1,000 Free Guitar Samples [600MB] Free Guitar Sample Packs

Here are the best free guitar samples to spice up your tracks. These free guitar samples will help you create unique sounds, saving time and speeding up your music creation process.

These samples can be used by music creators to add guitar sounds to their tracks without needing to record a guitar themselves. While many premium samples are available, a wide selection of free options offer high-quality sounds.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free guitar packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Best Free Guitar Samples

  1. Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack
  2. Amped
  3. Guitar Gods
  4. Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack
  5. Beat Delivery – Live Guitar Samples
  6. Angelic Vibes Free Guitar Sample Pack
  7. Clean Guitars
  8. Hearts Guitar Loop Toolkit
  9. SampleRadar Guitar & Bass Samples
  10. Pixabay
  11. Sample Focus Guitar Samples
  12. Ambient Dark Guitar
  13. Free Electric Guitar Loops
  14. Guitar Adventures
  15. Trap Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack
  16. Looperman
  17. Sweet Acoustics
  18. Sample Swap
  19. Serenade Guitar Loops Sample Pack
  20. Guitar Loops

Why pay when you can get it for free? Download premium-quality Free Music Samples without the premium price tag.

Sample Pack Previews – I have downloaded and tested ten of the sample packs below, and recorded audio previews of each guitar sample pack.

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Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack

The Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack by Hip Hop Makers offers a rich source of inspiration for music creators.

This pack contains 20 high-quality guitar loop samples ready for your next music project.

The samples are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in personal and commercial projects without worries.

The diverse set of sounds in this pack is great for a wide range of music genres, allowing you to explore your creativity and craft unique pieces of music.

  • 20 Free guitar samples
  • Royalty-free for personal and commercial use
  • Exclusive availability on Hip Hop Makers
  • Suitable for various music genres
  • High-quality WAV format
  • Stereo audio

Free Guitar Loops Sample Pack



Amped is a collection of 25 WAV guitar loops designed to inspire music creators working on future bass, pop, and chill genres.

This pack, available for a limited time, offers electric and acoustic loops organized into song ideas, making it a breeze to kickstart new musical projects.

Each loop is labeled with its BPM and key, and they are grouped into song-starting kits that include chords, leads, and other variations.

Drag and drop these elements into your DAW to begin crafting your masterpiece.

  • 25 inspiring WAV guitar loops
  • Suitable for future bass, pop, and chill music creations
  • Includes both electric and acoustic loops
  • Loops are BPM and key-labeled


Guitar Gods

Guitar Gods
Guitar Gods

Guitar Gods is a versatile and free guitar loop kit brought to you by Beats24-7, designed to elevate your music production journey.

This kit houses 10 distinct guitar loops, accompanied by 12 WAV files and 16 free MIDI files, all crafted to inspire your next hit in genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, and Trap.

The high-quality WAV samples, available in 44.1 kHz/24-bit, ensure a crisp sound to kickstart your project.

With a wide variety of tempos and keys, you can easily find a guitar loop to fit your musical vision.

Simply drag and drop the loops into your preferred DAW and start creating music!

  • 10 Unique guitar loops
  • 12 WAV files and 16 MIDI files included
  • High-quality WAV samples (44.1 kHz/24-bit)
  • Compatible with all DAWs, including FL Studio and Logic

Guitar Gods

Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack

Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack
Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack

The Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack by Biochron is a helpful resource for music creators looking to add a touch of acoustic guitar to their productions.

The pack offers 14 dry samples, ready to be molded to suit your musical needs.

All samples are labeled with the notes used, making it easier for you to integrate them into your projects.

Suitable for Chill and Hip-Hop genres, this pack is available for free, offering a simple way to enhance your sound library.

Acoustic Pack

Beat Delivery – Live Guitar Samples

Beat Delivery February Live Guitar Samples
Beat Delivery – Free Live Guitar Samples

This collection, carefully curated from the Songwriter Guitars and Nu-Disco Licks packs, brings you 20 loopable guitar loops that are not only perfectly performed but also ready to add a live feel to your tracks.

Whether you are working on a songwriter’s piece or a nu-disco track, these samples can be the perfect addition to bring your music to life.

  • 20 Loopable guitar loops
  • Suitable for various music projects

Beat Delivery

Angelic Vibes Free Guitar Sample Pack

AngelicVibes Free Guitar Sample Pack
Angelic Vibes Free Guitar Sample Pack

The AngelicVibes Free Guitar Sample Pack offers a unique collection of live-played guitar samples that are perfect for creators aiming to produce Emo Trap, Hip Hop, or chill Lo-Fi beats.

Crafted by a professional guitarist, these samples bring a relaxed and chill vibe to your music, offering a wide selection of music styles to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to create a soothing Lo-Fi track or an energetic Hip Hop beat, this pack has got you covered with its exclusive and vast collection of guitar samples.

Angelic Vibes

Clean Guitars

Clean Guitars
Clean Guitars

This pack houses 23 dry guitar stems that are merged into 14 loops, serving as a helpful tool to start your music creation journey.

The samples are available in both WAV and AIFF formats and are 100% royalty-free, granting you the freedom to use them in your projects without any restrictions.

  • 23 dry guitar stems
  • 14 combined song-starter loops
  • Loops labeled by key and BPM

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Hearts Guitar Loop Toolkit

Hearts Guitar Loop Toolkit
Hearts Guitar Loop Toolkit

This sample kit offers a collection of 75 inspirational guitar loops that can serve as the perfect starting point for your next song.

Crafted to spur your creativity, these loops are not only a great source of inspiration but are also 100% royalty-free

  • 75 catchy and inspirational guitar loops
  • High-quality WAV format with 24-bit depth

Hearts Toolkit

SampleRadar Free Guitar & Bass Samples

SampleRadar Free Guitar Bass Samples
SampleRadar Free Guitar Bass Samples

The guitar loops have been recorded through a tube compressor, with some enhanced using a Morley wah-wah and NI’s Guitar Rig for a warmer touch.

The bass samples played on vintage Music Man Stingrays, have been treated with various effects, including EQ, compression limiting, and more.

These WAV files are royalty-free and organized into folders by tempo or tone/style for easy navigation.




The Pixabay website is a valuable resource for music creators looking to enhance their projects with unique guitar-loop sounds.

This website offers over 218 royalty-free guitar sounds, ranging from smooth acoustic loops to vibrant beats suitable for rap and hip-hop tracks.

With a variety of BPM options and styles, you can find the perfect loop to complement your musical vision.

  • Over 218 royalty-free guitar loop sounds
  • A variety of styles, including rap, hip-hop, and acoustic
  • Different BPM options to suit your project’s pace


Sample Focus Guitar Samples

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus is the ultimate hub for music creators seeking the perfect guitar sounds for their projects.

This website offers various guitar samples, ranging from emotional Juice WRLD-type melodies to serene guitar loops.

The library features high-quality sounds curated and uploaded by a vibrant community of creators.

You will always find fresh inspiration for your music creations, with new sounds added daily.

  • Wide variety of guitar sounds and loops
  • High-quality samples to enhance your projects
  • Range of moods from gloomy to cheerful
  • Different musical keys and BPMs to fit your needs

Sample Focus

Ambient Dark Guitar

Ambient Dark Guitar is a loop kit crafted mainly with synth and electric guitar sounds.

The creator created the sounds in this kit using Arturia synths, an electric guitar, Arcade, and various Kontakt banks.

This kit could be a great tool for those looking to add some ambient and dark guitar elements to their musical projects.

Ambient Kit

Free Electric Guitar Loops

Free Electric Guitar Loops
Free Electric Guitar Loops

This set exclusively features 6-string electric guitar loops, offering a wide variety of sounds including chord patterns, slick riffs, bass grooves, and dreamy textures.

The 14 royalty-free music loops are handpicked from popular ModeAudio packs such as Open Sky, Ceremony, and Float, ensuring a versatile addition to your music production toolkit.

These loops are designed to blend seamlessly into various genres, offering a fresh and vibrant sound to your compositions.

  • 14 royalty-free electric guitar loops
  • Ideal for Ambient, Chill, and Hip Hop projects

Features chord patterns, riffs, and bass grooves

View Pack

Guitar Adventures

The Guitar Adventures collection sample pack is here to spark your musical creativity.

This pack includes over 80 royalty-free guitar samples, melodies, and samples, giving music creators a wide array of options when crafting their next masterpiece.

The link can be found in the Google Sheet.

  • Over 80 free guitar samples
  • Ideal for various music genres

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Trap Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack

The Trap Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack is your go-to destination for high-quality WAV files that are perfect for creating emotional acoustic guitar samples reminiscent of the styles of Polo G and A Boogie.

Each file is labeled with key and BPM, helping you quickly and easily find the perfect match for your music projects.

Reddit Pack



Looperman offers a huge collection of free electric guitar loops, samples, and sounds that other users have uploaded.

From dark and sad vibes to energetic and uplifting melodies, you can find guitar loops that cater to various moods and genres.

The loops come with detailed descriptions, including the key, BPM, and the software used to create them, helping you to choose the perfect sound for your music.

  • Free electric guitar loops, samples, and sounds
  • A diverse range of sounds to suit different moods and genres
  • Detailed descriptions, including key and BPM


Sweet Acoustics

Sweet Acoustics offers a collection of 13 high-quality, raw loops played on an acoustic guitar to help producers craft new music.

These loops come with detailed information about their BPM and are prepared at a tempo ranging from 75 to 130 BPM, providing a versatile range for various musical projects.

Sweet Acoustics

Sample Swap

Sample Swap
Sample Swap

Sample Swap is a great resource for music creators, offering a wide array of free guitar sounds, samples, and loops.

Launch in 2001, it has grown to host a vast collection of audio samples curated and organized by Canton, the founder.

The platform allows users to explore and download a variety of guitar samples, ranging from folksy guitar and voice stems to unique guitar riffs with different BPMs.

Whether you are looking for slow ballad guitar strings or vibrant acoustic strums, Sample Swap has everything, providing an easy and free way to enhance your music projects.

  • A wide variety of guitar samples
  • High-quality, hand-trimmed, and normalized samples

Sample Swap

Serenade Guitar Loops Sample Pack

The Serenade Guitar Loops Sample Pack offers a collection of over 12 free guitar loops that can be a great addition to your music toolkit.

Inspired by the styles of artists like Roddy Ricch, Gunna, and Wheezy, this pack brings a touch of serenade to your tracks.

Find the pack on Reddit and start experimenting with the serene and melodious loops it offers.

  • Over 12 free guitar loops
  • Inspired by artists like Roddy Ricch, Gunna, and Wheezy

Serenade Pack

Guitar Loops

The Guitar Loops by itschrismarek is a free sample pack available on Reddit, created to assist music creators in finding that perfect guitar sound for their projects.

This pack is a generous offer by a Reddit user, aiming to foster creativity and collaboration among fellow music enthusiasts.

Reddit Kit

FML Free Guitar Loops

FML Free Guitar Loops
FML Free Guitar Loops

The FML Free Guitar Loops is a collection of original and royalty-free guitar loops created in ProTools studios.

These loops, available in WAV format, are suitable for both project and professional studio applications, offering a versatile tool for music creators.

FML Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What are guitar samples?

Guitar samples are short audio clips that have been recorded from a guitar playing various notes, chords, or riffs. These samples can be used in music production to add guitar sounds to your tracks without needing to record a guitar yourself.

Who can benefit from using guitar samples in their music production?

Music producers, DJs, songwriters, music students, and indie artists can all benefit from using guitar samples. They are a great tool for anyone looking to add rich and diverse guitar sounds to their music without the need for a live recording session.

Are all the guitar samples listed in the blog post free?

Yes, all the guitar samples mentioned in the blog post are free to use. However, it is always a good practice to check the terms and conditions or licensing agreements to ensure that you are using them in a way that is compliant with the creator’s guidelines.

Can I use these guitar samples in commercial projects?

While many guitar samples are available for use in commercial projects, it is essential to review the specific licensing agreements for each sample. Some may allow for commercial use without restrictions, while others might require attribution or have other conditions.

Can I edit the guitar samples to suit my music style?

Absolutely! You are encouraged to edit the guitar samples to match your music style. Using your DAW, you can cut, loop, stretch, and add effects to the samples to create a unique sound that perfectly fits your project.

I hope you found this list of free guitar samples helpful.

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