How to Become a Better Music Producer & Beat Maker

How to Become a Better Music Producer or Beat Maker

Here are 6 tips on how to become a better beat maker and music producer.

Becoming a great music producer doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from making hundreds of songs, and working with tons of music artist.

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Here are 6 tips and suggestions to follow to become a better music producer.

1. Create a Schedule to Make Beats


The more you work at creating beats, the better and easier it will get.

Your favorite music producers have been working at their craft for years. Even your favorite music producers have made many terrible sounding beats, but through repetition and experience, they develop a good ear for music.

Make it a goal to make at least 1 beat per day.

2. Remake Your Favorite Beats

In art school they have students study other artist work to understand their creative process. Study your favorite music producers by recreating their work. In the process you will learn different song arrangements, new drum patterns, combining instrument sounds, and more.

3. Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Seek feedback from others to see what they think about your beats. When you are in a creative field like music, you will need to learn to take feedback or criticism and use it to make better beats.

Criticism can be hard to take at times, but what you are striving for is to make the best possible song. And this usually never happens at the first attempt but after many revisions.

So be patient with feedback, and continue to make the best possible music.

4. Work with Music Artist

Work with Music Artist

One of the best ways to get better at making music is working directly with music artists.

Music artists will have requests for specific sounds, or the beat type, or arrangements which will push you to create different types of music.

The collaboration process can be exciting and creative when you and the music artist have a shared vision.

If you are new to making music and have not worked with any music artist directly, I would suggest working for free with music artist to get the experience. Build up your resume of completed songs to help gain the interest of music artist seeking beats.

5. Learn to Play Piano

Learn Piano

By learning to play the piano you will be able to make better music because you can replay melodies, cords, and different instrument sounds.

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Inspiration: Scott Storch Playing Some Of His Classic Beats On The Piano

6. Push Yourself Out Your Comfort Zone

To grow in life you must push yourself.

So for music push yourself to make different types of music. Try different types of sounds. Let people hear your beats to get feedback, even if the feedback may not be good.

Push yourself to continue to grow into the person you want to become.

Make this year the year you make your dreams happen.

Additional Beat Making Tips

  • Learn your music production software inside out. The more you know about the programs you are using, the easier it will be to create the sounds and arrangements you want.
  • When you aren’t making music, listen to popular music and analyze why it is popular.
  • Consistency is a must for success. Constantly work on your craft to get better.

If you have additional tips on how to get better at making beats leave a comment below.

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