14 Digital Product Ideas for Music Producers & Musicians

Make money online by selling digital products. I have 14 digital product ideas and examples for music producers and musicians to sell.

If you have been making music for a while, you may have the skills and knowledge to create some of these products.

If it’s your goal to make a full-time living from music. Focus on creating multiple products and services to help reach your financial goals.

The more you diversify your income, the more chances you will have of making more money.

So let’s get into the list of music digital product ideas.

Digital Product Ideas for Music Producers & Musicians
Digital Product Ideas

Table of Contents

  1. 14 Digital Product Ideas
  2. How to Sell Digital Products Online
  3. How to Price Your Digital Products
  4. How to Promote Digital Products
  5. 8 Tips For Selling Your First Digital Product
  6. Digital Product Frequently Asked Questions

14 Digital Product Ideas

1. Drum Kits

Sell Drum Kits Online
Drum Kit by Ghosthack

If you have been making music for a while, you may have made some custom drum samples.

There are music producers like you out there willing to pay for quality drum samples.

Drum kits can range from $9.99 to $99.

2. Beats & Instrumentals

Sell Beats Online
Preview of the Music Maker WordPress Theme

If you are a music producer, you already knew this one.

Music artists all around the world need beats.

Selling beats exclusively can lead to big bucks.

But there is also a business model in leasing beats to be sold to multiple music artists.

Check out the Music Maker website template to sell beats online.

Tutorial: How to Create a Beat Selling Website

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3. Background Music

Create Background Music to Sell
Photo by Omid Armin

If you make beats for music artists, you have the skills to make background music to sell.

Background music can be used for movies, Youtube, Twitch streaming, video games, events, bars, etc.

If you check out Audio Jungle, there are background music tracks that have over 15,000 times at $20.

Which adds up to over $300,000.

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4. Sample Packs

Digital Product Ideas

Like the custom drums, people will pay for quality sample packs like horns, piano loops, and more.

The music producer Illmind created a sample pack called 808’s & String Breaks.

Over 120 audio files of authentic Illmind 808 kick drums & original string riffs.

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5. Video Courses

If you have experience making music, you may have helpful info to share with music creators.

This information can be on how to make beats, how to master audio, how to network in the music industry, and so on.

You can turn your knowledge into video courses to sell to musicians.

Create Music Courses
Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru on Skillshare

With the internet, learning something new is easier than ever.

A course can be one of the most profitable passive income streams.

Once you upload it and people start buying it, then it will need little to no maintenance in the long run.

Skillshare is a popular place to watch and create video courses.

6. Software Presets

Software Presets
Vocal Sauce Vol. 1 by Jordan Baywood

Another great by-product of you producing music is custom software presets.

Companies selling presets for Native Instruments Kontakt, NI Massive, and other popular music apps.

You can create your custom sound presets and package them up to sell.

7. Instrumental Albums

OVERWERK - "State" Album
OVERWERK – “State” Album

If you make beats you can put together a collection of your best beats and create an instrumental album to sell.

I commonly see instrumental albums from EDM music producers.

But you can find instrumental albums in all music genres.

8. Ebooks

Sell Music eBooks
All You Need to Know About the Music Business

If you have helpful information to share, you can package it up and turn it into an ebook to sell.

If you search Amazon for digital or physical books, you can find tons of books on music production.

Books on music habits, how to succeed in the music industry, and music beginner basics.

I know some of you may say you can’t write a book.

This is where you want to think of yourself as a business, and sometimes you need to hire help.

You can pay a writer to help create a book.

Don’t let something being hard, stop you from creating something great.

Hire help if needed to help reach your goals.

9. Membership Website

Create a Membership Website
Example from JBZ Beats

Any of the products mentioned above can be offered on a membership website you create.

A membership website can be a good way to bring in a consistent monthly income.

You can have a membership site where people can download a limited amount of beats or samples for a monthly fee.

I have seen many beat-selling websites that offer memberships around $25 per month for 2 or more beats.

So you can offer multiple digital goods on a membership website.

10. Sound Effects

Sell Sound Effects Online
Sell Sound Effects Online – Photo by NeONBRAND

On AudioJungle.net, there are over 650,000 sound effects and stock sound effects.

Sound effects can be used for videos, movies, commercials, radio, etc.

Pretty much any kind of media, so there’s a high demand for it.

Those sound effects can be digitally created using tools like a synth.

Or be recorded live, which is called foley.

If you are looking to record foley you should invest in a high-quality handheld recorder.

Such as the Zoom H5 and the TASCAM DR-40X.

You can take these gadgets with you anywhere you go and record a variety of sounds.

11. Software & VST Plugins

This one may sound too advanced for a lot of you, but be open-minded.

The music producer and Youtuber Curtiss King has created two VST Plugins he sells.

Here is one of them: TAPEBOY Plugin

If you have a great idea for a plugin, this kind of product can make you lots of money.

But the price for the initial investment will be high.

That’s if you’re not familiar with programming.

12. Music Singles

Release Music Singles on Your Website
Graphic by Verazo on GraphicRiver

You can sell singles on your website if you are a music artist.

If you sell music on iTunes alone, Apple will take 30% of your sales.

Price comparison: Apple vs PayPal

If you sell a $10 album on apple you will end up with $7.

If you sell the $10 album through Paypal you will end up with $9.41.

These fees add up over time. We are not telling you to avoid the Apple store, but you will make a bigger profit through your online store.

13. Premade Graphic Designs

Premade Graphic Designs
Graphic by Hotpin GraphicRiver

If you have graphic design skills, you can offer pre-made music designs.

These can be used for album covers, Soundcloud, social media, and more.

14. Artist Mentorship

Offer a Mentor Service - Photo by Dylan Ferreira
Offer a Mentor Service – Photo by Dylan Ferreira

If you’re an established music artist who knows a lot about how the music industry and how it works.

You can turn your knowledge into a mentorship service.

The music game is more competitive than ever, so this kind of service is in demand and well-paying.

Some artists and music producers may charge hundreds of dollars for a one-hour video call.

How to Sell Digital Products Online

There are tons of websites to sell digital products online.

But most of them charge a monthly fee and take a commission percentage.

These fees can add up fast if you get a lot of sales.

Not to mention the competition you will have to go through with other users.

We suggest creating a website.

We believe building an online professional brand is important.

With a website, you can control the user experience and keep more of the sales income.

We built the Music Maker WordPress Theme for music creators to sell products.

Music Maker WordPress Theme
  • Unlimited Beats & Pages
  • Sell Digital & Physical Products
  • Full WordPress Music Website
  • 90 Free Graphics - Get $15 Off

With the Music Maker Theme, you can build an online store with no extra skills needed.

Here is an example of the product store page.

The template is packed with features you can read more here.

How to Price Your Digital Products

When selling any type of product it is important to do research and test pricing to see what does the best.

How to Price Your Digital Products
Pricing Affects Sales – Photo by Austin Distel

1. Research Similar Products

Try to find products that are the most like yours and write down their prices so you can compare them later.

2. Put Yourself in the Position of a Buyer

You must learn how to see your product through the eyes of a buyer. Ask yourself if a potential customer would think the price is fair.

3. Ask Your Target Audience

Asking your target audience about your price is one of the most effective pricing strategies.

You can present your product to people on social media or in online forums.

Ask them how much they would think it’s fair to pay for it.

As a bonus, you will be also promoting your product.

How to Promote Digital Products

Promoting your digital product the right way is a must if you want to have more sales.

1. Spread the Word About It

Many artists often get too caught in complex marketing strategies and forget the most basic way of promoting something.

Spreading the word about it. Show your product to your friends and colleagues. They may help you promote it even further.

Use Social Media to Promote Digital Products
Use Social Media to Promote Digital Products – Photo by CardMapr.nl

2. Create a Youtube Video Showcasing the Product

This is one of the best ways to promote your product.

People can see it in action and get a great idea of what your product is really about.

3. Create Social Media Posts

Create engaging and sharable content. Promoting your product on social media can have great results.

4. Ask YouTubers & Influencers to Review Your Product

There are a lot of small YouTubers, influencers, and artists looking for cool products to review.

8 Tips For Selling Your First Digital Product

Here are some tips to help you sell your first digital product.

Email Marketing

1. Create an Email Sales Funnel

Create a series of emails to help build trust and promote your product to your email list.

Most users will not by the first time they see your products. They will need to see your product multiple times before they buy.

A cardinal rule of advertising is “The Seven Times Factor”.

Which says as a general rule “potential customers need to see an ad 7 times or more before they buy”.

2. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

When you offer a money-back guarantee, people are more likely to trust your product and buy it.

Yes, you will get some scammers, but you also may get more people to open their wallets with this guarantee in place.

Consider testing it out to see if it affects your sales.

3. Test Pricing to Make Sure the Price is Right

Testing prices constantly is a must to any business selling anything.

Always test your prices and see how they influence your sales or your website data.

4. Try to Get Feedback Directly from your Audience

Getting feedback from your audience is a must. Ask them if they would buy your product, and if not, why. You can even put a suggestion box on your website.

5. Invest Time Into Quality Graphics

Try to have graphics that get the attention of your potential customers. If you don’t have any graphic design skills, it’s worth the investment to hire a professional to do it for you.

6. Have Good Copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing text to sell something to someone or to pitch potential customers.

It is one of the fundamental elements of marketing so it’s worth learning about it.

7. Give Away a Free Sample of your Product

Give away free samples of your product so you can showcase its worthiness and quality. People are much more likely to buy your product if they’ve already tested it.

8. Create an Affiliate Program

Get others to help promote your product by offering them a small commission fee.

Digital Product Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is a product you can sell online that is not a physical product. It is digital information that does not have to be shipped anywhere.

An example of a digital product is an e-book. Once an e-book is purchased it can be downloaded to a computer or tablet instantly to be read.

Why Sell Digital Products?

Digital products are great because once you create a digital product, it’s done. The product can be packaged and sold multiple times at very little cost to you.

At that, since the product is digital, it can be purchased and downloaded instantly 24 hours a day. This can happen while you do almost nothing.

Physical products have an upfront cost to buy. They need to be ordered, shipped, they take up space, and they may not sell, so you can lose money.

Selling digital products gives you opportunities to create many streams of income. Instead of relying on your job for income, you can start to bring in passive income selling products.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas on how you can use your talents to make some additional money.

By creating multiple digital products and promoting them correctly, you can earn a nice chunk of money each month.

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Are you thinking about creating any digital products?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Create your first digital product today!

Music Maker WordPress Theme
  • Unlimited Beats & Pages
  • Sell Digital & Physical Products
  • Full WordPress Music Website
  • 90 Free Graphics - Get $15 Off
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