How to Rap – 5 Tips to Write Rhymes

Learn How to Rap

Rap is one of the most popular music genres out, so it’s not a big surprise that there are many aspiring rappers out there. So here is a beginners guide on how to rap.

Many people have no clue on how to start rapping, so here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

1. Study Music – Listen to a Lot of Rap Music

If you want to rap, you should live and breathe rap music. Make sure you listen to many different music genres also to gather your influences and pick your favorites.

Many aspiring rappers get trapped into just one style of rapping, but it’s important to broaden your skills.

Rap is rich and deep both in history and culture. It traces back way before then most people probably think and has a lot of people behind it.

So be sure you dig it to its roots!

How to Be a Rapper

2. Write Music Daily!

Work on writing a lot of music to develop your own style.

Make it a daily habit. Try to write rhymes every day.

Carry a rap journal with you everywhere, so you can take notes of your ideas, or you can use your phone as well to take notes.

How to Write Rap Lyrics

3. Use Writing Tools

Use helpful tools like rhyming dictionaries and the Thesaurus for writing inspiration.

Study song lyrics on websites like Genius.

Check out these Youtube channels: How To Rap, Smart Rapper, and How To Freestyle Rap.

4. Practice Your Rhythm & Flow

Start practicing by rapping over beats. Practice makes perfect, so practice your rhyming style over beats.

You can find tons of good beats on Youtube for practice.

Here is a tutorial about flow and rhythm.

5. Record Songs

Invest in music recording equipment and music recording software to record your song ideas.

The best way to get good at writing songs is to actually record music. So start creating music for the world to hear.

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Additional Tips


Everything you need to start rapping is at your fingertips. We live in the golden age of communication, so getting heard is easier than ever.

Make sure you learn about rap’s history, it’s a rich culture worth of knowing.

Always practice your rhythm, flow, and writing daily.

Do you have tips on how to rap?

Make sure you share it in the comments below!

Written By Mark V.

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