11 Free Rhyming Dictionary Apps to Help Write Music

Here are the best free online Rhyming Dictionary websites that you can use to help write song lyrics or poetry.

What is a Rhyming Dictionary?

Rhyming dictionaries are a great tool for poets and songwriters. It is a reference book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order with rhyme and alliteration patterns.

Rhyming dictionaries use a system of letters and numbers to find the words that rhyme with a given word or phrase. These systems make finding the right words considerably easier for poets and writers.

The most common types of rhymes are perfect, imperfect, exact, slant, near, and one alternate pattern. Some rhymes have more than one-word patterns.

There are four main rhyme types: perfect, imperfect, exact, and slant. Perfect rhymes have matching vowel sounds at the end of the words, which include “love,” with, “above.”

Imperfect rhymes have matching vowel sounds in the middle of words, including “climb” with “slim.”

Free Rhyming Dictionary Websites to Help Write Music
Online Rhyming Dictionary Apps

There are many benefits to using a rhyming dictionary when writing, and it can be used as a good source of inspiration.

These rhyming dictionaries are mobile-friendly, so you can work on rhymes on the go.

Free Rhyming Dictionary Websites

You can use these online rhyming apps for songwriting and poetry.

  1. Rhymes
  2. Rhyme Desk
  3. Rhyme Brain
  4. WikiRhymer
  5. RhymeZone
  6. Rap Pad Rhyming Dictionary
  7. Rhymer
  8. Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary
  9. Festisite Rhyming Dictionary
  10. Prime Rhyme
  11. Rhymewave
  12. Bonus: Online Thesaurus

1. Rhymes

Rhymes.net - Rhyming Dictionary Website

Rhymes is an innovative online Rhyming Dictionary app that has made crafting captivating lyrics and poetry simpler than ever.

This digital tool houses an impressive compilation of rhyme suggestions for almost any word you can think of in numerous languages.

Rhymes isn’t just for English speakers but supports French and Spanish as well, making it a versatile tool for songwriters and poets across the globe.

Rhymes offers a wide variety of rhyming options, contributed by a lively community of editors who are passionate about language and expression. The unique categorization of search results by syllable count enhances your writing process by making it easy to find the perfect fit for your song or poem.

Two outstanding features include the Exact Rhymes and Similar Sound options. Exact Rhymes help you find words that perfectly match the ending syllable of your given the word, while Similar Sound aids in discovering words that aren’t an exact match but still blend harmoniously with your lyrics.

The translation function expands your creativity, allowing you to incorporate words from different languages. Additionally, the Word Clouds feature gives you a visual representation of frequently used words, fostering fresh inspiration.


  • Extensive collection of rhyme suggestions
  • Support for English, French, and Spanish
  • Exact Rhymes and Similar Sound Options
  • Word translation feature
  • Word Clouds for visual inspiration


  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive multilingual support
  • Collaborative community contribution
  • Syllable count categorization


  • Might not have slang or newer words
  • The pronunciation feature may not be 100% accurate


2. Rhyme Desk

Rhyme Desk - Rhyming Website
Rhyme Desk

Rhyme Desk is an engaging online platform designed specifically to aid poets, songwriters, and rappers in crafting their masterpieces. This comprehensive tool is equipped with a rhyming dictionary, a thesaurus, and a syllable counter, providing an enriching experience for all levels of writers.

The Rhyme Desk app offers a wide array of user-friendly features. It includes a unique ‘Poet’s Desk’ for interactive writing, an innovative ‘Worksheet’ generator that crafts rhyme-relevant worksheets for your poems or songs, and a ‘Phonetic Word Search’ that uses International Phonetic Alphabet symbols to find similar sounding words.

Families can also use Rhyme Desk, which boasts a family-friendly rhyming dictionary and a fun quiz for kids.

Furthermore, writers can freely share their poems in a supportive online community and even have the opportunity to embed a rhyming dictionary directly into their websites or blogs.

Features of Rhyme Desk:

  • Comprehensive Rhyming Dictionary
  • Interactive ‘Poet’s Desk’ for writing
  • Worksheet Generator
  • Phonetic Word Search
  • Family-friendly tools and quizzes
  • Supportive poetry community
  • Embeddable Rhyme Widget

Pros of Rhyme Desk:

  • Extensive database of perfect and near rhymes
  • User-friendly, mobile-optimized design
  • Versatile tools suitable for various writing styles
  • Offers community support for sharing and feedback

Cons of Rhyme Desk:

  • The learning curve for new users unfamiliar with phonetics
  • Certain rarely used words have been omitted from the dictionary

Rhyme Desk

3. Rhyme Brain

Rhyme Brain - Rhyming Dictionary Website
Rhyme Brain

Rhyme Brain is an advanced online rhyming dictionary designed for songwriters, musicians, and anyone who loves playing with words. 

Its developer, Steve Hanov, has meticulously worked on this tool since 2009 to improve its rhyming algorithm and support multiple languages.

This easy-to-use app, tailored for your phone, is reputed to be the largest rhyming dictionary on the Internet. 

Rhyme Brain stands out for its utilization of machine learning technology to figure out word pronunciations. Instead of storing rhymes, it calculates them on the fly for every user request, ensuring you always get unique and fresh results.

The application’s clean layout ensures an uncomplicated user experience, allowing you to quickly find word alternatives and get results fast. This is very useful when you’re in a creative flow and need quick wordplay inspiration.

Features of Rhyme Brain:

  • Large online rhyming dictionary
  • Works smoothly on your phone
  • Utilizes machine learning for determining pronunciations
  • Generates rhymes automatically per request
  • Provides word alternatives
  • Has a clean, user-friendly layout
  • Delivers quick results


  • Massive database for diverse and unique rhymes
  • Rapid and responsive, it doesn’t slow down your creativity
  • Works well on mobile devices for on-the-go creativity
  • Learns and adapts using machine learning technology

Rhyme Brain

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4. Wiki Rhymer Rhyme Finder

WikiRhymer - Free Rhyming Dictionary Websites to Help Write Music
Wiki Rhymer

Wiki Rhymer is a helpful online rhyming app that has been crafted with songwriters and musicians in mind. It’s the brainchild of a professional songwriter and serves as a perfect tool for those who aspire to make it big in music.

What sets Wiki Rhymer apart is its unique approach to rhyming. Instead of simple word matches, the app offers distinct rhyme sets, including Pure Rhymes, Near Rhymes, End Rhymes, and Near End Rhymes.

Moreover, the app extends its offerings to Mosaic Rhymes, an innovative concept where rhymes are created using multiple words.

The free version offers the first three sets of rhymes, while the Pro version unlocks tens of thousands of additional rhyme sets at just $14 per year.


  • Distinct Rhyme Sets
  • Near Rhymes and End Rhymes
  • Mosaic Rhymes


  • Limited access to the free version
  • The complexity of rhyme types might confuse beginners
  • No offline mode

Wiki Rhymer

5. RhymeZone

Rhyming Website

With RhymeZone, you can uncover many words that exactly or nearly rhyme with your input, making it easier to create catchy, memorable lyrics.

This interactive app also offers synonyms, antonyms, and descriptive words that can help make your song lyrics more dynamic and expressive.

Unique features such as searching for kids-friendly pictures, finding homophones, and even searching all of Shakespeare’s plays and poems enrich your songwriting experience.

RhymeZone’s advanced search interface meticulously sifts through millions of words and phrases, delivering matches sorted by rhyme quality, popularity, meter, and several other parameters. It’s available on both iPhone and Android, making creativity portable and convenient.


  • Rhyming dictionary and thesaurus in English and Spanish
  • Advanced search mode for precise results
  • Options to find rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, descriptive words, homophones
  • Search function for kids-friendly pictures and works of Shakespeare
  • Available on iPhone and Android


  • Comprehensive language tool with a multitude of functions
  • Advanced search mode offers detailed and customized results
  • Supports both English and Spanish languages
  • Available on both iPhone and Android for on-the-go creativity


  • The interface might be overwhelming for beginners
  • Advanced features may require time to fully understand and use effectively
  • No offline mode is available for use without internet access.


6. Rap Pad Rhyming Dictionary

Rap Pad Rhyming Dictionary
Rap Pad Rhyming Tool

Rap Pad is a powerful, user-friendly online rhyming app designed specifically for lyricists, songwriters, and rappers.

This app stands out with its vast compilation of rhymes, including near rhymes, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to inject creativity into their songwriting.

With Rap Pad, any word is a gateway to a universe of potential rhymes. The app features a simple, fast, and mobile-optimized platform, making it readily accessible anywhere, anytime.

Beyond its primary function as a rhyming dictionary, Rap Pad is part of a larger suite of tools.


  • Comprehensive rhyming dictionary including near rhymes
  • Mobile-optimized for on-the-go songwriting
  • Constantly updated and improved rhyme database
  • Community for feedback and song sharing

Rap Pad

7. Rhymer

Rhyming Dictionary Website

Rhymer is an online rhyming dictionary that helps you find rhymes fast and easily.

Find rhyming words with six types of rhymes:

  1. End Rhymes (blue/shoe)
  2. Last-Syllable Rhymes (timber/harbor)
  3. Double Rhymes (conviction/prediction)
  4. Triple Rhymes (transportation/dissertation)
  5. Beginning Rhymes (physics/fizzle)
  6. First-Syllable Rhymes (carrot/caring)


8. Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary

Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary
Dillfrog Muse Rhyming Dictionary

A powerful rhyming dictionary. Search for rhymes, off-rhymes, soundalikes, and more.

Dillfrog Muse

9. Festisite Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary Website
Festisite Rhyming Dictionary

This website will help you find rhymes for different words, and it supports both English and Dutch.


10. Prime Rhyme

Prime Rhyme
Prime Rhyme

Find perfect rhymes for free at the best online rhyming website, their automatic rhyming dictionary will get just the rhyme you need.

Prime Rhyme

11. Rhymewave


Rhymewave is a great rhyming app for songwriters, poets, and rappers. Simply type in a word and the website will give you hundreds of word suggestions in four columns.

If you choose to use one of the suggested rhyming words, you can click the word, and get more ideas and suggestions to help keep the rhyme going.

  • Offers Both Light & Dark Mode


12. Bonus: Online Thesaurus

Online Thesaurus

Thesaurus.com is the world’s largest and most trusted free online thesaurus brought to you by Dictionary.com.


I hope you enjoy these free rhyming dictionaries.

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  1. I like this rhyming site:

    It has a simple interface. The other sites feel overwhelming, but this one lets you select potential rhymes as you go. It helps me cut through the clutter and keeps me organized.

  2. Hey, shout to you for making a forum for heads to get the knowledge. I made a phonetic rhyming dictionary for lyricists full of phrases and idioms. It has an instruction video on the landing page if you want to get technical but it works pretty intuitively too. It’s called RhymeWave. Respect. Jon Clark

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