How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – 15 Steps

Here are 15 tips on how to set goals to make the next 12 months great.

No matter what time of year it is, we should all be striving for our goals to make it the best possible year.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Some people fail at something and want to give up. But successful people look at failure as a learning opportunity and grow from it.

How to Accomplish Your Goals

I am a big believer that people should strive for their dreams.

Life can be as great or as terrible as you make it. No one but you can determine your success or failure in life. But your views on failure will help to determine your success.

How to Set Goals

1. Create a List of Goals

How to Set Goals

This is the most important step. You MUST create a list of goals and things you desire in life.

So many people don’t do this.

You will not create a great life by accident. You MUST be deliberate and constantly aiming for the things you are passionate about.

List out everything you desire. Try to be very detailed. The clearer the vision, the better.

2. Select Your Top Goals for the Next 12 Months

Break down your list to the most important goals you would like to accomplish in the next year.

Make a list of 3 to 8 goals that are important to you.

Your list should cover different aspects of your life from health, to travel, money, career, relationships, and more.

Here are some examples:

Decide what is most important to you.

Pretend it is the start of next year, and imagine looking back at this year.

What would you be most proud of accomplishing?

Write it down!!!

Please try to prioritize, you can’t do everything at once, and everything isn’t equally important.

3. Brainstorm on How to Accomplish Each Goal

Brainstorm Goals

Under each goal list write what it will take to accomplish the goal.

Big goals require tons of little tasks. So list out all of the tasks involved.

The more detailed the better.

Set estimated due dates for each goal.

This will be a checklist of tasks to cross off your list as you continue to work on your goals.

4. Be Realistic with Your Timeline

Nothing big happens overnight. So you must pre-plan and set deadlines for your goals.

Break big goals into smaller goals. So each goal accomplished is a stepping stone to the next goal.

Take small daily actions to get to where you want.

5. Hang Your Goals Up

Create a Vision Board

Print multiple copies of your goals and hang them in places where you will see them often.

6. Create a Vision Board

Vision Board

Find images related to your goals that inspire you.

Seeing visuals of what you are striving for is more motivating than reading the text alone.

Hang these pictures up next to your goals.

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7. Review Your Goals Daily

review goals daily

Life is full of distractions. Review your goals and vision board daily to be reminded of what is important to you.

So many unimportant things take away our time and energy.

By reviewing your goals daily it can help you to regain your focus and block out distractions.

8. Take Daily Action!

Take Daily Action!!

Work on your goals daily. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes per day.

Make it a habit to take action.

Nothing great happens overnight. Slow constant action can create big results.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do – John C. Maxwell

9. Listen to Motivational Audio in the Morning

Listen to Motivational Audio in the Morning

There is so much negativity in the world.

I suggest you start each day by listening to positive audio that will lift your spirits and get your mind right to have a productive day.

Motivation Related Links

Strive to Block Out Negativity
I also recommend trying to block out negativity at the start of the day.

One negative thing at the start of our day can impact the entire day, and we want to stay positive to have a good productive day.

Tips before noon:

  • Don’t read the news
  • Block out negative people
  • Avoid social media

10. Share Your Goals With Others

Share Your Goals With Others

Sharing your goals can help to keep you motivated because people will hold you to your word and want to know your progress.

Input from others can be good to get different points of view.

It can be inspiring and even discouraging. But don’t let people discourage you, not everyone needs to share your vision. Small minded people are everywhere. Don’t let them pass their personal fears on to you.

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11. Track Your Progress

Set a reminder at the start of each month for you to review your progress.

Think about the following:

  • What progress have you made and what plans need to be updated?
  • What action will you take this upcoming month to get closer to your goals?
  • Are you making the best use of your time?
  • If you aren’t making any progress on some goals are they really important? Should they be removed or replaced?

12. Fail Faster

Some people never start something because they are scared to fail.

Every successful person in the world has failed at something. Once you can get the fear of failure out of the way, you can accomplish more and learn from each experience.

13. Hire Good Help

This is important. You can’t be Superman and try to do everything yourself.

Focus on what you’re good at. Trying to do it all can take you away from your craft.

Hiring good help can save you time, produce better results, and allow you to focus on the most important task.

14. Don’t Give Up

Life is hard, but only you can change it.

Do not rely on others to make your dreams happen, because no one will care as much as you do about your dreams.

15. Remember, You Can’t Have Success Without Failure

Helpful articles:

That’s it.

I hope you find this article helpful and you make this new year great.

Do you have tips on how to set goals?

Please share below.

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

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