15 Home Recording Studio Equipment Essentials

Here is a list of the most common home recording studio equipment you will need to set up a home music studio to start creating music.

If you are trying to set up a home music studio, we suggest you start small and even look for used music equipment if possible.

Setting up a good music environment will look more professional and help you remain more creative if you have a clean and organized setup.

If you make music, setting up your home recording studio may cost more upfront but will pay off with time because you can avoid paying studio fees and record music whenever you want.

We also believe it is essential to own and know how to use your gear and music software without relying on others to create music.

Home Recording Studio Equipment Essentials For Beginners
Must-Have Home Recording Studio Equipment

Home Recording Studio Equipment Essentials

Let’s look at the most common home recording studio gear needed to set up a studio.

1. Computer ( PC or Mac )

Music Laptop
Music Laptop

The computer is probably the most important component when it comes to home studio equipment.

You will need a powerful computer to handle recording software. You can use a Mac or PC, but we recommend using a PC if you are on a budget.

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2. Studio Desk

Music Studio Desk
Music Studio Desk

You will need a desk to support your computer and recording equipment for home recording.

You can also use a table if you have to, but a home studio desk is best. You can look for a used studio desk to keep costs down.

Before purchasing a studio desk, determine how much room you have available and what recording equipment you need to set up.

A suitable studio desk should be sturdy and wide enough for your computer, recording equipment, and storage space. You can visit Amazon to find various recording desks for your studio.

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3. Audio Interface

Audio Interface
Audio Interface

An audio interface is an essential piece of equipment that allows your home PC or Mac to communicate with musical instruments and microphones.

You can use an external audio interface such as the Focusrite Scarlett or a USB audio interface like the Audiobox.

If you plan on using just a microphone and a synthesizer or drum machine, then a USB audio interface will work fine.

If you plan on using more home recording, such as drum machines, keyboards, turntables, or multiple microphones, you will need an audio interface with more inputs.

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4. DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation )

DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation )
DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation )

You will need recording software to record, edit, and mix all of your home recordings or music tracks.

There are many free and paid recording software, like Reaper, Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, Cubase LE, and Studio One Prime.

Home recording studios can use any music production software to record, edit, and mix home recordings or music tracks.

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5. Microphone

Recording Microphone
Recording Microphone

When it comes to home recording, the microphone is one of the essential components needed. All home studios should have at least one microphone to record vocals and instruments.

Your home studio should have at least one condenser and one dynamic mic for home recording. You can get away with just one mic, but having two or more different mics is the best practice.

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6. Headphones


Headphones are essential for any home recording studio. It would be best if you had a decent pair of home studio headphones that offer accurate frequency response, comfort, and isolation.

You can use open-back headphones or closed-back headphones, but you will get more accurate results from open-back headphones.

A good headphone should be comfortable, accurate, and portable. You can check out the link below to find the best headphones for your home studio.

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7. Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are on the list of essential home recording gear.

Studio monitors are loudspeakers that offer a flat frequency response and accurate listening environment. You can get decent studio monitors for under $100 or spend thousands on custom monitors.

You will need at least one pair of home studio monitors for home recording. Ensure the studio monitors you buy are accurate and offer high-quality sound reproduction.

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8. MIDI Keyboard

MIDI Keyboard
MIDI Keyboard

MIDI keyboards allow you to play music software instruments and virtual tracks from a device that looks like a musical keyboard. They are an essential part of any music production setup.

MIDI keyboards can be used for home recording or live performances. It would be best if you had a MIDI keyboard that is best for you when considering your home recording setup.

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9. Microphone Stand

Microphone Stand
Microphone Stand

You will need mic stands for your microphones. You can choose between tabletop mic stands or full-size boom arm stands. Consider what mic stands will be best for your home recording studio.

Mic stands can be purchased in various colors and styles to match the look of your home recording studio. Make sure you look for a mic stand that is durable and stable.

A good mic stand should be easy to adjust and offer sturdy support for your microphone. You can search for mic stands on Amazon or visit your local music store.

10. Pop Filters

Pop Filter
Pop Filter

Pop filters are another piece of home recording studio equipment that you will need. They reduce plosive sounds from vocals, wind instruments, and other high-energy vocals. Pop filters work by blocking these harsh sounds.

You can choose between standard metal mesh pop filters and professional foam-based pop filters. Both work well for home recording, but foam-based filters effectively block plosive sounds.

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11. Studio Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Studio quality for home recording is crucial with your chair selection. It would be best if you had a seating option designed to provide comfort and support during long recording sessions.

Look for a home recording studio chair that offers lumbar support, a comfortable seat, and a durable frame. You can look for a chair on Amazon or visit your local furniture store.

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12. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam panels are used to soundproof rooms and reduce ambient noise. It would be best if you had acoustic foam panels to decrease the amount of ambient noise in your home recording studio.

You can use bass traps, corner traps, and wall panel absorbers in any combination to reduce noise in your home recording studio. You can also use the panels on walls and ceilings to help with acoustics.

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13. Cables

Audio Cables
Audio Cables

Studio cables are needed for all types of electronic equipment. You can choose between different lengths, thicknesses, and build materials.

Look for cables made from braided copper, oxygen-free copper, or gold-plated connectors. Make sure the cable you buy offers good quality, is durable and fits your budget.

14. Musical Instruments


You will need musical instruments for your home recording studio. You can choose between MIDI controllers, electric guitars, bass guitars, and drum machines.

You need to purchase suitable instruments for your home studio. You can also choose appliances that match your software instruments and virtual instruments.

15. External Hard Drives

External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive

External hard drives are needed to back up your computers. You need to create a backup of all music files, documents, and other files on your computer.

External hard drives are helpful gear that does not need to be replaced often. You can use external hard drives for data storage and backups.

When buying an external hard drive for home recording, look for one with at least 1 TB of storage.

There are many brands to choose from. You can search Amazon for external hard drives to find options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Set Up A Recording Studio At Home?

A home recording studio requires different types of equipment, such as microphones, studio monitors, and mixers. You will need to choose the best home recording equipment for your studio before creating music.

The above-mentioned home recording studio equipment is just some of the basics needed for beginners. You will need more equipment as you become more advanced.

Is A Home Studio Worth It?

A home studio can be a significant investment, especially if you’re a musician or producer who wants to take your music to the next level.

A well-equipped home studio can provide the perfect environment for recording and mixing. Not only will you have all the equipment you need at your disposal, but you’ll also have the flexibility to work whenever and however you want.

How Much Does An In-Home Studio Cost?

It depends on the quality of the equipment you are looking for and the size of the studio. A professional in-home studio can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

However, there are many affordable options available if you are a beginner. For example, a basic home studio could be set up for as little as $1,000 using recycled or secondhand equipment.

How Do You Record At Home With Studio Quality?

You can do a few things to get studio-quality recordings at home. First, make sure you have a good microphone and audio interface.

Second, use headphones to monitor your recordings and make sure they sound good. Third, employ a noise gate to remove unwanted noise from your recordings.

Finally, use some form of compression or limiting to control the dynamic range of your recordings.

What Equipment Do I Need To Record Vocals At Home?

You will need a microphone, an audio interface, and recording software.
A microphone is necessary to capture your voice. Many different microphones are available on the market, so it is essential to research which one will best suit your needs.

An audio interface is needed to connect the microphone to your computer. This device converts analog signals into digital signals that your computer can understand.

Recording software is used to record and edit your vocals. Many different programs are available, so it is crucial to find one that meets your needs.

I hope you found this list of home recording studio equipment essentials helpful.

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