15 Best Free RnB Drum Kits For R&B Music

Here are the best free RnB drum kits for music producers to get thousands of free R&B samples online.

These free R&B drum kits include hundreds of drums, loops, and percussions to help you create R&B tracks. Many of these R&B drum kits offer royalty-free samples that allow you to use them for both personal and commercial music projects.

If you need more free sounds, we have tons of articles with free music samples.

Best Free RnB Drum Kits

  1. Evening Heat
  2. Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  3. Angelic Vibes Free Rnb Sample Pack
  4. PartyNextDoor Sample Pack
  5. Hipstrumentals R&B Drumkit
  6. RNB Loop Kit
  7. RB Trap Soul Soundkit
  8. Looperman
  9. RnB Lab
  10. Producer Plugin RB Drum Kit
  11. RnB Drum Kit
  12. Legacy
  13. Hip Hop Claps
  14. Future RB Vol 2
  15. Enigma Loops
Best Free RnB Drum Kits
Best Free RnB Drum Kits

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Instructions: Visit the links below to visit each free RnB drum kit. Look around each site for the download link or button. Don’t install any suspicious software.

1. Evening Heat (83)

Evening Heat | Free RnB Drum Kits
Evening Heat | Free RnB Drum Kits

The Evening Heat Drum Kit offers top-tier R&B drum loops inspired by iconic artists like Usher and Chris Brown.

This kit embodies the essence of classic 90s and mid R&B drum sounds, providing music creators with high-quality tools to craft their next hit.

  • 83 High-quality R&B drum loops and samples
  • WAV file format
  • Inspired by Usher and Chris Brown
  • Captures classic 90s and mid R&B sounds
  • Total file size: 19.4 MB

Evening Heat

2. Bryson Tiller Drum Kit (250)

Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
Bryson Tiller Drum Kit

The Bryson Tiller drum kit is designed to give music creators the essential elements for crafting a trap soul beat reminiscent of Bryson Tiller’s signature sound.

This kit offers a range of one-shot drum samples, along with hi-hat and bassline loops, for a seamless music-making experience.

Whether you’re after deep 808s, vintage drum fills, or thumping kicks, this kit has got you covered.

The included free MIDI loops allow for versatile experimentation, ensuring you can customize each track to perfection.

  • 254 RnB samples
  • Total size: 122.66MB
  • Includes one-shot drum samples and loops
  • Inspired by Bryson Tiller’s sound
  • MIDI loop files for melodies, 808s, and more
  • File formats: MIDI and WAV
  • Genres: Hip-Hop, Trap, and Trap Soul

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3. Angelic Vibes Free Rnb Sample Pack (45)

The Angelic Vibes Free Rnb Sample Pack provides music creators with a selection of one-shot samples and soulful R&B melodies to enhance their compositions.

The pack contains a rich array of sounds ranging from smooth, mellow melodies to intricate chord progressions.

Alongside these are distinctive drum samples that can be seamlessly added into any track.

Available in both WAV and MIDI file formats, the samples in this pack offer versatility for your musical projects, ensuring you get the exact sound you’re envisioning.

  • 45 One-shot samples
  • 13 Unique R&B-inspired melodies
  • Over 30 stems included
  • Available in both WAV and MIDI formats
  • Mellow to complex chord progressions

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4. PartyNextDoor Sample Pack (15)

The PartyNextDoor Sample Pack offers an array of R&B sounds inspired by PartyNextDoor.

Created for music producers, this pack delivers the best drum loops, individual drum samples, and R&B synth sounds from the website’s latest beat post.

Within this collection, you’ll encounter impactful kick drums, crisp snare drums, and subtle R&B percussion.

This versatile pack is not only suited for R&B but also complements minimal Trap, Hip Hop, and Rap projects.

  • Inspired by PartyNextDoor
  • Features hard-hitting kick drums and crisp snare drums
  • Minimal R&B percussion included
  • Compatible with Trap, Hip Hop, and Rap genres
  • Contains 15 exclusive drum samples, loops, and synth loops
  • Samples include Hi-hat, Kick, Riser, and more

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5. Hipstrumentals R&B Drumkit

Hipstrumentals | Free RnB Drum Kits
Hipstrumentals | Free RnB Drum Kits

The Hipstrumentals R&B Drumkit offers a diverse range of R&B-inspired sounds crafted by the renowned Trava Beats.

Designed for music creators seeking to add a touch of R&B flair to their projects, this kit includes everything from dynamic 808s and resonant bass to intricate percussion loops and crisp hi-hats.

  • Features a broad spectrum of R&B sounds
  • Contains dynamic 808s and deep bass
  • Includes unique elements like Foley and FX
  • Variety of percussive instruments, from rims to shakers

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6. RNB Loop Kit (12)

RNB Loop Kit
RNB Loop Kit

The RNB Loop Kit is a carefully curated collection by ALYOSHIN BEATS.

Designed specifically for music creators aiming to infuse their projects with the soulful essence of R&B, this kit contains 12 distinct loops that are ready to be added to any music project.

For added convenience and seamless blending, the BPMs and keys are provided with each of the samples.

  • 12 Free R&B loops
  • BPMs and keys are provided for each sample

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7. R&B Trap Soul Soundkit

RB Trap Soul Soundkit
RB Trap Soul Soundkit

The R&B Trap Soul Sound kit offers a complete collection tailored for creators excited about producing R&B and trap soul tracks.

Containing a range of drum sounds like kicks, 808s, claps, and both open and closed hi-hats, this kit ensures your beats carry the depth and rhythm characteristic of the R&B trap soul genre.

  • Free drum sounds for R&B trap soul
  • Features both closed and open hi-hats
  • Comprises kicks, 808s, claps, and snares

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9. Looperman (3)

Looperman 4
Looperman 4

The Looperman site offers free RnB drum loops and samples shared by the community.

Creators have generously uploaded various drum loops suitable for R&B music production.

From groovy R&B drums and basslines to unique trap and melodic sequences, this platform makes finding the right beat easier.

  • Free RnB drum loops and samples
  • A diverse collection ranging from classic R&B grooves to trap soul beats
  • Key and BPM information provided


9. RnB Lab (81)

RnB Lab
RnB Lab

The RnB Lab by R-loops offers music creators a free sample pack filled with RnB-inspired construction kits.

Drawing inspiration from top RnB artists like Justin Timberlake, NeYo, and Beyonce, the pack boasts 81 high-quality, royalty-free loops.

You’ll benefit from nearly 300 MB of prime construction kits, all set in diverse BPM ranges from 75 to 138.

Every sound is royalty-free, so you can use them in your projects with peace of mind.

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • Inspired by top RnB stars
  • 81 multi-format loops
  • Nearly 300 MB in size
  • BPM ranges from 75 to 138
  • Royalty-free usage
  • 24-Bit WAV format

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10. Producer Plugin R&B Drum Kit

Producer Plugin RB Drum Kit
Producer Plugin RB Drum Kit

The Producer Plugin R&B Drum Kit offers a versatile set of drum samples tailored for the R&B genre.

Crafted with inspiration from chart-topping RnB artists like Summer Walker, H.E.R., Queen Naija, SZA, and Drake, this kit ensures you have the right beats for your next hit.

Being a free download, music creators can easily access these exclusive kits and use them with their music projects.

  • Free R&B drum samples
  • Suitable for crafting RnB beats
  • Inspired by popular RnB artists
  • Exclusive kits available
  • High-quality drum samples

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11. RnB Drum Kit (75)

RnB Drum Kit
RnB Drum Kit

The RnB Drum Kit is a collection of 75 drum hits reminiscent of the 90s when RnB dominated the music charts.

These hits were sampled using authentic 90s studio equipment, providing a genuine and nostalgic sound.

  • Contains 75 drum hits
  • Sampled from 90s equipment
  • Authentic RnB sounds
  • Features bass kicks, snares, and hi-hats
  • Ideal for creating catchy R&B tracks

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12. Legacy (35)


The LEGACY Sound Kit by NateTheProducer Beats offers professionally crafted drum sounds that are of top-notch quality.

Developed with precision, every sound in this kit has been mixed and mastered to perfection, ensuring it’s ready to be incorporated into your projects straight away.

Though LEGACY might be smaller in size compared to other kits, it makes up for it with the unparalleled quality of each sound.

  • Includes 6 808s and 5 Kicks
  • Features 4 Claps and 4 Snares
  • Comes with 5 Closed and 4 Open Hi-Hats
  • Contains 6 Perc’s


13. Hip Hop Claps

Hip Hop Claps
Hip Hop Claps

The Hip Hop Claps pack is a helpful collection tailored for those seeking the perfect clap sounds for their tracks.

Designed for versatility, these samples are a fit not just for Hip Hop but for R&B, Neo Soul, Trap, and even Pop music.

You can enhance your tracks by layering these clap samples with snares for a fuller, club-ready sound.

  • Free R&B sample pack
  • Royalty-free samples
  • Ideal for layering
  • Works great as a standalone clap
  • Perfect for adding energy to tracks

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14. Future R&B Vol 2 (210)

Future RB Vol 2
Future RB Vol 2

Revel in the futuristic sounds blended seamlessly with Neo Soul melodies, reminiscent of the sunny and earthy tones of the LA Beat Scene.

This pack is brimming with diverse elements ranging from ambient vocal snippets and radiant pads to side-chained 808s.

It’s a must-have for those eager to produce tracks with a unique fusion of chilled electronic beats and modern R&B.

  • Free taster pack from Prime Loops
  • Crystal clear 24 Bit High Definition Format
  • Taster pack: 12 loops, 37.5MB
  • 100% Royalty-Free usage rights

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15. Enigma Loops (34)

Enigma Loops
Enigma Loops

The Enigma Loops pack is a mixed collection curated especially for music creators exploring genres like dark trap, house, and future R&B.

With a blend of evocative sounds, ethereal pads, and ambient guitars, the loops are designed to inspire and set the tone for any track.

  • Wide genre range: dark trap, house, future R&B, and more
  • Features 34 samples
  • Total size: 62.66MB
  • Available in WAV format
  • Tags include Synth Loops

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an R&B drum kit in music production?

A drum kit in music production refers to a collection of drum sounds, samples, and sometimes even melodies or loops. These sounds can be used to craft beats and rhythms, especially in digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Can I use these RnB drum kits for commercial projects?

Most of the RnB drum kits listed are free and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. However, always check the licensing agreement of each kit to ensure you comply.

How do these free kits compare to paid ones?

Free kits can offer high-quality sounds, especially the ones listed in this post. Paid kits might provide more extensive collections or unique sounds, but the free options listed here are a great starting point for R&B production.

Can I modify the sounds in these drum kits?

Yes, most producers tweak and modify the samples to fit their needs. Using effects, pitch changes, and other modifications in your DAW can make these sounds uniquely yours.

I hope you found this list of free RnB drum kits helpful.

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