1,000 Free Soul Samples & Soul Sample Packs

Here are the best free soul samples to add to your music library. These soul sample packs will help you create pro-level music.

Soul music, originating in the 1950s and 1960s, is known for its deep emotional resonance and a rich blend of rhythms, vocals, and instrumental arrangements. Using a soul music sample in a new beat can infuse it with a nostalgic or soulful vibe.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free soul sample packs. I have created audio demos for many of these packs to hear what sounds are included.

Best Free Soul Samples

  1. Trap Soul Loop Pack
  2. Sample Cartel City 14
  3. Vintage Soulful Sample Pack
  4. Free Soul Samples
  5. Future Soul Kit
  6. Soulful Hip Hop Samples Pack
  7. Sample Cartel Soulful Samples
  8. Vintage Soulful Sample Pack
  9. Dark Vintage Bundle
  10. SampleCartel City 10
  11. Looperman
  12. Soul Samples
  13. Dreamville Free Soul Sample Pack
  14. Sample Focus
  15. Free Funk Soul & RnB Sample Pack
  16. 40oz Sample Pack
  17. SampleRadar Free Soul & Funk Samples
  18. Sample Cartel Vintage Samples
  19. Sample Cartel Soul Samples
  20. Radar Funk & Soul Samples

Tired of the same old loops and beats? Refresh your sound collection with our articles on the best free music samples.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each soul sample pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Trap Soul Loop Pack

Trap Soul Loop Pack
Trap Soul Loop Pack

The Trap Soul Loop Pack from Producergrind gifts music creators with five free TrapSoul-type loops ready to be flipped or chopped.

This pack includes the tempo information for each loop as part of the Throwaway Thursdays initiative, allowing for straightforward synchronization in your digital audio workstation (DAW).

  • Contains five free Trap Soul type loops
  • Includes tempo information for easy synchronization
  • Ideal for flipping and chopping
  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned music creators

Soul Pack


Sample Cartel City 14

City 14
City 14

The City 14 sample pack from SampleCartel is the go-to resource for music creators seeking to enrich their tracks with a vintage touch.

The pack contains seven loops drawn from a rare selection of soulful samples, dark jazz, and piano tunes, sourced from vinyl records.

These expertly curated loops offer a rich and authentic sound, promising to bring a layer of depth and sophistication to your music production endeavors.

Take advantage of this free pack to elevate your creative projects.

  • Features seven unique loops
  • Includes soulful samples and dark jazz elements

City 14

Vintage Soulful Sample Pack

Vintage Soulful Sample Pack
Vintage Soulful Sample Pack

The Vintage Soulful Sample Pack titled “City 16” is your gateway to a collection of unique and authentic sounds for your music projects.

Drawing from the rich influences of 90’s vintage and hip-hop realms, this pack brings together dark jazz, captivating piano melodies, and more, all derived from rare vinyl records.

It is essential to note that the pack is crafted for both professional and personal uses, albeit not royalty-free.

View Pack

Free Soul Samples

Free Soul Samples
Free Soul Samples

The Soul Samples Pack, crafted by DJ Rell Ruger, is here to enhance your music productions with a touch of Soul.

This entirely royalty-free pack brings together eight soulful samples composed by the renowned DJ Rell Ruger.

  • Contains 8 soulful samples
  • Ideal for adding a soulful touch to music productions

Visit Website

Future Soul Kit

Future Soul Kit
Future Soul Kit

The Future Soul Kit is ideal for music creators inspired by the Future Soul sub-genre and artists like Pomrad and Majestic Casual.

This pack contains funky percussion loops, analog-style synth sounds, and much more, offering a fresh palette to spice up your music productions.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with 38 WAV loops, 9 Serum presets, and 11 available MIDI files.

  • 38 WAV loops to add depth to your tracks
  • 9 Serum presets for a rich sound experience
  • 11 MIDI files for seamless integration

Future Kit

Soulful Hip Hop Samples Pack

Soulful Hip Hop Samples
Soulful Hip Hop Samples

The Soulful Hip Hop Samples Free Taster Pack is your gateway to crafting head-nodding hip-hop beats with a soulful twist.

Inspired by legendary artists such as J Dilla and Pete Rock, this pack from Prime Loops, designed by the talented RiggleBeats, offers a rich assembly of expressive instruments, from Rhodes keys to vibes and much more. It allows you to immerse your tracks in dusty jazz and R&B-inspired chords and melodies.

  • Influenced by legendary hip-hop and soul artists
  • 15 loops to get you started
  • 24-bit WAV format ensures high-quality sound

Taster Pack

Sample Cartel Soulful Samples

Sample Cartel Soulful Samples
Sample Cartel Soulful Samples

The Sample Cartel Soulful Samples pack offers music creators a rich source of inspiration through its selection of nine distinctive loops.

  • Features a collection of 9 unique loops
  • Includes dark jazz and piano sounds
  • Sourced from vinyl records
  • Provides a soulful addition to music beats

Sample Cartel

Vintage Soulful Sample Pack

Vintage Soulful Sample Pack
Vintage Soulful Sample Pack

The Vintage Soulful Sample Pack, dubbed “City 17” offers music creators a selection of hip-hop and 90s vintage samples to use for soulful beats.

Available for both professional and personal use, this pack contains five specially curated loops extracted from vinyl records and other rare sources.

Although not royalty-free, these dark jazz and piano samples bring an authentic and unique sound to your music projects, helping you craft tracks with a soulful and vintage vibe.

Vintage Pack

Dark Vintage Bundle

Dark Vintage Bundle
Dark Vintage Bundle

The Dark Vintage Bundle is a sample pack curated by SampleCartel, a producer from Chicago, perfect for music creators looking to add a unique touch to their creations.

The pack includes seven loops featuring soulful samples, dark jazz, and piano sounds.

These loops have been chosen meticulously from vinyl records.

Dark Bundle

SampleCartel City 10

SampleCartel City 10
SampleCartel City 10

This pack brings together a mix of soulful samples, dark jazz, and piano sounds curated from vinyl records and other uncommon sources.

While the loops offer an authentic and unique sound to ramp up your creations, it is important to note that these samples are not royalty-free and are intended for personal use only.

Take your music to a new height with these carefully selected sounds, available for free in the SampleCartel City 10-pack.

  • Features 7 carefully selected loops
  • Includes soulful samples, dark jazz, and pianos
  • Derived from vinyl records

Sample Cartel



The Looperman platform is here to spice up your music creation journey.

Offering a wide array of free soul loops, samples, and sounds, this platform allows music creators to explore and find the perfect sound for their productions.

These assets have been generously uploaded by other users, ensuring a vibrant and diverse collection to choose from.

Looperman | 900

Soul Samples

The Soul Samples collection is your next go-to for rich and warm sounds for your music projects.

Available for free via a link shared in a Reddit comment, this set is a generous offer from a fellow music creator who recently ventured into crafting soul samples.

Soul Samples

Dreamville Free Soul Sample Pack

The Dreamville Free Soul Sample Pack presents a collection of rich and captivating soul samples ideal for music creators aiming to craft compelling tunes.

This bundle includes three separate packs labeled Dreamville Vol. 1 to Vol. 3, which include 57 samples derived from vintage soul records.

Each sample has the BPM mentioned and retains a description of the original song title, aiding creators in seamlessly blending them into their masterpieces.

  • Includes three packs: Dreamville Vol .1 to Vol .3
  • A total of 57 chopped and flipped samples
  • Sourced from vintage soul records
  • BPM mentioned for each sample

Sample Focus

Sample Focus
Sample Focus

Sample Focus provides music creators with a rich selection of free Soul sounds to download and use with their soul beats.

The website offers a wide variety of samples, from soothing soul organs to dynamic vocal loops. Each has a unique melody and emotional resonance to help you craft a distinctive sound in your music.

The sounds are inspired by various Soul, funk, and hip-hop elements, presenting a range of moods from mellow and gentle to bright and dynamic.

The details of BPM and duration are included to help you fit these royalty-free samples seamlessly into your creations.

Sample Focus | 60

Free Funk Soul & RnB Sample Pack

The Free Funk Soul & RnB Sample Pack offers an excellent resource for music creators keen on enhancing their tracks with vibrant sounds.

This pack is available for download by Function Loops once you subscribe to their email newsletter.

Funk Pack

40oz Sample Pack

40oz Sample Pack
40oz Sample Pack

The 40oz Sample Pack is a fresh series produced by Producergrind and created with the help of Patron Tone & Adrian R.

This volume offers various sounds, including old soul samples, rock fragments, and pieces from video game scores.

It contains 40 distinct samples and chops you can effortlessly incorporate into music creation platforms such as Fl Studio, MPC, Maschine, Reason, DR Rex, and Studio One.

40oz Pack | 40

SampleRadar Free Soul & Funk Samples

SampleRadar Fee Soul Funk Samples
SampleRadar Fee Soul Funk Samples

The SampleRadar Free Soul & Funk Samples pack offers a creative collection of sounds perfect for any music creator wanting to add some soulful flair to their tracks.

Inside the pack, you will find a rich array of samples split into five construction kits with different tempos ranging from 90 to 120 bpm.

The kits include a variety of instrument loops like drum, bass, guitar, Rhodes piano, and organ, providing a vibrant palette to craft your masterpieces.

Plus, these WAV files are royalty-free, allowing you to use them in your music projects without worrying about redistribution restrictions.

  • Includes soulful and funky samples
  • Features five construction kits
  • Tempo ranging from 90 to 120 bpm
  • Variety of instrument loops: drum, bass, guitar, and more
  • Supplied as royalty-free WAV files

SampleRadar | 393

Sample Cartel Vintage Samples

The Sample Cartel Vintage Samples pack is a carefully curated collection designed for music creators looking to infuse their tracks with a soulful and vintage vibe.

It encompasses seven unique loops crafted from vinyl records and other rare sources to grant you an authentic sound.

Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of dark jazz or the resonant notes of a piano, this pack has something to cater to your artistic vision.

Sample Cartel

Sample Cartel Soul Samples

This pack comes with 7 carefully curated loops that include soulful samples, elements of dark jazz, and piano melodies derived from vinyl records.

  • 7 Unique soul loops
  • Features soulful and dark jazz samples
  • Includes piano melodies

Sample Cartel

Radar Funk & Soul Samples

The SampleRadar Funk & Soul Samples collection is your gateway to achieving that classic ’70s soul and funk vibe in your music projects, minus the hassle of clearing samples.

This pack comes pre-loaded with a rich assortment of warm, crackly, and soulful samples, curated and ready to be incorporated into your next project.

Suitable for music producers of all levels, the sounds are categorized into six main folders based on tempo, aiding a smooth and focused browsing experience.

Download the pack to start experimenting with the crusty vinyl-ized sounds, riffs, licks, and grooves, all royalty-free and delivered in versatile WAV format.

  • Royalty-free
  • Warm & soulful samples
  • 6 Folders organized by tempo
  • Easy-to-use WAV file format
  • Ideal for creating ’70s soul and funk music
  • 297MB of free soul samples


CJ Vegas Soul Sample Pack

This kit offers a range of free soul samples and loops, bringing the iconic sounds of the ’90s to your projects.

Each sample in the pack is key and BPM labeled, making it easier to import them seamlessly into your projects.

These samples are compatible with any digital audio workstation (DAW) to facilitate an uncomplicated setup.

  • Free soul samples and loops
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Key and BPM labeled for easy use

CJ Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Soul Samples?

Soul samples are snippets of soul music that can be reused in various music projects, such as creating new tracks, enhancing live performances, or remixing existing songs. They give a soulful touch to any music they are incorporated into.

What kind of music can I create with these Soul Sample packs?

With these packs, you can create a wide range of music, including but not limited to hip-hop, R&B, lo-fi, and even jazz. They are designed to add depth and richness to your music, regardless of the genre.

Are these Soul Samples royalty-free?

Check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use the free soul samples.

How do I download the Soul Sample packs?

Each sample pack comes with a download link. Click the link or button on the different websites to download the files.

I hope you found this list of free music soul samples helpful.

These collections of sounds are just waiting to spice up your music production process, bringing warmth, depth, and richness to your compositions.

Remember, great music often comes from experimenting with different sounds and textures. Good luck!

Mark V.

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