1,800 Free Hardstyle Samples & Hardstyle Sample Packs

Here are a few free Hardstyle sample packs for music producers to download thousands of free Hardstyle samples. These Hardstyle sample packs include kicks, synths, and drums.

Many of these Hardstyle sample packs offer royalty-free sounds, allowing you to use them in both personal and commercial projects.

Free Hardstyle Samples

  1. Hardstyle Force Sample Pack
  2. Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 1
  3. Hardstyle Triplet Pack
  4. Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 2
  5. Hardstyle Shots
  6. Hardcore Free Samples & Loops
Free Hardstyle Samples
Free Hardstyle Samples

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1. Hardstyle Force Sample Pack

Hardstyle Force Sample Pack
Hardstyle Force Sample Pack

The Hardstyle Force Sample Pack is a free download for music producers who are interested in producing Hardstyle beats. It offers a selection of useful one-shot drum and sound samples. The pack features overdriven kicks, gated kicks, snares, hats, percussion, Nord leads, and vocals, in the Sub Zero Project and E-Force style.

Created by Biochron, this pack is 30 MB in size and available in WAV format.

  • 279 Free Hardstyle Samples
  • Includes One Shot Drum and Sound Samples
  • Overdriven Kicks, Gated Kicks, Snares, Hats Included
  • Contains Percussion, Nord Leads, and Vocals
  • Similar to the Sub Zero Project, E-Force Sounds
  • Sample Pack Size is 30.68MB

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2. Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 1

Hardstyle Freebie Vol 1
Hardstyle Freebie Vol 1 | Royalty Free Hardstyle Samples

The Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 1 offers a free collection of Hardstyle music samples for creators of hardstyle tracks. This sound pack contains over 550 hardstyle samples, packed with sounds such as kicks, crunches, punches, drums, FX, melodies, and more.

This free sound kit also offers free MIDI files and presets for Serum and Sylenth1.

  • Contains Kicks, Crunches, Punches, Drums, and FX
  • Includes Melodies
  • Offers Over 550 Hardstyle Samples
  • Includes 5 Break Melodies
  • Comes with Serum and Sylenth1 Kicks and Leads
  • 488 MB

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3. Hardstyle Triplet Pack

Hardstyle Triplet Pack
Hardstyle Triplet Pack | EDM Hardstyle Samples

The Hardstyle Triplet Pack by Euphoric Wave offers a great selection of music components created to spice up your music projects. It comes with fills, claps, hi-hats, percussions, tops, and risers. With over 400 free samples in the pack, you are all set to create some new tracks.

  • Over 400 Free Samples
  • Includes Builds, Fills, Claps, Hihats, Percussions, Tops, Risers
  • Offers Hardstyle Breaks, Builds, & Drops
  • Drag and Drop Builds, Risers, and Fills
  • Unique Triplet-Based Hardstyle Sample Pack
  • Ready with Sub-Loops and Individual Samples

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4. Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 2

Hardstyle Freebie Vol 2
Hardstyle Freebie Vol 2 | Free Hardstyle Loops

The Hardstyle Freebie Vol. 2 is a great choice for creators of hard-style music. Its 217 MB size of content offers over 450 individual samples designed to cater to your hardstyle needs.

  • Includes 450+ Files Totalling 217 MB
  • Designed for HardStyle Producers
  • Features Modern Kick Sounds
  • Provides a Large Build-Your-Own Kick Folder
  • Folder Contains Crunches, Punches, & Reverbs

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5. Hardstyle Shots Vol.1

Free Hardstyle Shots Vol 1 Sample Pack
Free Hardstyle Shots Vol 1 Sample Pack | Free Hardstyle Loops

The Hardstyle Shots sample pack is a free collection of 110 individual sound effects designed for Hardstyle music. This collection includes unique samples of 10 hardstyle kicks, 60 screeches, 10 claps, 10 snares, 10 hi-hats, and 10 cymbals.

These sound effects offer high-quality, 24bit 44.1KHz studio-grade quality. Despite its broad selection, the entire Hardstyle Shots Vol 1 Sound Pack only uses up 72 MB of space when unpacked.

  • 110 Free One-Shot Samples
  • Includes Hardstyle Kicks, Claps, Snares, and Cymbals
  • Contains 60 Screeches
  • 72 MB Unpacked
  • 24-bit 44.1KHz Studio Quality

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6. Hardcore Free Samples & Loops

Hardcore Free Samples And Loops Sample Pack
Hardcore Free Samples And Loops Sample Pack

The Hardcore Free Samples and Loops pack offers professional audio for producers who prefer the hard dance style. This covers genres like Hardstyle, Gabber, Noise, Techno, and Hardcore.

Pulled from a collection of sample packs, this selection shows the quality and variety in the full collection. Whether playing with Ableton Live or another digital audio workspace, these samples are great for hardstyle music.

  • 89 Free Hard Sounds and Loops
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Great for Various Hard Dance Music Genres
  • Includes Hardcore Kicks
  • Offers Sound Effects
  • Provides Synth Loops
  • Contains Vocals and Acapella Vocals
  • WAV File Format

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these hardstyle samples free?

The hardstyle samples mentioned in this blog post are free. They have all been downloaded and tested. You can download them without any cost or requiring a subscription.

What kind of audio format do these free hardstyle samples come in?

Most of these hardstyle samples are provided in WAV format due to their high quality and lossless nature, ensuring clear and crisp sound.

Can I use these free hardstyle samples commercially?

It depends on the licensing attached to each individual sample pack. Some are distributed under Creative Commons licenses allowing them to be freely used in commercial productions, while others may have restrictions. Always check the license information before using the samples in any commercial project.

I hope you found this list of free hardstyle sample packs helpful. Good luck with creating your next hardstyle track.

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