4,000 Best Free Massive Presets & Patches

I have searched the internet to find thousands of free Massive presets to use with the Massive VST Plugin in FL Studio, Ableton Live, and other music software.

Are you a Hip Hop or electronic music producer looking for high-quality sound presets to elevate your tracks? Look no further than our compilation of the best free Massive presets and free Massive patches.

This collection combines many presets for the popular virtual synthesizer, Massive from top sound designers and producers worldwide.

This extensive collection allows you to explore various electronic music genres and styles, from deep house to dubstep, techno to trance, and everything in between.

Plus, since all of these Massive presets are available for free download, you can save money and time while expanding your sonic possibilities.

Best Free Massive Presets
Best Free Massive Presets

These Massive presets will inspire and enhance your music production and offer a unique opportunity to learn from expert sound designers and explore new creative avenues.

So, to take your music production to the next level, check out these free Massive presets and discover the limitless possibilities of sound design!

Best Free Massive Presets

Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Columbo Sound Free Future Bass (25 Massive presets ) – Discover an incredible collection of 25 custom Massive presets with unique sound design. This preset pack is filled with a variety of sounds perfect for Future Bass, Chill Trap, RnB, and many more genres. Explore 6 warm basses, powerful 808 basses, catchy melodic leads, lush keys, crispy plucks, and futuristic chord synth presets. Get creative and elevate your music with these free presets!

2. Rekkerd Massive Collection (100+) – Download an impressive collection of patches and sound banks specifically for Massive, a top-notch synthesizer by Native Instruments hosted on Rekkerd. This resource offers a wide variety of free demo options like Immense Trance and Future Bass from New Loops. Dive into an ocean of sounds, from the echoing depths of dubstep to the pulsating rhythms of trance. This collection offers a wide array of sonic options for music creators looking to expand their sound library.

3. Tri Samples ( Free Sound Banks ) – Check out TriSamples for free downloads of individual presets for Native Instruments Massive VST/AU. These Massive presets are perfect for creating future Blade Runner-like sounds, lush pads, trap lasers, downlifter FX, drum & bass snares, custom claps, classic bass sounds, and more. Explore the collection and enhance your music production with these unique NI Massive patches.

4. 500 Free Presets (500) – Discover over 500 awesome and free NI Massive presets created by Tom Ber. Whether you’re into dubstep presets, trap, drum and bass, or electro, these presets have got you covered. Get your hands on this treasure trove of sounds by clicking the download link in the description. It’s time to take your music to the next level!

5. Krilium 119 Free Patches (119) – Get ready for an amazing musical experience! Krilium offers 119 free presets for the NI Massive software. Perfect for Dubstep, Drumstep, Drum and Bass, Electro, and more! The download link is located in the description. The file size is just 8.59MB. Dive into these unique sounds and let your creativity run wild!

6. Soltan Free Presets (80+) – Free Massive patches by Soltan.

7. 10 Presets (10) – Discover ten free presets for the Native Instruments Massive software, designed personally by the website author. These Massive presets include both ‘bread and butter’ basics as well as some unique, off-beat sounds. Feel free to use and modify these presets in any of your projects, whether they’re commercial or just for fun. You can preview some of these fantastic sounds in an audio clip provided on the website. Visit the website for this special download.

8. Subsonic Flux ( Dubstep Presets ) – Explore Subsonic Flux’s webpage, which offers various synthesizer presets, including a free dubstep preset pack for NI Massive. Ideal for music producers seeking new sounds to experiment with, these presets, despite their small size of just 5 MB, pack a punch when it comes to Dubstep music creation.

9. AngelicVibes (100 Free Massive Presets ) – Dive into the world of Trap and Hip Hop with AngelicVibe’s collection of 100 free trap massive presets. Inspired by ambient sounds, these presets feature a range of heavy synths, from thick bass to crystal clear bells, powerful leads to atmospheric pads. Each preset also offers 8 Macro controls for even more customization. Enhance your audio arsenal with these great sounds for your Massive plugin.

10. Soundpacks Collection (4,000+) – Check out this rich treasury of free preset packs on Soundpacks.com, specially curated for Massive. Explore diverse collections, from the serene vibes of ‘Ambient Garden’ to the pulsating energy of ‘Pulse.’ Whether you’re crafting a hip-hop masterpiece with ‘Pure Hip Hop & RnB Vol. 2’ or stirring the soundscape with the nearly 3,500 presets of ‘Insanity Dubstep,’ there’s a preset pack for every music genre. Also, check out ‘Future Bass Essentials,’ a free sound pack. Royalty-free, handcrafted presets, ready to amp up your music production.

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11. Synthmob Free Collection (30+)- Visit the realm of Synthmob, a digital platform that offers a wide selection of over 80 massive presets, including Chillwave Pads and Leads, SixDean’s FREE preset pack, and MERAK Massive Bass. The community allows you to purchase high-quality sounds and provides a place for you to share your synth presets, loops, and samples. Sign up for a free account to access the top downloads and join the vibrant sound design community today.

12. Preset Share (60+)- Discover a vibrant community of electronic musicians and sound designers at PresetShare. Explore and download an array of free Massive presets and other VST synthesizer presets like Serum, Vital, Surge, and more. Unleash your creativity with these powerful sound combinations. Join the music community and be part of the music-making excitement at PresetShare.

13. Krux Dubstep Patches (40) – Krux created a great preset library for Massive, geared towards dubstep beats. This free kit includes many different growling basses, screams, wobbles, buildups, lasers, leads, lush pads, and more. These patches are a must-have for dubstep producers.

14. Bitter Sweet Beatz (30) – Get access to 30 free Massive presets by Bitter Sweet Beatz. Perfect for Garage and House music genres, these presets are available for download with a simple click. Elevate your music production journey by visiting the Soundcloud link today.”

15. Beat Production ( Preset Pack ) – Experience the world of beat production with Massive Presets! This incredible collection offers hundreds of presets for the Massive Synth VST. Whether you’re into hip-hop, dubstep, club music, or other electronic genres, these presets will transform your beats into works of art. Download the free Massive packs, including Trap Life, OVO Inspired, Knife Party, Dubstep Bass, and Electro patches. Explore the limitless possibilities of Native Instruments Massive and unleash your creativity today.

16. Echo Sound Works (150+)- Enhance your music production with ESW Static, a collection of high-quality presets for NI Massive. Download this free preset pack and gain access to 50 presets suitable for various genres of modern music. Explore synthesized drum presets, multi-purpose FX presets for risers, sweeps, and lasers, and even 75 presets designed specifically for EDM. Expand your Massive library and take your music to the next level with these premium free Massive Presets. Discover more at Echo Sound Works.

17. Massive X (20) – Check out Expressive E’s Massive X presets! These new presets have been carefully designed to give you a new level of control and expressivity. Enjoy these 20 original presets.

18. Essential Massive (10) – Discover the magic of making music with Essential Massive X! Sonorous Sounds offers a free preset pack that includes 10 presets, along with free MIDI files and sample packs. It’s perfect for creating your own tunes. Download it now at no cost and start producing incredible music today. Email required.

19. Organic for Massive X (12) – Visit Genera Studios to download ‘Organic for Massive X,’ a free collection of 12 presets designed for Massive X. Inspired by Chillwave and Future Bass artists like Odesza, San Holo, Illenium, and Flume, this collection can elevate your music production. The site also offers music marketing education, consulting services, and more to support both artists and labels. Note: An email address is required to access the free Massive presets.

How to Install Massive Presets

Here is a simple guide to help you install these free Massive presets.

In conclusion, if you’re into electronic dance music, deep house, and production, you can never have too many presets.

The free presets available for Massive by Native Instruments are some of the best out there, with thousands of free options to choose from in preset packs and sound packs.

From Dubstep to bass patches, one-shots, and sample packs, the variety is endless.

If you’re a fan of NI Massive, you’ll definitely want to explore these free options.

And if you’re new to the world of presets, give them a try – you may also like the convenience and creative potential they offer.

I hope you enjoy these free Massive presets.

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