1,500 Free Melody Samples

Here are the best free melody samples to supercharge your music projects. Unlock limitless creativity and save time with these must-have samples.

The right melody can be the difference between a good track and an unforgettable one. With thousands of free melody samples available online, this curated list will provide you with the most creative tunes to amplify your productions.

From catchy hooks to mesmerizing riffs, these melody samples are designed for creators like you. Many of these samples are royalty-free, allowing for limitless creativity in both personal and commercial projects.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free melody sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Melody Samples

  1. Trap Melody Loop Pack
  2. MELODY V3
  3. Dope Melodies Part II
  4. Free Melody Sample Pack
  5. Angelic Vibes
  6. MELODY V2
  7. Tropical Melodies
  8. Blessing Sample Pack
  9. West Coast Melodies
  10. MELODY V1
  11. UFO Trap Melody Loops
  12. Piano Melody Loops
  13. Sample Focus
  14. Sample Swap
  15. Looperman
  16. FAQs

Listen To Sample Pack Previews – I have downloaded and tested many of the sample packs below and can confirm they work.

Explore our collection of articles, all packed with free music samples for your next project.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each melody sample kit. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Trap Melody Loop Pack

Trap Melody Loop Pack
Trap Melody Loop Pack

The Trap melody loop pack is a collection designed to help the work of music creators. Within this pack, you will find over 30 synth loops specifically crafted for trap music producers.

These free loops are not only inspired by contemporary trap sounds but are also labeled by key and BPM. This organization ensures a smooth workflow for producers.

  • Over 30 synth loops
  • Total size: 80.03MB
  • Labeled by key and BPM
  • Designed for trap music
  • WAV format

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The Melody V3 pack is a must-have tool for music creators focusing on trap and hip-hop. Designed with modern melodies in mind, this pack offers not only melody loops but also free Serum presets and free MIDI files, giving you tons of flexibility.

With a focus on 140 Bpm and the key of C minor, you can either utilize the loops as they are or modify them as needed.

  • 10 Melody loops (in .wav format)
  • 10 Serum presets (in .fxp format)
  • 10 MIDI files (in .midi format)
  • 140 BPM
  • Royalty-free samples
  • Size: 41.4 MB (Compressed)
  • Focus on trap and hip-hop melodies

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Dope Melodies Part II

Dope Melodies Part II
Dope Melodies Part II

The Dope Melodies Part II pack is a great asset for music creators looking to diversify their compositions. Crafted by Bassment, this loop pack offers a wide variety of instruments, MIDI, and drum loops, accommodating a range of tempos from 80 to 140 bpm.

Whether you’re exploring Future Bass, Hip-Hop, or Trap, these loops will seamlessly integrate into your projects.

  • 25 Instrument loops
  • 15 MIDI loops
  • 10 Drum loops
  • Ranges from 80 to 140 bpm
  • Royalty-free usage
  • Total size: 98.30MB
  • Available in MIDI and WAV formats

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Free Melody Sample Pack

Free Melody Sample Pack
Free Melody Sample Pack & Melody Loops

This pack delivers 50 premium melodies categorized by the melody’s mood and vibe. From the nostalgic charm of Lo-Fi to the rhythmic pulse of Future Bass, there’s something for every music creator.

Each melody loop has the added convenience of being labeled by both BPM and key, ensuring ease of use in any project. With a royalty-free license, creators can freely add these loops to their projects without a hitch.

  • 50 Melody Loops
  • 12 Lo-Fi and 11 Future Bass loops
  • 8 Crazy and 7 Dreamy Melody Loops
  • Features 5 Epic and 7 Vocal Melody Loops
  • Each sample labeled by BPM & KEY
  • Available in WAV/24 format

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Angelic Vibes

The Angelic Vibes Free Melody Loops pack offers a range of original melodies tailored for today’s Hip-hop and R&B music. Crafted to inspire and enhance your music creation process, this collection offers over 44 unique loops, all in WAV format.

With BPM and key labels for each loop, integration into your tracks is smooth and straightforward. Plus, since the pack is 100% royalty-free, you have the freedom to monetize the beats you craft using these melodies, whether it’s through sales or producing for others.

  • 44 Unique melody loops
  • 100% original content
  • Royalty-free
  • WAV file format
  • BPM/Key labeled
  • Inspired by Hip-hop and R&B

Angelic Vibes



The Melody V2 by Trisamples is a specialized Trap loop pack designed around a tempo of 140 Bpm. Perfect for music creators looking for versatile sounds, this pack not only includes 12 distinctive loops but also offers the MIDI and presets responsible for creating them.

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Tropical Melodies

Tropical Melodies
Tropical Melodies

Curated by Loopersound, this pack provides both WAV and MIDI files for a versatile music creation experience. Ideal for genres like Chill, EDM, and House, these samples are ready to add that tropical touch to your tracks.

  • 20 WAV files
  • 20 MIDI files
  • 40 Samples
  • File size: 53.58MB

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Blessing Sample Pack

Blessings Sample Pack
Blessings Sample Pack

Designed to pump up your music creation process, this pack offers 25 sets of multi-layer melody loops. Each set is thoughtfully composed of a primary melody paired with complementary counter melodies. Whether you’re crafting a high-energy trap beat or a mellow lo-fi track, this pack has something to match your vision.


West Coast Melodies Construction Kit

West Coast Melodies Construction Kit
West Coast Melodies Construction Kit

The West Coast Melodies construction kit offers a comprehensive collection of loops that draw inspiration from West Coast beats and the iconic Dr. Dre. With a BPM range of 85 to 110, this kit features distinct layers like bass, keys, lead, synth, guitar, bells, and strings.

While the kit is brimming with melody loops, it does not contain any drum sounds. You have the freedom to either combine the loops for a harmonic blend or segment the samples to create a unique beat. Primarily designed for hip-hop producers, these loops are versatile enough for various music genres.

  • Contains loops inspired by West Coast beats
  • BPM ranging from 85 to 110
  • Ideal for hip-hop producers
  • Provides isolated instrument loops
  • Includes 110 samples totaling 125.43MB
  • WAV format

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This downloadable pack is overflowing with resources ideal for both Trap and Hip-hop genres but is versatile for other styles as well.

  • MIDI files and unique presets are included
  • Designed for Trap and Hip-hop
  • Created in Native Instruments Massive VST synth
  • Contains 10 loops and 10 preset patches
  • 10 Free WAV files (24bit, 44100Hz)

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UFO Trap Melody Loops

UFO Trap Melody Loops
UFO Trap Melody Loops

The UFO Trap Melody Loops pack is a valuable resource for music creators who want to add fresh and vibrant melodies to their productions. Produced by PAV Beatz for Producersbuzz, this collection provides six distinctive trap melody loops that are free for for-profit uses.

Available in high-quality WAV format, the loops range in tempo from 130 to 140 BPM, each catering to the major C key.

  • 6 Trap melody loops
  • High-quality WAV format
  • Loops range from 130 to 140 bpm
  • All loops in C Major key

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Piano Melody Loops

Piano Melody Loops
Piano Melody Loops

The Piano Melody Loops pack offers you a set of five beautifully crafted piano loops designed by Pav Beatz.

These loops are perfect for producers looking to add a touch of emotional depth to their tracks.

Beyond the loops, this pack also includes an FLP file containing all five midi files.

While these piano samples can enhance your musical projects, they’re also free to use in productions you intend to sell.

  • 5 Royalty-free piano loops
  • Mellow and emotional tones
  • Free FLP files included
  • Contains 5 MIDI files

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Sample Focus

Sample Focus | Melodic Samples
Sample Focus | Melodic Samples

Sample Focus offers an impressive array of melody sounds, carefully curated and available for instant download. This platform is designed to be a reliable source for music creators, providing a wide variety of free melody samples that can enhance any project.

Each sample is labeled and categorized, allowing for quick and easy selection. With a massive collection of over 10,000 music samples, artists are sure to find the perfect sound that resonates with their musical vision.

  • Over 10,000 melody samples
  • Royalty-free sounds
  • Multiple genres and moods covered
  • All samples BPM and key-labeled
  • Samples range from ambient to dramatic

Sample Focus

Sample Swap

Sample Swap 4
Sample Swap

Sample Swap is a dedicated platform catering to music creators in search of versatile melodic loops. It provides an organized collection, ranging from bass and guitar loops to synthesized electronic sounds.

Whether you’re in the mood for some classic strings or want to experiment with vocal snippets, this platform has got you covered. With categories clearly labeled, it’s easy to navigate and find the exact sound you’re after.

  • Wide range of melodic loops
  • Categories include bass, guitar, and horn loops
  • Features keys, organ, and piano loops
  • Assortment of synth and electronic loops

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Looperman 5

The Looperman website offers a huge collection of free melody loops, samples, and sounds. These loops, shared generously by the music creator community, are designed to inspire and enhance your music creation process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are melody samples?

Melody samples are short audio clips or sequences that provide a musical tune or phrase. They can be used as the foundation for a track, allowing music producers to add them to their songs.

Are these melody samples really free?

Yes, the melody samples listed in our blog post are 100% free. However, always make sure to review the licensing or usage terms provided by the sample creator to ensure you’re using them correctly.

Can I use these melody samples for commercial projects?

Many of the samples are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your commercial music projects without paying royalties. Nevertheless, always check the specific licensing terms for each sample pack or source to ensure compliance.

What genres do these melody samples cover?

The list provides melody samples suitable for a wide range of music genres, from hip-hop and trap to pop, rock, and electronic. With so many free melody samples to choose from, you’re bound to find something that fits your style.

I hope you found this list of free melody samples helpful. With so many options to choose from, there’s something here for every music creator.

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