1,000 Free Trap Drum Patterns

Here are the best free trap drum patterns for music producers to get access to thousands of free Trap drum loops and samples online.

These free Trap music sample packs offer hundreds of beats, loops, and effects to help you create new trap beats. Many of these trap drum pattern packs offer royalty-free samples, which can be used for both personal and commercial music projects.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free Trap sound packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Trap Drum Patterns

  1. Free Trap Drum Loops
  2. Trap Squad
  3. New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
  4. Apollo Sound
  5. Free Trap Drum Patterns
  6. Dark Trap Drum Loops Vol. 69
  7. Trap MIDI Kit “Matrix” Vol. 1
  8. Trap MIDI Drums
  9. Free Trap MIDI Melodies
  10. Sample Focus
  11. Looperman Trap Drum Patterns
  12. FAQs

Free Trap Drum Loops


The free trap drum loops from AngelicVibes is a great sample pack for music creators. This bundle comes with more than 15 drum loops and is over 600MB in size.

Each loop is accurately labeled with beats per minute (BPM), delivered at a high-quality 24-bit rate, and is ready to be added to your next song. If you have difficulties with drum arrangements, these loops can be dropped into your projects to provide depth and rhythm.

Although this set is perfect for trap music, it’s also suitable for genres like RnB, dubstep, or chillout. It includes a selection of snare, 808, and hi-hat loops.

  • 15 Hard-Hitting Drum Loops
  • Highest Quality
  • 600MB in Size
  • 24-Bit Quality
  • BPM Labeled
  • Includes Snare Loops, 808 Loops, Hi Hat Loops

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Trap Squad

Trap Squad
Trap Squad

The Trap Squad “Trap Loops” soundkit is a sound kit carefully crafted for Trap music producers.

  • Includes 808 One Shots
  • Features 808 Loops
  • Brass Sounds Included
  • 79MB File Size

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New Loops Free Trap Kit 2

New Loops Free Trap Kit 2
New Loops Free Trap Kit 2

The New Loops Free Trap Kit 2 delivers a unique collection of over 50 quality Trap sounds, designed especially for mellow Trap and Hip Hop music.

These unique sounds include 808 bass kicks and crisp snares and claps, among others.

The kit also comes with pre-set trap kits for Kong in Reason, Battery 4, and Geist 2 from FXpansion. Producers will find the instrument patches for Kontakt 5, Halion 6, and NN-XT samplers from Reason useful.

The Free Trap Kit 2 includes a full set of classic Trap beats, containing all the sounds featured in the demo. It is free to use without royalty restrictions.

  • 50 Quality Trap Sounds
  • 13 WAV Loops for Trap
  • 10 REX2 Loops
  • 38 One Shot Samples
  • Pre-Made Trap Kits for Use in Multiple Platforms
  • 100% Royalty Free Sounds

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Apollo Sound

Apollo Sound
Apollo Sound

The Apollo Sound free trap drum loop pack offers quality sounds for music creators. It provides over 50 free trap drum loops and single hits.

This pack, created by Apollo Sound, spans the genres of Hip-Hop and Trap. It features drums and drum kits in the WAV format.

  • Available in WAV and REX2 formats
  • Kit Includes 17 Drum Loops, 40 Drum Hits
  • 100% Royalty-Free Samples
  • 24-Bit & 44.1KHZ

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Free Trap Drum Patterns


The Free Trap Drum Loops offer a selection of top-quality drum sounds tailored for trap-style music. The pack contains 10 unique samples, all in .wav format.

These are easy to download and use in beat-making programs, such as FL Studio, Logic Pro and Garage Band.

  • 10 High-Quality Trap Samples
  • WAV Format
  • Original Samples

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Dark Trap Drum Loops Vol. 69

Dark Trap Drum Loops Vol 69
Dark Trap Drum Loops Vol 69 | Trap Beat Patterns

This trap drum kit was created to help fellow beatmakers and trap music producers.

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Trap MIDI Kit “Matrix” Vol. 1

The Trap MIDI Kit “Matrix” Vol. 1 is a free sample pack crafted by ProdbyLJS. This kit boasts more than 80 files that have a focus on drums and melody.

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Trap MIDI Drums

Trap MIDI Drums
Trap MIDI Drums

The Trap MIDI drums pack is a top-notch set of MIDI files tailored for Trap beats.

These MIDI files are pre-mapped and available for immediate use, making your work easier and faster. The intention is to assist you in crafting and improve your beats.

This MIDI pack has 5 total sets of drum MIDI files, adding up to 23 MIDI files.

  • 5 Complete Sets
  • 23 MIDI Files

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Free Trap MIDI Melodies

Free Trap MIDI Melodies
Free Trap MIDI Melodies

The Free Trap MIDI Melodies pack from r-loops offers the perfect sounds for music producers. This pack includes five MIDI construction kits, each containing separate tracks like drums and chord progression.

These tracks are in MIDI format, making it easy for you to assign them to any synth or sampler. These melodic phrases can be fitted seamlessly into your projects.

The Free Trap MIDI Melodies pack is a hit for producers who enjoy the sounds of DJ Mustard, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and Kevin Gates.

  • MIDI Construction Kits
  • Individual Track Segregation
  • Royalty-Free
  • Contains Only Midi Files

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Sample Focus

Sample Focus
Sample Focus – Download Trap Drum Patterns

Sample Focus offers a huge sound library containing over 7,810 samples. A dedicated community curates this web-based service and updates it daily, providing new content on a regular basis.

Catering to DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts of all skill levels, Sample Focus makes it easy to find the ideal audio sample for any project.

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Looperman Trap Drum Patterns

Looperman Free Drum Patterns
Looperman Free Drum Patterns

The Looperman website is a valuable online tool for producers interested in trap drum patterns and loops. It provides a collection of free trap drum loops, samples, and sounds shared by other users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Term ‘Trap Drum Patterns’ Mean?

Trap Drum Patterns refer to the specific rhythmic and beat patterns used predominantly in the trap music genre. They typically feature a tempo of 140 beats per minute, double-time shuffles, layered with fast hi-hats, and aggressive kick drums.

Why Is the Trap Drum Pattern Unique?

The trap drum pattern stands out because of its peculiar and complex arrangement. It is unique for its extensive use of triplets, rapid kick drums, and quick hi-hats. This arrangement gives the trap genre its distinctive energetic and hard-hitting sound.

Are These Trap Drum Patterns Royalty-Free?

Yes, many of the sound packs above are royalty-free, but check out each website’s terms to see how you can use the samples.

I hope you found this collection of free trap drum patterns helpful. Keep creating amazing beats.

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

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