2,000 Free Vocal Chops & Vocal Chop Packs

Here are the best free vocal chops online for music producers to download hundreds of free voice samples. These free sample packs include hundreds of vocal loops, melodies, and voice effects.

I have downloaded and tested many of these vocal chop sample packs, and I have even created video demos for many of them.

Many of these vocal sample packs offer royalty-free samples that can be used for commercial music projects. In this roundup of free vocal chops, I’ve included images, sample pack details, and some audio previews.

Best Free Vocal Chops

  1. Free Vocal Chop Samples
  2. Heaven Vox
  3. Ultimate Vocal Chops Library
  4. Sexy Whispers (free Pack)
  5. Gang Vocals
  6. Free Vocal Loops & Chops
  7. Hype Shouts
  8. Free Trap Vox Chops
  9. Free Tropical House Vocals 2
  10. Vocal Infused Claps
  11. Vocal Chop Toolkit
  12. Free Female Vocal Samples
  13. Looperman Vocal Chop Loops
  14. 327 Free Vocal Ad-Lib Samples

Instructions: Click the buttons to visit each vocal chop sample pack. Look around each site for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Free Vocal Chop Samples

Free Vocal Chop Samples
Free Vocal Chop Samples

Included in this free pack are 22 top-quality loops. They have been specifically created for various music genres such as pop, EDM, and dance, making it a great sound kit.

Each loop in this pack includes labeling with key scale and BPM. This feature allows easy matching of these loops with your music projects.

When it comes to customization, this sample pack offers users the ability to rearrange loops as they desire. The loops can be divided and reorganized for infinite variations.

  • 22 Free Vocal Chop Loops
  • Suits EDM, Pop, and Dance Music Genres
  • Loops Labeled With Key Scale and BPM
  • Loops Can Be Chopped and Rearranged

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Heaven Vox

Heaven Vox
Heaven Vox | Vocal Chops for Music Production

The Heaven Vox sample pack is a complimentary mini pack of vocal samples, provided by LIONFIGHT, a music producer and the founder of Lion’s Den Sounds.

The pack contains 40 samples in total, suitably divided into 32 overlaid vocal samples and 8 individual vocal samples.

Every sample in the pack is high-quality, offering a 48 kHz sampling rate and a 24 BIT depth at -0.3dB peak level.

  • 32 Layered Vocal Samples
  • 8 Solo Vocal Samples
  • 40 Vocal Samples

Heaven Vox

Ultimate Vocal Chops Library Vol. 1

Ultimate Vocal Chops
Ultimate Vocal Chops

The Ultimate Vocal Chops Library Vol.1 offers 25 free vocal chops. Adding these audio snippets of the human voice can instill a more realistic feel to your music.

These drag-and-drop-ready sounds are suitable for a diverse selection of music categories, such as Future Bass, Pop, Trap, and House. They effectively enhance the depth and quality of your production.

All the files are labeled with their key and tempo, and the sample pack offers 180 WAV files in total. With a download size of 570MB, this kit promises many sounds, all of which are royalty-free.

  • Vocal Chops Library
  • Great For All Genres
  • Drag & Drop Ready Sounds
  • Samples are Key and Tempo Labeled
  • 180 Free Samples
  • Royalty-Free License

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Sexy Whispers

Sexy Whispers
Sexy Whispers

The Sexy Whispers Free Pack delivers top-notch vocal samples for musicians and music producers. The collection offers whisper sounds that can deepen emotional resonance in your songs.

You can download this sample pack, which includes 27 whisper words processed without effect and 27 sultry whispers enhanced with clear reverb chambers.

This collection comes with no strings attached, allowing you to add these sounds to your music without accruing fees or royalties.

  • Premium Vocal Samples
  • 24bit WAV Quality
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Includes Whispered Female Words and Phrases
  • 27 Wet Sexy Whispers

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Gang Vocals

Gang Vocals
Gang Vocals

Gang Vocals is a complimentary download presenting a collection of vocal samples. These include chants, various vocal phrases, and the word ‘heys’.

The pack comprises both dry processed gang vocals and wet gang vocals enhanced with added effects. The vocals in this bundle have undergone multitracking, panning, and saturation.

This sample pack is great for future pop, trap, and future bass genres of music.

All downloads come without copyright restrictions.

  • Includes Chants, Vocal Phrases, Heys, Whats, and Melodic Hooks
  • Multi-tracked, Panned, Widened, and Saturated
  • 33 Dry Processed Gang Vocals
  • 33 Wet Gang Vocals with Fx
  • Royalty-Free

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Free Vocal Loops & Chops

Free Vocal Loops And Chops
Free Vocal Loops And Chops

This free vocal pack is created by W.A. Production. It’s perfect for a selection of genres like Bass House, Dubstep, EDM, Hardstyle, House, Trap, and Electro House.

Each loop is available in both dry and wet WAV versions, allowing music creators to choose the sound that best suits their project.

A terrific feature – it’s 100% royalty-free. Feel at ease to use these sounds in your music without any added expenses.

  • Free Vocal Chops Pack
  • Genre: Bass House, Dubstep, EDM, and More
  • 100% Royalty Free

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Hype Shouts

Hype Shouts
Hype Shouts | Vocal Samples for Music Producers

The Hype Shouts is a free, downloadable collection of shouts and sound effects. This pack offers musicians with a range of unique vocal parts.

The bundle contains 30 dry processed shouts and effects, along with 30 wet shouts and effects, treated with reverb, distortion, pitched wide delays, and more. You can use these sounds in various aspects of your songs to inject personality into your drums or add dynamic changes.

The Hype Shouts are royalty-free, so you won’t need to worry about additional fees.

  • Royalty-Free
  • Vocal Character Add-Ons
  • 30 Dry Processed Shouts and FX
  • 30 Wet Shouts and FX

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Free Trap Vox Chops

The free trap vox chops pack is a downloadable set of over 35 no-charge vocal samples. These are designed for beat creators.

The 35 vocal chops can be easily adjusted to fit various music genres, including Trap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, and more.

Each sample is clearly labeled with beats per minute (BPM) and key information, making it easy to use in your music projects. This free vox chop sample group can significantly improve your beats or spark your imagination to create new beats.

  • 35 Royalty-Free Trap Vocal Chops
  • Free Vox Chops Sample Pack
  • All Samples Are BPM and key-labeled

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Free Tropical House Vocals 2

Free Tropical House Vocals 2
Free Tropical House Vocals 2 | Vocal Chops Samples

The free Tropical House Vocals 2 sample pack is a great download by W. A. Production. It falls under the categories of Deep House, Tropical House, and Vocals. Its main component is vocals, making it a perfect tool for music makers interested in these genres.

The download features two detailed construction kits complete with smooth vocals and instruments. Besides this, users can look forward to both dry and wet versions, along with handy MIDI loops.

With a grand size of 1.24GB, it provides a plentiful collection. Most importantly, it’s 100% royalty-free. This means creators can easily use it in their songs without worrying about additional costs or copyright issues.

  • Genres: Deep House, Tropical House, Vocal
  • Dry / Wet Variations Provided
  • 73 Files (Loops, Stems)
  • Total Size: 1,24 GB
  • 100% Royalty Free

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Vocal Infused Claps

Vocal Infused Claps
Vocal Infused Claps & Singing Chops

The Vocal Infused Claps sample pack offers a great free pack of sound effects. Included are a range of vocal effects, adlibs, and shouts recorded during sessions.

These sounds are mixed with crisp claps, clap stacks, and classic machine drum claps. The group of percussive one-shots mingled with grunts, chants, and shouts can personalize your drums.

This pack encompasses 30 Dry Clap & Vocal Infusions, along with 30 Wet Clap & Vocal Infusions. On top of that, every download from the Vocal Infused Claps pack is royalty-free.

  • Includes Vocal Effects, Shouts, and Adlibs
  • Contains Crispy Claps and Clap Stacks
  • Infused with Chants and Shouts
  • 30 Dry Clap & Vocal Infusions
  • 30 Wet Clap & Vocal Infusions

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Vocal Chop Toolkit

Vocal Chop Toolkit
Vocal Chop Toolkit | High-Quality Vocal Chops

The Vocal Chop Toolkit offers an extensive collection of vocal chop loops designed to enhance your music projects. The toolkit includes a variety of loops, from vocal chop loops to granular loops and vocal one-shots, along with vocoded versions for a unique twist.

  • 65 Vocal Chop Loops
  • 10 Granular Loops
  • 10 Vocal One-Shots
  • WAV Format, 24Bit Quality
  • 100% Royalty-Free Content

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1,338 Free Female Vocal Samples

Music Radar
Music Radar

Music Radar is offering a huge selection of free female vocal samples. Each vocal line comes in gentle, medium, and hard versions, with two harmony parts for more flexibility.

These samples are organized in six themed sets, ready for you to discover. They are provided in 24-bit WAV file format, making it easy to import into your digital audio workstation or sampler.

These copyright-free samples give you total freedom to include them in your songs without any restrictions, except for redistribution.

  • 1,338 Free Female Vocal Samples
  • Includes Soft, Medium, and Hard Vocal Line Variations
  • Two Harmony Parts Included
  • 24-Bit WAV Files Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free

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Looperman Vocal Chop Loops

Looperman Vocal Chop Loops
Looperman Vocal Chop Loops

Looperman offers a variety of vocal chop loops, samples, and sounds that the community has shared.

  • Community-Shared Vocal Loops
  • Variety of Vocal Sounds


327 Free Vocal Ad-Lib Samples

Music Radar
Music Radar

The Free Vocal Ad-Lib sample pack by Music Radar is an excellent download for music creators. These samples infuse a personal touch into your music. This selection offers vocal sounds that can be used independently, combined, or heavily edited.

  • 327 Free Vocal Ad-Lib Samples
  • 24-Bit WAV File Format
  • Royalty-Free Usage
  • Download Size is 237MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Vocal Chops?

Vocal chops are small segments of a vocal recording, often a single word or syllable, that have been manipulated and repurposed as a melodic instrument in music production. These chopped samples can be rearranged, manipulated, and tracked to create unique textures and melody lines in a song.

Can I Use These Vocal Chops for Commercial Purposes?

Yes, many of the vocal chop sample packs are royalty-free, but read each website’s terms and conditions to learn how to use the samples.

How Can I Download These Vocal Chops?

Visit each website by clicking the buttons above and look for the download link or button.

I hope you found this collection of free vocal chops helpful.

Mark V.

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