10 Free Online Virtual Guitars & Bass Guitars

Here are the best free online virtual guitars and virtual bass guitars to play guitar online. We’ve also included a couple of free online guitar games.

If you are new to learning how to play guitar, these apps can help with practicing guitar if your guitar isn’t nearby. You can use these tools to help with visualizing guitar notes, chords, and scales.

These online guitars are just fun virtual instruments, and you will not get the same quality from a real guitar or a VST plugin. So please keep this in mind as you visit these sites. The sound quality and features of these online guitars are minimal.

But they can still be fun to play while on the go.

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Free Online Guitars - The Best Virtual Guitars & Bass Guitars

Free Online Virtual Guitars

Click the images to visit each website.

  1. Recursive Arts Virtual Guitar
  2. Musicca Acoustic Guitar
  3. Apronus Online Guitar
  4. Musicca Bass Guitar
  5. Virtual Classical Guitar
  6. Play Guitar Online
  7. Construct Guitar
  8. Virtual Oud
  9. Guitar Hero 2
  10. Guitar Flash
  11. Lagged Guitar Hero Game
  12. FAQs

1. Recursive Arts Virtual Guitar

Recursive Arts Virtual Guitar

The Recursive Arts acoustic guitar is an online interactive digital guitar. It allows users to learn guitar skills without needing to go out and buy a traditional guitar.

The interface of the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Play both your favorite chords and melodies.

This site lets you play a realistic 6-string guitar in your web browser.

With a mouse or keyboard, you can access single notes from the fretboard.

Activate Chord Mode to be able to select predefined chords to play any song.

There is a comprehensive list of standard guitar chords, and you can also create and edit your own chords.

Activate chord progressions and assign up to 10 different chords to individual keys on your keyboard.

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2. Musicca Acoustic Guitar

Musicca Virtual Guitar

Musicca provides a virtual acoustic guitar that users can play online.

It was created with the intention of teaching music and being fun.

The simple online guitar was created for children and beginners to learn the basics of playing guitar without spending much money.

This tool allows you to visualize notes, intervals, chords, and scales. Guitars can be played with a computer keyboard.

You can play the online guitar using your keyboard or by clicking on the strings using your computer.

The keyboard keys correspond to the guitar’s four lowest strings. You can play the top two strings by holding down the shift key and using the top two keyboard rows.

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3. Apronus Online Guitar

Apronus Virtual Guitar Online

This free online guitar simulator plays the chords of a real acoustic guitar.

Each guitar note was recorded individually in a professional music studio.

This digital guitar plays both single notes or chords

To play the guitar, you can use your mouse, computer keyboard or click the piano keys on the keyboard.

4. Musicca Bass Guitar

Musicca Bass Guitar

This is an online virtual bass guitar made by Musicca.

With this instrument, you can Visualize bass guitar notes and scales.

Play the virtual bass guitar using your mouse or computer keyboard.

5. Virtual Classical Guitar

Virtual Classical Guitar

The virtual classical guitar has a hollow wooden body and six strings.

The digital guitar is presented as a digital keyboard but plays guitars sounds.

6. Play Guitar Online

Virtual Guitar

Learn guitar basics online with your keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

Playing this online virtual acoustic steel-string guitar is a great way to learn how to play the guitar.

It is possible to practice chords and songs on a virtual guitar before attempting them on a real guitar.

7. Construct Guitar

Construct Virtual Guitar

A simple free online guitar app. Just click the notes to play the guitar, and it works on touch devices.

8. Virtual Oud

Virtual Oud

This is not a guitar, but it’s close. The oud is an oval-shaped stringed instrument that is similar to a guitar.

9. Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero 2

This is an online version of the video game Guitar Hero.

Press the following keys on your keyboard to play the game: G, H, J, K

10. Guitar Flash

Guitar Flash

Guitar Flash is an online free version of guitar hero to play in your web browser.

Become a rock star and crush the guitar playing several popular rock songs.

  • See High Scores
  • Hundreds of songs to choose from
  • Plays the songs video while you play

11. Lagged Guitar Hero Game

Lagged Guitar Hero Game

Lagged is an online game site with different games to play. One of the most popular games is a Guitar Hero-like game that you can play online for free.

To control the game, tap or use arrow keys on your keyboard to play the guitar’s notes in rhythm with the music.

The difficulty of the game increases as you progress. If you miss three notes, it’s game over.


What is a Virtual Guitar?

A virtual guitar is a digital version of an acoustic or electric guitar that you can play online. A virtual instrument reproduces the sound of an acoustic or electronic musical instrument with a digital sound module. These guitars can be used in your web browser to practice guitar if your physical guitar isn’t nearby.

How Can I Play Guitar Online?

Playing the guitar online can be a great way to learn more about how to play a real guitar. To play an online guitar, you can visit Recursive Arts, which has one of the best online guitars. On the website, you can use your computer mouse or keyboard to play the guitar notes.

We hope you enjoy these free online guitars to play in your web browser.

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