10 Free Sample Packs ( Brass Samples, Piano Loops, Bass Samples )

Free Sample Packs

Here are 10 Free Sample Packs. Piano samples, church bells, brass horn samples, guitar hooks, and bass samples.

Free Sample Packs

1. Ultimate Production Kit – Over 10,000 high-quality samples and sounds. Click the Google Drive link under the title.

2. Brass Samples Sound Kit – Over 70 different free samples.

3. Guitar Hooks for Pop & R&B – Guitar Hooks brings you acoustic guitar loops to ignite your next pop, R&B, and even hip hop productions. This pack is inspired by Chris Brown, Neyo, and Rihanna.

4. Cello Samples – This sample kit includes 527 free cello samples.

5. Piano Loops Kit – Sound kit contains 3 smooth piano loops, bass samples, and snares.

6. Bass Samples – All that adds up to a total of 434 samples and a 188 MB download (220 MB extracted)

7.  673 Samples Drum Kit – This drum kit contains 673 one-shot WAV samples split between 6 folders: Kicks, snares, Toms, Hats, Cymbals, and Percussions.

8. Church Bells – One WAV file.

9. Bigcat Cello – Total number of samples: 479. Total download size: 126 MB.

10. Game Boy Drum Kit – 14MB

Click here for more free sample packs.

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