15 Free Online Guitar Tuner Apps

Here are the best Free Online Guitar Tuner Apps for Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Bass Guitars.

These free websites will help you tune your guitar on the go, without having to install any software, or spend money.

There are two different types of Guitar Tuner Apps on this list:

  1. Tune by Ear – Listen to notes and manually tune your guitar to match the note.
  2. Auto Tuning – Record audio from your web browser to find the correct pitch.
Best Free Online Guitar Tuner Apps

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Free Online Guitar Tuner Apps

Instructions: Click the image to visit each website.

  1. Fender Electric Guitar Tuner
  2. Electric Guitar Tuning
  3. Fender Acoustic Guitar Tuner
  4. Bass Guitar Tuning
  5. Guitartuna
  6. Tuner Online
  7. Fender Bass Guitar Tuner
  8. Acoustic Guitar Tuning
  9. Fender Ukulele Online Tuner
  10. ProGuitar Guitar Tuner
  11. Guitar Tuner App
  12. Gieson Guitar Tuner
  13. More Guitar Tuners (6)

1. Fender Electric Guitar Tuner

Fender Electric Guitar Tuner

The Fender electric guitar tuner will help you keep your guitar in tune.

Choose from standard, alternative, or create a custom tune for your electric guitar.

Click the interactive guitar to play the guitar sounds.

Then adjust your guitar to match the online guitar.

Free Guitar Tuner Mobile Apps: iOS App & Android App

Video: How to Tune an Electric Guitar for Beginners

2. Electric Guitar Tuning

Electric Guitar Tuning

Tune your electric guitar easily with a microphone or by ear.

Tuning your electric guitar with this tuner will result in a great-sounding guitar.

Your musical ear will improve over time if you tune your guitar by ear.

But you can tune your guitar automatically by pressing the Microphone switch.

Make sure your microphone is enabled on the website.

To ensure that the tuner can identify the string you’re playing. Place your instrument close to your microphone.

This free electric guitar tuner will identify the string you are tuning if Detect String is enabled.

It’s never been so easy to tune your guitar.

3. Fender Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Fender Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Tune your acoustic guitar using Fender’s free online guitar tuner.

Choose between standard tunings and alternate tunings. Or customize your own tuning for your acoustic guitar.

4. Bass Guitar Tuning

Bass Guitar Tuning

This online tuner will help you improve the sound of your bass. A simple and accurate bass tuner.

Tune your bass guitar using a microphone or by ear.

Your guitar can be tuned quicker and easier with a microphone.

Tuning a bass guitar string will trigger an electronic tune-up machine. Alternatively, press the string you wish to tune.

For best results, place your instrument close to your microphone.

5. Guitartuna


With GuitarTuna, you can tune your guitar and other instruments. There are over 100 different tunings in Guitar Tuna to help you play.

Free GuitarTuna iOS App

6. Tuner Online

Tuner Online

Tune your guitar online using your computer microphone.

Using the guitar tuner, you can determine the frequency of the sound and adjust each guitar string accordingly.

The tuner can be used for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Tuning quality is strongly affected by the frequency response of the microphone, which is sensitive to external noise.

7. Fender Bass Guitar Tuner

Fender Bass Guitar Tuner

Make sure your bass tone is in tune using Fender’s guitar tuner.

Using standard or alternative tuning, you can fine-tune your bass to your exact specifications.

8. Acoustic Guitar Tuning

Acoustic Guitar Tuning

Easily tune your acoustic guitar by ear or with a microphone.

Make your acoustic guitar sound its best with this precise tuner.

Our recommendation is to tune the guitar automatically with a microphone. It is easier, faster, and more accurate.

Turn on the microphone switch to help automatically tune the guitar. The website needs access to your microphone.

9. Fender Ukulele Online Tuner

Fender Ukulele Online Tuner

The Ukulele Tuner from Fender can help you tune your ukulele.

Choose from a variety of tunings or create your own custom tuning for your ukulele.

10. ProGuitar Guitar Tuner

ProGuitar Guitar Tuner

Use the microphone to tune your guitar.

Includes a massive library of alternative tunings.

Because the app is chromatic, it works for a variety of instrument types, including stringed instruments.

By default, the tuner will use the built-in microphone if you are using an acoustic guitar or any acoustic instrument.

Tuning your electric guitar or any plugged-in instrument requires you to adjust the input source.

11. Guitar Tuner App

Guitar Tuner App

This free online tuner app will tune your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar and ukulele.

Tune your guitar on the go with this free microphone-based online tuner.

12. Gieson Guitar Tuner

Gieson Guitar Tuner

Over 50 alternate tunings are available to tune your acoustic guitar.

The string advances automatically. Timing can be adjusted with the “delay” knob.

More Guitar Tuners (6)

  1. How to Tune A Guitar – Custom settings are available. Use some of the most popular tunings in the world or come up with your own.
  2. Berklee – Tune your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar with the Berklee Online guitar tuner. Choose from either standard tuning or 10 alternate tunings.
  3. Ukulele Tuning – Tune your ukulele online using a microphone or by ear. Tuning your ukulele is easy with a simple and precise tuner.
  4. Ultimate Guitar – Tune up with Ultimate Guitar’s free online tuner. Easy to use and accurate.
  5. All Guitar Chords – A great free online tuner for acoustic and electric guitars.
  6. Guitar Tricks – Tune guitars online with the free guitar tuner. The tuner uses real guitar tones so you can easily tune your guitar.


What is a Guitar Tuner?

A guitar tuner is a piece of hardware or software to help tune your guitar strings to the correct frequency. Guitar strings can get loose, or worn out over time, and may need to be readjusted to make sure they sound right.

How to Tune a Guitar Online?

  1. Visit one of the free online guitar tuners.
  2. You will be asked to enable your computer microphone.
  3. Enable the microphone.
  4. Play your guitar near the microphone so the tuner app can hear the strings being played.

Follow the instructions from the websites.

Are There Free Guitar Tuner Apps?

Yes, there are many free guitar tuning apps available. Here are two popular apps by Fender and Guitartuna.

What is the Best Online Guitar Tuner?

There are many online guitar tuners that offer different features. If you are a beginner, try using guitar-tuner.org which offers auto, and tuning by ear options.

We hope you find these online guitar tuner apps helpful.

If you have any tips for tuning a guitar, please share them in the comments.

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