Rico Love Advice: “You Should Quit Music Now!” (Must Watch)

I write post on encouraging everyone to work hard at pursuing your dreams, because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. But Rico Love has some thoughts on how he should respond to someone who wants to quit music, and I actually think his words are motivating.

You need to fight for what you want, work hard, and not let anyone tell you different. There are many failures out there, but there are tons of success stories out there as well. What are you thoughts?

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  1. That’s what these half ass producers need to hear. If God gave you a vision on your craft then I don’t believe he gave it to you to quit on it!!! #GrindHarder!!!

  2. this brotha is dropping some real ish right here man.hearing this will only make me work harder as a producer. i once heard that “you can make the hottest beats in the fuckin’ world but if you don’t get off your ass and grind what’s the point” shout outs to rico

  3. Damn this inspired me imma start prmoting my beats now

  4. Thanks, Rico. I was hitting a wall in my singing … thought the music was beyond my abilities … now I’m gonna woman up and just WORK at the motha! NO QUIT.