50 Free Online Music Instruments to Play Online

Here are the best free online music instruments to play in your browser. This virtual instrument list includes Pianos, Guitars, Synths, Drums, and more.

These virtual musical instruments can be played in your web browser without installing any software. You can also use external MIDI controllers to play a couple of these online music instruments.

Free Online Music Instruments to Play Online
Best Free Online Music Instruments

What is a Virtual Musical Instrument?

Online virtual instruments are digital replicas of real-world instruments that you can play online through a browser without installing software. This can include pianos, drums, guitars, and many other musical instruments. You can use them for a variety of purposes such as recording, practicing, or even for fun.

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Best Free Online Music Instruments

Instructions: Click the images below to visit each virtual music instrument.

Virtual Pianos (17)

Recursive Arts Virtual Piano

Piano Virtual Instrument
Piano Virtual Instrument

You can play the Recursive Arts Virtual Piano simulator online for free.

Besides playing the piano, you can play the organ, harpsichord, or synthesizer.

Chrome and Edge will be able to receive native MIDI input.

Play notes using your computer’s keyboard, mouse, or MIDI device to hear the sounds of a Grand Piano.

Virtual Piano

Online Virtual Piano Instrument

You can play the Virtual Piano on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Search the Virtual Piano Search box or browse the Music Sheets for a song.


Piano Virtual Instrument
Piano Virtual Keyboard

The Pianu Piano is an interactive online piano that teaches you how to play.

Learn how to read music and chords while playing your favorite songs.

It is easier to learn piano with Pianu because it is game-like.

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano Online

The Virtual Piano website offers a huge collection of 128 musical instruments that you can play with your computer mouse, keyboard, or external MIDI keyboard.

It is possible to adjust the volume, the reverb, and the quality of the sound. The drum channels can be adjusted in addition to the octaves and sustain.

You can create melodies and learn how to play the piano online.

  • Connect your external keyboard
  • 128 music instruments

Virtual Musical Instruments

Virtual Musical Instruments

Play chords and songs to prepare for playing a real piano. The software is compatible with desktop computers, mobile devices, as well as other platforms.

Virtual Online Piano

Crazy Games Virtual Piano
Online Virtual Piano Instrument

Learn how to play piano with a virtual keyboard.

  • Piano chord assistance
  • Controls: Mouse & Keyboard
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Full-screen support

Online Pianist

Online Pianist

You can play a virtual piano keyboard with a computer keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. When you don’t have a piano or keyboard nearby, you can use a virtual piano.

  • Sustain
  • Letter Notes
  • Zoom Out
  • Full Screen mode
  • Metronome

Virtual Online Keyboard

Virtual Piano Keyboard Online

Use this virtual keyboard to learn the basics of music and practice online. The virtual keyboard contains several notations indicating the notes for each score.

Cloud Piano

Cloud Piano

Play this multiplayer piano game with friends in real-time. Use your mouse, keyboard, or MIDI controller to play the piano with others. Music staves and pianos are displayed as you play notes.

Controls: Mouse, Keyboard, or MIDI controller.

Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano

This is a multi-player piano simulator that you can play with others or on your own.

Music can be composed in a group room with other players. And there is a dedicated chat that allows users to communicate with each other to exchange ideas.

The piano can be played with a mouse or keyboard.

Virtual Piano Keyboard

Session Town Virtual PIANO Keyboard

This virtual piano allows you to play and record yourself playing.

Musicca Online Virtual Instrument

Musicca Virtual-piano

The virtual piano is designed for teachers and students. Play notes, intervals, chords, and scales on your computer keyboard.

Play the piano with your computer keyboard or by clicking the piano keys.

The online piano exercises will teach you how to identify and play notes, intervals, chords, and scales on the piano

Additionally, there are ear training exercises and music notation exercises.

Apronus Piano

Apronus Virtual Piano Online - Play Piano Online
Piano – Online Music Instrument

Utilize the piano keys layout of this virtual keyboard to play piano online.

The virtual piano keyboard can be played using a computer keyboard.

iMusic School

iMusic School

Play music, practice your ear and tune your piano by using this online piano keyboard. Touch screens and all web browsers are supported.

Piano Plays

Piano Plays
Piano Plays – Online Virtual Instrument

Try out the online 88-key piano and play some music. A keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen can be used to play this virtual piano.

Online MIDI Piano

Online MIDI Piano

You can play notes using the piano keys or your computer keyboard.

Dot Piano

Dot Piano
Dot Piano – Online Virtual Instrument

Dot Piano is a visual musical instrument that lets you make music online.

Press the keys on your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to record a song, and share the link with others.

Virtual Guitars (8)

Recursive Arts Virtual Guitar

Recursive Arts Virtual Guitar
Guitar – Online Music Instrument

This is an online interactive digital guitar from Recursive Arts. With this app, you can learn how to play guitar if a real guitar isn’t nearby.

Play a combination of chords and melodies. Use your mouse and keyboard to access single notes from the fretboard.

By activating Chord Mode any song can be played with predefined chords.

In addition to the comprehensive list of common guitar chords, you can also create your own chords.

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Musicca Acoustic Guitar

Musicca Virtual Guitar

Users can play an acoustic guitar online with Musicca’s virtual acoustics. It was created to teach music and have fun.

Visualize notes, intervals, chords, and scales has never been easier than with this tool. Guitar notes can be played with your computer keyboard.

The four lowest strings of the guitar correspond to the keyboard keys.

Apronus Online Guitar

Apronus Virtual Guitar Online

This free guitar simulator lets you play the chords of an acoustic guitar.

The guitar samples were recorded in a professional music studio.

You can play the guitar with a mouse, computer keyboard, or by clicking the piano keys on a keyboard.

Virtual Bass Guitar

Musicca Bass Guitar

Musicca has created this virtual bass guitar online. It allows you to visualize bass guitar scales and notes.

Use your mouse or keyboard to play the virtual bass.

Virtual Classical Guitar

Virtual Classical Guitar

This virtual classical guitar appears as a digital keyboard, but it plays guitar sounds.

Virtual Guitar Instrument

Virtual Guitar

With your keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen, you can learn guitar basics online.

Practicing the guitar with this online virtual acoustic steel-string guitar is a great way to develop the skills necessary to play.

Practicing chords and songs on a virtual guitar can prepare you for trying them out on a real one.

Construct Guitar

Construct Virtual Guitar

This simple guitar app is free to use. You can play the guitar by clicking on the notes. This works on touch-screen devices.

Virtual Oud

Virtual Oud

Although this isn’t a guitar, it looks like one. Similar to a guitar, the oud is an oval-shaped stringed instrument.

Virtual Synthesizers (18)

Viktor NV-1 Synthesizer

Synthesizer Online Music Instrument
Synthesizer – Online Music Instrument

Viktor NV-1 Synthesizer is based on the Web Audio API and can be played using a MIDI keyboard.

You can save custom patches, export your library, or import libraries created by others. There is more than 60 synth presets included.

WebSynths Microtonal

WebSynths Microtonal - Free Online Synth

This synth offers over 130 synth sounds along with an array of settings to customize the sounds.

Your keyboard will play sounds as you press keys. The appearance of this synth can be overwhelming. For helpful instructions, click the Help link.


TAL-NoiseMaker - Free Online Synthesizers
Synth – Online Music Instrument

The TAL-NoiseMaker virtual synth is an online virtual analog synth with over 300 synth sound presets.



Play over 200 synth presets online with OBXD, a virtual analog synthesizer.


DEXED Online Synthesizer

The DEXED synth is a replica of the Yamaha DX7. It offers over 200 audio presets.

Cardboard Online Synth

Cardboard Online Synth

This free online synthesizer has 16 synth presets and MIDI support. Works with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.



This virtual Yamaha DX7 FM/PM synthesizer offers 30 synth sound presets.

Virtual CZ-101


A virtual version of the CZ-101 phase distortion synthesizer is presented here. To change the preset, click “Preset” or “Internal”, then one of the numbers at the top.

Sympathetic Synthesizer

Sympathetic Synthesizer System Mk 1

A simple analog synth made with the Web Audio API. The Safari browser is suggested.

Electric Telepathy

Electric Telepathy - Online Virtual Instrument
Electric Telepathy VST – Online Virtual Instrument

Fluoresynth is a VST plugin that can be accessed online. You can play on your computer keyboard or use a MIDI keyboard with Chrome or Opera.



There are 128 instruments to play, such as synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, and organs. You can play sound with your keyboard, touchscreen, or computer mouse.

Online Piano Sequencer

Online Sequencer

This online piano sequencer offers over 40 virtual musical instruments.

Play, record, and edit MIDI notes online.

Click the Instrument dropdown menu to change the virtual instrument.

Web Audio Synth V2

Web Audio Synth V2

A web-based version of an old-school synthesizer.

Juno 106

Juno 106 Online Synth

Juno-106 is a virtual analog synthesizer that runs online.

MIDI connectivity requires Chrome 43 or later.

Tanguy Web Synthesizer

Synth – Online Music Instrument

The Tanguy web user interface allows users to input data to create sounds in real-time. I tested the online synth, and it works in all browsers but is buggy.

To change the audio preset, click the top left and right arrows.

Commodore 64

Commodore 64

An homage to the Commodore 64 that works in your web browser.

Modular Synthesizer

Modular Synthesizer

This Modular Synthesizer is written in HTML5 and Javascript. Real-time sounds are generated with Javascript. It is recommended that you use Firefox or Chrome.

GM Synth

Virtual Piano : GM Synth

Play 128 musical instruments with this online synthesizer.

You can use your computer keyboard, mouse, or connect an external MIDI keyboard to play. The octave, reverb, and quality can be adjusted.

Virtual Drum Sets (2)

Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming
Drum Set – Online Music Instrument

You can play this virtual drum set in your web browser.

You can play sounds with your mouse or by pressing keys on your keyboard.

Virtual Drum Set

Virtual Drums

The virtual drum set can be played with a computer keyboard.

Virtual Drums

Virtual Drums

Play this virtual drum set with your computer mouse or computer keys. Works with mobile devices.

Virtual Xylophone

Virtual Xylophone

Xylophones are wooden instruments of ancient origin that come in many sizes and shapes and contain a set of tuned keys arranged in the same way as a piano.

Virtual Glockenspiel

Virtual Glockenspiel

Glockenspiels are metal instruments similar to Xylophones and come in different sizes. Similar to a piano, it has a set of keys.

Virtual Bongos

Virtual Bongos
Bongo – Online Music Instrument

The Bongo is an Afro-Cuban hand drum consisting of a pair of open-bottomed drums of different sizes.

Virtual Pan Flute

Virtual Pan Flute

The Pan Flute is a wooden instrument whose name was derived from the Greek pantheon Pan, the deity of nature and shepherds.

It generally consists of several wooden pipes increasing in length to play different sounds and it’s usually made out of bamboo or cane.

What is an Online Virtual Instrument?

Online music instruments are digital replicas or simulations of actual instruments found in the real world. These instruments can be played through your web browser using your keyboard, mouse, or external MIDI controller.

For example, a virtual electric guitar will have a sound interface where you can select from different types of guitars and then play it on your computer using your keyboard.

This is a lot easier than carrying around an acoustic guitar and finding a place to play it. You can also use these online music instruments for recording purposes or fun.

We hope you find these free online music instruments helpful.

What is your favorite online music instrument or website?

Please share in the comments.

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