How to Use GIMP: Step-by-Step Tutorials

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to use GIMP, the free graphic design software. These GIMP tutorials will show you how to edit images and design custom graphics.

GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program ) is a free and open source graphics editor that can be used for retouching images, edit photos, image conversion, and more.

GIMP is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is a great free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

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How to Use GIMP ( GIMP Tutorials )

GIMP Tutorials

1. Intro to GIMP

This tutorial gives you an overview of GIMP and some helpful commands that you should learn.

2. How to Download & Install GIMP

This is a simple video that shows you how to download and install GIMP.

GIMP works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. GIMP Download Page

3. How to Adjust GIMP Interface

Learn how to modify the GIMP interface and adjust the size of the icons to improve your design workflow.

4. How to Resize Image & Canvas

This video covers how to resize your image and canvas size.

5. Overview of GIMP Tools

This video gives you a very in-depth look into every tool that GIMP has to offer.

6. Basic Photo Editing

This tutorial shows you how to start editing and improving your own photos using GIMP.

7. Intro to Layers & Advanced Layers

If you want to dive into GIMP’s more advanced features, it’s good to start by learning how to use layers and what they’re for.

This video gives you a complete overview of GIMP layers.

8. Transparency & Layer Marks

This video teaches you the basics on how to use transparency and layer masks work.

9. Brush Tool Basics

Perhaps one of the most known features of this software is the brush tool.  Learn the basics on how to use it in this tutorial.

10. Color Picker Tool

Learn how to use the color picker tool so you can extract an element’s color to use it on another object.

11. Blending Modes in GIMP

Blending works in pair with transparency in GIMP. This video covers all the available blending modes in the software.

12. Selection Tools

This tutorial shows how to use the different selection tools available in GIMP.

13. Size, Crop, Rotate & Flip Images

Learn how to manipulate your image’s size and orientation.

14. Path Tool

This video teaches you about the path tool, which you can use to create some cool effects.

15. Red Eye Removal

This video tutorial will show you how to fix red eyes in a photo. 

16. Design a Logo in GIMP

Learn how to create a simple logo using GIMP.

17. How to Make a Website Banner

A useful tutorial on how to design a website banner using GIMP.

18. Stunning Portrait Brush Effects in GIMP

Learn how to create a unique effect for portrait images.

19. Glitch Text Effect

This video shows you how to manipulate text inside GIMP and create a glitch effect.

20. Top 5 Photo Enhancement Techniques

Here are 5 photo techniques to make your photos look incredible using GIMP.

Additional Beginner Guides

We hope you found these GIMP tutorials on how to use GIMP helpful.

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