Free Music Samples

Download 15,000 free music samples and drum samples. We have articles with free samples, free loops, drum kits, and sample packs.

Get drum sample packs from your favorite music producers, drum kits for specific music genres, and free sample packs with individual drums.

Best Free Music Samples

We also have sample kits for musical instruments like piano samples, sound effects, and bass.

These sample packs can be used with your favorite music software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason, and Apple Logic.

To download the music samples visit the articles below, click the underlined links, and search the website for the download link or button.

Drum Samples

  1. 200 Free Drum Kits
  2. 50 Trap Drum Kits
  3. 808 Drum Kit
  4. 25 Free Drum Sample Packs
  5. 15 Hip Hop Drum Kits
  6. 1,000 Free Drum Breaks
  7. 15 Free Vinyl Drum Kits
  8. 2,000 Free Drum Samples
  9. 14 Boom Bap Drum Kits
  10. 2,000 Kick Drum Samples

Musical Instruments

  1. 400 Free Piano Samples
  2. Free Piano Sample Pack
  3. Free Bass Loops – Bass guitar sample pack.
  4. Free Guitar Loops
  5. Free Drum loop Pack – Drum loop sample pack.
  6. Synth Samples – Free synth sample pack.

Vocal Samples

  1. Free Vocal Samples
  2. Free Acapellas

Free Packs by Music Genre

  1. Hip Hop Loops
  2. Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack – Unique sound kit.
  3. Dubstep Sample Packs
  4. EDM Samples

Various Free Sample Packs & Free Plugins

  1. Royalty-Free Music
  2. Free Loops
  3. Royalty-Free Samples
  4. Free Sample Packs

Free Sounds

  1. Free FLP Remakes
  2. Free MIDI Files
  3. Free Reason Refills

Free Beats & Instrumentals

  1. Free Lofi Hip Hop Beat
  2. Download Free Beats

Common music sample questions:

What Are the Best Free Music Samples?

Here are some of our most popular articles for high-quality free samples and royalty-free sounds.

Are These Music Samples Royalty Free?

You will need to check the terms and conditions on each website to see if the samples are royalty-free. But here are some of the articles we have that include samples for commercial use.

How Do I Use These Music Samples?

Download samples to your computer and add them to the music software you are using. These free packs can be used with popular DAWs such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, and Garageband.

If you are looking for more sounds to add to your music collection, check out these free VST plugins.

You will find more articles below in our free samples section.

Free Drum Sample Packs Free Drum Samples

750 Free Drum Samples to Download!

Download over 750 free drum samples and free drum kits to add to your music-making collection. The kits contain kicks, claps, snares, and many more

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