8 Best Free Noise Reduction VST Plugins

Get the best free noise reduction VST plugins to help remove unwanted noises from audio. I’ve included free noise reduction plugins for Windows and Mac.

In this assortment of free noise reduction plugins, you will find feature lists, plus screenshots and YouTube videos.

What Is A Noise Reduction VST Plugin? Noise reduction VST plugins detect and remove certain types of noises or artifacts, such as hiss, hum, or any other unwanted sound. Noise-reducer plugins are a great way to improve your audio without spending too much time in post-production.

Best Noise Reduction VST Plugins

  1. ToneLib NoiseReducer
  2. Denoiser Classic
  3. Denoiser
  4. Noise Bleach
  5. Noise Suppression
  6. ReaGate
  7. GGate
  8. Extract:Dialogue
Best Free Noise Reduction VST Plugins
Best Free Noise Reduction VST Plugins

They apply an algorithm that detects and removes certain types of noises, such as hiss, hums, or any other undesired sound. These tools can take your music production to the next level because they provide a cleaner end product with less manual editing needed afterward.

I’ve explored and assessed hundreds of free VST plugins, and these stand out as some of the top free noise reduction VST plugins available.

Instructions: Click the buttons to visit each noise reduction plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. ToneLib NoiseReducer

ToneLib NoiseReducer | Best Noise Reduction Plugin
ToneLib NoiseReducer | Audio Restoration

ToneLib NoiseReducer is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use noise-reducer effect rack.

It’s designed not only to remove unwanted noise from your mix but also to adapt perfectly to any specific project you’re working on.

With the intuitive controls, you can set the input signal detection level and response strength for precise noise elimination.

There are two units in this plugin, either of which can be used for different effects – Reducer Unit Auto-Mode and EasyGate Unit – making it very user-friendly.

Alternatively, both units can be combined for ultimate noise reduction results!

The TL NoiseReducer VST Plugin is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable noise reduction tool that doesn’t require complicated settings or advanced knowledge of audio engineering.

Whether you’re looking to remove background noises or quickly create a clean production mix, this plugin may be able to help out.

ToneLib NoiseReducer is a great addition to your post-production suite to help reduce noise, repair audio, and recover sound. This is one of my favorites on this list.


  • Easy-to-use noise reduction effect rack
  • Intuitive control for precise noise elimination
  • Reducer Unit Auto-Mode and EasyGate Unit
  • Real-time frequency spectrum display feature
  • Available in VST/VST3/AU/Standalone formats


  • Removes unwanted noise efficiently
  • Adapts to specific project needs
  • User-friendly with simple controls
  • Visual tracking with spectrum display
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu


  • It may require initial setup adjustments
  • Advanced features could overwhelm beginners
  • Specific to guitar frequencies in EasyGate
  • The standalone version might have limitations

View Plugin | PC & Mac

Best Noise Reduction VST Plugins

2. Denoiser Classic

Denoiser Classic
Denoiser Classic by Bertom Audio | Noise Reducer

The Denoiser Classic plugin is an excellent choice for musicians, sound engineers, and post-production professionals who need to reduce noise from their recordings quickly and efficiently.

It offers a traditional workflow, low CPU usage, and zero latency, meaning you can use it without compromising the quality of your audio.

The Denoiser Classic features FFT technology that helps you avoid the associated artifacts that many digital filters will introduce in the process.


  • Zero Latency Noise Reduction
  • Fully Automatable
  • Traditional Workflow
  • No FFT & Associated Artifacts
  • Restoration Suite
  • Not Limited to Voice Processing

Denoiser Classic | PC & Mac / Linux

Denoiser Classic Preview

3. Denoiser Noise Reduction VST

Denoiser by Blue Lab Audio
Denoiser by Blue Lab Audio | Noise Removal Plugin

The Denoiser plugin by Blue Lab Audio is a noise remover that attenuates or even suppresses the background noise on an audio track by learning the characteristics of the noise.

This plugin works on a wide range of sounds, from vocals to various types of musical sounds.

It requires at least a small part of the recording that only includes the noise itself, even if it is very brief.

After it has learned the characteristics of the noise, it will then be able to attenuate or suppress it in its entirety throughout the whole track.


  • Learns Noise to Suppress
  • Residual Noise Removal
  • Automatic Residual Noise Removal
  • Quality Parameters
  • Fast Processing

Denoiser | PC & Mac

4. Noise Bleach Denoiser VST

Noise Bleach | Denoiser VST
Noise Bleach by FKFX | Denoiser VST

Noise Bleach is a helpful tool when it comes to audio mixing, with features like an 8-band noise gate and dynamic matrix thresholding levels.

It can remove extra noise and unwanted resonances, as well as be used to transform a legato into a pizzicato quickly.

The transients feature will allow you to extract main transients from your audio. With its various features, Noise Bleach can help give your audio recordings more clarity.

  • 8-Band Noise Gate
  • Dynamic Matrix
  • Simple Noise Gating
  • Latency Compensation

Noise Bleach | PC & Mac

5. Noise Suppression

Noise Suppression Denoise VST
Noise Suppression | Denoise VST

The Noise Suppression plugin by Vadim Taranov is designed to reduce static noise from direct injection (DI) electric guitar recordings without sacrificing the audio’s integrity.

It does this in real-time noise reduction and with virtually no latency involved.

This plugin allows for subtlety and transparency in the sound, allowing users to keep the sound as close to its original raw form as possible while significantly reducing the noise issues that often come with DI electric guitar recordings.

Visit Website | PC & Mac

6. ReaGate

ReaGate Noise Gate Plugin

ReaGate is an advanced gating processor VST plugin developed by Cockos.

It features ultra-configurable gating, side chain filters, variable RMS size, and noise mix functions.

With ReaGate you can reduce noise in your tracks and achieve a professional level of gating.

  • Ultra-Configurable Gate
  • Sidechain Filters
  • Variable RMS Size
  • Sidechain Input
  • Look Ahead Pre-Open
  • Hold Control
  • Hysteresis Control
  • Frequency Bands
  • Send MIDI Events

ReaGate | PC

7. GGate

GGate | Free Noise Reduction Plugin

GGate is a VST plugin designed to help mix engineers control background noise on tracks.

Acting as a noise gate, it silences incoming signal levels when they drop under a user-defined threshold.

This helps minimize annoying background hums and other artifacts during silent passages while letting the original source audio come through when boosted to an appropriate volume.

GGate can be used across various instruments and genres to clean up mixes.

On high-gain guitar parts, it can also be used as an effect to emphasize staccato-like passages and palm-muting for more significant sonic impact.

GGate | PC & Mac / Linux

8. Extract:Dialogue ( Demo )

Extract:Dialogue | Noise Reduction Modules
Extract: Dialogue | Acon Digital Extract | Noise Reduction Tools

Extract:Dialogue is an excellent tool for removing background noise from audio recordings.

This plugin uses deep learning technology to identify and remove common types of noise, such as wind, rustle, traffic, hum, clicks, and pops.

It also offers frequency-dependent sensitivity control in up to three bands: low, peak, and high.

Its features include a preset manager with many factory presets and the ability to save, load, and categorize user presets.

With an easy-to-use interface and reliable automatic noise reduction capabilities, Extract: Dialogue plugin is worth checking out.


  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Global Sensitivity Controls
  • Frequency Sensitivity Control
  • 3-Bands: Low Shelf, Peak, High
  • Adjustable Attenuation
  • Solo Noise Mode
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Preset Manager
  • Load & Categorize Presets
  • Resizable Graphical UI
  • Formats: VST, VST3, OR AAX
  • Automatic Noise Detection

Extract:Dialogue | PC & Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Using A Noise Reduction VST?

Using noise reduction VSTs is an invaluable tool for any audio engineer, giving them the power to reduce or eliminate unwanted background noise from their recordings.

The technology uses sampling and signal processing techniques to identify, differentiate, and reduce unwanted sound frequencies that can be heard in recordings.

The results are a cleaner, more professional-sounding recording with a softer noise floor and less clutter.

This allows us to bring out a more robust bass line or pick up minute details previously drowned out by noise.

Noise reduction plugins also have the added benefit of reducing the time you need to process and clean up audio files, allowing you to finish our projects quickly and up to speed.

What Are the Most Popular Noise Reduction VSTs?

Popular VSTs include Waves NS1, iZotope RX 7 Elements, Sonnox Oxford Denoiser, iZotope Spectral De-Noise, Acon Digital DeNoise 2, Accusonus ERA Noise Remover, and Waves Z-Noise.

Each plugin is designed to help improve audio quality in different ways, giving producers a range of options to find the best fit for their production needs.

With advanced features such as dynamic noise shaping, frequency-based processing, adaptive level optimization, these plugins can reduce unwanted noise while preserving elements of the original signal you want to keep.

What Is Noise Reduction?

Noise reduction is an essential part of audio production. It involves using various methods and technologies to reduce unwanted sounds while preserving desired sounds.

This process can be applied in post-production sound editing or as a part of a mixing workflow. It can help remove background noise and make recordings clearer, which is essential for achieving great-sounding mixes.
Noise reduction can either subtract or attenuate background noise so that the desired sounds stand out more clearly.

Techniques vary depending on the desired application and end result; however, those looking to achieve crystal clear sound will find many solutions available through noise reduction in audio production.

When Should I Use Noise Reduction Plugins?

A noise reduction plugin can elevate your audio production and help make your recordings as professional as possible.

One of the best times to use a noise reduction plugin in audio production is when you’re recording or editing in a noisy environment.

For those who record music or podcast audio, this is especially important – it’s essential for getting clear, crisp sound without any external interference ruining the quality.

Noise reduction software can also be helpful when compressing multiple tracks and attempting to balance their sounds together.

Additionally, they are beneficial when trying to create subtler sounds from layered recordings.

Where Does Noise Reduction Go In A Signal Chain?

When it comes to getting the best audio, the location of noise reduction within the signal chain greatly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

It is best placed in two spots: before and after compression. Setting your noise reduction before compression helps minimize unwanted frequency peaks that can otherwise occur with compression.

Additionally, it is beneficial to put a second, less aggressive instance of noise reduction at the very end as a final filter for any remaining unwanted elements in your track.

Doing this ensures that your track is free from any harsh, undesired frequencies and sounds.

Should I Really Use A Noise Removal VST Plugin?

If you’re a person who records music frequently, a noise removal VST plugin can be a fantastic tool.

This type of plugin is designed to detect and filter out noises from your audio recordings, saving you time and hassle in the editing process.

It eliminates the need for manual tweaking or special techniques in order to rid your recording of background hum or unwanted rumbles, giving you pristine recordings with minimal effort.

Most popular recording digital audio workstation software packages come with some of these plugins pre-installed.

Whether it’s a professional recording or an amateur podcast, noise reduction VSTs are invaluable tools in any audio project.

These free plugins are all great free alternatives to paid plugins such as Waves Clarity VX, Izotope Spectral De-noise, Waves Z-Noise, Izotope Voice De-noise, Acon Digital Denoise, Antares Soundsoap, Sonnox Oxford Denoiser, and Accusonus Era Noise Remover.

I hope you found this list of the best noise-reduction plugins helpful.

Many of these plugins are great for post-production, for eliminating unwanted noise, unwanted hiss sounds, noisy analog equipment sounds, and hiss noise in general. They can be used for both vocal tracks and musical instruments.

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