How to Use the Nexus VST Plugin – Nexus Tutorials

Here is a beginners guide on how to use the Nexus VST plugin by reFX. Learn about the interface, loading presets, and how to make beats with this plugin.

We also have articles with Free Nexus Presets & Free Nexus Expansions that can be used with FL Studio, and other music software that support VST plugins.

How to Use the Nexus VST Plugin ( Nexus Tutorials )

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How to Use the Nexus VST Plugin

1. Nexus Overview

This is a great video that covers all the basic features and everything you need to know to get started using the Nexus VST plugin.

Manual: Nexus Reference

2. How to Use the Preset Browser in Nexus

Here is a useful guide on how to use the Nexus preset browser.

3. How to Install Nexus Presets

At some point or another, you’re going to want to install your own custom presets. This video shows in-depth how to do so.

It’s focused on FL Studio but should work for pretty much any DAW.

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4. How to Make Trap Beats with Nexus

An in-depth video on how to create trap beats using Nexus and FL Studio.

5. How to Make Hip Hop Beats with Nexus

A tutorial on how to create beats in the style of Hip Hop using Nexus.

6. How to Make a Drake Type Beat

Here is a tutorial on how to replicate Drake’s famous sounds using Nexus.

7. Nexus VST Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful basic tips and tricks on Nexus that are worth knowing.

8. 13 Nexus Hacks & Secret Tricks

Advanced tips for Nexus that will get your sound to the next level.

9. Top 5 Nexus Tips

Here are five essential tips to master the Nexus VST plugin.

Additional Beginner Guides

I hope you found this beginner guide on how to use Nexus help.

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