5 Things Wrong with Rap Music

Hip Hop and Rap music is my favorite music genre. This website is named Hip Hop Makers which expresses my love for Hip Hop. But there are some issues with rap music I want to point out.

It feels like rappers are now like actors playing a role.

Or if they don’t want to be labeled as playing a role, when did lying become the cool thing to do?

Maybe that’s just what I hear and I’ll tell you why…

5 Things Wrong with Rap Music

5 Things Wrong with Rap Music

1. The Obsession with Killing

Killing People - Rap Music

This one is shameful because I don’t know any other music genre that does this.

99.97% of these rappers haven’t killed anyone, yet they try to be creative with different ways to destroy you and your life.

It’s one thing to talk about the things you have experienced in your lifetime, it’s something else to talk about murdering someone in every song.

Kids are listening, and they usually repeat what they hear.

2. Disrespecting Women

Disrespecting Women

I don’t know about you, but I love women.

The world would be very gay without them (that was a joke).

I have a mother also, so this is not the way you’re going to convince me that all women are bitches and hoes.

They are the mothers of our children, a cornerstone of our communities and people we need to appreciate and respect.

3. Lyrical Content

Soulja Boy

I hate the radio. Why? Because I’m constantly hearing songs about booty popping, and drinking in the club doesn’t always do it for me.

With this site, I have a voice, and I choose to use it to inspire and educate people.

I believe everyone is allowed to have their own creative form; so rap the way you want, but I’m not a fan of it when it dumbs the mainstream down.

Music artists can use their voices to uplift, educate, and inspire a generation of listeners.

4. Money

50 Cent counts 2 million Dollars CASH

Rappers try to sell you the idea that they live a lifestyle with tons of money, big houses, exotic cars, etc. They don’t.

There are a small handful of rappers who are living the lifestyle they rap about.

Most rappers struggle day to day, paycheck to paycheck just like most of us.

5. Crime

Crime in Rap Music

This somewhat goes along with #1. Most of you rappers aren’t doing what you rap about, and honestly, I don’t know why anyone would brag about going to jail.

Times are hard for everyone, but lying about committing crimes, and putting ideas into the minds of the youth isn’t cool, it’s sad.

Conclusion on Rap Music

This post doesn’t apply to all rap music, but if you are a rapper and think what I’m saying is bull shit… I’m probably talking to you.

I worked at a non-profit in Watts California for 3 years.

I asked a small kid what he wanted to be when he grew up and he told me his dream is being a rapper.

I asked him to let me hear his rap and heard 40 seconds of killing, money, bitches, and bull shit. I see something wrong with that, something that needs a change.

We need more artists like Nas, Mos Def, and others who rap intelligently about ideas, bring awareness and help our communities.

What are your thoughts on rap music?

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Thanks to Mike and JD for the look over.

Mark V. at Hip Hop Makers

Written By Mark V.

Hip Hop Makers is a music production website that launched in 2008 to teach music lovers how to make music, sell beats, and make money from music.

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  1. Word! true talk

  2. i like this and its all obvious to everyone in the rap game but still they blindfold themselves.

    oh, and my pops was from grape st so Watts up HHM.com!

  3. Hence…why HipHop IS dead!!!

  4. You couldn’t have put it better… I especially like your opinion on women. Why don’t rappers instead talk sh*t on deadbeat dads that leave the women stuck with a child to raise and feed.

  5. Real Talk.. Great Post!

  6. Great article, man. Spot on. That’s why the whole backpacker movement is really taking off. The gangsta stuff is dead. People are unifying and looking for a more universal message.

  7. Disrespecting gays is not better than disrespecting women.

  8. Metal Musicians talk abou killing people…

  9. Agree with everything. Rap is my passion. It’s an art in two forms, music and poetry. Combine the two and you got magic… Good lyrics leave chills running up my spine, if you don’t get that feeling then you ain’t listening to good rap.

    I personally don’t want to hear about someone else making all this money n having all this swag because if it’s not me then I really don’t care

  10. Thanks brother, i never new i could still find someone who share the same belief with me on the lyrics of this days. Listen: I want 2 be a good mentor 4 the young ones. The are the leaders of tomorrow, dont lead them into the hollow, the right path i leave is what i want u to follow, dont listen to the wrong sayings of the crazy fellows cos you might find yourself right back at level zero……..

  11. I don’t so much blame the rappers. u gotta look at these labels. they’re the ones pushing this music out there. they’re the ones who steer artists in these directions with their music

  12. But rappers can decide to not do it.

  13. not really. they rap about death, but not going out and killing someone because he makes more crack money than you. huge difference. rap is horrible. and metal musicians actually HAVE TALENT, too.

  14. Offered $50 Million to rap about what they tell you? and you grew up in the streets, and had no chance at all? now you are famous and making money? ITS UP TO YOU, life is life, sin or not, your sinning
    independent labels don’t, just the big ones with billions of dollars.

  15. Music is a reflection of the culture that germinated it. We don’t make our decisions in a vacuum. Blame the labels, blame the rappers, and blame yourselves – all of you. Truth be told the message wants to be heard, listen to the message, and evaluate what you are doing. The author criticism is valid and think about what it means when children parrot what they hear.

  16. Hi I just read your message and it’s really good to learn something new everyday especially if it’s a life lesson about rap and how you can use it for good. I just hope my brother will understand just as I do. Thanks for writing this it helps a lot!

  17. Concordo plenamente, o Rap surgiu como uma forma de protesto contra o sistema e uma forma de dar voz aos menos favorecidos e excluídos e de valorização da cultura negra, não acho correto os representantes desse movimento se enquadrarem nesse sistema. Valeu!

  18. I’m not into Hip Hop per’se. I Compose and Produce Jazz Music. I respect all genres, but as a Black Man, I could never respect Hip Hop, no matter how hipnotic the beats are, for the very reasons stated in this article and I applaud you for telling the truth.

    I grew up in the 70’s with funk, soul and true R&B – the very source material most Hip Hop Artists sample – but if you go back and listen to the lyrics, or the total albums, the creators of those songs were constantly talking about love, community, brotherhood and empowerment.

    Never in a million years could we imagine our future young brothers rapping about shooting another brother’s head off – and dancing to it, or stripping our sisters and daughters down to mere sex objects to exemplify our manhood or touting $$$ – especially through the sell of poison over our own self respect.

    Certainly, you had Shaft, Superfly, Foxy Brown and other blaxploitation films, in which the general community understood were merely caricatures who were NOT to be glorified-and there were a few of us who knew that nonsense might lead to what we have today – but we had faith that the sacredness of music would prevail. Somewhere it all went wrong.

    So think about the number of funerals you and I have attended over the last 25 years– a drug deal gone wrong, the overdose, the spike in black on black violence, unwed pregnancies, abortions and blight in the black community, all supported by the soundtrack of Hip Hop.

    The Blame is Not The Labels – The Blame lies within the heart of the man or woman who does not possess the self respect to look back on an incredible past of African American Artists who set the standard and have the bravery of this young brother who wrote this article to use their voices to turn the tide and create a better future.

    Oh and One More Thing. It’s incredibly interesting to watch how many black folks who are so vicious about calling Donald Trump a Racist and KKK and all of these other slogans and names, yet, most listen to music which glorifies and helps perpetuate the most negative of stereotypes against their own people…the Irony is Appalling.

    Thanks for Allowing Me To Comment.

    Have A Blessed Thanksgiving!

    Jere B!

  19. I’m from Bay Area yo raps better be real out here which all rappers from Bay are on some real sh*t…called inflation so rap reflects reality gotta get money which makes women b*tch murder is a constant in our hoods so is crime lotta pain so don’t hate the rappers hate on politics that created this f**kd up gentrification relocation policies…I say rappers should battle politicians not each other…if u know fake rappers send me a list I will I jend careers through battle rap East Bay Area raps is real don’t know bout the rest Born in Oakland California…Also, Nas was on gangsta sh*t and most early rap songs were all bragging bout certain parts of life so go listen Mos Def actor hate dividing hip hop culture we are one …stop hypocrisy…plz we need it to look deeper

  20. Hip Hop used to be the music of the people. The soundtrack of the streets. The music and culture were synonymous at one point. Now, it has been industrialized, globalized, and bastardized beyond comprehension. Don’t blame the prey, blame the predator. The music business is more business than music. Fans must be held responsible for their patronage, but industry has a responsibility to promote and distribute a quality product. The art form has reduced to antics, squabbles, and debauchery. Its biggest fan has become its worst critic.

  21. Totally agree with you, now if the radio stations and other outlets for music would step in and help clean it up, then the youth can have a chance to be exposed to more positive and productive influence coming from all music artist and entertainment in general.

  22. Probably Rap is dead, because the badly named ” Rap” of our times is just the result of lineament and requests of the mainstream. But real Rap that keep its essence of expression, doing with heart and no matther what rappers will receive back for, is raising in places where conditions of life are precarious, similar to gratest real rappers. Places as Latin America, Africa and others where the Rap is raising without the features of current Rap.

  23. You are right, people need more like Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, etc..
    Like isn’t enough killing around the world, being treated like slave.
    We need to write more about peace, good things, OK we can tell the story about bad but don’t use that like we want this… People are confused!

  24. Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live
    that is what Rap about it’s your life. it’s what you do , bad or good that is depend on you

  25. I agree with you 100% I really would like to be the impact the Hip-hop and music culture needs right now.Because it’s hard to come up with top 5 rappers that doesn’t sound alike and rap about the same things all the time.Someone needs to be that change.

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