2,000 Best Free MIDI Loops for Music Creators

Here are the best free MIDI loops online to add to your music production collection. You can easily import these free MIDI loop packs into your favorite music software.

These free MIDI loop packs are packed full of inspiration, melodies, and patterns to help you create music faster. These MIDI loop packs can also be used for virtual instruments like pianos, guitars, or bass. These also include MIDI drum loops to help create drum patterns faster.

Looking for free loops to spice up your tracks? Check out the best free music samples online.

Best Free MIDI Loops

  1. 500 Free MIDI Drum Loops
  2. Free Midi Chord Pack
  3. BVKER Free Drill Melodies & MIDIs
  4. MIDI Loops Pro
  5. Nuno MIDI Drum Loops
  6. Free Hip Hop MIDI Loop Pack
  7. Melody V1
  8. Melody V2
  9. Spice Rack Samples
  10. Key Chords (10)
  11. Melody V3 (10)
  12. EDM MIDI Pack Vol 1
  13. Free MIDI Loops
  14. DMS 50 Free MIDI Loops Pack
  15. Free Trap Piano MIDI Kit
  16. Grooves From Mars
  17. House of Synth & Bass
  18. Free MIDI Mega Pack
Best Free MIDI Loops
Best Free MIDI Loops

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Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free MIDI loop pack. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. 500 Free MIDI Drum Loops (500)

500 Free MIDI Drum Loops
500 Free MIDI Drum Loops

This free MIDI drum loop pack offers an exciting resource for music creators looking to add new drum patterns to their beats.

Crafted by producers and ready to fit into your next project, this collection delivers a wide variety of drum loops to inspire creativity and spice up your music projects.


  • 500 MIDI drum loops
  • Easy-to-use
  • A diverse range of rhythms
  • Inspiration booster

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2. Free Midi Chord Pack (7,000)

The Free MIDI Chord Pack is a rich source of sounds for music creators seeking a budget-friendly way to enhance their tunes.

Inside this package, you will find over 7,400 chords neatly organized into three levels of directories, helping you find the perfect chord or chord progression swiftly and efficiently.

Whether you’re using major or minor keys, triads, or 7ths and 9ths chords, this pack offers something.

You can use the chord progressions available in different styles, such as basic4, alt4, and hip-hop, to add that perfect rhythm to your tracks.

Download the pack and drag and drop it into your DAW’s track to get started!

  • Royalty-free – Use the chords in your projects without worries
  • Organized Folders – Find chords by major and minor keys, types of chords, and progressions
  • Versatile – Chords suitable for a range of music styles

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3. BVKER Free Drill Melodies & MIDIs (20)

BVKER Free Drill Melodies
BVKER Free Drill Melodies

The BVKER Free Drill Melodies & MIDIs pack is here to uplift your music production journey, bringing you closer to creating the perfect drill track.

Developed as a successor to their popular drill drum kit, this pack brings 20 new elements – including 11 drill melodies and nine drill MIDIs – directly sourced from their premium “Drill Essentials” sample pack.

It offers well-labeled loops by BPM and key for easy use, encouraging new and established producers to experiment with fresh sounds.


  • Includes 11 drill melodies and nine drill MIDIs
  • Loops labeled by BPM and key for straightforward usage
  • Focuses on NY & UK drill genres


4. MIDI Loops Pro (120)

This pack has 120 free MIDI loops and 15 free samples, including melodies, pads, and plucks.

Music professionals crafted every file, promising to add fresh air to your musical projects.

It includes WAV files recorded from iconic synthesizers and acoustic grand pianos, imparting a rich and realistic sound to your projects.

  • 120 free MIDI loops
  • 15 free samples, including melodies, pads, and plucks
  • Recorded by music professionals

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5. Nuno MIDI Drum Loops

Nuno MIDI Drum Loops
Nuno MIDI Drum Loops

The Nuno MIDI Drum Loops collection simplifies songwriting for music creators using DAWs.

While these MIDI files might not replace the real drums, they bring the advantage of complete customization.

From selecting the preferred drum sound and tempo to adjusting the groove and applying effects like reverb and compression, creators can shape the sound to their taste.

  • Customizable to suit your style
  • Loop seamlessly
  • Compatible with vintage drum kits

Nuno Pack

6. Free Hip Hop MIDI Loop Pack (10)

Free Hip Hop MIDI Loop Pack
Free Hip Hop MIDI Loop Pack

The free hip-hop MIDI loop pack by Essential MIDI is a resourceful toolkit for music creators creating hip-hop, trap, lofi, drill, and boom-bap genres.

This free pack serves as a sneak peek into the array of packs available in their store.

It generously offers over 130 MIDI files, including exclusive chord progressions for Lofi and trap, three construction kits, and unique Boom Bap drum loops, which are only available in this collection.

Enjoy the freedom to innovate without worrying about royalties, as all files are royalty-free.

  • Over 130 free MIDI files
  • Includes chord progressions for Lo-fi and trap
  • Features three construction kits
  • Contains exclusive 10 Boom Bap drum loops
  • Suitable for a variety of genres, including hip-hop and drill

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7. MELODY V1 (10)

The MELODY V1 pack by Tri Samples is your go-to choice for creating standout trap and hip-hop tracks, although it is versatile enough to suit any genre.

Designed to be used with the Native Instruments Massive VST synth, this free download gives music creators an array of tools, including ten loop presets, each with adjustable macros and velocity sensitivity for dynamic performances.

The pack also features cross-DAW key data and FL Studio score files, permitting detailed automation and articulations.

With all loops set at a tempo of 140 BPM and primarily in C minor, MELODY V1 is ready to infuse your productions with unique sounds.

  • Includes ten loops presets
  • All loops at 140 BPM


8. MELODY V2 (12)


The MELODY V2 by Tri Samples is here to help music creators craft unique sounds, especially in the trap genre.

Based around the tempo of 140 BPM, it ensures rhythmic coherence in your tracks.

The pack comes free of charge and includes MIDI files and presets to create exciting beats with a personal touch.

It is designed to be compatible with the trusty Massive VST plugin and guarantees the production of fresh and lively sounds.

  • 12 loops and preset patches adaptable to your style
  • Features high-resolution 24-bit uncompressed WAV files


9. Spice Rack Samples 1

Spice Rack Samples 1
Spice Rack Samples 1

Spice Rack Samples 1 offers a collection of soulful and organic samples ideal for music creators working in Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Trap genres.

Designed by the platinum producer DJ Pain 1 and Stacktrace, this assortment of sounds aims to enhance your creative process without the concerns of sample clearance issues.

Offered for free, this pack ensures compatibility with all programs that support WAV and MIDI file formats.

  • Free collection of original samples
  • Suitable for Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Trap genres

Spice Rack

10. Key Chords (10)

Key Chords MIDI Pack
Key Chords MIDI Pack

The Key Chords pack is a handy MIDI pack for music creators, especially those in EDM, Future Bass, and Pop genres.

Roundel Sounds offers 10 MIDI chord progressions, each accompanied by two high-quality WAV files to preview, enhancing your music production experience.

  • 10 MIDI Chord Progression files to kickstart creativity
  • 20 WAV Loops, including Key and Synth sounds
  • 100% royalty-free

Key Chords

11. MELODY V3 (10)

The MELODY V3 offers music creators a valuable resource for crafting unique trap and hip-hop tunes.

Made with serum presets and incorporating MIDI files, the pack helps create the right sound for your tracks, revolving around a base tempo of 140 BPM and rooted in the key of C minor.

They offer the freedom to tweak and rework the loops to meet your specific needs, providing a personalized touch to your creations, and the best part is they are all royalty-free.

Designed with modern trap melodies in mind, it explores the untapped potentials of Xfer’s Serum beyond just bass and screeches.

  • 10 loops
  • 10 preset patches
  • MIDI and loop files that are royalty-free
  • High-resolution WAV files


12. Essential Dance Music MIDI Pack Vol 1 (70)

Essential Dance Music MIDI Pack Vol 1
Essential Dance Music MIDI Pack Vol 1

The Essential Dance Music Midi Pack Vol 1 is a resourceful toolkit for music creators keen on enhancing their EDM productions.

Brought to you by Deep Strict, this pack is curated to suit genres like Bass House, Future House, Progressive House, Big Room, and Techno.

Inspired by the stylings of notable musicians such as David Guetta and Marshmello, it includes 70 MIDI loops.

  • 30 bass loops
  • 15 lead loops
  • 15 chord loops
  • 10 drum loops

Essential Pack

13. Free MIDI Loops (20)

Free MIDI Loops
Free MIDI Loops

Brought to you by Touch Loops, this MIDI pack is a treasure of 20 distinctive Rhodes loops and an equal number of MIDI loops.

Designed to bring a touch of soul to your musical creations, they can be the perfect foundation for Hip-Hop tracks and much more.

With the flexibility to change both the tempo and the key, you can tailor each loop to fit your unique sound.

  • 20 MIDI loops
  • 20 Rhodes loops
  • Inspired by the classic Fender Rhodes sound

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14. DMS 50 Free MIDI Loops Pack (50)

DMS 50 Free MIDI Loops Pack
DMS 50 Free MIDI Loops Pack

Sourced from renowned DMS series such as ‘Epic Chords’ and ‘Trance Fever,’ this pack grants you access to 50 curated MIDI chord sequences, ready to grace your music projects.

  • 50 MIDI chord progressions;

DMS Pack

15. Free Trap Piano MIDI Kit (15)

The free Trap Piano MIDI kit is designed to add a fresh touch to your music creations.

Offered by Angelic Vibes, this pack provides 15 catchy and melodious loops in both WAV and MIDI formats, making it a versatile choice for music creators.

Exclusive to Angelic Vibes, these 100% original loops are royalty-free, enabling you to vibe out and craft vibrant beats without concerns.

  • 15 MIDI loops
  • Royalty-free
  • Produce catchy and melodic tracks

Trap Kit

16. Grooves From Mars (478)

Grooves From Mars
Grooves From Mars

Crafted from 27 legendary drum machines, this collection is a haven for unique and distinctive drum machine MIDI groove templates.

Thanks to the meticulous creation process, you can now bring the one-of-a-kind vibe of each sequencer to your DAW.

Whether you prefer the funk of analog or the precision of digital, there is something for every music creator.

The creators embarked on this project with a mission: to encapsulate the exact feel of iconic drum machines into MIDI groove templates.

  • 478 MIDI groove templates
  • Draws from 27 iconic drum machines, both classic and modern
  • Includes detailed.AGR (Ableton) and MIDI groove files

Grooves From Mars

17. House of Synth & Bass MIDI Pack Vol .3 (30)

House of Synth & Bass MIDI Pack
House of Synth & Bass MIDI Pack

Deep Strict presents this pack with 60 intricately composed bass and synth MIDI loop files catering to various house music genres.

From Berlin house to tech-house, the pack promises versatility and top-notch quality, aiming to boost your workflow and spark creativity.

  • 60 MIDI loops files
  • 30 Bass loops
  • 30 Synth loops

House Pack

18. Free MIDI Mega Pack (270)

Free MIDI Mega Pack
Free MIDI Mega Pack

The Free MIDI Mega Pack is a substantial collection curated to assist music creators in finding their perfect melody.

Crafted by W. A. Production, it compiles eight of its previous packs, offering a selection of MIDI and WAV loops that span various genres, including EDM, Future House, and Electro House.

Within this bundle, creators will find everything from pulsating bass house tracks to calming, deep house melodies, offering an expansive library to fuel creativity.

The easy-to-use loops are 100% royalty-free, allowing hassle-free use in your projects.

  • 270 Free MIDI loops
  • 630 WAV loops
  • For genres such as EDM, Bass House, and Trance
  • Features instruments including pads, leads, plucks, and chords

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What Is A MIDI Loop?

A MIDI Loop is a series of musical notes stored in a file that can be looped or repeated seamlessly during playback. Using MIDI loops, music producers can experiment with various sounds, patterns, and styles to streamline music-making.

I hope you found this list of free MIDI loops helpful.

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