10 Free Online Virtual Drum Sets For Virtual Drumming

Here are the best online virtual drum sets that you can play in your web browser for virtual drumming on the go. Play drums online without software.

These online virtual drums are very basic with features but can be fun to play with. If you are looking for more drum-related content, we have free drum kits, free drum VST plugins, and free online drum machines.

These virtual drum sets work in your web browser without installing software, so they work with PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

Free Online Virtual Drum Sets For Virtual Drumming

Free Virtual Drum Sets for Virtual Drumming

Instructions: Click each drum image to visit the website.

  1. Hip Hop Drum Kit
  2. Real Drum App
  3. Virtual Drums
  4. Virtual Mixed Percussion
  5. Bookaboo Drum Kit
  6. Vintage Virtual Drum Set
  7. Online Virtual Drumming
  8. Virtual Live Drums
  9. Travis Barker Drum Kit
  10. Mike Portnoy Virtual Drum Set

1. Hip Hop Drum Kit

Hip Hop Drum Kit Online Virtual Drums
Virtual Drums to Play Drums Online

This is a Hip Hop inspired virtual drum set with 13 pieces.

Virtual Drumming is a place where you can play drum beats with virtual drum kits and pads. JavaScript is required for the Hip Hop Drumkit and the other virtual drum kits.

2. Real Drum App

Real Drum App

Interactive online drum set with 13 drum pieces for virtual drumming.

3. Virtual Drums

Virtual Drums

This virtual drum allows you to learn how to play drums without a drum kit in a fun and easy way.

Learn drum beats and fills and then use them on real drums.

You can use this free virtual drum app on your desktop (PC / Mac), mobile phone (IOS or Android), or other platforms.

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4. Virtual Mixed Percussion

Virtual Mixed Percussion

Play a virtual drum set using this Virtual Mixed Percussion Piano.

This virtual drummer app includes a wide variety of drum sounds like cymbals, snares, kick drums, triangle, crash, and more.

5. Bookaboo Drum Kit

Bookaboo Drum Kit
Online Virtual Drums to Play Drums Online

Bookaboo drum kit is an interactive online drum set.

Use your computer keyboard or mouse to play drum sounds.

6. Vintage Virtual Drum Set

Vintage Virtual Drum Set

A virtual drum set that emulates the sounds and design of a vintage drum set from the 1960s.

You can adjust the volume and dynamics of the individual drum pieces.

Use your computer keyboard or mouse to play the virtual drum set.

7. Online Virtual Drumming

Online Virtual Drumming

Here is a simple online drum sampler with 10 drum pads.

Included drum sounds: Crash, High tom, Low tom, Floor tom, Ride, Open hi-hat, Closed hi-hat, Bass drum, Snare drum, Sidestick.

  • Record drum loops
  • Listen to drum patterns by other musicians
  • Supports mobile devices

8. Virtual Live Drums

Virtual Live Drums

This online virtual drum set lets you experience the excitement of a live concert performance online.

Using the “Keys” button, you can visually see how the keys correspond to each element of the virtual drum set.

9. Travis Barker Drum Kit

Travis Barker Drum Kit
Virtual Drumming Kit

Play an online drum kit inspired by Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker.

Travis Barker is a musician and designer, most famous for being and having been the drummer of the rock band Blink-182.

10. Mike Portnoy Virtual Drum Set

Mike Portnoy Virtual Drum Set - Online Drum Simulator
Online Drum Simulator

This is an online virtual drum set inspired by Mike Portnoy who is best known for being a co-founder of Dream Theater.


What is an Online Virtual Drum Set?

A virtual drum set is a virtual representation of real-world drums that allows musicians to experiment with drum sounds without investing in real equipment. You can play these virtual drum sets by clicking the drums with your mouse, or press keys on your computer keyboard.

How Do I Play Drums Online?

You can play virtual drums online by visiting VirtualDrumming.com. Use your computer keyboard or mouse to play the drum set sounds. You can click the menu on the top left to view over 25 different available virtual drum sets.

We hope you have fun playing with these free online virtual drum sets.

Which online drum set is your favorite for virtual drumming?

Let us know in the comments.

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