25 Best Free Rap Name Generator Apps For Rap Names

Here are the best free rap name generator websites to get hundreds of name ideas in minutes. These websites will inspire tons of ideas for rappers and music artists.

Both Childish Gambino and Post Malone used online rap name generators to come up with their names. These name generators will give you tons of rap names, but also check out How to Create a Stage Name for more detailed suggestions.

Track Name Ideas: Free Google Spreadsheet – To use the spreadsheet, in Google Spreadsheets click “Make A Copy” to create a version of the spreadsheet to edit.

Best Free Rap Name Generator Apps to Get Rap Name Ideas in Minutes

Best Free Rap Name Generator Apps

Instructions: Click each below image to visit the website.

1. Rap Chat

RapChat Rap Name Maker
Rap Chat

RapChat is a simple rap name generator that lets you enter your first name and give you ideas based on your name.

Click the try again button to generate more rap name ideas.

This site generates one random rap at a time.

Rap Chat

2. Story Shack Name Generator

The Story Shack Name Generator
Story Shack Name Generator

Use the Story Stack Rap Name Generator to find countless rapper name ideas.

  • Generates 6 rap names at a time
  • Rap name Ideas can be saved and copied

View Website

3. Wutang Clan Name Generator

Wutang Clan Name Creator
Wutang Clan Name Generator

The Wu-Tang Clan name generator is based on the legendary Hip Hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

The group consists of RZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and more.

The rapper Childish Gambino shared that he used the Wu-Tang clan name generator to develop his rap name.

Video: Childish Gambino Discussing His Rap Name

  • Simply enter in your name, it will create a Wu-Tang clan name for you.
  • The tool generates one name at a time.

There is also a second Wu-Tang Clan name generator: View Website

View Website

4. Cool Rap Name Generator

Cool Generator
Cool Rap Name Generator

The Cool Generator has collected more than 13,000 rap names.

Once you enter your name, it will generate ideas for you.

The website can provide up to 48 name ideas at once.

Visit Website

5. Lil Rap Name Generator

Lil Rap Name Generator - SoundCloud Rapper Name Creator
Lil Rap Name Generator

The Lil Rap Name generator will generate hundreds of Lil rap names with the click of a button.

Rappers with Lil in their names:

  • Lil Wayne
  • Lil Pump
  • Lil Nas X
  • Lil Baby
  • Lil Dicky
  • Lil Yachty
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Lil’ Kim
  • Lil Bow Wow
  • Lil Boosie

Similar to the SoundCloud rapper name generator.

View Website

6. Rap Name Generator

Rapper Name Maker | Rapper Name Generator
Rap Name Generator

This random Rapper Name creator will generate ten rap names at a time.

This tool is excellent for every rapper looking for original rap names.

Visit Website

7. Generatormix Generator

Generatormix Generator
Generatormix Generator

Generate up to 50 random rap name ideas at a time.

Enter your name or nickname to help personalize the names.

View Website

8. Rap Name Maker

 Rap Name Maker
Rap Name Maker

This free rap name creator was developed with the purpose of helping music artists come up with cool names for their musical journey.

Create cool rapper name ideas instantly and fast.

Visit Website

9. Wix Artist Name Generator

Wix Artist Name Creator
Wix Artist Name Generator

Type in a keyword, and get hundreds of music artist name ideas in seconds.

View Website

10. Namelix

Namelix Name Maker

Enter a description and keyword. It will create 20+ name ideas and logos.

You don’t need to use a logo, but the names can be a good source of inspiration.

Visit Website

11. Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator
Masterpiece Generator

The Masterpiece generator will ask you six questions and give you 20+ rap name ideas based on your answers.

Enter descriptive keywords, and it will automatically create a rapper name in seconds.

So It takes information from your personality to help come up with a unique name.

Creates 20+ personalized rap names at a time.

View Website

12. Hip-Hop Band Names

Hip-Hop Band Names
Hip-Hop Band Names

This is for Hip-Hop Band Names, but it can be used to inspire rap names as well.

The website generates names using an extensive database of hand-selected words.

Select custom words, styles, and controls to tweak your generated names.

Visit Website

13. Name Generator Fun

Name Idea Generator Fun
Name Generator Fun

Choose from Gangsta Rap Names, Hip Hop Names, or Wu-Tang Clan Names.

This site can generate ten rap name ideas at once.

View Website

14. Artist Name Generator

Artist Name Creator
Artist Name Generator

This artist name generator can generate up to 18 names at a time.

If you don’t see any names you like, refresh the page to generate more.

Visit Website

15. Shopify Name Generator

Shopify Name Maker
Shopify Name Generator

The Shopify Name Generator is meant to be used to come up with business names.

But if you enter your name or a keyword, it will generate hundreds of name ideas.

View Website

16. Band Name Generator

Band Name Creator
Band Name Generator

Here’s a free name tool that will give you many name ideas. This site is meant to come up with band names but can be a great source of inspiration for rap names.

Add a word or phrase, pick a music genre, and hit the generate button.

Visit Website

17. Indie Sound Name Generator

Indie Sound Name Creator
Indie Sound Name Generator

Use this band name generator to get inspiration for your rap name.

Free generator with millions of combination ideas for Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, and more.

View Website

18. Voclio Name Generator

Voclio Name Generator | Famous Rappers
Voclio Name Generator

A free tool to help create DJ name ideas.

Visit Website

19. Cool Generator DJ Names

Cool Generator DJ Names | Generate Stage Names
Cool Generator DJ Names

This DJ name generator can be used to help inspire music artist names.

View Website

20. Music Industry How-To

Music Industry How To
Music Industry How-To

This is a simple rap name creator.

Click the button, and it will give you ideas for different names.

Visit Website

21. Rhyme Buster

Rhyme Buster

Rhyme Buster will generate Hip Hop rap names with a button click.

View Website

22. Slimebeast

Ask yourself, when was the last time, you came across a rapper called john smith.

Click the name, and it will refresh with different rap name ideas.

Visit Website

23. What’s Your Rap Name?

What’s Your Rap Name | Rapper Name App
What’s Your Rap Name

Answer 10 survey questions to come up with a rap name that fits your personality.

View Website

24. Name Robot

Name Robot | Rapper Name Tools
Name Robot

Using the rapper name generator, you’ll create a not-at-all-serious pseudonym based on your real name. Enter your first name and last name to generate rapper name ideas.

It’s perfect for rap artists looking for a name that sticks.

Visit Website

25. My Rap Name

My Rap Name | Old School Generator
My Rap Name

This rap name maker is based on rules to give you personalized results.

My Rap Name will automatically create rapper names.

View Website

Rap Name Tips

Coming up with a unique and memorable rapper name can be a challenging task. Your name is the first thing that fans and listeners will see, and it can make or break your career. To help you come up with the perfect name, here are some tips:

1. Look to Your Own Name for Inspiration

One approach is to incorporate your own name into your stage name. For example, if your name is John Smith, you could go by “Smith” or “J. Smith.” Alternatively, you could use a play on words, such as “Johnny Blaze” or “John Doe.”

2. Consider Your Music Influences

If you have a favorite rapper, consider incorporating their name or style into your own name. For example, if you’re a big Snoop Dogg fan, you could go by “Snoop Smith” or “Snoopy J.” If you’re into old-school hip hop, you could use a name like “Retro Smith” or “Classic J.”

3. Use a Rapper Name Generator

There are many online tools that can generate random rap names based on your preferences. You can input your first and last name, or choose from a list of options such as “gangster,” “hardcore,” or “funny.”

4. Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your name. Consider using a word that has personal meaning to you, or a name that represents your style or attitude.

5. Keep It Short & Sweet

Famous rappers like Lil Wayne and Eminem have short and catchy names that are easy to remember. Consider using a name that is only one or two syllables, or a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

6. Consider Your Brand

Your rapper name should reflect your style and persona. If you want to be known for your hard-hitting lyrics, choose a name that sounds tough and edgy. If you want to appeal to a younger audience, choose a name that is playful and fun.

7. Check for Availability

Before settling on a name, make sure it’s not already taken by another artist. You can check social media platforms and music streaming services to see if the name is available. If it’s already taken, consider adding a unique spin to the name or choosing a different name altogether.

8. Test It Out

Once you’ve come up with a few potential names, test them out on friends and family. Get their feedback on which names they like best and which names they think fit your style and persona.

Coming up with a rapper name can be a fun and creative process. Whether you choose to use your first name, last name, or a combination of both, make sure it’s a name that represents you and your style. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect name for your rap career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rap Name Generator?

A rap name generator is a tool that will automatically create rap name ideas. Some online name generators will randomly create names. While other tools will create personalized rap names based on the info you provide.

How Do I Use a Rap Name Generator?

To use the rap name generators, visit the websites, and click the button to generate name ideas. For the websites that provide name personalization. Enter your name or a brand keyword, and click the button to generate names.

Which Rappers Have Used Name Generators?

The rapper Childish Gambino and music artist Post Malone have admitted to using name generators to come up with their stage names.

It is legal to use a name from one of the online generators if the name is not already taken. Before using any name, you should do extensive research to make sure the name is not taken, copyrighted, or trademarked. So do to make sure it is available.

Have you used any online name generators?

Let us know in the comments.

We hope you find these free rap name generator websites helpful to find the perfect name for your music career.

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