15 Free Omnisphere VST Alternatives

These are the best free Omnisphere VST plugin alternatives you can use without spending money. These are great alternatives to the popular Omnisphere plugin by Spectrasonics.

This roundup of free Omnisphere alternative plugins includes lists of features, images, and videos. The Omnisphere plugin has been a very popular synthesizer VST for music producers and musicians, but it is very expensive for many people since the Omnisphere plugin costs $500.

If the plugin is outside your budget, this list of Omnisphere alternatives may help. I have included free Omnisphere alternatives that work with both Windows and Mac.

Best Omnisphere VST Alternatives

  1. TyrellN6
  2. Dexed
  3. Tunefish V4
  4. Mono Fury
  5. Free Alpha
  6. TAL-NoiseMaker
  7. Helm
  8. Vital
  9. Odin 2
  10. Surge XT
  11. Synth1
  12. OB-Xd
  13. Zebralette
  14. Superwave P8
  15. Sonigen Modular
  16. Kairatune
Best Free Omnisphere VST Alternatives
Best Free Omnisphere VST Alternatives

I’ve downloaded and tried out hundreds of free VST plugins, and these stand out as some of the best free Omnisphere alternatives available.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free Omnisphere alternative. Look around each website for the download button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. TyrellN6

TyrellN6 – Synth Plugins

TyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth with virtual analog architecture and classic sounds. Its versatile features include two oscillators, a noise and ring modulator for generating sounds, and a twin filter related to Diva.

There are also analog-type ADSR envelopes, loopable or LFO-triggered. The skinnable UI makes the plugin easy to use. With over 580 factory presets, TyrellN6 is ideal for anyone who wants to create classic sounds.


  • Two oscillators and a ring modulator
  • Twin filter, ADSR envelopes
  • Loopable, LFO-triggered envelopes
  • Skinnable, resizable UI
  • Over 580 factory presets


  • Virtual analog with a classic sound
  • Analog oscillators for quality
  • Unison up to 8 voices
  • MIDI learn for hardware control


  • Small modulation matrix
  • May be complex for beginners

TyrellN6 | PC & Mac

2. Dexed

Dexed VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a faithful reproduction of the Yamaha DX7 sound engine, look no further than Dexed. This plugin synth is available on multiple platforms and in multiple formats, making it one of the most versatile options.

One of the best things about Dexed is that it offers 144 DAW automatable parameters, making it easy to get the perfect sound. The plugin also supports DX7 input and output Sysex messages so that you can use it with your favorite DAW.

If you’re worried about which operator is active, don’t be – each one has a real-time VU meter. So you’re sure to get the perfect sound every time.

  • Faithful reproduction of the Yamaha DX7 sound engine
  • Available on multiple platforms and in multiple formats
  • 144 DAW automatable parameters
  • Supports DX7 input and output Sysex messages
  • Real-time VU meter for each operator

Dexed | PC & Mac

3. Tunefish V4

Tunefish V4 VST Plugin
Tunefish V4 – Omnisphere Alternative

Tiny yet powerful, Tunefish V4 is a virtual analog synthesizer that can be used for creating any music. Its additive synthesis-based wavetable generator and its noise generator can create any sound.

The lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters are available for shaping the sound. Whereas the 2 ADSRs and 2 LFOs can be linked to any important knob using the modulation matrix.

The supported effects are flanger, chorus, distortion, delay, reverb, EQ, and formant. The effects stack allows for any permutation of up to 10 effects.

This plugin is a complete package and is ideal for any music producer looking for a powerful yet free Spectrasonics Omnisphere alternative.

This free plugin is a great alternative to paid plugins like the Reveal Sound Spire and Native Instruments Absynth.

This Omnisphere alternatives plugin is one of my favorites on the list, thanks to its clean interface and extensive features.


  • Additive synthesis-based wavetable generator
  • Noise generator
  • Lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filter
  • 2 ADSRs
  • 2 LFOs
  • Flanger, chorus, distortion, delay, reverb, EQ, and formant effects
  • Effects stack allowing for any permutation of up to 10 effects

Tunefish V4 | PC & AU / Linux

4. Mono Fury

Mono Fury VST Plugin
Mono Fury

Mono Fury faithfully recreates the classic KORG Mono/Poly analog synthesizer, allowing you to create those iconic analog sounds used in countless hit records.

The plugin features four band-limited oscillators, a four-pole zero-delay feedback lowpass filter with self-oscillation, and a host of other modulation options to create your unique sounds.

Mono Fury also includes a monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action, an arpeggiator with a sync-to-host option, and an additional tweak section for even more sound design possibilities.

This plugin’s parameters can be controlled via MIDI CC, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. Its resizable user interface is perfect for both studio and live use.


  • Recreates the classic KORG Mono/Poly analog synthesizer
  • Four band-limited oscillators
  • Four-pole zero-delay feedback lowpass filter with self-oscillation
  • Monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action
  • Arpeggiator with sync-to-host option
  • Tweak section for additional sound design possibilities
  • MIDI CC control for all parameters
  • Resizable user interface

Mono Fury | PC & Mac

5. Alpha – Free Omnisphere VST Alternative

Free Alpha VST Plugin

This plugin synthesizer is a 32-note-polyphonic synthesizer based upon a classic subtractive design.

It features 2 oscillator modules, a filter module, 2 envelopes, 3 LFO modules, a chorus effect, and an easy-to-use, powerful Modulation Matrix.


  • 2 Oscillators
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • 32 Note Polyphony
  • Chorus Effect
  • Easy-to-Use Modulation Matrix

Plugin | PC & Mac

6. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker VST Plugin

TAL-NoiseMaker is a virtual analog synthesizer with great sound. It has volume ADSR, 2 LFOs with different running modes, and the adjustable master tune and transposes.

Up to 6 voices can be used with detune, detunes notes randomly, which is great for creating organic pads. The Juno chorus with different modes gives you a lot of space to work with your sound.

While the built-in reverb and delay are handy, the filter drive is what makes this synth shine.

It’s easy to use, with no hidden panels, and has low CPU usage. Finally, there are 256 great presets that come with the program.

  • Volume ADSR
  • 2 LFOs
  • Chorus effect
  • Reverb and delay
  • Low CPU usage
  • 256 Presets

TAL-NoiseMaker | PC / Mac / Linux

7. Helm

Helm VST Plugin
Helm – Powerful Omnisphere VST Alternative

Helm is a powerful synthesizer that runs an interactive visual interface.

It features a 32-voice polyphony with dual oscillators for live diversity of sound. The modulation system is powerful and offers live feedback to help create unique soundscapes.

With its 12 different waveforms and 7 filter types, you can create interesting sounds. It comes with a step sequencer and a simple arpeggiator for easy sound creation.

  • 32 voice polyphony
  • 2 oscillators
  • 12 different waveforms
  • 7 filter types
  • Modulation system with live feedback
  • Step sequencer
  • Arpeggiator
  • Lots of modulation sources

Helm | PC / Mac / Linux

8. Vital

Vital VST Plugin
Vital VST Synths

Vital is a unique visual synthesizer that enables you to design sounds easily. Vital has high-quality oscillators and efficient unison, perfect for anyone looking to create professional sounds.

Additionally, Vital supports microtonal and MPE, perfect for advanced users who want to create unique sounds. It also includes key-tracked LFOs, allowing you to create complex modulation.

  • High-quality oscillators
  • Efficient unison mode
  • Supports microtonal and MPE
  • Keytracked LFOs
  • Easy sound design

Vital | PC / Mac / Linux

Free Vital Presets

9. Odin 2

Odin 2 VST Plugin
Odin 2 Soft Synth Plugin

Odin 2 is a versatile synth with good sound quality that has excellent features like the 24-voice polyphonic sound, high-quality emulations of analog filters, and four onboard FX.

  • 24-voice polyphony
  • Analog filter emulations
  • Four onboard FX
  • Straightforward user interface

Odin 2 | PC / Mac / Linux

10. Surge XT

Surge XT VST Plugin
Surge XT

Surge XT is an amazing hybrid synth that supports many synthesis techniques, offering a wide selection of filters, modulation options, and effects. It is perfect for any electronic music producer.

With MPE support and micro tuning, Surge XT is a must-have for any Omnisphere user. It will become one of your go-to synths for creating unique sounds.

  • Hybrid synthesis engine
  • MPE support
  • Microtuning
  • Wide range of filters, modulation options, and effects
  • Intuitive user Interface

Surge XT | PC / Mac / Linux

11. Synth1

Synth1 VST Plugin

Synth1 is a software synthesizer modeled after the Nord Lead analog synth. With two oscillators, ring modulation, and FM modulation, it can create a wide range of sounds.

The 4-types of filters give it a very powerful sound, and the distortion can make it sound even more aggressive.

The legato mode is great for creating flowing melodies, and the portamento gives you even more control over the sound.

The 16-note polyphony is more than enough for most purposes, and the 128 presets give you a great starting point for creating your sounds. While the CPU load is very light, thanks to SSE instructions, you can still automate the sound to create even more interesting textures.

  • 2 oscillators with ring modulation and FM modulation
  • 4 types of filters
  • Distortion
  • Legato mode
  • Portamento
  • 16-note polyphony
  • 128 presets

Synth1 | PC & Mac

12. OB-Xd

OB-Xd. VSTPlugin

If you’re looking for a realistic Oberheim OB-X emulation, look no further than OB-Xd. This synth is capable of emulating the original OB-X and creating new and unique sounds.

It has a blendable multimode filter, making it easy to create the perfect sound. With its easy-to-use interface, OB-Xd is perfect for beginners and pros alike.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Oberheim OB-X emulation
  • Blendable multimode filter

OB-Xd | PC / Mac / Linux

13. Zebralette

Zebralette VST Plugin

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use spectral synth with tons of effects, Zebralette is a great option. It’s perfect for beginners with just a single oscillator and 16-slot wave set.

This synth can create some truly unique sounds.

With support for polyphonic aftertouch, you can get expressive with your playing. Additionally, the built-in effects (chorus/phaser, EQ, delay) add even more possibilities for sound design.

  • Single oscillator with 16-slot waveset
  • Built-in effects (chorus/phaser, EQ, delay)
  • Polyphonic aftertouch support

Zebralette | PC & AU / Linux

14. Superwave P8

Superwave P8 VST Plugin
Superwave P8

Superwave P8 is a virtual analog synthesizer. It has 8-note polyphonic operation, main volume control, mono/polyphonic control, portamento control, and MIDI CC control with learning capability, making it perfect for music production.

  • 8 note polyphonic
  • 64 high-quality presets
  • MIDI CC control with learning capability
  • Main volume control
  • Mono/polyphonic control
  • Portamento control

Superwave P8 | PC

15. Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular VST Plugin
Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular gives you all the flexibility and freedom of classic modular synthesis, with high-quality, process-efficient sound on your CPU. The user interface is fast and intuitive, with a mostly automatic layout.

You also get higher-quality modulation control and processing for a more expressive sound design. Because it is process-efficient, you can use it for live performance without overloading your CPU.

  • Modular synthesis engine that is process-efficient on your CPU
  • Intuitive and fast user interface
  • High-quality modulation control and processing
  • Live performance-friendly

Sonigen Modular | PC

16. Kairatune


Kairatune is a powerful and versatile synth designed to produce crisp, tight sounds for electronic music production.

Its fast and intuitive workflow makes it easy to produce unique lead and bass sounds and shiny SFX sounds. With its simple interface, Kairatune is a great choice for both beginners and experienced producers alike.

  • Designed for electronic music production
  • Fast and intuitive workflow
  • Simple interface

Kairatune | PC & Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Omnisphere A VST?

Yes, Omnisphere by Spectrasonics is a synthesizer VST plugin that works with both Windows and Mac. The Omnisphere sound library is 60 GB, and includes 14,000 sounds, plus 9,223 patches.

What Does Omnisphere Cost?

Omnisphere by Spectrasonics currently costs $499 USD. You can buy Omnisphere 2 through the Spectrasonics website or through authorized resellers.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a powerful virtual instrument that can match the capabilities of Spectrasonics Omnisphere, these free alternatives are worth considering.

While none offer hardware synth integration or the same level of hardware sound library as Omnisphere, they still provide a range of high-quality sounds and features that make them valuable tools for any music producer or composer.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these free alternatives to Omnisphere can help you take your music to the next level without breaking the bank.

I hope you found this list of free Omnisphere VST plugin alternatives helpful.

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