VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a looper plugin that makes browsing through samples a breeze, look no further than Wavtransit. This VST plugin is designed to make previewing samples quick and easy—just hit the Preview button, and the plugin will automatically trigger the sound.

Plus, you can loop and modify the start/end positions of the samples to get the perfect sound for your track. The Auto-Modulation section also allows you to modulate the loop vector, which can create some exciting sounds.

The sequencer section is divided into four parts, allowing you to modulate velocity, position, pitch, and filter. Plus, there’s an onboard stereo delay section for adding depth and texture to your sound.

Wavtransit is one of the most versatile looper plugins available, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to browse through samples quickly. It is available for Windows only.

Wavtransit | Windows

16. Black Magic Lite

Black Magic Lite VST Plugin
Black Magic Lite

Black Magic Lite is a free loop generator VST plugin that allows you to loop WAV files and save them quickly.

There are fewer features in the lite version than in the big one, but it still offers all the important ones.

  • 10 samples with a wide range of modulation options and parameters
  • A selection of 128 samples
  • Includes audio Effects

Black Magic Lite | Windows

17. Combat Loop Drum Machine

Combat Loop Drum Machine VST Plugin
Combat Loop Drum Machine

This is a VST instrument that implements sampled and looped drum kits.

Combat Drum Machine | Windows / Mac

18. Disturbance

Disturbance VST Plugin

Disturbance is primarily designed for glitching or manipulating drum loops; however, it can also be used to glitch melodic material, vocals, or anything else you wish.

Disturbance | Windows

19. Mooper

Mooper VST Plugin

The Mooper sample plays a loop where you can modulate the loop start and finish positions with two LFOs.

Mooper | Windows / Mac

20. HexLooper

HexLooper VST Plugin

HexLooper is a free VST Looper Plugin that includes 13 mono tracks and auto panning.

You can find the download link in the description of the video.

Plugin | Windows

We hope you found this list of free looper VST plugins helpful.

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