15 Best Free UK Drill Drum Kit Downloads For Drill Music

Here are the best free drill drum kit downloads to make Drill Music. These drill sample packs will give you access to thousands of free drill samples.

What Is A Drill Drum Kit?

A Drill Drum Kit is a collection of percussion and instrumental sounds tailored to create drill music, which originated from the UK’s hip-hop scene.

These kits usually comprise a series of digital samples that can be used freely in music production software.

Free or premium, these kits are instrumental in crafting unique, high-quality drill tracks, providing an overload of sounds, from hard-hitting 808s to crisp snares.

Best Free UK-Drill-Drum-Kit Downloads
Best Free UK Drill Drum Kit Downloads

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Best Free UK Drill Drum Kit Downloads

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each drill drum kit. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Hipstrumentals UK Drill Kit (10)

Hipstrumentals UK Drill Kit
Hipstrumentals UK Drill Kit

Transform your sound with the Hipstrumentals UK Drill Kit, a one-stop shop for dynamic beats.

Crafted for music creators, it offers a robust selection, including punchy 808s, crisp claps, and
diverse transitions.

With included MIDI and mixer presets, tailoring the perfect track has never been easier.

  • A diverse range of sounds
  • Includes MIDI and mixer presets
  • Suitable for UK drill-style productions


2. BVKER Free UK Drill Drum Kit “Drillers” (154)

Free UK Drill Drum Kit Drillers
Free UK Drill Drum Kit Drillers

Dive into the bold world of UK Drill music with BVKER’s Free UK Drill Drum Kit “Drillers.”;

Tailored for music producers, this kit houses 64 drum one-shots enriched with “dirt” to genuinely resonate with the genre’s essence.

Paired with 30 rhythmic drum loops and 16 melodic loops — all backed with matching MIDI files — this kit equips you with the tools to create dynamic tracks infused with UK Drill’s raw energy and emotion.

  • Extensive sound library with 154 drill music samples
  • Includes matching free MIDI files for loops
  • Encourages dark, aggressive UK Drill tracks

Bvker Drillers

3. Saint6 – UK Drill Drum Kit

Meet the Saint6 UK Drill Drum Kit, your next go-to resource for crafting memorable drill tracks.

Packed with some of the best sounds prevalent in recent drill music, this kit promises consistency and quality that UK producers will find indispensable.

Step up your game and lay down tracks that resonate with the cutting edge of the drill genre.

  • Features sounds used in the latest drill tracks
  • Great asset for UK music producers


4. Drill Essentials (50+)

Drill Essentials
Drill Essentials

This diverse set is your key to creating top-chart-inspired drill beats, offering 10 new dark orchestral drill loops and a comprehensive drum kit.

With 32 WAV files and 22 stem files, all labeled with key and tempo information, it facilitates a hassle-free creation process

Get ready to channel the vibes of famed artists and produce dynamic drill tracks with this reliable, royalty-free pack.

  • Inspired by top-charting artists
  • Royalty-free drill samples
  • Includes key and tempo information for ease of use

Essentials Pack

5. “HAZE” UK Drill Sample Pack (224)

HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack
HAZE UK Drill Sample Pack

Discover the raw and gritty sound of UK Drill/Trap with the ‘HAZE’ UK Drill Sample Pack by Loop Cult.

Filled with 224 moody samples characterized by rolling beats, powerful subbases, and murky synths, it’s an excellent resource for crafting tracks with the authentic spirit of London’s underground scene.

The key and tempo-labeled elements ensure a smooth production experience, helping music creators manifest the very core of the UK Drill attitude in their music projects.

  • 224 Free Drill samples
  • Compatible with all DAWs, ensuring wide accessibility

Haze Pack

6. Drill Drums – Free MIDI Pack (20)

Drill Drums
Drill Drums

This handy collection houses 27 meticulously mapped-out MIDI files featuring dynamic Hi-Hats, Snare patterns, and much more.

It’s crafted to inject that sought-after bounce into your creations, serving as an ideal foundation for 808 Drill MIDI to Trap-tinged beats.

Download today and begin assembling compelling beats that artists will love to rhyme over.

Free Pack

7. Trap Mayhem Hi-Hat Loop Kit (99)

Trap Mayhem Hi-Hat Loop Kit
Trap Mayhem Hi-Hat Loop Kit

Check out Trap Mayhem, a hi-hat loop kit curated by Rob. The package boasts 99 versatile samples, ready to blend perfectly with trap, punk, and drill beats.

Spanning from lo-fi to a crisp sound, each 8-bar loop offers slow and fast tempo variations to enhance your production.

Spice up your tracks with these vibrant and rhythmic hi-hat loops, ensuring a catchy and dazzling output.

  • Generously packed with 99 distinct drill audio loops
  • Slow and fast tempo variations for versatile use
  • Compatible with a range of music genres, including trap and phonk

Trap Mayhem

8. Looperman Free Drill Drums Loops (300)


Unlock your music creativity with Looperman Free Drill Drums Loops.

This digital space offers a vibrant collection of drill drums loops, samples, and sounds, generously shared by fellow users.

With daily updates, you’ll find diverse beats to suit Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Garageband, and more.

Each download promises a fresh wave of inspiration for your music projects, offering a playground for music creators.

  • A large array of free drill drums loops and sounds
  • Regular updates providing new materials sample downloads daily


9. The Producers Plug UK Drill Drum Kit

Get into the gritty world of Drill music with The Producers Plug UK Drill Drum Kit.

Drawing from the vibrant Drill scenes in London and Chicago, this free drum kit puts the genre’s most sought-after sounds right at your fingertips.

Ideal for music creators looking to inject authenticity and pulse-pounding rhythms into their tracks, it’s a must-have tool in any Drill producer’s toolkit.

  • Features popular sounds found in drill beats
  • Inspired by both UK and Chicago drill music scenes

Producers Plug

10. Lust – “Drill” Drum Kit

LUST-Drill Drum Kit
Lust – Drill Drum Kit

Step up your drill music beats with the LUST “Drill” Drum Kit by DaWeed Beats.

Packed with the most frequently used samples from DaWeed Beats’ own drill songs, this kit equips you with a rich set of sounds, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, and more.

It’s a compatible ally for all DAWs, fostering a hassle-free experience as you craft your next big hit.

Lust Kit

11. Free UK Drill Drum Kit (200)

The music producer ProdbyLJS’s is offering over 200 samples in the FREE UK Drill Drum Kit and X-RAY Sample Pack, designed to cater to the music creators aiming for that UK Drill sound.

The YouTube link offers insights and a preview of the assets included in the 2023 version of this vibrant and energetic drum kit, adding zest to your music production endeavors.

  • Over 200 free UK drill samples are available
  • Preview of assets is available through YouTube

Visit Website

12. Chaos Free Drill Drum Kit (101)

Chaos Free Drill Drum Kit
Chaos Free Drill Drum Kit

Godlike Loops presents the ‘Chaos Free Drill Drum Kit,’ a dynamic collection teeming with 101 one-shot samples inspired by acclaimed artists like Pop Smoke and Travis Scott.

Tailored for music creators looking to craft UK Drill, NY Drill, Grime, and Hip-Hop melodies, it offers a robust selection of instruments, including punchy kicks and hard 808 basses.

Harness this library’s potential to infuse your tracks with energy and power.

  • 101 One-shot samples available
  • Inspired by renowned artists
  • Royalty-free drill sample pack
  • High-quality 24-bit WAV files

Chaos Kit

13. WGS – Drill Waves II Drum Kit (100)

WGS - Drill Waves II Drum Kit
WGS – Drill Waves II Drum Kit

Packed with 100 pre-mixed samples, including kicks, snares, and 808s, it facilitates a hassle-free music creation experience.

Grab this toolkit to add heat to your project without delay – it’s free to download and ready to use.

  • 100 Drill samples
  • Includes a variety of sounds (kicks, snares, hats, etc.)
  • Easy to integrate into your music projects


14. Dirty Smoke – Free Drill Samples (50+)

Dirty Smoke – Free Drill Samples

Discover the potential in your music with ‘Dirty Smoke’ by Godlike Loops, a dynamic pack offering 15 free drill melody loops and a versatile drill drum kit.

This collection, inspired by artists like Pop Smoke and Travis Scott, is your ticket to crafting hit drill tracks with top-tier beats.

Remember, all loops are 100% royalty-free, providing you the freedom to use them in your commercial projects.

  • Offers 33 melody loops and, 28 drum shots & 808 bass
  • Inspired by popular music artists
  • Includes MIDI files
  • Royalty-free, suitable for commercial use

Dirty Smoke

15. ‘Loading’ Free UK Drill Sample Pack (15)

Loading FREE UK Drill Sample Pack
Loading FREE UK Drill Sample Pack

Easily bring the heartbeat of UK streets to your music with drag-and-drop full melodies, hi-hat loops, and more, all crafted at a pacey 144 bpm.

This pack, filled with high-quality WAV files, is your gateway to that authentic UK drill sound, fully compatible with all DAWs.

  • 100% royalty-free
  • High-quality WAV files
  • Key labelled for ease of use
  • Compatible with all DAWs

Loading Pack

16. Sinners Drill Loop Kit (30)

Sinners Drill Loop Kit
Sinners Drill Loop Kit

Embrace the dark and intense UK & NY drill music world with the Sinners Drill Loop Kit crafted by Jay Cactus.

It has 30 melodies, including powerful pianos, strings, and vocals, designed to elevate your music production.

Create with freedom using the stems to chop and rearrange, helping you forge your path in the drill music scene while optimizing your beat-selling potential.

Sinners Kit

17. Skimask Free UK Drill Drumkit (208)

Skimask Free UK Drill Drumkit
Skimask Free UK Drill Drumkit

Download Drill Sounds with the Skimask Free UK Drill Drum kit. This go-to library equips music creators with all they need for that iconic UK Drill style.

With 208 files comprising claps, snares, and much more, spanning a total of 53.3 MB, your Drill beats will find a new home in this robust and categorized collection.

  • Comprehensive library with a wide array of Drill sounds
  • Generously free and easy to use with categorized folders
  • Includes a range of sound elements from 808s to percussions

Skimask Kit

What is a UK Drill Drum Kit?

A UK Drill Drum Kit is a collection of digital audio samples, instruments, and effects tailored to creating UK drill music, a sub-genre of hip-hop characterized by its dark, gritty, and often violent narrative. These kits are essential tools for music producers, providing the necessary sounds to craft compelling drill tracks.

Can I use the drill drum kits in commercial projects?

It depends on the specific licensing terms of the drill drum kit. Some kits may be specifically labeled as free for commercial use, while others may have restrictions on commercial usage. It’s important to read and understand the licensing terms included with the download to ensure compliance with the usage rights.

What is a drill drum kit?

A drill drum kit is a collection of carefully prepared samples and sounds inspired by the drill genre of music. It typically consists of various drum sounds, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussions, as well as other elements like vocal samples, melodic loops, and one-shots.

What can I do with a drill drum kit?

With a drill drum kit, you can create your own drill beats and music. It provides you with all the necessary sounds and samples to build your tracks, from hard-hitting drum patterns to unique melodic elements.

Can I use the drill drum kits in my own music?

Yes, you can use the drill drum kits in your own music. It’s always a good idea to read the licensing terms included with the download to understand any usage restrictions.

What are MIDI and one-shots in a drill drum kit?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. In the context of a drill drum kit, MIDI files are musical files that contain information about the notes, durations, and other musical parameters, allowing you to use them with virtual instruments or hardware synthesizers to create melodies and chord progressions. One-shots, on the other hand, refer to single samples that are designed to be triggered individually. In a drill drum kit, one-shots can include drum hits, vocal samples, or any other sound that can be played independently.

We hope you found this list of free drill drum kit selections helpful.

These high-quality kits are packed with exciting sounds to help you create professional drill tracks.

What do you think about these free drill samples, and do you have any favorites?

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