16 Free Online Virtual Pianos to Play Piano Online

Here are the best online virtual pianos to play piano online in your web browser.

You can use these online pianos to practice your piano skills without installing any music software. You can connect a MIDI keyboard to play the virtual pianos in Google Chrome.

Look for the virtual pianos that offer web MIDI support to use MIDI controllers.

Free Online Virtual Pianos to Play Piano Online
Best Online Virtual Pianos to Play Piano Online

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Free Online Virtual Pianos to Play Piano Online

Click the piano image to visit each website.

  1. Recursive Arts Virtual Piano
  2. Virtual Piano
  3. Pianu
  4. Virtual Piano
  5. Virtual Musical Instruments
  6. Virtual Online Piano
  7. Online Pianist
  8. Virtual Online Keyboard
  9. Cloud Piano
  10. Multiplayer Piano
  11. Virtual PIANO Keyboard
  12. Musicca
  13. Apronus
  14. iMusic School
  15. Piano Plays
  16. Online MIDI Piano

1. Recursive Arts Virtual Piano

Recursive Arts Virtual Piano

The Recursive Arts Virtual Piano simulator is the ultimate online piano app that everyone can play.

You can also play other musical instruments such as Organs, Harpsichords, or Synthesizers. The free interactive songs include auto-accompaniment, LED-guided melody, and autoplay.

You don’t need any additional plugins to play this instrument. Offer support for native MIDI input in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Have fun with the sounds of a Grand Piano where notes can be played using your computer’s keyboard, mouse, or MIDI device.

Utilize the dedicated Sustain, Metronome, and Tempo buttons to control your sound and tempo. Check out the growing collection of free interactive songs and play popular pieces like a pro.

2. Virtual Piano

Online Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano can play on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Choose a song from the Virtual Piano Search box or browse the Music Sheets.

You can start playing right away on the Virtual Piano.

3. Pianu

Pianu Virtual Piano

Pianu is an interactive online piano that teaches you how to play.

Play your favorite songs while learning how to read music and chords.

The game-like nature of Pianu makes it easier to learn piano.

You will earn the Piano Master badge once you complete all 20 lesson badges.

4. Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano Online

VirtualPiano.eu lets you play 128 musical instruments for free using a computer keyboard, mouse, or external MIDI keyboard.

The volume, reverb, and quality can be adjusted. In addition to setting the octaves and sustain, you can also choose and set the drum channels.

Create your own melodies, play or learn how to play the Piano online with VirtualPiano.

5. Virtual Musical Instruments

Virtual Musical Instruments

The virtual piano here will help you learn how to play piano for free.

Learning chords and songs will prepare you for playing a real piano. It works on desktop computers, mobile devices, as well as other platforms.

6. Virtual Online Piano

Crazy Games Virtual Piano

Virtual representation of a digital keyboard that you can play at your leisure.

Try out a few different songs and learn some music while having fun.

  • Piano chord help
  • A mobile-friendly game
  • Full-screen support
  • Controls: Keyboard or mouse

7. Online Pianist

Online Pianist

Play a virtual piano keyboard using a computer keyboard, mouse, or touch screen.

A virtual piano is a great option for those who don’t have a piano or keyboard nearby.

Features: Sustain, Letter Notes, Metronom, Zoom Out, Full Screen

8. Virtual Online Keyboard

Virtual Piano Keyboard Online

Learn the basics of music and practice online with this virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard has several notations that identify the notes for playing a score.

9. Cloud Piano

Cloud Piano

Cloud Piano is a multiplayer piano game that can be played with friends in real-time.

Play the piano with others using your mouse, keyboard, or MIDI controller.

As you and others play the notes, they are displayed on a piano and a music stave.

Controls: Mouse, Keyboard, or MIDI controller.

10. Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano

The Multiplayer Piano is a piano simulator that you can play together or alone.

In addition to featuring full piano keys, this simulator has a high degree of accuracy.

It It is possible to create music in a group room with other players. And there is a dedicated chat that allows users to communicate with each other to exchange ideas.

Controls: Play the piano with your mouse or keyboard.

11. Virtual PIANO Keyboard

Session Town Virtual PIANO Keyboard

Play and record yourself playing the piano.

12. Musicca

Musicca Virtual-piano

A virtual piano for music educators and students. Use your computer keyboard to visualize notes, intervals, chords, and scales.

Play the piano with your computer keyboard or by clicking the piano keys.

Learn how to identify and play notes, intervals, chords, and scales on the piano using the online piano exercises

There are also ear training exercises and music notation exercises.

13. Apronus

Apronus Virtual Piano Online - Play Piano Online

Play piano online with this virtual keyboard using the real piano keys layout.

A computer keyboard can be used to play the virtual piano keyboard.

Music theory concepts explained with the virtual piano: Major Triads, Minor Triads, Major Chords, Minor Chords, Major Scales, Natural Minor Scales

14. iMusic School

iMusic School

With this online piano keyboard, you can learn notes, play easy songs, exercise your ear and creativity, and tune the piano.

All web browsers and touch screens are supported.

15. Piano Plays

Piano Plays

Take a look at the 88-key piano online and play some music. This virtual instrument can be played with a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

16. Online MIDI Piano

Online MIDI Piano

Use the piano keys or your computer keyboard, you can play notes.

You can shift the keyboard fingering by an octave by using the left and right arrow keys. You can adjust your fingering by holding shift and pressing a single key.

To transpose everything by a half step, press the up/down arrow keys.

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What Is An Online Virtual Piano?

An Online Virtual Piano is a replica of a real piano that you can play online. These online pianos allow you to play piano sounds without installing music software.

How Do I Play the Online Piano?

Click the keyboard when you visit one of the pianos online. Or press keys on your computer keyboard to play a sound. Try using a different web browser if you do not hear any sound. On desktop, Google Chrome is recommended.

How Do I Connect a MIDI Keyboard?

Google Chrome’s latest versions support MIDI controllers.

  1. Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer
  2. Restart Google Chrome
  3. Try out one of the online Pianos

Some pianos do not support MIDI controllers, so check out several websites.

We how you have fun with these online virtual pianos.


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