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Free Nexus Expansions - Free Nexus Presets

Nexus is a very popular VST plugin with music producers. Here are links to download over 900 free Nexus Expansions and Nexus presets to add additional sounds to your music making collection.

Instructions: Click the links below, visit the website and look for the download link to download the free Nexus Expansion presets.

Free Nexus Expansion Packs

Wrecks Nexus Trap Expansions – 131 Presets

Nice Keys Nexus Expansion – 34 Presets

Young Chop Nexus Presets – 9 Presets

The “Trap Kid” Free Nexus XP – 44 Presets

Trap Cookup Nexus Expansion – 40 Presets

Gold Bricks Nexus XP – 100 presets

Free Trap or Die Nexus Expansion  – 70 Presets

C-RAM’s “Straight From Da Trap 3” Free Nexus XP – Filled with over 50 sounds for Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and Pop

Free “Trap Luv” ReFX Nexus Expansion Pack – 24 Presets

London On Da Track: Nexus Expansion – 40 Presets

Official 808 Mafia Nexus XP Expansion – 50+ Presets

Free Trap Gold Nexus Expansion – 71 Presets

Big Orchestra Free Nexus Expansion Pack – Lots of great free sounds in this to make those big sounding epic beats.

Trapademicz Nexus Expansion – Trap Sounds – 50 Presets

C-RAM Beatz “Free Nexus XP Expansion” – 50+ Presets

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The Official TrackMakaz Nexus – 12 Presets

Go Wild Trap” Nexus Expansion – 75 Presets

Flight Takeoff Nexus Expansion – 50+ Free Nexus Presets

Refx Nexus preset expansion – 24 Presets

GratuiTous Vol. 1 – Nexus 2 Expansion – 38 Presets


Here are the steps to install Nexus Expansions on a PC computer.

How to Use Nexus Tutorial

Details tutorial on how to use the Nexus VST plugin.

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Enjoy the free Nexus presets. Don’t forget to share.


  1. ALOT of these presets kick back no .NXS file errors or unrecognizable. Might want to update and include the missing files.

  2. pls am a upcoming beatmaker with fl , pls i need the link to download nexus and other cool vst

  3. Everyone who is having an issue with the .fxp format. Please see the vid below. In short,

    1. extract the file to your nexus presets folder.
    Example – C:\Program Files (x86)\Nexus Content\Presets\

    2. Open your nexus plugin and look for it under the category list

    Hope that helps

    Youtube link:

  4. Seriously sounds are nice just wish all of them would play. But theres lots of them where i have to skip on to the next sound and the more i have to do that then nexus would have to be reloaded because sounds no longer play it be on mute. If there is an explanation or solution to this asking kindly please help, ?

  5. I get a red x when I click on the files none of the expansion presets work what’s up with that

  6. which folder you are extracting the files? Why is not the case in the Nexus Content folder does not work. Is usually within the image line folder – Fl Studio – Plugins – Nexus content – Presets …. I have helped.

  7. I have extracted all the presets i have downloaded and pastedcthem into nexus preset folder but still i cant see them when i load nexus on fl studio
    Any help pls

  8. All files are downloading as Cubase files, giving me invalid format message when trying to link to nexus.

  9. Only certain preset files open up..HELP!!!!..Nexus2
    in all my presets some work some dont..freezes up Nexus2, i have to skip to the next sound..

  10. The Nexus 2 ain’t loading the .fxp files. Learnt it loads .nxp files rather. Can you kindly help us out with that? Thanks in advance.

  11. hi im rajvi from india gujrat and I am so acsaitid about fl studio so . I need helpe to all dj healp me to all trubls .. thenk you

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