20 Best Free Moog Synthesizer VST Plugins

These are the best free Moog Synthesizer VST plugins and Moog emulators to get a vintage synthesizer sound.

In this collection of Moog Synthesizer plugins, I’ve included plugin features, screenshots, and YouTube videos.

What Is A Moog Synthesizer? The Moog synthesizer is a type of synthesizer invented by Robert Moog in 1964. It’s one of the most popular analog synthesizers, and it has been used by some of the most famous musicians in the world, like David Bowie, Radiohead, and Daft Punk.

Best Moog Synthesizer VST Plugins

  1. Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer
  2. MiniMogueVA
  3. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer
  4. Model Pro
  5. Model-E
  6. minimodular
  7. Moon Sono Sx
  8. Synthegrated 12A
  9. Cassini
  10. Multipoly
  11. ASynth
  12. Prodigious Synthesizer
  13. Easytoolz – Protege
  14. Polly
  15. Synthegrated 15A
  16. Pro-DG
  17. Easy Tauros
  18. Zoomchak
  19. Zoomchak II
  20. Nanoog
Best Free Moog Synthesizer Emulators ( Moog VST Plugins )
Best Free Moog Synthesizer Emulators ( Moog VST Plugins )

I’ve downloaded and tested hundreds of free VST plugins to find some of the best free Moog Synthesizer VSTs out there.

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Moog emulator. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer VST Plugin
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer VST Plugin

The Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer is a faithful recreation of the vintage Realistic MG-1 synthesizer from the 80s.

It delivers a fat analog tone with tons of character and a unique polyphonic oscillator section.

The oscillator section allows for creative sonic possibilities, adding new sounds to your arsenal.

The Bell tone ring modulation, glide, auto-repeat note triggering, and oscillator sync features all help to make this plugin genuinely unique.


  • Fat analog tone, high character
  • Unique polyphonic oscillator section
  • Bell tone ring modulation
  • 130 program presets available
  • Assignable MIDI controls


  • Accurate analog modeling
  • Dual oscillator bank
  • Super fat filter
  • Free to download
  • Multiple formats supported


  • Requires internet for activation
  • 64-bit system needed
  • Quad-core CPU recommended
  • 8GB RAM recommended

Surrealistic MG-1 | PC / Mac / AU / AAX

Best Moog Synthesizer VST Plugins

2. MiniMogueVA

MiniMogueVA VST Plugin
MiniMogueVA – Minimoog Model

MiniMogueVA is a softsynth that emulates the famous Moog Minimoog.

This program not only sounds and behaves like the original but also has additional features not present in the original.

The plugin includes an arpeggiator and 16-note step sequencer, release knobs for the two contour generators, aftertouch control, and an adjustable filter velocity curve.

It also has three independent overdrive sliders (one per oscillator) for a genuinely authentic Moog sound. You can also program the digital delay to give your sounds more depth and dimension.


  • 5 Voice Polyphony
  • Arpeggiator Step Sequencer
  • Contour Generators
  • Aftertouch Control
  • Adjustable Filter
  • Overdrive Sliders
  • Global Overdrive
  • Oscillator Sync
  • Chorus & Stereo Panning

MiniMogueVA | PC

3. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer VST Plugin
VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is an authentic emulation of a classic monophonic analog synthesizer.

It has three continuously variable wave oscillators, two ladder filters with a Highpass/Lowpass configuration, and a multi-wave LFO.

The synthesizer uses state-of-the-art DSP technology to reproduce the hardware’s sound accurately.

VK-1 Viking | PC & Mac

4. Model Pro

Model Pro VST Plugin
Model Pro

Model Pro is a faithful emulation of the Moog Prodigy monophonic analog synthesizer. It includes 2 VCOs with sawtooth, triangle, and pulse waveforms.

There’s also an LFO for adding movement to your sounds. Additionally, the keyboard VST plugin has 32 keys that you can use to play your sounds.

The interface is easy to use and gives you access to all the controls you need to create your unique sounds.

Model Pro | PC

5. Model-E

Model-E VST Plugin
Model-E – Moog VST for Ableton

Model-E is a classic analog synthesizer with an extensive library of preset sounds. In addition, this synth also has many features that allow you to create your unique sound.

The CPU load is very low, making it ideal for live performance or studio use.

The three oscillators and noise generators create a wide range of sounds, while the six waveforms per oscillator provide a wide range of sound possibilities.

The two envelope generators allow you to create complex sound shapes. The mono mode is excellent for creating lead sounds, while the stereo spread and pan controls add a wide stereo image to your sound.

The Model-E is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great sounding, easy-to-use, and low CPU load synth. It is also a perfect choice for those who want to create their sounds.

Model-E | PC & Mac

6. minimodular

minimodular VST Plugin
minimodular – Best Moog VST Plugins

This is a small Moog modular emulation. This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synth.

minimodular | PC

7. Moon Sono Sx

Moon Sono Sx VST Plugin
Moon Sono Sx

Moon Sono Sx is an emulation of the Moog Sonix Six. It features two VCOs with a changeable waveform, a low-pass VCF, a VCA, and two multimode LFOs for modulation.

The Sono is a two-oscillator duophonic synth that can be run through a guitar amp for exciting effects. It also has a built-in chorus effect to thicken the sound. So, if you’re looking for a classic Moog sound, this emulation is worth checking out.

Moon Sono Sx | PC & Mac

8. Synthegrated 12A

Synthegrated 12A VST Plugin
Synthegrated 12A – Best Moog VSTs

Synthegrated 12A is a Moog modular Model 12 emulation inspired by the real unit circuits. Unlike other accurate Moog emulations, this one is not aiming to sound like the hardware synth.

The program has no presets and creates sounds only by tweaking the knobs.

So if you are looking for an authentic Moog experience, this one is not for you. However, you should check it out if you are after a powerful and versatile modular synth.

Synthegrated 12A | PC & Mac

9. Cassini

 Cassini VST Plugin

If you are looking for a free Moog Voyager emulation, look no further than Cassini. This plugin is based on real unit circuits, but it doesn’t aim for an accurate sound.

There are no presets, so you’ll have to create your own sounds. This can be a great learning experience, as you’ll get to know the inner workings of a Moog Voyager.

Cassini | PC

10. Multipoly Moog Synthesizer Emulator

Multipoly VST Plugin

Multipoly is a powerful Moog Multimoog emulation that doesn’t come with any presets. If you’re looking to recreate the sounds of classic Moog synths, this is a great option.

The user interface is pretty straightforward, making it easy to get started. It is one of the best free Moog Synthesizer emulators available, so keep it in mind if you’re looking for a classic Moog sound.

Multipoly | PC

11. ASynth

ASynth VST Plugin
ASynth – Best Virtual Moogs

ASynth is a six-voice virtual analog synthesizer featuring two oscillators and three circuit modeled filters. It also includes an arpeggiator, pitch envelope, portamento, and a range of effects.

ASynth | PC & Mac

12. Prodigious Synthesizer

Prodigious Synthesizer VST Plugin
Prodigious Synthesizer

Prodigious Synthesizer is a free VST plugin based on the Moog music synthesizer and can be used in any performance-oriented context.

The synthesizer offers a wide range of features, making it well suited for use in a live setting. The automatable performance features make it easy to create complex soundscapes and patterns.

Prodigious | PC

13. Easytoolz – Protege

Easytoolz Protege VST Plugin
Easytoolz Protege

This Moog Prodigy emulation includes two oscillators and 2 ADS envelope generators. The filters allow you to tailor your sound in several ways, and there’s even a Release button to help shape your sound.

Easytoolz Protege is worth checking out for its Prodigy emulation if you’re looking for an easy-to-use free Moog Synthesizer.

Easytoolz Protege | PC

14. Polly

Polly VST Plugin

Polly is a Moog Polymoog emulation that helps you create unique Moog-style sounds. It has an easy-to-use interface and excellent sound quality.

There are no presets included, so you’ll have to create your own sounds from scratch. However, Polly is still one of the best free Moog synthesizer emulators.

Polly | PC

15. Synthegrated 15A

Synthegrated 15A VST Plugin
Synthegrated 15A

Synthegrated 15A is a Moog modular Model 15 emulation. This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but doesn’t aim to sound accurate to the hardware synth.

The plugin has no presets, so you’ll have to create your own sounds from scratch. It can be a little hard to get started with, but it’s worth it because of the great sounds you can make with it.

Synthegrated 15A | PC

16. Pro-DG

Pro-DG VST Plugin

If you’re looking for a great Moog Prodigy emulation, look no further than Pro-DG. This plugin features two oscillators, modulation, a low-pass filter, ADSR envelopes, and MIDI automation.

Pro-DG | PC

17. Easy Tauros

Easy Tauros VST Plugin
Easy Tauros – Moog Bass VST

One of the most legendary synthesizers is the Moog Taurus bass-synth. With Easy Tauros, you can get that fat, warm, and earth-shaking bass sound without spending a fortune.

The plugin has two oscillators with six waveforms to choose from. You can also tune the oscillators over a range of three octaves. The filter section features a 24 dB/oct low-pass filter with resonance.

Easy Tauros | PC

18. Zoomchak

Zoomchak VST Plugin

Zoomchak Moog Sonic Six is a free synthesizer emulation emphasizing sound design. It’s an excellent tool for creating new sounds, and it’s easy to use.

Zoomchak | PC & Mac

19. Zoomchak II

Zoomchak II VST Plugin
Zoomchak II

Zoomchak II emulates the Moog Sonic Six, one of the best Moog synthesizers. It has three oscillators that can create a wide range of sounds.

Zoomchak II | PC

20. Nanoog

Nanoog VST Plugin

Nanoog is a virtual analog synthesizer designed to be playable and has a good sound, just like the classic Moog Synthesizers. This synth has all the necessary control functions, such as one main oscillator and one sub-oscillator arranged in parallel.

It also includes an independent noise generator to select white or pink noise. This helps you get the perfect sound that you desire. Also, the miniaturization of the synth makes it more playable.

One of the best things about this synth is that it is easy to use and user-friendly. So, if you are looking for a great Moog synthesizer, Nanoog is the perfect option for you.

Nanoog | PC & Mac

21. Moog Model 15

Moog Model 15
Moog Model 15 – Moog Synthesizer App

The Moog Model 15 App is a powerful tool for sound designers and synth enthusiasts.

The app allows you to integrate the Model 15 into your digital audio workstation, giving you expanded sound design potential and new opportunities for creative expression.

With over 160 unique presets, support for landscape and portrait modes, and intuitive patching and cable coloring, the Model 15 App is an essential kit for anyone looking to get the most out of their Moog Model 15.

  • 160 Program Presets
  • Recreates Moog Modular Synthesizer Sound
  • Share Presets & Recordings
  • Tutorial Patches
  • Cable Coloring & Patching
  • Landscape & Portrait Modes
  • Stereo Ping-Pong Delay
  • Arpeggiator Sequencing
  • Moog Ribbon Controller
  • Real-Time Looping
  • Up To Two Controllers
  • Optional Left-Handed UI

Model 15 | Mac

22. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker VST Plugin

The TAL-NoiseMaker is a powerful and easy-to-use virtual analog synthesizer that is perfect for any music producer.

It offers a wide range of sounds and effects that can be easily adjusted to create the perfect soundscape for your next track.

With its low CPU usage, 256 presets, and easy-to-use interface, the TAL-NoiseMaker is perfect for anyone looking to add some great new sounds to their musical arsenal.

  • 256 Presets
  • Volume ADSR
  • Two LFOs
  • Chorus Audio Effects
  • Reverb & Delay
  • Low CPU

TAL-NoiseMaker | PC & Mac / Linux

23. TAL-U-No-62

TAL-U-No-62 VST Plugin
TAL-U-No-62 by Togu Audio Line

The TAL-U-No-62 is an emulator plugin that is polyphonic and can create up to 6 different voices simultaneously.

It also comes with bandlimited oscillators, which give it a unique filter sound that can be quite different and exciting compared to other plugins.

The low-pass filter also has self-oscillation, and there is also a non-resonant high-pass filter.

This plugin is excellent for anyone who wants to add more variation and creativity to their music.

With 20 audio presets and the voice polyphony options, you’ll be able to create some truly unique sounds.


  • 20 Program Presets
  • 6 Voice Polyphony
  • Oscillators
  • LFO Sync
  • High Pass Filter
  • Filter Envelope
  • MIDI Learn
  • ADSR Envelopes

TAL-U-No-62 | PC & Mac

24. RA Mowg

 RA Mowg
RA Mowg by Roberson Audio

The RA Mowg is the Roberson Audio interpretation of the MiniMoog Model D synthesizer. This synth was built with a 48khz sample rate in mind, so it may not sound the same in other sample rates.

Even though a mod wheel is not present in the graphical portion of the synth, using the mod wheel on your keyboard still has the same effect.

  • Mini Moog Model D Synthesizer
  • Oscillator & Filters
  • 48khz Sample Rate
  • Monophonic

RA Mowg | PC

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Moog Synthesizer VST?

Yes, Moog Music Inc. has released the Model 15, a Moog Synthesizer for Mac. The Moog Model 15 App is the perfect tool for those who want to explore the world of modular synthesis.

With 160 program presets, this app allows users to recreate the classic Moog sound and create new and unique sounds. The app also features stereo ping-pong delay, arpeggiator sequencing, and a Moog ribbon controller.

For those who want to take their sound design to the next level, the Model 15 App also offers real-time looping and up to two controllers.

Are Moog Synths Worth It?

Yes! Moog synths are worth it. They have a rich, warm sound that’s perfect for all music genres. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from composing to live performances.

What Is the Meaning of Moog?

Moog is not an abbreviation for anything. It is a trademarked name by Moog Music Inc., the company behind the popular Moog synthesizer keyboard.

These free plugins are all great free Moog synthesizer alternatives to paid plugins like Native Instruments Monark, U-He Diva, Arturia Mini V, and the IK Multimedia SampleMoog.

I hope you enjoyed this list of free Moog Synthesizer VST plugins.

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