3,000 Free Phonk Samples [3GB] Best Phonk Sample Packs

Here are the best free phonk drum kits to jumpstart your creativity! These curated kits are your ticket to crafting incredible Phonk tracks quickly!

I have downloaded and tested many of these free phonk sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

What is Phonk Music? Phonk music is a subgenre of hip-hop that finds its roots in the Memphis rap scene. It is known for its nostalgic embrace of lo-fi aesthetics, utilizing old-school hip-hop and jazz sample elements to create a distinctly modern sound and a nod to its historic roots. 

Best Free Phonk Drum Kits & Phonk Samples

  1. VIVIVI Phonk Drum Kit
  2. BVKER Free Phonk Drum Kit “Lunatic”
  3. Drum Digger – Phonk Drum Kit IV
  4. Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit
  5. Phonk Drum Kit
  6. Phonk Essentials Lite
  7. Kusa Nagi Phonk V1
  8. Phonk Drum Kit 2
  9. VISXGE Phonk Drum Kit Vol. 1
  10. Phonk Drum Kit Vol. 5
  11. Free Phonk Drum Kit Download
  12. Looperman

Watch the video below. I have downloaded and tested all the sample packs in this article.

Need more free drum samples? I’ve got you covered! Visit our Free Music Samples section!

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each phonk drum kit. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

VIVIVI Phonk Drum Kit

VIVIVI Phonk Drum Kit
VIVIVI Phonk Drum Kit

This free drum kit has been inspired by the dark hip-hop scenes of the 1990s, predominantly in Memphis, TN. The kit’s contents are tailored to help you craft ominous phonk beats with a hint of authenticity.

It features essential drum sounds, including distorted 808s, tight hi-hats, thumpin’ kicks, and crunchy snares, not forgetting the vocal samples that add an edge to any production.

It encompasses sounds that can be used to program unique drum loops, bringing both the phonk and trap genres to life with a lo-fi touch. The samples come in WAV format, ensuring high-quality sounds for your music production endeavors.

  • 42 Diverse samples
  • Lo-fi touch suitable for phonk and trap genres
  • Available in high-quality WAV format


BVKER Free Phonk Drum Kit “Lunatic”

BVKER Free Phonk Drum Kit “Lunatic”
BVKER Free Phonk Drum Kit “Lunatic”

This kit is an ideal resource for music creators wanting to create phonk and trap beats. It brings together a generous range of sounds that can set a solid foundation for your music projects.

It covers a broad spectrum, offering everything from tuned 808s and cowbells to diverse drum hits and loops. The package doesn’t stop there; it includes melodic elements and sound effects to spice up your tracks, helping you start new ideas fast and create melodies with tuned cowbells.

The sounds are derived from premium libraries like “Disrupted Phonk” and “Neurotic Phonk,” ensuring high-quality auditory elements for your creations.

Every sound is rendered in 24-bit quality, showcasing crisp and clear audio normalized for your convenience. You’ll appreciate the inclusion of 7 melodic loops and MIDIs that aid in bringing harmonic richness to your tracks.

  • Royalty-free license
  • 64 files, including a range of sounds from drum hits to melodic loops
  • High-quality sounds derived from premium libraries
  • 24-bit sound quality
  • Inclusion of effect sounds and melodic elements


Drum Digger – Phonk Drum Kit IV

Drum Digger – Phonk Drum Kit IV
Drum Digger – Phonk Drum Kit IV

Introducing the Drum Digger – Phonk Drum Kit IV, a free sample pack designed to aid music creators in crafting distinctive phonk beats. Created by Drum Digger, this kit contains sounds essential for building a solid foundation in your musical projects.

This drum kit comes with various sound elements stapling in phonk music production. You will find a range of 808s & bass sounds to lay down the groove, along with hi-hats & open hats to add that rhythmic sparkle to your tracks.

The kit offers kicks to bring depth and punch, while percussions and snares are available to give your beats a crisp and defined structure.

The kit doesn’t just stop at providing the basics; it goes a step further by including a section labeled “Extra. “This segment promises additional sounds that can offer that special touch to elevate your music pieces.

  • Contains essential phonk elements, including 808’s & bass
  • Great for creating phonk beats
  • Includes various drum elements such as kicks and snares 

Drum Digger

Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit

Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit
Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit & Best Phonk Drum Kits

Meet the Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit – a dynamic toolkit created by Beatsmith to offer music creators a wide variety of sounds for crafting striking phonk beats. Drawing inspiration from the 90’s underground Memphis rap scene, this kit combines elements that were the hallmark of legends, such as DJ Sound, Tommy Wright III, and Three 6 Mafia.

You will find a generous assortment of melody loops, drum samples, and a remarkable collection of chopped Memphis vocals to add that authentic 90s flavor to your tracks.

Inside the kit, there’s a wide selection of sound elements, including kicks, snares, hats, and 808s, providing a comprehensive range of sounds to build a foundational phonk beat.

Beyond that, the kit ensures you can add detail and depth to your creations with a variety of percussion sounds and melody loops, offering an excellent selection for your music creation adventure. It is formatted in high-quality WAV, making it compatible with various music production software.

  • Inspired by 90s underground Memphis rap
  • Features 255 samples
  • Includes a vast collection of chopped Memphis vocals
  • Available in WAV format 

Candy Boy

Phonk Drum Kit

Phonk Drum Kit 2
Phonk Drum Kit 2 | Best Phonk Drum Kits

Designed with a lo-fi aesthetic, the drum kit is a nod to the rich history of the 90s southern chopped and screwed production style. It brings a fresh approach to the Phonk genre by drawing inspiration from the trap genre and the distinguishing vibe of J Cole’s KOD album.

The kit is a haven for music creators, offering various sound samples, including 27 kicks, 43 snares, 9 hats, and 27 percussion sounds. The twenty 808s included can provide that extra boom to your Phonk creations.

This drum kit is designed to serve both seasoned and aspiring creators venturing into the Phonk and trap genres.

  • Inspired by J Cole’s recent album KOD
  • A blend of Phonk and trap genre characteristics
  • Features 20 808s and 27 kicks
  • Offers 43 snares and 9 hats

View Kit

Free Phonk Drum Kit – Phonk Essentials Lite

Free Phonk Drum Kit - Phonk Essentials Lite
Free Phonk Drum Kit – Phonk Essentials Lite

This kit presents a great selection of some of the finest samples from the acclaimed Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1, and the best part is that it’s free!  

Crafted meticulously to aid Phonk creators, the kit offers 26 premium drum samples, including distorted 808s, punchy kicks, and loud snares, to name a few. 

The kit features 18 loops – 11 drum loops and six melody loops labeled with key and BPM, facilitating easy incorporation into your music pieces. 

  • 26 high-quality drum samples
  • 18 labeled loops for easy usage
  • Royalty-free sounds

Phonk Lite

Kusa Nagi Phonk V1

Kusa Nagi Phonk V1
Kusa Nagi Phonk V1

The Kusa Nagi Phonk V1 brings the vibrant and raw energy of the ’90s Memphis underground scene straight to your music studio. This free drum kit is a creative toolbox for building lo-fi phonk or trap beats, with a unique cassette tape ambiance that gives your tracks a vintage yet fresh feel.

Inside, you’ll find an array of drum elements, such as 808s, claps, and snares, as well as percussive elements and samples, to enrich your tracks. The WAV format ensures you get high-quality sound as you layer these sounds into your music creations.

From the crispness of hi-hats to the depth of kicks, it equips music creators with the foundational sounds required to build resonant and memorable phonk or trap beats.

  • It contains 134 free phonk samples
  • High-quality WAV format

Kusa Nagi Phonk

Phonk Drum Kit 2

This free phonk pack is designed to enhance your music production library with a rich set of sounds. You can find the download link in the video description on YouTube. This kit promises an expansion to your sound collection without any cost.

View Website

VISXGE Phonk Drum Kit Vol. 1

Crafted by VISXGE, this drum kit is available for free, providing music creators with a budget-friendly option to enhance their music production library. The kit is presented in a YouTube video; the link to access it is located in the video description.


Phonk Drum Kit Vol. 5

This free phonk drum kit is a creation shared on Reddit, offering a generous array of 321 sounds for music creators to explore and incorporate into their musical pieces.

While the specifics of the sounds included are not detailed, it’s a substantial kit that promises a wide range of sound elements to play around with and discover new inspiration.

Music creators looking to add some fresh Phonk beats to their library have a good opportunity with this kit.

View Website

Free Phonk Drum Kit Download

Free Phonk Drum Kit Download
Free Phonk Drum Kit Download

This downloadable kit is packed with various sound samples and presets designed to aid music creators in mixing and mastering Phonk tracks.

It is rich with 808 samples, crash samples, fills, and FX that pave the way for dynamic and rich compositions. The kit offers hats, kicks, loops, and percussions that can add depth and patterns to your music creations.

  • Includes 808 samples and crash samples
  • Contains fills and FX

Visit Website



Looperman is a platform that connects music creators and enthusiasts by offering a collection of free Phonk loops, samples, and sounds. Users from around the world upload these assets for others to use in their music projects. 

It is an open space where creators can find assets ranging from Phonk drum loops to specific instrument sounds, such as cowbells and pianos, created and shared by fellow music producers. 

  • Free Phonk loops, samples, and sounds
  • Versatile filtering options to find the perfect loop


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Phonk Drum Kits?

Phonk Drum Kits are collections of sounds and samples used to create music in the Phonk genre, a style that blends lo-fi hip-hop with Memphis rap influences. These kits usually contain various drum sounds, loops, and other instrumental elements essential in crafting a Phonk track.

How can I get started with using Phonk Drum Kits?

To get started, first, select a Phonk Drum Kit from our curated list of the best free options available online. Once you have chosen a kit, download it and import the samples into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). From there, you can start experimenting with the different sounds to create your own Phonk tracks.

Are these Phonk Drum Kits beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! I have chosen kits that are suitable for both beginners and experienced music creators. Many of these kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be used in various DAWs, making the process of getting started quite straightforward.

Can I use these kits for commercial projects?

Most of the Phonk Drum Kits on our list are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your commercial projects without worrying about any legal issues. However, it’s always a good practice to check the individual license agreements for each kit to ensure that you adhere to the terms specified by the creator.

What kind of sounds can I expect to find in a Phonk Drum Kit?

In a Phonk Drum Kit, you can expect to find a rich array of sounds, including, but not limited to, heavy bass lines, lo-fi drum loops, jazzy horns, and atmospheric synth sounds. These sounds are curated to help you craft authentic Phonk tracks with the signature vintage and gritty feel that the genre is known for.

Can I modify the sounds in these kits?

Yes, you can absolutely modify the sounds in these kits to suit your style. Feel free to add effects, mix different sounds, or alter the pitches to create a sound that is uniquely yours.

Do I need any special software to use these kits?

To use these kits, you will need a Digital Audio Workstation such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, or Logic Pro. These DAWs allow you to import and work with the samples provided in the Phonk Drum Kits to create your own music.

I hope you found this list of Phonk Drum Kits helpful. These kits are packed with vibrant, top-quality samples to elevate your music to the next level.

As you start your creative journey, keep in mind that the ideal beat is just a kit away.

What do you think about these tools, and do you have any favorites?

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