How to Create a Music Producer Name – 11 Simple Tips

Attempting to come up with a music producer name can be difficult, so here are 11 tips to help you pick your producer name.

How to Create a Music Producer Name

How to Create a Music Producer Name

Keep It Simple

People will have to remember your name when they hear it somewhere so they can look out for you later, so try to keep your name simple.

When considering a name, ask yourself: for how long would I remember this if I heard it on the radio? The answer should obviously be for a long time at least.

Think About Your Brand & Image

Think about how you want the public to see you and what emotions you want to evoke on people.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have these things clear in your mind before moving to create an alias:

  • What is your main music genre?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are your favorite music producers?
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years with music?

Brainstorm these things to help you plan who and what you want to be for the long term.

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Use a Variation of Your Own Name

If you wouldn’t like to use your own name, try creating a variation for it. Many artists, for instance, keep their first name and add a new last name to it to make it sound better.

Make sure to play with some words first to see if that’s also your case.

Try Not to Be Too Generic

If you want to sound original, steer away from generic words and adjectives that are used too often.

Do some research on popular names and you should find what to avoid.

Remember you want to paint a lingering idea in people’s mind that reflects the kind of music you produce.

Common Words Used By Music Producers:

  1. Beats
  2. Beatz
  3. Track
  4. Keys

Ask for Feedback from Others

It is always great to ask your friends and family about what they think of your ideas for music producer names. That way you can see it from another perspective.

But don’t let others control your choices.

Most importantly you should feel happy with the name you choose.

Use a Childhood Nickname

Do you have a childhood nickname that you like?

If so, you can try to use it. That’s a great way to create a deeper connection between your audience and establishing a sense of trust and meaning with your fans too.

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Think About Your Logo

When brainstorming ideas for names, think about how they would look in a logo.

You can also consider how it would look used in different areas like a website, clothing, social media, and more.

Use a Name Generator

If you are struggling with ideas, check out these free online name generators.

Use a Variation of Famous Names

You can play with words and create a variation with celebrities and brand names. For instance, the music producer Mord Fustang swapped the first letter of the car named Ford Mustang.

Another example is the producer Com Truise: Tom Cruise, but with the same idea applied.

Research If the Name is Taken

Check if the name you choose is already taken. Search Google, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other services for the name.

You want to avoid taking a name that is already trademarked or copy-written to avoid being sued.

Tools: Namecheckr

Claim Your Name

Once you select your music producer name claim it on social media websites and get a custom domain address.

Try to keep the domain name consistent across all the platforms.

Conclusion on Creating a Name

When creating a music producer name, think about how it reflects your brand, image, and try to keep it simple so people will remember it.

Always ask for feedback from others so you see what it looks like from another perspective.

You can use a variation of your own name such as your first name and a new last name, or even variations of famous names.

Research for popular words and make sure you don’t sound generic.

Try using a childhood nickname to create a deeper connection between you and your fans.

When creating a music producer name, think about how it would look in a logo or website.

Research if the name is already taken to avoid trouble and confusion; Also, check usernames on social media and domain availability to make your life easier later.

Do You Have a Music Producer Name?

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  • Yes ( 35%, 161 )
  • No ( 19%, 89 )

Total Voters: 465

If you have a music producer name, share it below.

Written By Mark V.

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  2. AGray AllDay

  3. well, my real & rapper name (yes, im also a rapper) is Yusuf, but i was wondering if i should stay like that as a producer or have another pseudonym as Yuki (thats how some of my friends call me) what y’all think??

  4. My producer name is SteackBeatz , Yusuf you should keep the same name

  5. Y’all better listen to my beats

  6. my producer name is Brooklyn Hitz, check out my beats

  7. producer alias : LoonyTunez
    rap alias : Breez

    Let’z WorK

  8. IM thinking of switching to my real name instead of Burn-1 if you use your birth name im sure you don’t have to trademark it right lol and as You become old it will still remain the same! example lil beatmob or young beatcrew when your 40 still producing might not be a good look but I could be wrong people with good careers have pulled it off so…

  9. Producer from Germany. Go by the name of Politiks. Peace!

  10. John Carol

  11. John Carol

  12. My producer name is HighRyse.

  13. My producer/rapper name :Goster

  14. Producer Name: C.I.K. Beatz

    twitter: @cikbeatz

  15. Mr. Brooks

    elegant yet stunning..

  16. leod, but on the internet i go by leod9 a lot since the username leod is always taken.

  17. Ali Mahfudh is my real anybody have any ideas on what my producer alias could be?

  18. I go by the name of David Bocuse. Davis is my real name, and Bocuse just like the world famous french chef Paul Bocuse (I’m french, by the way). Because I think music is like cooking in many ways, we al have the same ingredients, the same tools, but we use them our way.

  19. Representing Da ATL & my producer name is FleetMuzik!!!

  20. Yes, my name’s Titounz. Short and easy to remember.

  21. As of now I go by Lowray because it was a childhood nickname but I’m still on the fence about it.

  22. I am really a big fan of your blogs, Your blog is really awesome and I would like to say thank you to share such good information.

  23. I am using the name PERCENTAGE M as my music production name reason being the name PERCENTAGE saved me on JANUARY when the school ddn’t want people using Facebook when I was trying to change my name the name showed up PERCENTAGE LANDSCAPE but now am using MONAKHISI PERCENTAGE AS MY FB NAME AND AS FOR THE {M} well it means two things firstly my surname secondly MUSIC

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