2,000 Free Serum Presets & Wavetables

Here is a collection of the best free Serum presets and free Serum Wavetables that will turn your music production game around.

Imagine having a huge collection of future bass presets, serum trap presets, and much more, all ready to give you a diverse range of beautiful sounds.

If you’ve been struggling with creating that perfect bassline or seeking that catchy lead for your track, this is exactly what you need.

With the Serum wavetable synthesizer plugin, you can make use of these presets to create tons of new sounds to create music. Whether you’re into hip-hop, electronic music, future house, or tropical house, you will find a preset that fits your style.

Inside these serum preset packs, you will find midi clips, WAV loops, and multiple presets curated by talented sound designers.

They include everything from bass samples to soaring leads, smooth pads, and even those hard-to-find dubstep serum presets.

The Serum plugin is a popular Synthesizer VST plugin by Xfer Records. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best Serum presets that give you great sounds and a solid pack of tools, keep reading!

Best Free Serum Presets
Free Serum Presets & Free Serum Wavetables

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Serum Presets Instructions: Click each link below. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do NOT install any suspicious software.

Best Free Serum Presets

1. Serum Duality – 193 Patches, with 36 basses, 21 Drones, 25 Gated-Sounds, 4 Impacts, 27 Leads, 16 Moving Ambiences, 37 Pads, 27 Sequencer patches.

2. Xenos Soundworks – 25 Serum patches. Ambient pads/soundscapes, dubstep wobbles, hip-hop synths, and more. Many of them use custom-made wavetables.

3. Preset Share ( 1,700+ Free Serum Presets ) – Explore your musical creativity with PresetShare! This mini social network, designed especially for electronic musicians and sound designers, offers you over 1,700 free Serum presets. Expand your sound library and enhance your compositions with these downloadable presets suitable for a range of VST synthesizers, including Serum.

4. Detail Red Serum Presets – Atmospheric pad presets for Serum.

5. Analog Dreams Vol. 1 – Demo bank including 9 Serum presets.

6. Analog Dreams Vol. 2 – Demo bank including 16 presets.

7. Blade Runner Serum Presets – 3 Serum presets inspired by Blade Runner.

8. Lots of Keys – A pack with deep house, lounge, chill keys, and bass.

9. Triangle Space Pack for Serum Presets (7) – Free presets for Serum, exclusively for Audiobombs.

10. Halcyon for Serum (128) – This download featuring eight demo presets gives a glimpse of the upcoming Halcyon sound bank for Xfer Serum. Full of diversity, Halcyon combines the sophistication of wavetable synthesis with the charm of analog waveforms and filters. From punchy basses to lush pads and energetic supersaws, the presets offer various sounds suitable for dance music genres like trance and house. In addition, 8 MIDI construction kits are included for use in your compositions. You can vary the tones further with a mod wheel and two macro assignments per preset.

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The presets below require an email address:

11. GhostHack Free Serum Presets – Boost your music production skills with Ghosthack’s free Serum presets. These presets offer 10 free Bass Patches for the Serum synthesizer, giving you full Macro Control to customize and automate your sounds. Suitable for Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, Hybrid, Future House, and EDM productions, these presets come with 20 unique wavetables.

12. Audiotent Viper – 17 Basses, stabs, plucks, pads, drums, seq, 19 analog waveforms, and five re-sampled synth shots.

13. Cymatics Essentials for Serum – 50 Presets & 50 Wavetables good for any music genre.

14. Gravitas Create Catalyst (150) – Check out the Catalyst – a collection of 120 high-quality, multi-genre Serum Presets offered for free. These presets are meticulously crafted by top artists like Au5 and Psymbionic and are aimed at enhancing your sound design in various genres, including Dubstep, Trap, Electro, and Future Bass. With an assortment of basses, effects, keys, synths, leads, pads, plucks, and percussion presets you’ll have a variety of sounds to experiment with in your music productions. Boost your creativity with these free Serum Presets.

15. Psymbionic Presents Shapeshifter (128) – Explore the world of electronic music with Psymbionic’s Shapeshifter. This collection features 128 Serum wavetables sampled from the Intellijel Shapeshifter Eurorack module. They come in two forms: raw 16 cycles and processed 256 cycles, making them perfect for creating various music genres like leftfield dubstep, trap, riddim, and future bass. Plus, you can import Shapeshifter to most wavetable synths, including Xfer Records Serum, Ableton Wavetable, and Kilohearts Phase Plant. It’s a great collection of sounds for any music producer.

16. Catalyst Vol. 2 (164) – Dive into the universe of electronic music production with Catalyst Vol. 2, a collection of 164 free Serum Presets crafted by renowned bass music producers like AHEE, Buzz Junior, Chrizpy Chriz, and many more. Explore an array of sounds ideal for genres such as Dubstep, Trap, Bass House, and Future Bass, with an assortment of bass, arp, FX, keys, synths, lead, pad, and pluck presets.

How to Install Serum Presets

Here are the steps to follow to install these Serum presets into FL Studio.

Wrapping up and using these Serum presets and serum preset packs in your music production and sound design workflow can significantly accelerate your music production process.

Not only do they offer you a huge collection of ready-made sounds to work with, but they also help you understand how different sounds are constructed, which is invaluable for your growth as a producer.

But here’s a bonus tip: don’t just use these presets as they are! Feel free to tweak and manipulate them.

It’s a great way to discover other styles and create unique, good sounds that will set your music apart.

You might start with a serum trap preset, for example, and end up creating a future bass serum sound that’s all your own.

You’ll find everything from trap presets to future bass serum presets in these packs.

But remember, it’s not just about the free stuff. There are also paid packs available that offer a richer selection of sounds, including lush pads, great loops, and serum packs designed specifically for techno producers.

In conclusion, the Serum wavetable synthesizer plugin opens up a world of possibilities for creating diverse electronic music.

With the best Serum presets at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to creating your next hit. Happy producing!”

I hope you enjoy these free Serum Presets.

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