50 Best Free Limiter VST Plugins

Here are the best free limiter VST plugins for your favorite music software. I have included free limiter plugins for Windows and Mac.

I’ve gathered a selection of the best limiter plugins featuring their lists of features, screenshots, and videos.

What Is A Limiter Plugin? A limiter plugin prevents clipping and distortion in audio by reducing the gain level of an audio track so that it does not exceed a certain threshold. It is also used to control the overall volume of the audio.

Best Limiter VST Plugins

  1. ClipShifter
  2. VladG Limiter N°6
  3. Unlimited
  4. Barricade Pro
  5. Frontier
  6. W1 Limiter
  7. Voxengo Elephant
  8. Limited-Z
  9. LoudMax
  10. A1StereoControl
  11. dBComp
  12. BT Clipper
  13. Multi Peak Limiter
  14. W1Limiter
  15. x10 Multiband Compressor
  16. YALA
  17. LALA
  18. Modern Amplifier
  19. EasyLimiter
  20. Limiter
Best Free Limiter VST Plugins
Best Free Limiter VST Plugins

I’ve downloaded and tested hundreds of free VST plugins, and here are some of the top free limiter VSTs.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Limiter VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. ClipShifter

LVC-Audio ClipShifter
LVC-Audio ClipShifter | Best Free Limiter Plugins

If you are looking to distort your sound with limiter VST plugins, ClipShifter is an excellent option. Like other free limiters, it can be used as a static clipping effect.

But unlike those that only clip peaks in the signal, this plugin can respond dynamically to transients when the input signal level becomes too high.

This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to add some controlled distortion to their sounds. It will be beneficial for those looking to add more character to their mix or those who want to achieve a specific sound.


  • Distorts sound dynamically
  • Waveform history view
  • Graphical user interface
  • Dynamic control


  • Controlled distortion addition
  • Transient response capability
  • Multiple clipping styles
  • Adjustable harmonic content
  • Scalable waveform view


  • Limited free features
  • Multiband control paid
  • Mid/Side processing paid
  • Specific to clipping needs

ClipShifter | PC & Mac

ClipShifter VST Preview

Best Limiter Plugins

2. VladG Limiter N°6

VladG Limiter N°6
VladG Limiter N°6

This limiter plugin has the potential to make edits that are transparent and accurate. For example, the plugin may offer limiter VST plugins that are gentle and flexible yet still maintain the track’s loudness.

VladG N°6 | PC & Mac

3. Unlimited

Unlimited Limiter VST
Unlimited Limiter VST

This limiter VST plugin can take your sound to the next level. It maximizes the volume of your track while keeping the dynamics in check, ensuring a clean and powerful sound.

Unlimited | PC

4. Barricade Pro

Barricade Pro | Best Digital Limiters
Barricade Pro | Best Digital Limiters

Barricade Pro is a unique limiter that operates in four domains simultaneously, allowing you to achieve unparalleled sound quality and limiting precision.

The waveform limiter ensures that your signal stays within manageable levels, while the envelope limiter helps maintain transients and dynamics.

The loudness limiter ensures that your track is always compliant with broadcast standards, and the correlation limiter prevents inter-sample peaks from ruining your final mix.


  • Waveform Limiter
  • Loudness Limiter
  • Correlation Limiting
  • Envelope Limiting
  • Loudness Meter
  • Simple User Interface

Barricade Pro | PC

5. Frontier

Frontier Freeware Mastering Limiter
Frontier Freeware Mastering Limiter

Frontier is perfect for almost any studio situation. It has a simple interface with excellent sound quality that any engineer will appreciate.

The plugin can be used as a transparent mixing and mastering limiter vst with just licking the loudest amplitude peaks or utilized more creatively as a sound shaper when more extreme settings are at stake.

Frontier is the perfect plugin if you need a limiter with quality and performance. It is sure to make your mixes and masters sound better.

Frontier | PC / Mac / AU / VST3

6. W1 Limiter

W1 Limiter Software
W1 Limiter VST Plugin

The W1 Limiter is a plugin that recreates the Waves L1 limiter. It has been simplified to make it easier to use, and the release time has been increased to make it more forgiving.

The plugin also features an altered softening circuit filter for a warmer sound reminiscent of the original limiter. If you need a limiter that is easy to use and has a vintage sound, the W1 Limiter is a great option.

Plugin | PC & Mac

7. Voxengo Elephant

Voxengo Elephant
Voxengo Elephant | Best Free Limiters

Voxengo Elephant is designed to produce professional results with transparent signal-limiting action. The limiter mode editor lets you adjust the limiter curve shape that best suits your music.

The plugin also features 12 predefined limiter modes, stereo and multi-channel processing, preset manager, undo/redo history, A/B comparisons, and user interface color schemes.

Additionally, the resizable user interface lets you adjust the plugin to your own needs.

Voxengo Elephant | PC / Mac / AU

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8. Limited-Z

Limited-Z | Versatile Mixing Limiter
Limited-Z | Versatile Mixing Limiter

If you’re looking for a limiter that is both transparent and capable of substantially limiting levels without creating excessive amounts of distortion, Limited-Z is an excellent option.

The plugin combines several unique limiting algorithms to make it capable of handling any audio. It’s easy to use and perfect for final mixing or mastering if you want to sound great.

Limited-Z | PC & Mac

9. LoudMax

LoudMax by Thomas Mundt | Loudness Maximizer
LoudMax by Thomas Mundt | Loudness Maximizer

This limiter plugin delivers clean, transparent sound while maximizing your audio’s loudness. It features a look-ahead detection algorithm to prevent distortion and low CPU usage.

LoudMax | PC & Mac / Linux

10. A1StereoControl

A1StereoControl | Maximum Loudness

A1StereoControl is a stereo limiter with a safe bass algorithm to center all bass frequencies below an adjustable value. This gives your tracks the solidity and definition you want while preserving maximum transparency and sharpness.

Additionally, A1StereoControl allows you to place your stereo signal inside the stereo field in a very intuitive way. This helps to create an even more powerful stereo image.


  • Safe Bass Algorithm
  • Zero Latency
  • Parameter Automation
  • 12 D B Input & Output
  • Resizable GUI

A1StereoControl | PC & Mac

11. dBComp


This limiter plugin is for drums, guitar, and bass. It can be used as a compressor to tame louder drum hits or a limiter to keep your signal from clipping.

It features an adjustable threshold, ratio, attack, and release to customize the sound.

  • Highpass Filter
  • Blends Wet & Dry Signal
  • Compressors
  • External Side-Chain Input

dBComp | PC & Mac

12. BT Clipper

BT Clipper
BT Clipper

BT Clipper is a limiter/clipper with three different clipping voices and a mid-range tone knob. It gives your instrument an edge and natural compression that can be very helpful in a mix.

  • Input & Output Faders
  • Selectable Frequencies
  • Hard, Soft, & Analog Clipping
  • Auto Gain Compensation
  • Control Clipping Amount

BT Clipper | PC & Mac

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13. Multi Peak Limiter

Multi Peak Limiter Plug-in
Multi Peak Limiter

Multi Peak Limiter is a limiter plugin that operates in LR_MS modes. It has three bands for peak limiting, and it can be used to improve the overall sound of your mixes.

Multi Peak Plugin | PC & Mac

14. W1Limiter

W1Limiter VST Plugin

This is a limiter VST that provides an inspiring appearance with essential functions. The plugin has the basic features of a limiter with a simple and elegant look; it is perfect for use in the mastering stage.

This limiter VST plugin is a favorite of mine due to its simple interface.

Plugin | PC

15. x10 Multiband Compressor

x10 Multiband Compressor
x10 Multiband Compressor / Multiband Limiter Vst

This is a mastering limiter and can be used to control or limit the dynamic range of any audio material transparently. It is a 3-band limiter with an optional fourth band that can be used as a low-pass or high-pass filter.

x10 Multiband Compressor | PC

16. YALA


YALA is the perfect option if you’re looking for a limiter VST plugin that adds shine to your mixes. It’s based on a vintage Vari-Mu tube limiter, so you can be sure that it will deliver high-quality results.

True component and circuit modeling ensure that you get the most realistic results possible, while the intuitive interface makes it easy to use. So, this limiter plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of vintage magic to their mixes.

YALA | PC & Mac

17. LALA


LALA is a limiter simulation with a filter side chain, external sidechain, and mix features. The limiter has three bands and is a simulation of the Teletronix LA-2A optical limiter.

LALA | PC & Mac

18. Modern Amplifier

Modern Amplifier
Modern Amplifier

Modern Amplifier is a compressor/limiter that helps you manage your audio output by keeping it within the ideal range while utilizing advanced algorithms to maintain a clean sound.

The plugin comes with a gain reduction meter to help you watch your levels and gain control and peak reduction control to adjust the compression and limiting to your liking.

You also have the choice between compressor limit mode to get the most out of your sound. It will be a favorite for those who want to keep their audio output under control.

Modern Amplifier | PC

19. EasyLimiter

EasyLimiter | Easy Limiter
EasyLimiter | Easy Limiter

This limiter plugin is an excellent example of easy-to-use attenuation for mastering and loudness. It brings out the effect you want but doesn’t add any harsh distortion.

If you want your music to be louder without the harsh distortion, EasyLimiter is a great plugin. It is sure to make your music louder without any harsh clipping.

Plugin | PC / Mac / AU

20. Limiter VST

Limiter Plugin
Limiter VST Plugin

This limiter VST plugin is perfect for controlling the peaks in your track, ensuring that your song maintains a consistent volume. It also helps to give your track a bit more punch and presence.

Additionally, the limiter effect can create a “pumping” sound, which is very popular in dance and electronic music.

Plugin | PC & Mac

Additional Free Limiter VSTs

Now that you know about some of the best free limiters available, it’s time to try them out for yourself. These plugins will help you control the levels in your mix, ensuring that your song sounds great from start to finish.

  1. Britpressor – This solid-state compressor/limiter has a multiband sidechain.
  2. CHANNEV – Channel strip with Mic Preamp, De-esser, Line Amp, Equalizer with four bands, Compressor, Limiter, and Tape Saturation.
  3. Maxwell Smart – Audible true peak limiter and loudness meter with look-ahead functionality.
  4. VariMoon – VarMoon is an amplifier modeled after the Fairchild 660, which works for Windows and Mac.
  5. Fet Bundle – Free compressor and limiter plugin.
  6. Free87 Series – The plugin includes six analog-style VSTs and AUs on Windows and Mac.
  7. Plugin Box – Limiter Box comes with 32 presets that can be stored and is fully automated.
  8. GMax – Boost the signal level by increasing base amplitude while avoiding clipping.
  9. DVS Leveling Amp – This plugin aims to master or control a track’s dynamic range.
  10. DSPplug mark3 – This model offers a graphic EQ with three bands for the mid, side, dbfs, and peak RMS mastering solution.
  11. DD Plugin – Simple limiter plugin for Windows.
  12. Xhip Effects – The limiter is designed for maximum sustain and minimum distortion.
  13. 4L2 – A low-latency look-ahead limiter takes an approach that is somewhat non-traditional in the process.
  14. ATK – ATK is a limiter built on the Audio Toolkit development platform.
  15. Fircomp – This limiter/compressor features a punchy attack, musical release, and optional look-ahead smoothing.
  16. ATKStereo – Limit both stereo channels by getting their maximum instantaneous powers and using a limiting gain function to limit them.
  17. Esquire3 – Free brick wall plugin with accurate, true peak limiting.
  18. Barricade – Brick wall limiters like Barricade are simple yet effective.
  19. Dynamic Frequency Limit – Combines band-peak filtering, compressors, limiters, and transient designers. High-Frequency Limiter.
  20. Kolin – A passive program equalizer is built into the tube amplifier.
  21. Squire3 – Free brick wall peak limiter plugin.
  22. Fetish – Free classic FET limiter and compressor VST.
  23. AradazMaximizer5 – A simple, effective maximizer.
  24. TLs-4032 Pocket Limit – Compact transparent brick wall limiter.
  25. TLs Saturated Driver – You can use this limiter and compressor to shape audio peaks.
  26. Titan – Reduces distortion and works well in live or editing situations.
  27. Thrillseeker VBL – A vintage broadcast limiter emulator.
  28. Steady Pro Bundle – Auto leveling, expander/limiter with EQ enhancement.
  29. SN05-G – Brickwall audio limiter.
  30. KlipFreak – Peak clipper plugin.
  31. One – Audio limiter software.
  32. SimpleSqueeze – One knob limiter controls.
  33. Modern – Classic limiter.
  34. LA School Esquire Limiter – Free envelope and volume pumping limiter.
  35. Harsh Mistress – Brickwall limiter for Windows computers.
  36. Faraday – Free audio peak limit plugin trial.
  37. Free Clip – A powerful and easy-to-use multi-algorithm soft clipper and waveshaper.

In conclusion, limiter VST plugins can significantly enhance audio recordings by controlling loud peaks and overall loudness.

With intuitive controls and creative ways to use them, these plugins can help achieve the desired gain reduction without introducing hard clipping distortion.

Whether working on highly dynamic tracks or individual instruments, great options are available.

These plugins are great free alternatives to paid plugins like FabFilter Pro-L 2 Limiter, Stealth Limiter by IK Multimedia, and LVC-Audio, Audio effects plugins.

I hope you found this list of free limiter VST plugins helpful.

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