15 Best Free Minimoog VST Emulator Plugins

Here are the best free Minimoog VST emulator plugins to replicate the sound of the classic Moog synthesizer keyboard. I have included Minimoog emulators for Windows and Mac.

This roundup of free Minimoog plugins includes a rundown of features, screenshots, and videos for each plugin.

What Is A Minimoog? The Minimoog is a classic analog synthesizer created in 1970 by Moog Music. It was the first synthesizer to use voltage control. These Moog Minimoog emulators will give you a vintage synthesizer sound. Not all the emulators on this list are meant to be Minimoog replicas, but they offer similar Moog synthesizer sounds that are close to the popular keyboard.

Best Minimoog VST Emulator Plugins

  1. Surrealistic Plus Synthesizer
  2. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer
  3. Model Mini
  4. Synthegrated 12A
  5. Model Pro
  6. Moon Sono Sx
  7. minDy S
  8. Easy-tauros
  9. Freemoog
  10. ASynth
  11. Pro-DG
  12. RA Mowg
  13. Minimodular
  14. Polly
  15. Multipoly
  16. MiniMogueVA
Best Free Minimoog VST Emulator Plugins
Best Free Minimoog VST Emulator Plugins

The Moog Minimoog is a monophonic synth, meaning that it can only produce one note simultaneously. However, it can be set to produce up to four octaves of notes at once for more complex sounds.

Having downloaded and evaluated hundreds of free VST plugins, these are some of the premier free Minimoog VST plugins available

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Minimoog emulator. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

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1. Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer

This is an ultra-accurate Minimoog VST emulator that faithfully reproduces the sound of the original.

It has a dual oscillator monophonic plus polyphonic oscillator bank, over 130 presets, tempo sync-able LFO, and MIDI-assignable controls.

This plugin is a great free alternative to paid plugins like u-he Diva, Native Instruments Monark, Arturia Mini V3, and Syntronik Instruments Minimod by IK Multimedia.

This is a great Moog plugin for Apple Logic, FL Studio, Ableton Live, and other music production programs.

This stands out as one of my preferred Minimoog VST plugins on the list, thanks to its sleek user interface and robust feature set.


  • Accurate Minimoog emulation
  • Dual oscillator monophonic and polyphonic oscillators
  • 130+ presets
  • Tempo sync-able LFO
  • MIDI-assignable controls
  • DAW automation


  • Authentic analog modeling
  • Fat 24db ladder filter
  • Expanded octave ranges
  • Preset favoriting
  • Available in various formats
  • Supports Apple M1 processor


  • Internet activation required
  • High CPU usage for some systems

Plugin | PC & Mac

Best Minimoog VST Emulator Plugins

2. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer | Bob Moog
VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is an authentic emulation of a classic monophonic analog synthesizer. It uses state-of-the-art DSP technology to reproduce the sound of the hardware accurately.

The plugin has three continuously variable wave oscillators, two ladder filters with a dual lowpass or highpass configuration, and two modulation busses that can be routed to the filter cutoff or any other destination.

It also comes with 228 presets in Bass, Bright Lead, Electro Bass, FX, Percussive Lead, Soft Lead, and Synthwave.

These sounds cover a wide range of styles and give you a good starting point for creating your own presets.


  • 3 wavetable oscillators
  • 2 filters with dual lowpass or highpass configuration
  • 2 modulation busses
  • 228 presets

Vk-1 Viking Synthesizer | PC & Mac

3. Model Mini

Minimoog Model Mini | Bob Moog
Minimoog Model Mini

Model Mini is an emulation of the Minimoog analog synthesizer, one of the most iconic and highly-praised instruments in history. It provides all of the original Minimoog’s features, plus a few extra goodies.

The plugin has three oscillators, with oscillator three functioning as an LFO. You also get a lowpass filter, resonance, and ADS envelope generator that can be used to shape your sound.


  • Monophonic
  • 3 oscillators
  • Oscillator 3 can function as LFO
  • Lowpass filter
  • Resonance
  • ADS envelope generator

Model Mini | PC

4. Synthegrated 12A

Synthegrated 12A | Custom Moog Mods
Synthegrated 12A

This virtual Minimoog emulation, based on the circuits of Moog Modular Model 12, is not aiming for accuracy. This means that it sounds different from the original Minimoog.

The emulation has no presets, so you’ll have to create your own sounds. This can be a great creative exercise for sound designers and producers.

  • Moog Modular Model 12 emulation
  • Simple to use
  • No presets

Synthegrated 12A | PC

5. Model Pro Minimoog VST Emulator

Model Pro | Minimoog Model | Famous Analog Synthesizer
Model Pro

Model Pro is an analog emulation of the Moog Prodigy monophonic analog synthesizer. It comes with two VCOs that can generate sawtooth, triangle, and pulse waveforms.

There’s also an LFO section as well as an ADS envelope. Plus, the keyboard has 32 keys to play around with.

This is a great free Arturia Minimoog alternative.

  • 2 VCOs with sawtooth, triangle, and pulse waveforms
  • LFO section
  • ADS envelope
  • Classic Sounds
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Analog Sound
  • Keyboard with 32 keys

Model Pro | PC

6. Moon Sono Sx

Moon Sono Sx
Moon Sono Sx

This is an emulation of the Moog Sonix Six. It comes with two VCOs that can generate different kinds of waveforms. You can use the two LFOs to create various modulation effects. There is also one lowpass filter.

If you’re looking for an authentic Minimoog emulation plugin, this is one of the best plugins on the market. It is sure to give you that classic Minimoog sound.

  • 2 VCOs
  • 1 lowpass filter
  • 2 LFOs

Moon Sono Sx | PC

7. minDy S

minDy S
minDy S

This is a great virtual Minimoog emulator that perfectly captures the sound of the original.

It has an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of presets, making it perfect for those who want to create Minimoog-style sounds quickly.

  • Minimoog emulation
  • Simple interface
  • A wide range of presets included

minDy S | PC


8. Easy-tauros


This is a Minimoog VST emulation with all the right devices. It includes two oscillators to create polyphonic bass sounds and six waveforms.

You can tune over 3 octaves, making it one of the most versatile Minimoog VST plugins on this list.

The lowpass filter gives you control over the cutoff, emphasis, and ADS envelope. You also get 2 ADS envelopes for even more sound-shaping options to create the perfect bass sound.

  • 3-octave
  • 2 ADS envelopes
  • Lowpass filter
  • 2 oscillators

Easy-tauros | PC

9. Freemoog Minimoog Emulation


Freemoog is based on the Minimoog and allows up to 8 simultaneous notes. It consists of 3 oscillators and modulation, providing the user with a wide range of sounds.

  • 3 oscillators
  • 8 note polyphony

Freemoog | PC

10. ASynth


ASynth is a six-voice virtual analog synthesizer that recreates the sounds of the Minimoog. It has two oscillators and three filters that can be modeled after circuits in the Minimoog.

The plugin has a great GUI design, making it easy to navigate and use.

  • 2 oscillators
  • 3 filters
  • Easy to use GUI

ASynth | PC

11. Pro-DG


Pro-DG is a Minimoog Prodigy emulation with two oscillators, modulation, filter, and amplifier envelope controls to give you the classic Minimoog sound.

The plugin also features MIDI automation so that you can control the plugin with your DAW’s MIDI controller.

  • Minimoog Prodigy emulation
  • 2 oscillators
  • Modulation
  • Lowpass filter
  • ADS amplifier envelope
  • MIDI automation

Pro-DG | PC

12. RA Mowg

 RA Mowg | Minimoog Model D Emulator
RA Mowg

The plugin emulates the Minimoog Model D, and while it may not be the most accurate emulation, it sounds great. It is sure to be a staple in your arsenal.

  • Simple interface
  • Minimoog Model D VST emulation

RA Mowg | PC

13. Minimodular


This synth faithfully recreates the Minimoog’s sound and feel. It is inspired by the real unit’s circuits but does not aim to sound accurate to the hardware synth.

The plugin has no presets, so users will need to create their own sounds from scratch. This is great for creative sound design but may not be ideal for those who want to create Minimoog-like sounds quickly.

  • Moog modular emulation
  • Simple to use
  • No presets

Minimodular | PC

14. Polly

Polly | Voltage Controlled Filter

Polly is Minimoog VST software created to emulate the sounds of the Moog Polymoog. It is a simple yet powerful Minimoog VST plugin that can make various sounds.

The plugin has no presets, but it is straightforward to use.

  • Moog Polymoog emulation
  • Simple user interface
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Easy to use

Polly | PC

15. Multipoly

Multipoly | Moog Music Alternative

Multipoly is a Moog Multimoog emulation that takes its cues from real unit circuits to create a unique and inspiring sound.

While it doesn’t aim to sound exactly like the hardware synth, it still captures the essence of what made the program so great.

There are no presets, so you’ll have to explore and create your own sounds. This can be an excellent opportunity to get to know the plugin’s capabilities and create something truly unique.

  • Moog Multimoog emulation
  • Simple user interface
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Easy to use

Multipoly | PC

16. MiniMogueVA

MiniMogueVA | Moog Music Alternative

MiniMogueVA emulates the Minimoog mono synth, allowing you to recreate its iconic sounds in your digital audio workstation. It features a 5-note polyphony, an arpeggiator, and a 16-note step sequencer.

It also has release knobs for the two contour generators, aftertouch control, and an adjustable filter velocity curve. Three independent overdrive sliders give you even more sound-shaping options.

  • Minimoog mono synth emulator
  • 5-note polyphony
  • Arpeggiator
  • 16-note step sequencer
  • Release knobs for contour generators
  • Aftertouch control
  • Adjustable filter velocity curve
  • 3 independent overdrive sliders

MiniMogueVA | PC

17. Cassini

Cassini | Moog Minimoog

Cassini is a Minimoog Voyager emulation. It is inspired by the circuits in the Minimoog Voyager but does not aim to sound accurate to the hardware synth.

The plugin has no presets, but it is simple and has a Minimoog-like sound. It is sure to be a favorite of Minimoog fans.

  • Minimoog Voyager VST emulation
  • Simple user interface
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Easy to use

Cassini | PC


Additional Moog Minimoog Emulator Plugins

Now that I’ve gone over some of the best Minimoog VST emulators, a few more are worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Top Minimoog VST Plugins?

Some of the best Minimoog VSTs include the Arturia Mini V, the Synapse Audio’s The Legend, and the Universal Audio’s Minimoog Model D. Others worth mentioning are the Cherry Audio Model 72 and the Minimoog Model D app.

How does the emulation of the Arturia Mini V compare to the original Moog Minimoog model?

The Arturia Mini V is a reliable emulation of the original Moog Minimoog. It’s developed in partnership with Bob Moog and aims to capture every nuance and quirk of the iconic Minimoog. It also includes some extras like the modulation matrix that were not present in the original model.

What makes Monark among the best virtual instruments for Minimoog emulation?

Monark is known as one of the best virtual instruments for Minimoog emulation due to its detailed and accurate analog modeling. With this plugin, you can expect a powerful and authentic Moog sound. It also emulates every nuance and nonlinearity of the original Minimoog, conveying all its warmth and richness.

Can the Minimoog Model D app offer a similar experience to using a physical Minimoog?

The Minimoog Model D app is designed to give users a feel of the interaction with a physical Minimoog. It emulates the layout and controls of the legendary Minimoog Model D synthesizer, so it feels like the original. Of course, the tactile experience of actual knobs and keys won’t be the same. But in terms of sound, the app does a great job replicating the iconic Minimoog sound.

Why is Synapse Audio’s The Legend considered in the list of the top Minimoog VST plugins?

Synapse Audio’s The Legend is designed to closely emulate the original Minimoog Model D, and thereby replicate its rich analog sound qualities. The Legend offers features like module-to-module coupling and a steeper filter slope than the original, offering an even wider range of sounds. This makes it a top choice among Minimoog VST plugins.

How does the Cherry Audio Model 72 stand out among other Moog VST Emulations?

The Cherry Audio Model 72 is an outstanding Moog VST Emulation because it focuses on replicating the tone and sense of playing an actual vintage Model D. It also has a great variety of presets and a clean interface. Additionally, its modular design allows a higher level of customization than some of the other emulations.

What is the role of analog modeling in Minimoog VSTs such as the Arturia Mini V?

Analog modeling in VSTs like Arturia’s Mini V is crucial in replicating the “analog warmth” and character of the original Minimoog. It captures the behavior of the original circuits and reproduces the quirky, unpredictable, yet beloved characteristics of the analog synth, that digital synths often miss. This makes it sound like the original.

How does the Universal Audio’s Minimoog Model D compare with the original analog synth?

The Universal Audio’s Minimoog Model D is a powerful emulated version of Moog’s most famous synth. Developed in partnership with Moog Music, this VST offers detailed component-level circuit emulation. This meticulous approach has enabled them to capture the nuances and “quirks” of the original analog synth, resulting in a highly authentic virtual instrument.

Is stereo available in these Minimoog emulation plugins?

Yes, most of the Minimoog emulation plugins, including the Arturia Mini V and the Synapse Audio’s The Legend, provide stereo capabilities, which were not available in the original Minimoog. This allows you to utilize the whole stereo field of your DAW, adding a new level of depth to the sound that isn’t possible with the original mono model.

In conclusion, these free Minimoog VST emulator plugins are a great way to experience the analog sounds and classic bass sounds of the legendary Minimoog model, without the need for vintage hardware.

With key features such as iconic Moog oscillators, filter modulation, and multiple voices, music producers and sound designers can create new sounds and funky basslines that rival hit songs featuring the original instrument.

With the ability to use MIDI controllers, it’s easy to recreate the sound samples of famous analog synthesizers and add a touch of the original hardware to your instrument.

So why not try out these free VST plugins and explore the world of analog synths for yourself.

I hope you found this list of free Minimoog VST emulator plugins helpful.

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