How to Use GarageBand: Step-by-Step Tutorials

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to use GarageBand to help you get started with making music and becoming a pro.

GarageBand is a free music software program available for all Mac computer owners.

With GarageBand you can record vocals, play virtual instruments, create drum patterns, record live instruments, and more.

There is also a mobile GarageBand to work on projects on the go.

Let’s get started!

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How to Use GarageBand

How to Use GarageBand ( GarageBand Tutorials )
How to Use GarageBand ( GarageBand Tutorials )

1. Installation & Quick Start Guide

To install the app search the Mac App Store for GarageBand

This video will show you how to get started with GarageBand.

Help: Online User Manual

2. How to Connect MIDI Keyboards

You can connect a MIDI controller to your computer to play virtual instruments and drums in GarageBand.

3. How to Use Virtual Instruments

GarageBand comes packed with tons of virtual instruments like pianos, synths, bass, guitars, organs, strings, and much more.

Here is an overview of how to use virtual instruments.

4. Editing MIDI

Once you record a virtual instrument, you may need to edit the MIDI notes to correct any mistakes.

5. How to Quantize Notes

You can quantize MIDI notes to fix any incorrect timing and placement of notes.

6. How to Make Drum Patterns

Here is a short video on how to record MIDI drum Loops in GarageBand.

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7. Working with Loops

Here is a tutorial for using audio and MIDI loops in GarageBand.

8. How to Record Vocals

This tutorial covers how to connect a microphone and create an audio track in GarageBand to record vocals.

9. Audio Editing Basics

Here is a simple tutorial on how to edit audio in GarageBand.

10. How to Use Samples

This is a tutorial on how to use the GarageBand audio sampler.

11. How to Add 3rd Party Instruments

You can install 3rd party Audio Units plug-ins in your GarageBand to additional instruments and audio effects.

12. How to Use Arrangement Tracks

Here is a short video to use GarageBand’s arrangement markers, and the arrangement tracks.

13. How to Make a Trap Beat

Here is a video tutorial on how to make a trap beat in GarageBand.

14. How to Make a Hip Hop Beat

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Hip Hop beat in GarageBand.

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15. How To Make A Tropical House Beat

Here is a tutorial on how to make a House beat in GarageBand.

16. How to Make a Simple EDM Melody

Here is a tutorial on how to make an EDM melody in GarageBand.

17. How to Make an R&B Beat

Here is a tutorial on how to make an R&B beat in GarageBand.

18. 25 Time-Saving GarageBand Shortcuts

Here are 25 GarageBand tips to help speed up your music making process.

19. GarageBand Podcast Tutorial

Not only can GarageBand be used to create music, but it can also be used to create podcasts and other audio related projects.

20. Mixing Audio

This video is a simple guide to mixing your audio in GarageBand.

21. Export to MP3

Once you have created a song or beat in GarageBand, and are ready to export your audio, here are the steps to follow to export an MP3 or AAC file.

22. More GarageBand Tutorials

Here are a collection of other tutorials you may be interested in.

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